What the People Say

Local gov’t elections

20160118 William Wong,

This week on What the People Say, we asked residents to comment on the upcoming Local Government Elections. Here are their responses: Photos and interviews by Shabna Rahman     Shakeela Basdeo, businesswoman ‘Yes, I would be voting at the Local Government Elections.

Life in Moraikobai

What the People Say

Havan Smith

Facing the effects of a prolonged dry season and the depletion of the forest as well as a poor price for lumber, residents of Moraikobai, Region Five share what life is like for them in their community: Havan Smith, logger, ‘At this time the logging business slow up a lot, especially in the market area with the price.

What the Linden IMC Councillors say about issues that need addressing

20150921winston caesar

Interviews and photos by Jeffrey Trotman Chairman of the Linden IMC Orrin Gordon and the rest of IMC members expressed disappointment at the July statutory meeting over the slow pace at which the current administration is moving to meet their expectations, which include reopening the Kara Kara Toll Point, making speedy arrangements for a new system of operating the Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge, increasing councillors’ stipend and employees’ wages among other issues that they feel should be urgently addressed.

The 2015 budget

20150824zaimoon ramjohn

This week on What the People Say we asked members of the public to comment on this year’s budget. Here are their responses: Zaimoon Ramjohn, fish vendor, ‘I don’t know what is going on with the budget but I know what is going on in my home.

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