Drug bond redux

If Dr George Norton and the government were hoping that the drug bond scandal would quietly dissipate in the ether, then on Thursday they were rudely disabused of that notion. 

Peering into the abyss

South Sudan is heading towards a catastrophe. Its worsening civil unrest, which has been rapidly deteriorating since a coup attempt last December, has effectively ended the 2015 peace deal that stopped a two-year civil war between rival government factions.

Parliamentary antics

As the budget presentations and debates gather steam, the eyes of the public are once more focused inexorably on the antics and elucidations of those who seek to represent us in that most august of houses ‒ the National Assembly.

Standing up

Given his humanitarian and philanthropic work, one doubts that when Mark Zuckerberg sat down with his college mates and developed the social networking site Facebook that he, or any of them for that matter, would have foreseen that it would be used for base and ad hominem attacks, bullying and the perpetuation of stigma and discrimination against certain groups.

Gold: Going forward

These days, official pronouncements on the country’s extractive sector have assumed a higher level of significance to watchers of the country’s economy, ever since gold assumed its preeminent position as the country’s leading money-earner.

The 2017 budget

What the people of the country would have wanted from budget 2017 would have been a reduction of their tax burden, stimulation of the economy to produce real growth and the generation of well-paying jobs.


While following the announcement of the Grade Six Assessment results, great emphasis was placed on the creditable achievements of the top candidates, nothing was said by the Ministry of Education about the overall performance of the student body as a whole.

Castro’s flawed legacy

Fidel Castro remained a paradox up to end of his life. Like other charismatic leaders who outlived their youthful promise – Chavez, Gaddafi, Mugabe,  Ortega – there seemed little connection between the rambling of his later years and the brilliant fluency of the handsome commandante who entered Havana in revolutionary triumph.

Youth and politics

In October 2016, the Commonwealth Secretariat released its second Global Youth Development Index, mere days after the Guyana Government passed its National Youth Policy in Parliament, a policy which was said to, inter alia, “[encourage] leadership, participation and representation.” Considering that the youth development index (YDI) placed Guyana among the lowest ranked countries (125th out of 183 countries) in the “political participation” domain for youth aged 15 to 29 years, it becomes immediately apparent that the government has a lot of ground to cover in “encouraging leadership, participation and representation” among this country’s youth.

Hands up for HIV prevention

With renewed focus on preventing HIV infection, the world observes World AIDS Day today under the theme ‘Hands up for #HIV prevention,’ which speaks to the very real need to continue and expand on HIV prevention education, especially among young people, the vulnerable and those at risk.

Cuba and a Trump government

Almost simultaneously with the last breath of Fidel Castro, the incoming president of the United States has indicated the basis of his attitude to the Cuban regime by announcing (or rather, tweeting) that “If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the US as a whole, I will terminate the deal”.

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