Sweep of five prisons unearths variety of prohibited items

-compasses, fermented wine seized

The police yesterday said that a coordinated search of Guyana’s five penitentiaries which involved over of  260 personnel from both the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Prison Service between 5.50 am and 12.30 pm yesterday, has resulted in the removal of a range of prohibited items.

In a statement yesterday, the police listed the items discovered as follows:

* Twenty one cellphones

* A sim card

* A memory card

* Sixty-one lighters

* Twelve smoking utensils

* Four metal forks/spoons

* Fifty-two razor blades

* Six earpieces

* Several packets of cigarettes/bamboo

* Four phone adapters

* A quantity of phone chargers

* Five pairs of scissors

* A large quantity of improvised weapons

* Twelve bottles of fermented wine and three bottles of pepper sauce

* A quantity of nails

* Six  compasses

* Five  pieces of broken mirrors

* A quantity of stones, shaving bics, triple ‘A’ batteries and sand paper

* Forty-six grams of cannabis

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