Cynthia Nelson

Cynthia Nelson

Boozy Bread Pudding

If you like the flavour of the boozy rum-soaked, aged dried fruits that are used to make traditional Christmas cake/black cake/Christmas pudding, but find the cake itself too intense, then try this bread pudding.

Something for everyone

Hi Everyone, The woman sitting next to me on the plane from my most recent trip to Guyana remarked how amazing it was that we Guyanese have so many different things we make and eat at Christmas.

Christmas sides

Crispy okra salad If they are open minded, your family and friends who do not like okra might find they grudgingly liking this salad.

Holiday desserts

These fun desserts are ideal for the holidays and offer a welcome respite from the cake that is prevalent at this time of the year.

Broccoli-Carrot Slaw

Growing up, Popeye the Sailorman was one of my favourite cartoons. I liked how he was armed with strength after popping the can and eating the spinach.

No Pasta Dishes, Please

Hi Everyone, Well look-eey hey. A woman caused cuhmess (Bajan slang for commotion) earlier this month, when she got up in one of Barbados’ Anglican churches during the announcements session, to encourage people to bring a Bajan dish for their upcoming day of fun to mark Barbados’ 50th Independence, and had to nerve to say, “No pasta dishes, please.

Potato Pie with Coconut Cream

Three weeks ago in my Tastes Like Home column, Nuttier for Coconuts, in celebration of all this coconut, I mentioned making potato pie and using fresh homemade coconut cream instead of dairy cream to make the pie.