The President’s ability to unilaterally appoint Justice Patterson is a constitutionally lawful act

Dear Editor,

The PNCR Canadian Chapter wishes to state renewed support for the position of our Attorney General Basil Williams defending the actions of President David Granger in his lawful constitutional selection of the Gecom chairman Justice Patterson. The recent court challenge of the appointment is unsound and without merit because it is an attempt to misdirect the instructions of the Constitution of Guyana. The Constitution is not a document that Guyanese politicians recently received by courier and only read now for the first time ever. Every politician knows the document well, so it’s time to get out of the ‘spin zone’. The Constitution is a document of lawful instructions that is not meant to be bent, twisted or spun by pundits, newspaper sellers or scamps. Neither is it to be interpreted by any court for nuances or flexibility. The Guyana Constitution is inflexible, bold and unrestrained. The Constitution does not allow any court to replace the authority of the President under any circumstance where the court becomes the ruler of Guyana and the dispenser of executive authority. That is a power solely reserved for the Commander-in-Chief. In summation, the President’s ability to unilaterally appoint Justice Patterson as Gecom chairman is one of the provisions of the Constitution and is a powerful lawful act reserved for the authority only of the President.

Yours faithfully,
Alan Zaakir
Organizer, PNCR Canada
Central Toronto Chapter

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