Raphael Trotman, David Hinds backing second term for Granger

-Justice For All uncertain of continuation in coalition

Raphael Trotman

President David Granger has left his run for a second term in 2020 up to the parties in the APNU+AFC coalition but he has already received some endorsements from party leaders who trumpeted his anti-corruption image and integrity. 

Alliance for Change (AFC) Leader, Raphael Trotman and Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Executive David Hinds say while their parties will have to internally decide on the issue, they will support Granger and listed his main appeal as a man of stellar integrity.

 “I believe that the same reasons why the APNU and AFC galvanized under Mr. Granger remain and I believe he will be persuaded to remain as the candidate in 2020. His integrity, patriotism, vision and quiet leadership are the qualities that Guyanese identified with and still want,” Trotman told Stabroek News yesterday…..

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