Nomination Day and City Hall

Nomination Day is on April 7, and according to what has been said by both acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba and Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield, it will be held at the traditional venue, namely, City Hall .

Of mice and men

A recent article in Le Monde reports on growing scepticism within the medical community as to the value of using mice to test drugs that will later be used on humans .

To fight corruption

Following on from last Friday’s editorial focus on corruption in Latin America, we believe that it would be clear to most people that, although many things have changed for the better in Latin America in the last few decades, profound problems of democracy and governance remain .

Women and slavery

“Do you remember the days of slavery?” Jamaican Roots Reggae artist Burning Spear asks in his 1975 song ‘Slavery Days’ .

Singapore: End of an era

The death of Lee Kuan Yew, former long-serving Prime Minister of Singapore, is of significance for the Caribbean if only for the reason that he first attained office at about the same time as many of the original democratically elected leaders of the countries of this Region, constituted largely of very small states, also commenced their periods of governance .

A poignant reminder of the new reality

Those of us in the Caribbean who sat through the early hours of Saturday morning to watch the last of the four quarter finals in this year’s Cricket World Cup Tournament knew only too well that the outcome that we wanted, had hoped for, could come only through some miracle or else on the back of a West Indies performance on the field that rose head and shoulders above the mediocrity which had characterized the team’s ungainly entry into the quarter finals stage of the competition .

The return of Mr Jagdeo

After maintaining public silence for more than three years, former President Jagdeo seized the centre stage earlier this month, first at Babu Jaan on March 8th in a widely reviled presentation and then on March 10th at a hastily convened press conference at Freedom House where he sought to defend his actions but only succeeded in stirring up animosities over his remarks about the Jagans .

The Jagan legacy and the PPP

This time former President Bharrat Jagdeo has really stirred up a hornet’s nest .

Changing the narrative of terrorism

Despite spirited protests against the slaughter of 23 people at the Bardo Museum in Tunisia, the likely collapse of tourism in the country, following the murder of so many foreigners (the 20 tourists among the dead included five Japanese, four Italians, two Colombians, two Spaniards and citizens from Australia, Britain, France and Poland), is a chilling reminder of how abruptly a single act of terror can strike at the heart of a modern economy .

Corruption in Latin America

Our editorial on Wednesday (South American turbulence) focused specifically on the political and economic problems of Brazil and Venezuela, as cause for concern in Guyana and Caricom as a whole .

Don’t pass the salt, please

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) is placing emphasis on reducing salt intake starting with children as the world observes ‘Salt Awareness Week’ which ends on Sunday .

South American turbulence

The increasing turbulence in both Brazil and Venezuela in South America must be of concern for Guyana and indeed the countries of Caricom .

At a landmark political juncture?

Much of the public response to the arrival by APNU and the AFC at an agreement that the two will contest the May 11 general elections as a coalition has had to do with the recurring theme of change, transformation that goes beyond simply the replacing of one political party in office with another; one that has the far greater, more worthwhile ambition of replacing an old and debilitating political order .

Public safety needs more than platitudes

Does President Ramotar believe that the laying out of 15 measures for the security sector two months before general elections will assuage the concerns of the public about safety? If he does then it reaffirms why his presidency has been so lacklustre and lacking in results .

Bullhorns and guns

Last Tuesday evening, Courtney Crum-Ewing was walking the streets of Diamond with his bullhorn urging people to go to the polls on May 11 and vote out the government, when around 8 pm, gunshots rang out, and he slumped lifeless to the ground .

Nuclear chess

In 1993, General Krishnaswamy Sundarji, former Chief of the Indian General Staff, published an account of the simmering military tensions between India and Pakistan .

Running on empty

“There have to be changes .

Just awful

If it were not so serious, it would be laughable that it took the intervention of the PPP/C’s campaign spin doctor, former president Bharrat Jagdeo, to offer the people of Guyana a backhanded apology for the shameless medical benefits package for government ministers in the assurance he offered on Tuesday that the practice would be changed .

The Middle East

The multiplicity of events in the Middle East involving or attracting significant global actors simultaneously, indicates the extent to which that arena continues to be deemed to be of importance to members of the world community as a whole, whether small or large actors .

