Oil and a green Guyana

At a consultation held on Monday last on Guyana’s preparedness for oil extraction, where several pertinent questions were raised, Chris Pateman Jones of the Oil and Gas Sector of consultant firm EY Global outlined what he referred to as the positives and negatives of oil production.

Britain’s exit from the European Union

It is probably the case that the anxiety, indeed the sense of foreboding about the future, which dominated Caribbean decision makers when Britain decided to negotiate entry into the then European Community and Common Market, is not as great at this time, when the British leadership has been forced, from within its own ranks, to negotiate an exit from the European Union.

Power problems

Nothing exposes the backwardness in this country and its stymied promise more than the never ending eruptions of power problems. What should have been a stable system humming along with the occasional interruption continues to be volatile and with an alarming number of shutdowns of the entire Demerara-Berbice Interconnected System (DBIS).

GWI and Antinfek

We depend on the government indirectly through the agency of Guyana Water Inc to ensure that our water is potable, and if it is not, to advise us that it is not of drinking quality.

Poverty and Lombard St

Recent media coverage highlighting the bleak conditions under which some residents of Lombard Street are living has triggered, yet again, discussions on the high level of material and social deprivation endured by these residents while living in the capital city, and the challenges associated with achieving the goal of poverty alleviation generally.

Jamaica’s politics

Politics in Jamaica seems to have simmered down somewhat since the last general elections held in March of this year, when the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), led by Mr Andrew Holness defeated the People’s National Party (PNP) led by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller with a narrow margin of 32 seats to the PNP’s 31 and Holness remained Prime Minister of the country.

Crime statistics and public security

In the absence of hard evidence to the contrary, one is not ideally well-placed to vigorously refute the claim made by the Guyana Police Force last week that there had been a twenty-one per cent drop in serious crimes at the end of September, compared with the same period last year.

Acquisition of land for public purposes

Given the sordid history of compulsory acquisition of private property in the Burnham and PNC era of the 70s and 80s, it would have been reckless for the APNU+AFC government, which has the reformed PNC as one of its principal members, to cavalierly seek to employ this weapon even if under vastly reformed legislation.

The President’s speech

President David Granger went to Parliament on Thursday to communicate his vision for the remainder of his office, to lambast the PPP/C for their conduct of the nation’s business during their period in government, and to talk about his desire for inclusionary democracy.

Dylan’s Nobel

Long before the Swedish Academy provoked the world’s literati by naming Bob Dylan as a Nobel laureate for literature, his “poetic expressions within the great American song tradition” had been noticed by several devotees.

Disaster management must be bolstered

Nearing the end of September weather experts were predicting that hurricane Matthew could potentially be devastating for a number of countries, and within a relatively short time it proved to be immensely destructive particularly for Haiti, but it has also seriously affected the lives of many in other Caribbean states, like The Bahamas, and several states along the south-eastern coast of the USA.


The restarting of night (evening) court sittings on Monday to deal with the backlog of cases in the magistrates’ division is welcome news as it means that the dispensing of justice will be speeded up.

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