The Caribbean Cuboree

Interviews and photos by Shabna Rahman and Dhanash Ramroop

The 14th Caribbean Cuboree was held in Guyana from Sunday to Friday at the Scout Association of Guyana’s (SAG) Headquarters on Woolford Avenue.

The new graduation fees

What the students of the University of Guyana say about…

Interviews and photos by Jonelle Fields and Oliceia Simon   This week, we asked students of the University of Guyana for their opinions on the recently announced new fee that graduating students would have to pay.

The CPL T20 games in Guyana

This week, we asked the man/woman in the street whether they had gone to any of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Twenty/20 games at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence and what the experience was like.


With photos by David Papannah   With Guyana having just co-hosted the Caricom Heads of Government Summit, we asked the man/ woman in the street what Caricom means to them as Guyanese, if they were aware of the recently concluded conference and whether they believe we are benefiting from being part of the community.

Their favourite TV show, film, book or radio station

Photos by Shabna Rahman This week we asked the man and woman in the street to talk about their favourite show on television, the last movie they would have seen, the last book they read or their favourite radio station and why they consider them to be their favourites.

Not reporting domestic violence and staying in abusive relationships

Interviews by Oliceia Simon with photographs by Shabna Rahman   With domestic violence being a front burner issue, this week we asked the man/woman in the street why they felt men who are abused often choose not to make police reports and why women tended to remain in abusive relationships.

Gov’t priorities for the next year

This week, citizens were asked what they believe should be the government’s focus in the upcoming year having recently completed their first year in office.

The Jubilee events

This week we asked the man/woman in the street whether they had attended the flag-raising ceremony, the float parade or any of the other Jubilee events and what they felt about the event/s they attended.

The Jubilee celebrations

This week, we asked the man and woman in the street about their preparations for the 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations and whether they will attend any of the planned events.

Voting on March 18

This week on `What the people say’ we asked members of the public if they have been following the local government developments and if they will be voting on March 18.

The 2016 budget

This week on What the People Say we asked persons to share their views about this year’s budget.

Local Government Elections

This week we asked the man and woman in the street if they have been following developments related to the March 18 local government elections (LGE) and whether they plan on voting.

The 2 am curfew

This week we asked the man and woman in the street whether they were in agreement with the 2 am closure of night clubs or whether they were in support of an extension of the time.

Life in Moraikobai

What the People Say

Facing the effects of a prolonged dry season and the depletion of the forest as well as a poor price for lumber, residents of Moraikobai, Region Five share what life is like for them in their community: Havan Smith Havan Smith, logger, ‘At this time the logging business slow up a lot, especially in the market area with the price.