Early days

Normally new governments get a certain honeymoon period where early blunders are either overlooked or given an easy ride; however, the current administration may not be so fortunate. 0

No country for old men

On June 6, when Barcelona face Juventus in the UEFA Champions league final in Berlin’s Olympiastadion, millions of fans around the world will gather to watch the match in communal settings like pubs and sports bars. 0

Theme on elections

1992 saw the return of free and fair elections to Guyana. It was open to international observers, including the international media and saw the end of multiple voting by supporters of the then party in government, the PNC. 0

Israel’s new government and the Middle East

In just under two months after the Israeli general elections were held, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu whose Likud Party party won the largest number of seats – 30, in the country’s 120-seat parliament − has been able to able to cobble together a bare majority of 61 seats to retain leadership of the Government of Israel. 0

A squandered chance

In defeat the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) could have asked for no better opportunity to depart the political centre stage on a dignified note, to make itself an integral part of the start of a process designed to help repair a political landscape blighted by an unending power struggle. 0

New government

Congratulations are in order for President Granger and the APNU+AFC coalition on their electoral victory. The campaign conducted by the opposition alliance is a hopeful sign for a different form of politics and a transformed type of governance. 0

The PPP and the election results

What happened prior to the official declaration of results yesterday was both unnecessary as well as undignified. Either Messrs Donald Ramotar and Bharrat Jagdeo are in denial, or they believe they are the lords of the universe and can stop the march of time. 0

‘Inclusionary democracy’

The country has spent the best part of this week waiting to exhale, with rising tensions and most of the citizenry fit to burst, not to mention the stress placed on children taking CXC papers (and their parents), and the general loss of productivity suffered by the nation. 0

Trust and democracy

On Monday of this week, Guyana voted in general and regional elections that were the culmination of a series of unfortunate events: secret deals made by the government, deadlock on issues in Parliament, a proposed motion of no-confidence and the proroguing of Parliament being chief among them. 0

Crime, law enforcement and elections promises

The period immediately preceding yesterday’s general election was marked by a surfeit of incidents of violent crime. That may have been no more than a coincidence but, hopefully, those crimes would not have failed to send an unmistakable signal to those seeking either re-election or election to office that crime has grown into this country’s single most urgent national emergency and that it must be placed among the top items on the country’s ‘fix it’ list. 0


Today, we repeat some of the appeals we have made at previous general elections. First, exercise your right to vote. It is one of the most cherished and fundamental rights you possess and it is your opportunity to have a role in the grand scheme of governance. 0

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