I welcome Ramson Jr and Shuman to the political stage and wish them well

Dear Editor, · 

May I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Charles Ramson in his declaration for the leadership of the PPP and the Presidency of Guyana?.

I do not know this young man personally. I know that he is well educated. I know his dad  very well. I congratulate him for having cojones to aspire to the Presidency and leadership of the PPP. 

Mr Ramson, like all Guyanese, has a God given and ancestral right, to aspire and be allowed to contest the leadership of any political party he chooses. Guyana does not belong to a few individuals and/or a political class of mainly two ethnic groups. I wish him luck. He now must begin to articulate a programme and go on a listening and meet the people tour of the country.

He must enter dialogue with another young man who also aspires to the Presidency Mr Lennox Shuman, former Toshao of Pakuri. The Indo Guyanese have a party and the Afro Guyanese have a party. So, why Amerindo Guyanese or Guyanese of other ethnic groups cannot have their party? Mr Shuman listed some items of his programme as stated below:

(Amerindio-Guyanese) We are still begging for our lands

We are begging for our rights

We are seeing townships being established without our consent.

We get only 2%

We have an education system that is failing us.

We are seeing a non-movement on Constitutional Reform

We have a system that is failing our Women and Children – UNICEF Report

The political class over 52 years has an outstanding record of the highest suicide and migration rate. They failed to transform the dictatorial (House/Mouse) constitution, except to block Guyanese abroad from being candidates (they have to have seven years residency).

They failed to transform the commodities-economy and institutional racism. They are perceived by the population as corrupt.

Where has all the gold and gold money gone?

So, Guyanese young or elderly, should not be intimidated by the rules of political parties that are intended to perpetuate hegemony of small groups of men from two ethnic parties that treat Guyana and Guyanese as their private property

I wish both men, and whoever-else (man or woman), who wishes to seek the Presidency success in their endeavours.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nehru Tennassee

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