Cynthia Nelson

Cynthia Nelson

Haitian Griot (Fried Pork) & Accra 1

Tastes Like home Hi Everyone, Beyond the shores of the Caribbean, when the term “Caribbean cuisine” is used it is often used to refer to the slices of mangoes adorning a plate, or a wedge of pineapple on the rim of a cocktail glass.

Eating at the table 5

Tastes Like Home Hi Everyone, Conversations that trigger a memory of one’s upbringing and how it has influenced or impacted our lives often yield two reactions – we marvel at the freedom some people had or we are astonished by the discipline enforced.

Fond recollections as I eat 4

Tastes Like Home – Fond recollections as I eat Hi Everyone, Have you ever sat down to a meal and as you are eating, you think of others – be they family or friends – that you think might enjoy the meal and wish that they were there to share it with you?

Losing food identity 8

Tastes Like Home Hi Everyone, When I wrote three weeks ago asking whether Barbados and Guyana can meet on a plate, a friend and regular reader, commented, “There’s always going to be tension on these issues, as people think their national identity will change…” I completely understand the fear.

My Brother & Kabset Baitenjan 1

Tastes Like Home (Iraqi-style Beef and Vegetable Stew) Hi Everyone, Me: It’s a great meal to entertain with, it’s vegetables and meat, it comes with a sauce and you can serve it with steamed Basmati Rice.

Salt to taste

Salt to taste Hi Everyone, Recently, while I was conducting a private cooking class, my client said he was never sure when to add salt when he was cooking – at the beginning, in the middle or at the end.

Tasting what you eat 3

Tastes Like Home Hi Everyone, Do you taste when you eat? In other words, can you discern what it is that you’re eating and drinking when you consume food and beverages?

Pot bakes anyone? 8

Tastes Like Home Hi Everyone, I love it when second, third or fourth generation Guyanese living abroad write and ask me questions about dishes and various foods that they heard of a long time ago, or that their parents or grandparents use to make.

Tastes Like Home – Maintaining your skills

Hi Everyone, A couple of months ago as I was in the kitchen finely chopping some onions and herbs in preparation for a dish, a friend of mine visiting looked at me with a mixture of alarm and exasperation and said, “Why don’t you just use the food processor?” I explained to her that that would take too much time for me to do that and besides I want to maintain my chopping skills.