Guyanese sentenced to three months for assaulting two women in Barbados

A Guyanese man on Tuesday was sentenced to three months in prison in Barbados, after he was found guilty of assaulting two women, including his former girlfriend, according to the online newspaper Barbados Today.

The report said that Magistrate Douglas Frederick gave Kelvin James Weekes the sentence after he stated he was unable to compensate the victims.

Weekes was charged with assaulting his former girlfriend Natasha Corbin, and Catherine Smith, occasioning the latter actual bodily harm. Both incidents took place on December 27, 2016.

“I was assisting her [Corbin] in getting some of her things [and an argument started]. I told him things don’t happen like that . . . cause a small argument can lead to a big argument and his head does get hot,” Smith was reported as saying in court.

Asked by Magistrate Frederick whether he could compensate Smith for her injuries, Weekes replied: “Me don’t have no money, Sir.”

“And Corbin?” the magistrate asked. “I ain’t do she nothing. I just touch she,” Weekes replied.

The magistrate then sentenced Weekes to three months in prison on each count, to run concurrently.

The Immigration Department will also be notified about his sentence and release date.

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