President Obama’s executive action on immigration

For Latin America and the Caribbean, President Obama’s proposed changes to US immigration policies are a mixed bag of common sense reforms of outmoded legislation, and a likely source of unwelcome security challenges .

‘Shiv on the Shore’

Rahul Bhattacharya has done it again .

What Mr Hicken said

On Tuesday, the Public Relations Department of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) issued a statement in which it sought to defend Commander of ‘A’ Division Clifton Hicken who has been justly lambasted for his suggestion that if young women’s attire was “accepted morally”, they could avoid being raped .

Asia-Pacific moving to the centre?

As the Group of 20, made up of the leading industrial and so-called emerging-market countries, plus the European Union, met as the G20 in Brisbane Australia last week, it almost looked as if the belief of some commentators, and indeed countries that that area will become the centre of world economic and political activity has become the global reality .

The Marikana Massacre and the unravelling of the ANC

It may, perhaps, still be too soon to conclude that the fruits of South Africa’s liberation struggle have been squandered and that the architect of the country’s transition to black majority rule, the African National Congress (ANC) now appears unsteady on its feet, though there are unmistakable signs that amongst black South Africans the ANC has lost much of the magnetism that it once had .

A welcome return by the Ombudsman

Having inexplicably been without an Ombudsman for nearly 10 years, Guyanese got a flavour last week of the breadth of work that can be undertaken by this office in pursuit of alleged injustice at the hands of public officers .

Dissolving Parliament

The President recalled Parliament on November 10, but it was all a charade .

Free speech and free markets

Commentary on the 25th anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall has repeatedly touched on one of central political arguments of the early twenty-first century, namely the relationship between political and economic freedoms .

The Catalan consultation II

Having considered the Scottish referendum and the Catalan independence movement in previous editorials in September, we would be remiss if we did not now comment on last Sunday’s non-binding vote on independence for Catalonia .

Loud and lawless

Among the topics that readers write to us about, noise nuisance perhaps takes second place only to politics, and that is politics in the wider spectrum, all aspects considered .

President Obama and his Congress

Not unexpectedly, President Obama found himself increasingly pushed into a corner as the elections results to the 144th Congress were announced last week .

The UGSS and the crisis at the university

The most recent missive from the University of Guyana Students Society (UGSS) President, Mr Joshua Griffith, to the university administration about the physical conditions on the campus is familiar in both its tone and its content .

The Nandlall call revisited

It must be either complete discombobulation in the thinking of the government, pressure from some external source or a ploy to buy time which prompted Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon to announce on Thursday that the administration was attempting to authenticate the contents of the vulgar and threatening conversation between the Attorney General Mr Anil Nandlall and a Kaieteur News reporter .


We have reached a pivotal point in our political history – perhaps .

Settling the future of a billion barrels of oil

When the Republican Party assumes control of both houses in the US Congress in January 2015, it is expected to press for expedited construction of the TransCanada Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline .

Queen’s College people

By all accounts, last week’s Queen’s College Old Students’ Association (QCOSA) reunion, marking the 170th anniversary of the founding of QC, was a great success, with old boys and, significantly, an impressive number of old girls, gathering to relive the carefree days of their youth and to celebrate the institution that laid the foundation for their many and varied achievements .

Education imbalance

When the International Day of the Girl Child was observed last month, much emphasis was placed on the lack of access to education which is still a major issue for many adolescent girls in several developing countries around the world .

Britain’s Cameron under pressure

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party have found little respite from political pressures after his successful fight against the Scottish National Party’s threat to have Scotland leave the United Kingdom .

The St Philips robbery

Truth be told the disruption of the Sunday morning mass at St Philips Parish Church by three gun-toting young men who proceeded to rob what must have been a bemused and terrified congregation, ought not to come as a surprise to anyone .

The Nandlall call

There will be no disputing that each of us is entitled to private conversations and musings .

