Guyana should go solar

Dear Editor,   Now that the new coalition government has made a decision not to continue the very expensive hydro project of the previous regime, an alternative should be looked at to generate energy to meet growing demand.

The coalition government needs space

Dear Editor, Albert Einstein said that “for human beings to survive and move forward, a new way of thinking is needed.” The coalition government presents a new way of thinking, doing government, governing and hopefully a new way of engaging the various groups and networks, institutions, organizations and individuals in Guyana and beyond.

Unauthorised stall in Mabaruma

Dear Editor, The Regional Democratic Councils have conducted elections to elect their respective chairmen and vice chairmen. It was of surprise to many that a new Regional Chairman and Vice Chairman emerged for Region One which the People’s Progressive Party won with at least two-thirds of the vote.

When will there be a national selection policy for athletics?

Dear Editor, Immense things happened over the weekend within the track and field fraternity. Firstly, a specialist, Mr Allan Babolall (Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago National Amateur Athletic Association), was brought in to train officials from the Athletic Association of Guyana (AAG) to operate the Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) system.

Wrong message to criminals

Dear Editor, On Tuesday, July 7, at a meeting specially convened to deal with ever-rising violent crime, a message (which happens to be ambiguous) was sent out to the criminals by the new administration, namely, “We are coming after you.” That is so true, as already it is apparent that the criminals are in the lead and the government is really after them in the sense of being behind.