The US presidential campaign: of what interest to us?

The first debate between the contenders, the Republican Donald Trump and the Democrat Hillary Clinton, has now been held. Citizens of the Caribbean Community paying attention, however, had little indication from that as to whether this part of the world is deemed by one or the other to have relevance for the future policymaking of the eventual winner.

The demolition of derelict buildings

The announcement earlier this week that City Hall is to demolish more than fifty buildings in the city deemed to be in a ruinous state and posing a danger to their occupants and to the public as a whole, will be greeted with satisfaction by a number of citizens.

Juice contract and transparency

After many years of PPP/C governance during which there was a heavy veil drawn across the huge procurement sector, the people of this country have an excellent opportunity to begin learning how decisions are made osn high value public contracts and whether they can stand up to scrutiny.

President Granger and the UN

On Tuesday, President David Granger reprised last year’s appeal to the UN General Assembly in relation to the border controversy with Venezuela, and accused that country of obstructing Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s efforts for a final resolution. 

Debating the presidency

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ready themselves for a debate that is likely to reach more than 100 million viewers, both candidates will recall the outcome of the first, infamous televised encounter between Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy.

Road safety

It has been just about one week now since the Traffic Department of the GPF commenced ‘Operation Safeway,’ in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the National Road Safety Council, aimed at achieving a marked reduction in road deaths through increased national awareness of road safety matters, a heightened police presence on the roads and the stringent application of the laws.

Beyond the rhetoric

The practice by government officials to make grandiose pronouncements on issues around the time of national or international observances of said issues has been so overdone that it has become expected.

German government facing pressure

The Christian Democratic Party the leading party in the German coalition government, and from our perspective a central actor in the European Union and therefore in wider Europe, has now suffered a third election defeat in regional elections, this time in the capital city Berlin where a right-wing minority party, Alternative for Germany, has made a substantial showing at the polls (14.1% of the votes) on an anti-immigration platform.


The vendors’ story is well-worked terrain. The issues go back a long way, and the arguments in relation to them have not changed over the years.

Appropriate culture

In one of his lighter moments, T S Eliot – who made his living as an editor – once conceded that ”some editors are failed writers.” He then added, mischievously, “but so are most writers.” Eliot’s quip is worth remembering when trying to make sense of a controversy sparked by the novelist Lionel Shriver at the recent Brisbane Writers Festival.

Discriminatory practices

In August 2015, the City Constabulary of the Georgetown Mayor & City Council terminated the services of three trainee city constables on the basis of them becoming pregnant before the expiration of a specified two year window during which they were prohibited from becoming pregnant.


There was, understandably, significant consternation expressed over a recent article published in this newspaper on the results of the Guyana Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey Round 5 (MICSR5), particularly the findings regarding physical violence.

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