Murdered No.70 carpenter’s wife facing threats

The wife of the Number 70 Village, Corentyne carpenter, whose lifeless body was discovered on the public road on November 1, is now scared for her life after receiving death threats to stop the investigation into her husband’s murder.

Pooja Devi Pitam told Stabroek News that she has received a call from a woman threatening her that she will meet the same fate as her husband, Faiyaz Narinedatt, if she does not stop the investigation.

Pooja Devi Pitam
Pooja Devi Pitam

Initially investigators in B Division had labelled the incident as a hit and run, however numerous calls from Narinedatt’s family resulted in ranks from the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) in Georgetown taking over the case. At the start  of the MCU investigation seven persons were arrested. However, two persons later confessed to murdering Narinedatt on the orders from an overseas-based Guyanese businessman. The men gave statements that on the businessman’s order they beat Narinedatt until he became unconscious after which he was placed in the trunk of a car,  dumped on the Number 70 Public Road and then run over by a car to make it seem as if it was a hit and run.

As the investigation has widened, Narinedatt’s family has been receiving various threats in a bid to have the probe halted.

A knife that was found on Pooja Pitam’s window sill
A knife that was found on Pooja Pitam’s window sill

Four persons who are friends of Pitam told Stabroek News that a woman called and told them that if they continued posting on social media about the businessman online they would  be locked up or targeted. Scared for their lives all four girls stopped posting online but continued to lend a supportive shoulder to Pitam.

The woman who is being accused of making the threats is a Community Policing Liaison officer for the Ministry of Public Security. She contacted media operatives yesterday in an effort to clear her name. In the interview she said “I never in my life call these people who are making these allegations against me, I never know them. I never ever contact them”, she reiterated. However, the phone number that was allegedly used to call Narinedatt’s relatives and friends to make the alleged threats was provided to media operatives. Stabroek News called the number yesterday morning and a male answered the phone. During the interview with the Community Policing Liaison officer yesterday, a reporter then called the number and the phone of the woman’s husband who accompanied her to the interview rang. The man picked up the phone and the reporter told him, “I am calling you here”. The woman began stuttering but continued to stress that she never made any calls or any threats. The woman in defending herself asked that the persons who are alleging that she called them retrieve a printout of calls from GTT before continuing to accuse her. Later in the interview the woman said she phoned one of the girls to tell them that they should remove her name from their Facebook status associating her with the murder. She strongly noted that she never made any threats.

However, the woman did not refrain from making her own allegations as she said that when the businessman would usually host parties, police officers would be present and he would “share out money”.





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