‘Constitutional crisis’

Last week Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman instructed Clerk Sherlock Isaacs to convene a sitting of Parliament on November 6, which he refused to do .

Burkina Faso’s uprising

The backstory to the uprising that brought the 27-year rule of President Blaise Compaoré to an end is one that has become all too familiar in postcolonial Africa .

The West Indies cricket crisis II

Contrary to the report by Tony Cozier, on Wednesday, of an “official forecast that the storm clouds hanging over West Indies cricket are beginning to lift,” based on a joint statement issued by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) and representatives of the West Indies team, following Sunday’s emergency meeting in Jamaica, we are not that sanguine about the prospects of clear skies ahead .

Unsafe roads

Next year marks the halfway point of the United Nations (UN) designated Decade of Action for Road Safety, so appointed because of the unacceptably high number of deaths as a result of road accidents with the global figure for 2010 being given as 1 .

Cuba: More pressure on Obama

We adverted, last week, to an editorial and substantial commentary in the New York Times directed towards advising President Obama to bring an end to the embargo on Cuba, and to begin a normalization of relations with that country .

Our ‘force ripe’ generation

Guyana is one of a number of countries in the western hemisphere where child-begging is a manifestation of poverty and while the practice may not be as pronounced here as in the capitals and bigger, more crowded cities of countries like Mexico and Brazil, any country in which poverty in the family renders it necessary to press children into service as beggars has good reason to be concerned with its social fabric .

ChikV and Ebola

While anxieties about Ebola have taken flight globally, it is particularly important in a small economy like ours with definite health challenges and ringed by porous borders that levelheaded approaches utilizing government and non-government resources be deftly and swiftly applied .

Competent state

Francis Fukuyama’s latest tome on politics and history has recently been released, according to the Economist which reviewed it .

Canada’s mature response to acts of terror

Reporting on two acts of terrorism in the space of a week, the Canadian media’s restrained coverage of events, and the general absence of provocative speculations – most noticeably in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s live coverage – has shown how profoundly a country’s media culture can shape its response to a crisis .

The West Indies cricket crisis

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), in response to the unprecedented mid-tour termination of the series in India and the decision of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to suspend all bilateral tours to the West Indies and to consider legal proceedings against the WICB, has decided, among other things, to “establish a task force, comprising critical stakeholders, to review the premature end of the tour to India” and “request a meeting with the BCCI” .

Complete failure

The World Health Organisation (WHO) report which named Guyana as the country with the worst suicide rate in the world has revealed more than the statistics that shocked some and sent others into denial mode .

Cuba and the US in the hemisphere

An old saying has it that circumstances alter cases and recent events suggest that the way is once again opening for a substantial discussion among governments on the issue of Cuba’s role in the Hemisphere, and more particularly on the question of Cuba-United States relations .

Home Economics: Shedding an undeserving stigma

One of the positives about the annual Secondary Schools Home Economics Competition sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in conjunction with the Ministries of Agriculture and Education is that it provides opportunity for schools possessing children with varying levels of academic acumen and located in far flung corners of the country to match skills in a discipline where the playing field is more or less level .

Greed and ignorance

Whenever the next West Indies team is composed either for a domestic series or overseas engagement, a mandatory aspect of its preparations must be a detailed study and recounting of the glories of its cricketing history .

Professional policing

In his column in this newspaper last Wednesday, Dr Henry Jeffrey compared the murder rate in Guyana, firstly, with countries in South America which have a high incidence, and then with the largest members of Caricom because they are more similar to Guyana .

Making sense of Gamergate

At the end of a week of sensational and often fear-filled news – which culminated with no fewer than 39 US Congressmen calling for travel restrictions on Ebola-stricken West African countries – millions of Americans were also puzzling over the sudden rise of an Internet controversy known as #GamerGate .

Justice must be served

A general feeling of repugnance for a dictator and his regime does not necessarily equate with universal distaste .

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