Trinidad career criminal gunned down in Princes Town

Killed: Dwight Alibocas

(Trinidad Express) Career criminal Dwight Alibocas was gunned down outside his Princes Town home on Sunday night.

Alibocas, 30, was in a parlour when he was shot multiple times by two gunmen.

Police said about three weeks ago Alibocas was released from jail, where he served time for robbery and firearm related offences.

Alibocas was well known to the police, and had a criminal history with offences such as firearm, assault, narcotics, robbery and larceny.

Around 8.30 p.m. Alibocas was in the parlour at the front of his house when two men dressed in dark clothing and with bandanas over their faces approached him.

They opened fire and Alibocas was shot multiple times.

The killers fled in a black car.

Residents called police, and ambulance services, but Alibocas died at the scene.

Police said the vehicle which the killers used to escape was stolen from Pierre Road, Barrackpore, an hour before the shooting.

The vehicle was later found abandoned and burnt in Cottage Road, Barrackpore.

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