The ‘roll over’ factor in West Indies cricket

Time was when the manner of last Saturday’s nine-wicket defeat suffered by the West Indies at the hands of England would have sent shock waves through the Caribbean; it would have brought forth a collective howl of outrage, a baying for blood, a boisterous, insistent demand that heads roll .

Mr Jagdeo’s continuing folly

It must rank as one of the supreme ironies of this season that mere months after he headed a Commonwealth observer mission to the Sri Lankan General Elections, which by its very nature would have required evenhandedness and diplomatic skills, that former President Jagdeo has plunged headlong into the most virulent and partisan rabble-rousing on the political platform on behalf of himself and his party .

Minister Bheri Ramsaran

If it were not bad enough that Minister of Health Bheri Ramsaran insulted a woman in the most degrading way on Monday, in the process putting his utter contempt for the female sex as a whole on full public display, two days later he divested himself of similar remarks when addressing Regional Health Officers .

Europe’s drowned migrants

In September 1781, the British slave ship Zong set sail for Jamaica, with 442 Africans and 17 crew on board .

Declarations from Panama

As last Friday’s editorial made clear, President Barack Obama, in seeing the error of the ways of previous US administrations and opting for the path of diplomacy, has opened a new chapter in his country’s relations with Cuba .

Dr Ramsaran’s roadside manner

Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran’s disgraceful and horrendous abuse of rights activist Sherlina Nageer on the road outside the Whim Magistrate’s Court on Monday was revolting and inexcusable .

Brazil’s political turmoil

Any sense of euphoria experienced by President Dilma Rousseff and her Workers Party following her re-election as President of Brazil last year must now have vanished as large scale demonstrations broke out in protest against not simply sluggish economic growth, but what appear to be credible allegations of substantial corruption, associated with the state-owned oil company Petrobras, seemingly   beneficial to the Workers Party, prior to the elections .

Cheating at examinations

The report earlier this month that several educators in the US State of Atlanta have been handed heavy prison sentences on racketeering charges linked to a widespread cheating racket at schools’ tests serves as a timely reminder that the region faces its own challenges with cheating at examinations, ranging from individual student concealment of answers to questions set for routine end-of-term/year examinations to more elaborate scams – including the advance acquisition of examination papers – that target the CXC examination .

The election campaign

A new low in this election campaign was registered on Saturday on the Essequibo Coast with the slinging up of effigies of the presidential and prime ministerial candidates of the APNU+AFC .

History campaign

Never has ‘history’ loomed so large in a Guyanese election campaign .

Political rhetoric and reality

Elections are in the air again, not just in this country but in many others, including Britain, Canada, Turkey and, somewhat prematurely, the United States .

Cuba rejoins the hemispheric families

Almost exactly three years ago, on the occasion of the 6th Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, we published an editorial opining that if President Barack Obama were re-elected in November of that year, that might herald “a new process of engagement” with Cuba .

When Guyana wins

The 2015 General and Regional Elections are now 25 days away and campaigns are in full swing .

Obama’s last hemispheric hurrah

The Summit of the Americas has presented the Caricom states and governments with two bites of the cherry, so to speak, as President Obama’s visit to Panama served as an inducement to visit Jamaica, so highlighting the current policy predicaments of many of the Region’s economies .

Keeping our children safe

The loss of a child to a family, no matter what the circumstance, creates feelings of grief and desolation sufficiently acute as not to be easily assuaged by even the most heartfelt expressions of condolence .

Inflammatory language

During the turbulent sixties, the PPP often accused the private media and in particular the Chronicle of inflammatory reporting intended to provoke strife and mayhem .

The lists

Last Tuesday the political parties submitted their lists of candidates to Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield .

Learning from avoidable failures

In recent years there has been no shortage of embarrassment within the higher reaches of American journalism as stories reported as fact, or original opinion, have been retracted after they turned out to be speculative – Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction – plagiarized, or complete fictions, as was the case with more than one writer at The New Republic and with Jayson Blair at The New York Times .

All our political leaders must embrace the desire for change

Whichever government is elected by the people of Guyana on May 11, it will undoubtedly face a huge challenge in working towards national reconciliation and tackling burning issues such as crime and corruption .

Nigeria’s landmark election

Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka once said that “The Nigerian people have always approached democracy and the elites have always turned them back .

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