The sweeper/ cleaners

Aggrieved workers in Guyana faced with industrial relations disputes over conditions of service are rarely afforded the opportunity to secure the focused and structured attention of the media.

AFC National Conference

Political coalitions which succeed in unseating incumbents develop for any number of reasons and their acceding to office is particularly dependent on the mood of the populace at that point and the circumstances in the country as a whole.

Law school

Law and medicine were the two professions to which traditionally young Guyanese aspired, and things haven’t changed much, although nowadays more students appear to be attracted to law than to medicine for a variety of reasons.

Big politics for little people

Last June, in a speech that crystallized the new populist streak in modern politics, UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage chided Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) for their weak grasp of the new reality.

City Council and the vendors

Last September Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan wrote Georgetown Mayor Patricia Chase-Green on the Mayor and City Council’s seeming lack of authority on municipality matters being managed by Town Clerk Royston King, emphasizing that “King was not supreme to the Council.” Minister Bulkan cited Section 8A of the Municipal and District Council Act of 2013 which outlines the general duties of city councillors and identifies the Town Clerk as an administrator hired to carry out the directives of the council.

Flip-flopping on tattoos

The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) has crushed the dreams of a would-be recruit by telling him that he will not be eligible to become a member until after he removed a series of tattoos covering his left forearm and hand, a procedure he cannot afford at this juncture.

Oil production and environmental safeguards

Notice has been served to the public by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEGPL) has applied for an environmental authorisation for petroleum operations in the offshore Stabroek Block where the lead explorer ExxonMobil made a huge oil discovery in 2015.

Gecom Chairman

The present arrangements for selecting the Gecom chairman date back to 1991, and the intervention of the Carter Center and President Jimmy Carter himself in helping to forge agreements which made possible the first free and fair election for twenty-four years.

Childcare and protection

Protecting children from abuse, neglect, outright violence, and exploitation is a responsibility that first and foremost lies with the parents or legal guardians of the children, and it is normal to expect that those parents and guardians will go out of their way to ensure the safety of their offspring or wards.

Logjam in the High Court

It becomes more glaringly obvious with each passing Assize session that the backlog in the High Court, as far as criminal matters go, is unlikely to be cleared anytime soon, regardless of how many justice improvement programmes are conducted, unless there is a drastic increase in the human resource capacity of that court, that is more judges are appointed.

Sale of Caribbean citizenship

On New Year’s day, the American television investigative journalism programme 60 Minutes dedicated a quarter of its weekly episode to the sale of passports by various cash-strapped  territories within Caricom, highlighting the potential for possible security risks for the region.

BCGI and the Russians

Nothing of substance has been heard from the Government of Guyana in the wake of the visit here at the end of last year by two officials from the Russian aluminum giant RUSAL, which company is the majority shareholder in the locally based Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc (BCGI).

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