Maduro’s ever growing challenge

It appeared almost surreal that the world’s fourth largest oil producer had been reduced to a shortage of basic consumer items so serious as to cause the 12-member Union of South American Nations (Unasur) to issue an appeal to other countries in the hemisphere to do what they can to ensure access to staples in Caracas, and yet that is exactly the position in which Venezuela found itself in a week when the country’s President Nicolás Maduro’s political problems appeared to grow markedly worse .

The quest for $3b

What won’t this government do to funnel $3b from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA)? In recent weeks the desperate and deceptive efforts for this sum bespeak a government prepared to circumvent the limitations placed on it ironically by virtue of its own indefensible prorogation of Parliament .

Venezuela relations

The week before last Takuba Lodge issued a press release stating that Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez of Venezuela had raised an objection with the Country Manager of Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Ltd about the dispatch of an oil rig from Louisiana to an exploratory concession granted by the Government of Guyana .

Mexico’s drug war

The capture of Servando ‘La Tuta’ Gomez Martinez, head of the brutal Knights Templar cartel in the western state of Michoacan has been hailed as a major success for President Enrique Peña Nieto .

‘Incoordination’ reigns

In a guest editorial in this newspaper last December dealing with the competition for the post of Commonwealth Secretary-General, it was opined that, at a time when the Commonwealth is in need of assertive leadership and revitalization, a strong regional candidate, with the unambiguous endorsement of Caricom, would have an excellent chance of success .

Make it happen

‘Make it happen’ is the theme under which International Women’s Day will be observed on Sunday .

Choosing the Commonwealth Secretary General

Despite periodic statements suggesting that the Commonwealth as an institution no longer has the relevance once attributed to it, clearly there is, in the Caribbean as elsewhere, still a fascination with obtaining the position of Secretary General on the part of Caribbean governments .

Political higher-ups and the perks of the state

There has been an understandable public preoccupation (to say nothing of bewilderment) over the recent disclosures regarding the expenditure of healthy sums of tax dollars to meet medical and dental bills for ministers of government and other public officials .

Police station deaths

On Tuesday evening, Zaharudeen Rozan was arrested for allegedly damaging his neighbour’s fence and taken by the police to the Parika lock-ups .

Medical expenses

Yesterday and on Friday this newspaper reported on the medical expenses of government officials paid for by the state during the period 2012-13 .

Nicaragua’s controversial canal

Questions about the secretly negotiated deal which approved plans for a transoceanic waterway three times as long and twice as deep as the Panama Canal stand at the centre of a heated political quarrel over government transparency in Nicaragua .

The attractive French model

There is, understandably, a lot of fuss surrounding the surprise selection by the PPP (independent of the Civic component) of Ambassador Elisabeth Harper as the prime ministerial running mate for President Donald Ramotar in the forthcoming elections .

Speak, Mrs Harper

Today marks six days since the former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mrs Elisabeth Harper was named as the People Progressive Party/Civic’s (PPP/C) prime ministerial candidate in the forthcoming May 11 general elections .

Geopolitical changes around and within Caricom

The announcement by the United States and Cuba that they would seek to resume normal relations will in some measure be seen by some observers as an indication of a fulfilment of gradual, but persistent changes in Caribbean geopolitical relationships, some more prominent than others .

Confronting tyrants and bullies working as minibus crews

The death late last week of a commuter reportedly following an altercation with a minibus conductor over the decibel level of the music being played inside a bus would not have come as a complete shock to those who are familiar with the seamier side of the minibus ‘culture’ .

The selection of Mrs Harper

The selection by the PPP/C of Ambassador Elisabeth Harper as its prime ministerial candidate for the forthcoming general elections must rank as one of the biggest political surprises in the independence history of the country .

Political mysteries

It is not often that the political cognoscenti of this land are mystified; after all, that which is outrageous has become so commonplace in our little universe that the term ‘bizarre’ is fast losing its meaning .

The wretched of the earth

Last week the Guardian published a report on the use of child labour at brick-making factories in Nepal .

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