Why hasn’t the minister been named?

Dear Editor, The nameless minister involved in the shooting incident is still on the job and is likely still in possession of the firearm.

We can hardly wait for the bridge

Dear Editor, Berbicians cannot wait for the completion of the bridge. Everyone will be able to travel with ease, especially for business in Georgetown, and going to the airport.

Voice of the people on Channel 6

Dear Editor, Whenever I get the opportunity, I watch CN Sharma’s Voice of the People programme on his television station, CNS Channel 6.

Will subvention be paid now?

Dear Editor, The Ministers of Education and Finance are back in the country and presumably at their desks.

Is the Bar Association asleep?

Dear Editor, A minister’s son killed a young student and the `settlement’ of the charge was accepted by the police, the DPP and the courts.

The only name that rhymes with VAT

Dear Editor, For the last week or so I have observed small groups of women gathered on the Atlantic shore behind the wall near the sluice at Plaisance beach.

State owned buses along long-distance routes could supplement the mini buses

Dear Editor, I was excited when I saw the headline in the Stabroek News edition of Wednesday October 7 “Public transport system policy being developed-Benn.” My excitement, however rapidly faded into despair by the time I got to the second paragraph of the article and ended up concluding that the headline had either misrepresented what the minister said or that if the minister actually said that, what he really meant was the development of strategies for improving the existing system of public transport rather than a new policy for the country’s public transport system.

Guyana and the wider world

Do nations compete? There has been a long-standing, ongoing controversy in the literature as to whether nations compete internationally, or is it the case that only individuals, firms, business units, and enterprises located within national boundaries compete with each other internationally?