Still searching for consensus on the Commonwealth

As we reported last week, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge has said that Guyana is still hoping that Caricom will reach a consensus on a single candidate for the position of Commonwealth Secretary-General, to be decided, in November, at the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, in Malta.

The Post-2015 agenda

World leaders will gather again in New York in two months’ time to attend the United Nations General Assembly and this year’s event has already been forecast as one that will be off the charts for several reasons.

Trinidad’s elections warming up

The campaign towards general elections in Trinidad & Tobago, announced in mid-June to be held on September 7, appears to be getting more and more truculent, leading some observers to wonder what the atmosphere will be like by the time the scheduled date arrives.

A ministerial Code of Conduct

By moving to put in place a Code of Conduct for ministers (which we hope would apply equally to other senior functionaries in the political administration) President David Granger is demonstrating an awareness of the endless difficulties which the previous administration faced with the delinquent excesses of some of its own ministers, many of which have long been public knowledge and need hardly be mentioned here.

The Shawn Hinds statements

Given the extreme and fast moving criminal violence between February 2002, when five dangerous prisoners made a bloody breakout from the Camp Street jail and August 2008, when the notorious Rondell Rawlins was killed, there are many gaps in the public’s understanding and knowledge of how the events developed, the masterminds and the players in the internecine warfare.

New government

An assessment of how the new government has been performing would produce something of a mixed verdict. It was, of course, fairly extravagant in its pre-election promises to voters in relation to its first one hundred days in office, and considering that some of the more important pledges were contingent on the presentation of a budget, perhaps it was somewhat reckless too.


It is perhaps a moot point as to whether it was the best of wisdom for President David Granger to have attended the Mercosur summit in Brazil last week.

Cuba-US relations in changing US diplomacy

As a continuing majority of the countries of the Caribbean Community have continued to maintain normal relations with Cuba, especially over the many years when Cold War relations between the US and that country were most intense, our governments will no doubt feel a certain justification as the two countries have now proceeded with a gradual evolution of their relations towards a full and formal exchange of ambassadorial representatives.

Vibrant PTAs key to rebuilding our education system

With Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine seemingly seeking to incrementally strengthen the foundation of an education system that remains deficient in various critical respects, this may be an opportune time to raise ‒ not for the first time ‒ the matter of the need for the Ministry of Education to effectively embrace parents as genuine stakeholders in the education process rather than have them remain on the periphery as many of them have been for a number of years, in a condition of indifference and sometimes even hostility to what transpires in the places where their children receive their education.

The Craig operation

Nothing would lift the spirits of crime-weary Guyanese more than the knowledge that the Guyana Police Force is making extraordinary progress in its fight against ruthless criminals who have blazed a trail of murders and violent robberies.

Police response

In a letter to this newspaper which was published last Wednesday, former Attorney General Anil Nandlall wrote that a “bold and aggressive response by the police is needed at this point in time.”   He was referring to the renewed upsurge in violent crime which has made its appearance recently, although in fairness, he acknowledged that crime waves were nothing new to this country, and did not begin with this government.

Forgetting Srebrenica

Twenty years ago, several thousand Bosnian Muslims were herded into trucks, blindfolded and roped together like animals, and massacred on the fringes of a United Nations ‘safe-haven’ in Srebrenica.

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