Britain in Europe

It is almost natural that, for reasons of our historical and contemporary connections, Guyana and the other Caricom countries would have been closely following the latest stages, and now the recent agreement, on negotiations between the European Union authorities and Britain.

Contract employees

It was Ram & McRae which pointed out in their 2015 ‘Focus on Guyana’s National Budget’ that the public service is broken and therefore the government would not be able to avoid hiring some people on contract while the problems in the system are being addressed.

Honouring our cricket heroes

Since last Friday’s editorial thanking Shivnarine Chanderpaul for his 21 years of exemplary service to West Indies cricket, we have learnt that former West Indies cricketer and ex-president of the West Indies Players’ Association Dinanath Ramnarine is planning a gala dinner in Trinidad to honour Mr Chanderpaul.

Elections in Jamaica

Prime Minister Portia Simpson, who led her People’s National Party (PNP) to victory in December 2011, has chosen to call for the general elections on February 25th, almost a year before they are statutorily due, and with public opinion polls showing her party holding a 4% lead over the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

The 2016 budget

Producing two budgets within six months is a feat that is deserving of the highest commendation and the Minister of Finance and all of those who participated in this process must be given their deserved credit.


There was a time when you could walk around Georgetown, and street after street would be lined with traditional houses – not necessarily always the grand, elegant, colonial variety, but also the small-scale, equally attractive cottages of the working people.

Ignominious squirmishes

Months before she endorsed the candidacy of Donald Trump, in a speech that will be long remembered for inventing the delightful word “squirmish”, Sarah Palin was asked to speculate about her political future.

Thank you, Shiv

It was back in 2011 that we asked, “What more can one say about Shivnarine Chanderpaul that has not already been said?” Now, in the outpouring of tributes to the great Guyanese and West Indian cricketer, following his retirement from international cricket, aged 41, cricket writers, former players and fans around the world have been mining their memories, revisiting the archives and extending their linguistic skills to pay homage to one of the most dependable and durable batsmen the game has ever seen.

United States presidential elections

As the American political arena rolls down to the presidential elections due in November of this year, observers from around the world are experiencing a spectacle of contention among what some Americans refer to as “presidential wannabees”.

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