Bravo has embarrassed himself

Dear Editor,The recent public exchanges by the captain of the WI ODI team and his union head have been most revealing .

Rafiq Khan was a consummate broadcaster

Dear Editor,I learnt of Rafiq Khan’s passing with a profound sense of sadness .

Everyone at forum agreed there should be a widespread education campaign on the death penalty

Dear Editor,Stabroek News is a good newspaper but yesterday’s headline ‘Vote on death penalty repeal has no chance’ was misleading .

Chronicle of more recent floods

Dear Editor,The year 2013 opened with flooding on the East Coast Demerara in January .

The Rules of Court for the Judicial Review Act have gone from 337 pages to 886

Dear Editor,In the second letter by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Ms Indira Anandjit, published in SN on October 10, she resorted to accusing me of male chauvinism, claiming, dishonestly, that I “insinuated” that she did not write the first letter .

Entertainment has become more important than humanity

Dear Editor,Since cell phones got easily obtainable in Guyana and the different types of cell phones started to flood the market, many people ensure that they have one or two, and that seems to get a lot of them into trouble .

Untrue that Rockliffe and Ram were rejected for consideration as nominees to the Deeds Registry Management Authority

Dear Editor, A series of letters under the hand of Ms Anandjit, PS Ministry of Legal Affairs refers to matters concerning the affairs of the Guyana Bar Asso-ciation that she ought not to know .

When we disagree we should do it with honour and respect

Dear Editor, The problem with Guyana is that we have not learned how to disagree without dishonouring; hence we have become a society of reckless incivility – crassness .

Why are parents of children in private schools not receiving the $10,000 cash grant?

Dear Editor,As reported in the media, it appears that the sharing of the Government of Guyana “Because We Care $10,000 Cash grant” is restricted to “parents of children on the registers of public schools .

The paradox of our times

Dear Editor, I heard a preacher saying that hardly any more do we adhere to boundaries, and that many things done are beyond the boundary – not within specified limits .

The Bainimarama model should be given some thought for Guyana

Dear Editor, Voters in Fiji endorsed a multi-racial democracy last month in a general election .

Removing the death penalty is one step to a violence free society

Dear Editor,Today, the 10th October is the 12th World Day against the Death Penalty .

The denial of students’ rights at the New Opportunity Corps continues

Dear Editor,The trampling and denial of the rights of young students at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) continues unabated even as the Government of Guyana rolled out rallies and other activities to mark Child Protection Week .

Rules of Court for Judicial Review Act come into operation on a date to be fixed by the Chancellor

Dear Editor,Mr Christopher Ram continues his bold path of misguided criticisms of the Attorney General Chambers and the Ministry of Legal Affairs .

The termination of the check-off system and agency shop warrants judicial review

Dear Editor,Not too belatedly, I hope, I have come to apprehend the first words uttered by the Senior vice-president, GPSU when I switched to the channel carrying the panel discussion moderated by Carolyn Walcott .

Recognising outstanding educators

Dear Editor,In a few days from now, on 12th October, as part of its annual graduation, Saraswati Vidya Niketan will be hosting an event to honour Mr Julius Nathoo, who was the principal of Saraswat High School, De Kinderen, West Coast Demerara, from 1961 to 1970 .

Radio should revert to the types of music they used to play

Dear Editor,The chaotic situation that has befallen our young people today, particularly those in school, must be blamed on the types of music that pervade our society .

The road ahead must be travelled

Dear Editor,I thank Brother Samuel Hinds for his thoughtfulness and graciousness (‘Keep your eye on a bright future’), and for the taking the time to share .

The local government minister is an enforcer not a policy-maker

Dear Editor,Georgetown is my city, an old and lovely city with a few markings still around that make me remember how it was .

It is easy to blame the NOC but the issue is a societal one

Dear Editor,I hold no brief for anyone or group connected with the New Opportunity Corps yet I feel compelled to highlight some salient points because of what I knew that correctional facility had done for young persons who went there in the past .

‘Keep your eye on a bright future’

Dear Editor,I cannot say, 50 years later, that my brain is in any way as good as it was when I was 20 years old, when I felt that I could understand, grasp and learn anything and everything .

Rules of Court for the Judicial Review Act were laid in parliament in 2010; onus is on Nandlall alone to make them operational

Dear Editor,It was as predictable as night follows day that Mr Anil Nandlall’s Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Legal Affairs would justify the four-year delay in bringing the Judicial Review Act into operation with the excuse that this was dependent on the making of Rules of Court (‘The Judicial Review Act cannot be brought into force until new Rules of Court are promulgated’ SN, Oct 8) .

There needs to be a technical analysis of the drainage system of Georgetown and the East Coast

Dear Editor,It is my considered opinion that Georgetown and the coastal belt of Guyana need a comprehensive technical analysis of the drainage system .

The despair must be a generation thing

Dear Editor,The letter from GHK Lall that you published September 7 (‘Please stay, don’t go’) is thought-provoking indeed .

The PPP/C is denying people’s rights by not holding local government elections

Dear Editor,The last local government elections (LGE) were held in Guyana in 1994, therefore it is wrong for the minority PPP regime to delay them any further .

There is a way

Dear Editor,The only people who can help “fix” this country of ours are the ones who genuinely believe it can be fixed .

The Judicial Review Act cannot be brought into force until the new Rules of Court are promulgated

Dear Editor,In every society there are persons who crave public attention and in order to catapult themselves into the limelight, select certain targets, be it in government or outside of government and probe relentlessly until they discover that which they perceive will give them the public attention about which they are obsessed .

Why the lack of urgency on DNA testing when some infrastructure is already in place?

Dear Editor,According to the Guyana Times (October 7) Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has said that local DNA testing won’t be happening any time soon .

The Buxton Youth Developers is promoting positive change

Dear Editor,His birth name is Lenox O Shuffler, known to many as Uncle Leny, LO, Cucumber Head, and Lenwald .

General elections should be held when they are constitutionally due in 2016

Dear Editor,The Bartica United Youth Development Group (BUYDG) is calling on President Donald Ramotar to have his Minister of Local Government name a date for the holding of long overdue local government election (LGE) within the first quarter of 2015 .

There should be a public health campaign to alert communities to the symptoms of ebola

Dear Editor,I am concerned, as indeed the entire population should be, that because fever is one of the more obvious symptoms of both chikungunya and ebola, there could be a delay in the diagnosis of the deadly ebola virus until it’s too late to prevent an epidemic .

Are some animals holier than others?

Dear Editor,Two frequent writers on the subject of animals deal with dogs, cats, turtles and other ‘protected’ wild animals .

Guyana should mass produce standardised concrete drains

Dear Editor, In the last two weeks I read at least three news articles in SN and several letters dealing with the rise of chikungunya cases .

Mohamed Yasin was one of the greatest literary voices in Guyana

Dear Editor, The late Mohamed Fazloor Yasin was undoubtedly one of the greatest literary voices in Guyana; he passed away five years ago .

Noise levels, entertainment at GuyExpo unsuitable for children

Dear Editor,The annual GuyExpo is undeniably a highly anticipated event that attracts hundreds of people from all sections of the Guyanese society .

‘Examples of the new society develop in the old’

Dear Editor,News of this medical centre on the East Coast Demerara at once attracted my attention .

Nandlall is frustrating parliament’s decision by failing to bring the Judicial Review Act into operation

Dear Editor,Please permit me to address briefly in your letter column two matters of public interest and touching on the administration of law in Guyana: the Deeds Registry and the Judicial Review Act, 2010 .

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