North Mon Repos road in a bad state

Dear Editor,

I am sending an image to highlight the state of the roads located in North Mon Repos. I saw many press releases in the media by the current administration on work that is “planned” for the residents of Mon Repos, and that they were not “forgotten”, but it seems likely that we have been forgotten over the months. During elections time the current administration held many meetings on street corners in various villages including Mon Repos, where they made promises to install street lights, clean the neighbourhood and rid it of garbage, and, of course, fix the roads.

It would seem as if this current administration has indeed forgotten how to keep the promises they made. I write this out of frustration, and I know I speak for many who live in the same section of Mon Repos that I do. Take note, this is not Agriculture Road where the government believes all citizens of Mon Repos reside, but rather North Mon Repos which is opposite the market area towards the seawall.

Daily, many vehicles going into this community are damaged because of the state of the roads.  You can only imagine how much worse it gets when the rain falls. Some members of the community have taken it upon themselves out of frustration to fill the holes with old bricks, but this does not last. It is my understanding that the older residents of the community cannot   remember the last time the roads were repaired.

I am hoping that you would highlight the state of disrepair that our roads are in, because persons have lived in the community without proper roads for decades. We, the residents of this area, have had to have our vehicles repaired many times at great expense, which is a strain especially in this tough economy. We cannot afford to keep repairing our property because the government decides to turn a blind eye and not assist us.

I have already emailed Minister Patterson on this issue (March 10, 2017), and there has been no response from his ministry.

Yours faithfully,

​John Da Silva

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