More hands to finish the job: citizens joined together to clean up the city

A massive pre-independence cleanup took place yesterday across Georgetown, spearheaded by the Mayor and City Council.

It was the aim of the  cleanup exercise, which began around 7 am yesterday,  to remove rubbish and other items cluttering city streets, parapets and avenues and presenting an ugly picture of the capital.

In a press release issued by City Hall last week, it was stated that the cleanup exercise, is meant “to restore the aesthetics and beauty of the city and to allow vendors, store owners, individuals and all stakeholders to work together in a united front to clean up Georgetown”.

A vendor doing his part during yesterday’s exercise

Yesterday, stalls along the Stabroek Market area were empty as a few stall owners busied themselves with shovels and brooms in an attempt to “spruce up” their surroundings.

This exercise was conducted along Regent Street, Robb Street, Water Street and the central business district.

Town Clerk Royston King, speaking with reporters, expressed his gratitude to persons within the private sector, who took the time to send trucks, excavators and other items to be used during the cleanup session.

He, however, expressed his disappointment with the low turnout from the vendors.

“We need to have a clean and healthy city,” King stated, “and will not compromise the integrity of our public health and of our environment.”

According to King, he has asked the clerk of markets, the city constables and other officers to ensure that there’s a good rhythm of cleaning and bringing back cleaning on the last Sunday of every month.

King went on to encourage vendors, store owners and all involved in doing business on the streets of Georgetown to come together and clean up the city.

The Town Clerk added that he spoke to stall owners operating under the Stabroek canopy and told them that very soon they’ll be called in as it relates to upgrading their stalls. He noted that stall owners agreed that there is a need for the upgrade, bringing about a standard height and colour.

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