No word, no money!

—Commonwealth Games gold medalist Troy Doris frustrated by lack of communication and government support…

Troy Doris

Guyana’s premier triple jumper Troy Doris had a banner year in 2018 capturing a historic gold medal at the Commonwealth Games Down Under. 

This year, though, he is looking to hop, skip and jump to greater lengths with the promised assistance of the government. 

Doris told Stabroek Sport yesterday that since elevating to rarified air on April 14, 2018 and becoming the nation’s first triple jumper to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal, the promises of financial assistance by the government is yet to be realized. 

Christopher Jones

“I want the government and the NSC to hold their promises that they’ve made since May 2018 in regards to supporting my career financially,” he said. “It’s been almost a year where I’ve sent multiple financial proposals to the government not only for me, but for all athletes that compete in global events, regarding incentives based on performance and I haven’t gotten responses on that matter,” he added.

A Guyanese via parentage, Doris, who leapt to a gold medal inside the Carrara Stadium with a distance of 16.88m to etch his name into Guyana’s history books declared: “The government should really step up and see how a financial investment is valuable to an athlete’s career. 

“I feel for the young kids that are striving to be the best athletes in Guyana, but cannot fully flourish because of inadequate financial support. Guyana is full of athletic talent, but we keep waiting on luck rather than development.”

Doris continued “I would have never imagined that I could have reached the pinnacle of my sport by bringing home a gold medal from the Commonwealth Games, and there’s still no support from the Government or the NSC. It really makes me wonder what will happen if I win an Olympic medal. But things of that calibre will not come without the proper support and funding.”

The athlete said he is frustrated by the lack of support and communication between him and officials of the government.

“Hopefully there can be some communication to me about funding in the future, but as far as I know, I’ve hit a brick wall. Thankfully the Guyana Olympic Association has started the Olympic Solidarity Scholarship to keep athletes like myself afloat.”

Despite his frustrations, his goals for disturbing the sand remains at an all-time high.

“My plan for 2019 and every year remains the same. I’m always focused on the major championships and reaching the podium. This year we have the Pan American Games and the IAAF World Championships and I plan on attending both. 

The goal is always the same, make the finals and then contend for a medal. I had a great 2018 winning the Commonwealth Games, and I plan on keeping that momentum going forward.”

Doris then disappointedly stated that more than likely he will be forced to sit out the indoor season because of the lack of finance. 

“I’m passing on the 2019 indoor season as of now because it’s a long season with World Championships being in October. Another reason is that I can’t plan for it financially. I won’t be able to pay for recovery treatment more frequent and facility fees throughout the year.”

Calls to Director of Sport, Christopher Jones yesterday for a comment proved futile.

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