Professor Norman Girvan

Professor Norman Girvan, who passed away last week following injuries sustained during a hiking accident in Dominica had, well before his death attained the sobriquet of Caribbean Man for the extent of his academic, policy and practical work over the Caribbean as a whole .

A cautious tilt at community -police relations

We must wait and see just where Project Impact Albouystown takes community-police relations on the watch of Mr Seelall Persaud, the recently appointed acting Commissioner of Police .

Managing flood risk

Important questions have been raised during the budget debate in Parliament and in the Committee of Supply about major public works and whether they have been well thought out and maintained .


Vulgarity is part of life; in this country, some might say, too much part of it .

Dreams deferred

The unfairness of US criminal justice has been well-publicized for decades, but a recent book by the Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi suggests that the system has decayed to a state in which wealthy citizens – with access to good lawyers – are, for all practical purposes, exempt from entry into “the biggest [prison population] in the history of human civilization .

ANR Robinson

The late, splendidly named Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson – Ray to his family and close friends, ANR as he rose through the hurly-burly of Trinidad and Tobago politics, and then, curiously, His Excellency Arthur NR Robinson, when he occupied the highest office in the land – will probably be best remembered as a heroic champion of democracy when he was Prime Minster during what has been called his country’s “darkest hour .

Human capital

Investment is to development, what water is to crops .

Britain and Europe

In the midst of the shaking of the continent of Europe as Russia invaded Crimea, and tore it off from Ukraine as peremptorily as Nikita Krushchev had previously attached it to that country; and even as Britain has played a substantial role in marshalling the European position on the issue, the British government has also taken time off to continue its preoccupation with what has now come to be called Brexit .

Government’s billion dollar coastal cleanup

No one in their right mind would turn down a well-intentioned initiative backed by one billion Guyana dollars that seeks to effect a cleanup around coastal Guyana .

President Ramotar and NCN

At his last press conference on March 27th, President Donald Ramotar was asked by a Stabroek News reporter about the almost two-year-old report into irregularities at state TV, NCN and why he had not done anything about it .


There is something quite bizarre about Guyana’s foreign policy – if such it can be called .

The limits of hashtag activism

The American comedian Stephen Colbert set off a flood of outraged moralizing in the twitterverse last week after his show tweeted an out-of-context punchline about racial insensitivity .

‘A new geopolitical vision’

Even as the political uncertainty in Venezuela continues after nearly two months of protests, there are signs that President Nicolás Maduro is aware of the need to press on with a bit of high level of diplomatic activity to maintain regional and international support for his government .

Tripping on TIP

On Sunday last, police in Utah, USA rescued a 23-year-old New York woman who had been knocked unconscious, abducted and forced into prostitution by her abductors .

Obama facing a re-arranging world

As President Obama proceeds through the first quarter of his second term he has found himself coming to terms with the unexpected turmoil in Ukraine that has almost sidelined the civil war in Syria, and what is expected to be a normalization of Iran’s relations with the Western world, issues that dominated the first year of the term .

An opportunity for the police to shine

Joyce Lewis and Yvonne Adams both lived alone, Lewis in North Ruimveldt and Adams in Linden .

Budget 2014

Very early into his 2014 budget presentation, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh expressed great pride that the country had experienced eight consecutive years of GDP growth with last year’s being  5 .


Education is the one area above all others where there should be no political wrangling; after all, the issues which have to be confronted in relation to it are purely technical or professional in character, not political .

Reconsidering the death penalty

Few issues highlight the political differences between modern nations more starkly than their attitudes towards the death penalty .

El Salvador’s new president

El Salvador has a new president-elect, former guerilla commander, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, 69, of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), the party founded by Marxist revolutionaries from the 1980-1992 civil war .

Research and development

Late last week, eight research grants were awarded to teams of academic staff at the University of Guyana .

Ukraine: Putin upsets the West

The euphoria, particularly in official circles in Western Europe, as well as, though perhaps less so, in the United States, over the eviction of President Yanukovich from Ukraine, now seems more tempered than two weeks ago .

A tasteless manifestation of the way we live

It was only after the minibus had made its third unexpected stop en route to Georgetown from the East Coast that one of its long-suffering passengers essayed a protest .


In last Monday’s editorial `Pass this bill’ Stabroek News argued that it was time for the groups in Parliament to reach a compromise on the passage of the anti-money laundering bill as there was a growing risk of financial sanctions hitting the ordinary woman and man .

General elections?

In the halcyon days when a true socialist lived modestly and the word capitalist carried disparaging overtones, democracy was regarded as the path to political righteousness .

Hamlet in the Hermit Kingdom

In 2012, during the London Olympics, the Globe theatre invited foreign theatre companies to perform every one of Shakespeare’s 37 plays in different languages .

A growing geopolitical storm

With the Venezuelan political crisis continuing to fester, Union of South American Nations (Unasur) foreign ministers agreed in Chile, last week, to travel to Caracas to “accompany, support and advise” the dialogue process initiated by President Nicolás Maduro’s government .

Sustainable farming

At the beginning of this month, we reported on questions raised by sustainable development advocate Mr Sydney Allicock with regard to the use of pesticides and fertilisers in the Rupununi by the Santa Fe mega-farm, which is growing rice among other crops .

Caricom heads meet again

Caricom Heads met in St Vincent and the Grenadines for their 25th InterSessional meeting with a call from outgoing Chairperson Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar advising her colleagues of the necessity to “take the tough decisions and fulfil our obligations”; and incoming Chairperson and host Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves advising his colleagues that whatever the deficiencies of the Caricom Secretariat, “the implementation deficit has to be put squarely at the level of national governments .

Egypt’s soldier- politician tradition

This year, political events in Egypt have had to yield most of the international media limelight to more pressing global occurrences like the conflict and the diplomacy attending the intractable power struggle in Syria and the more recent East-West face-off over the Crimea .

Pass this bill

Enough .

Systems and policies

This country is not good at systems .

Rwanda’s strongman politics

South Africa’s recent expulsion of three Rwandan diplomats for their involvement in the murder and attempted murder of political dissidents is yet another troubling instance of President Kagame’s willingness to use violence to silence his critics .

An intriguing turn

Hemispheric and regional reactions to the situation in Venezuela have taken an intriguing turn .

Invisible, unwanted and unloved children

The realisation that at age 14, Andy (other name unknown) was so drunk or so high or both that he never heard the engine of the truck under which he slept start up has caused consternation .

The Critchlow Labour College motion

Given the deep-seated divisions and stalemate that have characterized the 10th parliament, any type of all-party agreement is music to the ears and welcoming news to all Guyanese .

NCN and balanced media coverage

The National Communications Network (NCN) is a state-owned media agency and accordingly, it ought to be particularly mindful of its obligations to balance and fairness in its coverage of public issues .

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