Condolences from Grenada

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Guyanese community in Grenada, I would like to extend deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives at the hands of those maniacs last Saturday.

Unite in the fight against crime

Dear Editor, The Guyana Association of Professional Social Workers condemns the senseless killing of residents in Lusignan, and offers sincere condolences to the grieving families.

The massacre should not be exploited politically

Dear Editor, The gruesome deaths of 11 persons in Lusignan have brought to the fore the fragility of our race relations, the divisiveness, and the willingness of those who hold power to maximize on political points even during national grief.

We have learned nothing from our history

Dear Editor, It’s difficult to talk politics to families and communities mourning loved ones mowed down by a phenomenon that has become a staple in Guyana-political madness.

Declare a state of emergency and go for the criminals

Dear Editor, First of all, Stabroek News, as much as you are the vanguard of the free press and as much as you are in the forefront of the fight against police and military brutality (as you should be), I think that pretty soon there would be no one left in Guyana to fight for.

Employ a Private Military Contractor to do the job

Dear Editor, I am amazed that after such a brutal attack on innocent women and children in which 11 lives were flushed out Mafia style, our President is asking residents to form Community Policing Groups to protect themselves.

We are becoming desensitised to murder

Dear Editor, SASOD extends its condolences to the families and loved ones of the six children and five adults killed in Lusignan on Saturday morning.

What is the point of these killings?

Dear Editor, Born in Lusignan and grown in Buxton, I state publicly my sympathy with those people on the East Coast of Demerara who have suffered at the hands of lawless gunmen or official security forces, trained to secure officials only.