Who will get the casino licences?

Dear Editor, The debate continues on the subject of casino licences and also who will get them – the ‘old’ or new hotels.

VAT will be harder to administer than the C-Tax

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter by Mr Khurshid Sattaur, the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority captioned “The Guyana Revenue Authority has made improvements in tax collection over the years and will implement VAT efficiently” in response to my letter captioned “The GRA couldn’t administer the Consumption Tax so how will it administer the VAT.” The Commissioner General missed the thrust of my concerns.

No word from Bishop Edghill

Dear Editor, Where is Bishop Juan Edghill? The Bishop is very silent on the casino gambling matter.

Our club should not be billed at the commercial rate

Dear Editor, Our youths we are told are our most precious assets and everything must be done to protect them from the ills of society so that they can grow up to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Why should a foreign company be allowed to manage such a large portion of the national production forest with so few benefits to the nation?

Dear Editor, I read with interest the letters captioned “Guyana’s forestry resources are being plundered for little gain” and “Barama introduced modern techniques of forest management to the declining forest industry in Guyana” (07.01.18) as well as the report headlined “Barama certificate for good forestry suspended” on the same date.

These men should be hanged or their death sentences should be commuted

Dear Editor, The nation wishes to have an explanation from the President, the Attorney General and possibly the Minister of Home Affairs as to the real reason why those on death row condemned to be hanged and who do not have motions pending in the courts are not executed or their sentences commuted to life.

Thousands of African students study in India

Dear Editor, Colin Bascom in his letter captioned :Our relations with India should not be at the expense of our core values as a nation” (07.01.17), attacked me as “Cheerleader-in-Chief” of promoting closer relations with India.

VAT and other policies have been imposed by the IMF

Dear Editor, I am surprised the opposition leader and the trade unionists haven’t been able to identify the hand behind most of Guyana’s economic problems and which contributes to the deteriorating social and crime problems in the country.

Passing of VAT Amendment Act will permit quick relief for consumers

Dear Editor, It is very important that the amendment to the VAT Act is passed by Parliament which will empower the Minister of Finance and the GRA to take immediate action to remove the 16 % tax on certain other items and zero rate or exempt them to bring further relief to consumers.

Racist bullying and political correctness

Dear Editor, It was interesting to read, via the internet, your editorial last Saturday on the subject of allegations of racist bullying on the British television “Reality show?

IDB debt relief could come at the cost of future loans

Dear Editor, If Guyana can get the debt cancellation it needs on the US$400 million it owes to the Inter-American Development Bank, it will be a huge (and deserved) boost to the economy, needless to say.


Dear Editor I recently read about Giatree Kowsilla, a 103-year-old who now resides at 272 Good Hope, Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara, who came to Guyana on October 10, 1912 as an indentured labourer.