US to continue to encourage investment in Guyana, new ambassador says

-hasn’t received complaints of political climate affecting businesses

Sarah-Ann Lynch

Recently-accredited United States Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch says there have been no complaints to the United States Embassy about the current political environment negatively impacting American business interests here.

While saying a speedy resolution of the litigation stemming from last December’s no-confidence vote against government would be beneficial for all parties, Lynch yesterday said the United States would continue to encourage its businesses to invest in Guyana as it believes the expected proceeds from the oil and gas sector would provide opportunities for them to thrive.

“Yes, definitely still encouraging US investments and, again, with the 5.5 billion barrels of reserves, and that’s just one sector, but what that will do for the country in terms of other industries being able to do spin-off of that and thrive and grow is really tremendous,” Lynch told reporters during her first interview with the local print media at the US Embassy in Georgetown. “So we’re very much interested in looking at improved trading and investment opportunities for US businesses and we will be encouraging them to look at Guyana,” she added…..

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