Pensioner accused of stealing van, gold chain

A pension-age businessman was yesterday granted his release on $380,000 bail after he denied stealing a van and a gold chain.

Desmond Chan, 66, was read two charges.

The first charge stated that on August 16, at East La Penitence, Georgetown, Chan stole a van, valued at $2,400,000, from Lance Daly.

The second charge stated that he stole a 60-pennyweight gold chain, valued at $160,000, and which was the property of Terrence Reid.

Chan denied both charges after they were read to him by Magistrate Leron Daly in Georgetown.

According to Chan’s attorney, his client was the owner of the vehicle and the chain and sold them to the complainants. He added that about three months ago, an allegation was made that Chan stole the items, which resulted in him being arrested.

Magistrate Daly later granted the accused $300,000 bail on the first charge and $80,000 bail on the second charge and adjourned the matters until October 27.

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