IDB citizen security loan

There is no doubt that this country’s security sector is in need of a lot of help .

Holding back the tide?

One would have thought that the PPP had done enough damage to itself over the past few months to give it genuine cause for hesitation the next time it was overtaken by the compulsion to inflict self-harm .

Ending the embargo

Whatever battles lie ahead with Congressional hardliners who still believe in the Cuban embargo, the Obama administration’s initial steps towards a ’normalization’ of US-Cuba relations are a triumph of common sense after decades of political posturing .

Caricom Commonwealth candidates

It was pure coincidence last week that just as one Caribbean candidate was elected to the post of Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group for 2015-2020, another Caribbean candidate was withdrawing from the race to be the next Secretary-General of the Commonwealth for 2016-2021 .


Blackouts have become so much a part of life in Guyana that citizens are often hard pressed to remember a time when there were no power outages; it requires thinking way back for people who are over 35 years old, while those who are younger cannot, as they would have experienced blackouts all of their lives .

Dominica’s elections

As had been announced earlier, elections held in Dominica last week resulted in the retention of the country’s government by the Dominica Labour Party (DLP), led by outgoing Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit .

Our public service

A few weeks ago this newspaper reported that part of the reason why the Food and Drugs Analyst Department is unable to perform important aspects of its work anywhere near as effectively as it should has to do with a scarcity of skills .

Local Government Elections

In the April 30th, 2014 edition of Stabroek News there was a Page One comment lamenting the absence of local government elections over the last 20 years and criticizing the PPP/C for withholding these .

Unfamiliar boundaries

Underneath the lead story in our Tuesday edition there was a court report about a Venezuelan soldier being remanded to prison in Georgetown .

The US Senate report on torture

The release of the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s ‘Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program’ marks the point at which there can no longer be any doubt that senior Bush administration officials deliberately enabled the use of torture during the Global War on Terror .

The spirit of cricket

Much has been written about the tragic death of the young Australian cricketer, Phillip Hughes, felled by a not particularly vicious bouncer, a couple of weeks ago, in a state match at the Sydney Cricket Ground .

Transshipment destination

What do Wilton Sinclair, Tricia Ann D’Aguiar, Fredericka Latrice Coats, Melissa Cox, Tanasha Fleming and Raphael Armstrong have in common? They were all charged with trafficking cocaine from Guyana to the United States of America between November 20 and December 9 this year .

Trinidad warming up to elections

All the signs presently are that the two main political parties in Trinidad & Tobago, the ruling People’s Partnership (PP) and the Peoples National Movement (PNM) have set their wheels in motion for the next general election in the country, now due at the latest, in May 2015 .

The manufacturing sector

It requires no great knowledge of the manufacturing sector to recognize that – in the main – manufacturing has traditionally been a considerable underperformer in the Guyana economy .

General Elections

President Ramotar’s brief announcement on Saturday that General Elections will be called sometime next year underlined in stark terms that he and his government are completely out of touch with their responsibilities and have failed to apprehend the need for stable governance of the country .

Aishalton incident

When those in power suffer from power disease, then the confidantes and employees who surround them will often exhibit arrogance themselves, as if the conceit of their superiors has radiated outwards to touch them too with the scourge of what perhaps should be called power association disease .

Debating the American Dream

In 1965, in front of a capacity crowd at the Cambridge Union, the novelist James Baldwin and the eminent American Conservative William F Buckley debated the motion that “The American Dream is at the Expense of the American Negro .

A Guyanese and West Indian treasure

To the disappointment of many in Colombia, the archive of its most famous literary son, the Nobel laureate, Gabriel García Márquez, has been acquired by the University of Texas at Austin .

Improve social services

As the end of the year approaches, we expect that the government ministries and agencies are preparing to hold their annual self-aggrandizement exercises during which they will trot out for the invited media all of their ‘successes’ over the past 12 months .

Winds blowing behind Cuba

In October of this year the New York Times, hardly known for extreme political radicalism, went on a virtual campaign calling for the resumption of normal relations with Cuba .

The Ministry of Education and drugs and alcohol in schools

It was interesting to learn about the Ministry of Education’s recent Drug Prevention Education Training forum through a news report in last Friday’s edition of this paper which stated, among other things, that the forum targeted “teachers and welfare officers from Georgetown .

Interception in Puerto Rico

There are many questions which arise from the detention of Mr Kem Khamraj Lall in Puerto Rico over the discovery of US$620,000 on the private jet on which he was a passenger .

Fictional world

One is left to wonder who it is that is writing the press releases in Freedom House .

Racial disparities continue to define US criminal justice

The unrest emanating from Ferguson, Missouri following a grand jury’s decision to forgo indictments of the police officer who shot Michael Brown is the latest expression of a chronic and deep-seated anger at institutional racism in American life, particularly within the criminal justice system .

PetroCaribe, Alba and Caricom

Online regional news agency Caribbean News Now posted an interesting item on November 26 .

The municipal markets

On Monday some 40 Bourda Market stallholders marched down to City Hall furious over the fact that the market was not scheduled to open that day and they had not been informed in advance .

Global turmoil

To use a broad generalization, it is ironic that Russia, known as the Soviet Union between the two twentieth-century World Wars, the latter of which morphed into a Cold War, should today seem once again to be a source of intense Western concern .

A monument to our protracted folly

Last Thursday’s deluge and the attendant filth and chaos which it visited on the capital are nothing unusual .

The President and the Nandlall conversation

At a press conference on November 14, following a question by a reporter, President Ramotar denied that he had ever spoken to businesswoman Mrs Bhena Lall about tax evasion charges that had been brought against her and her husband, the proprietor of Kaieteur News, Mr Glenn Lall .

Minister Whittaker and the Georgetown flood

After $500 million spent, a small army of ordinary citizens mobilized to manually clean drains, and excavators pressed into service to dredge the main canals, Georgetown experienced the worst flooding it has seen since 2005 .

President Obama’s executive action on immigration

For Latin America and the Caribbean, President Obama’s proposed changes to US immigration policies are a mixed bag of common sense reforms of outmoded legislation, and a likely source of unwelcome security challenges .

‘Shiv on the Shore’

Rahul Bhattacharya has done it again .

What Mr Hicken said

On Tuesday, the Public Relations Department of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) issued a statement in which it sought to defend Commander of ‘A’ Division Clifton Hicken who has been justly lambasted for his suggestion that if young women’s attire was “accepted morally”, they could avoid being raped .

Asia-Pacific moving to the centre?

As the Group of 20, made up of the leading industrial and so-called emerging-market countries, plus the European Union, met as the G20 in Brisbane Australia last week, it almost looked as if the belief of some commentators, and indeed countries that that area will become the centre of world economic and political activity has become the global reality .

The Marikana Massacre and the unravelling of the ANC

It may, perhaps, still be too soon to conclude that the fruits of South Africa’s liberation struggle have been squandered and that the architect of the country’s transition to black majority rule, the African National Congress (ANC) now appears unsteady on its feet, though there are unmistakable signs that amongst black South Africans the ANC has lost much of the magnetism that it once had .

A welcome return by the Ombudsman

Having inexplicably been without an Ombudsman for nearly 10 years, Guyanese got a flavour last week of the breadth of work that can be undertaken by this office in pursuit of alleged injustice at the hands of public officers .

Dissolving Parliament

The President recalled Parliament on November 10, but it was all a charade .

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