Woman freed of ganja charge after confession statement from now dead man

Calvin Edwards

A woman has been freed of a ganja trafficking charge following a confession statement from Calvin Dover who was later shot dead in a confrontation with police.

Anisha Daniels was in February charged with the possession of six pounds of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking. Daniels was freed of the charge last week after the Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew it.

Daniels had been on remand.

Anisha Daniels

The matter was before senior Magistrate Fabayo Azore and was ready for trial.  Dover who was shot and killed by the police on May 18th after attempting to rob a store owner, had submitted a full confession statement before the incident admitting to being in possession of the narcotics.

Dover in his statement cleared Daniels stating that at the time the police visited the home, she could not have known and was not in control of the narcotics.

The DPP after reviewing the statement of the now deceased man withdrew the charge against Daniels.

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