Government should monitor private schools

Dear Editor,Teachers complain of being overworked but still our exams results are dwindling .

Lahm should have been awarded the Golden Ball

Dear Editor,Germany’s captain Philipp Lahm led from in front marshalling his forces en route to capturing the FIFA 2014 World Cup, after defeating finalist Argentina by a 1-0 margin in 113th minute of extra time, compliments of a Mario Götze, perfectly executed half volley .

SN could become the platform to make reconciliation a reality

Dear EditorYour editorial in today’s edition of the newspaper (July 18) strikes a sound note in the backdrop of the national discord that rings across the country with the disease of sour distrust and disharmony .

How do they live with themselves?

Dear Editor,As the latest Jagdeo exposé sullies the senses and sensibilities, so much is uncovered .

A federal solution should not be dismissed outright

Dear Editor, M Maxwell (SN, Jul 18) contends federalism is not the answer for Guyana’s racial woes (‘Federalism is not the answer’) .

Compromise is a start, not the end

Dear Editor, May I take this opportunity to ask President Donald Ramotar to remember that although the political opposition would like to replace the People’s Progressive Party/Civic in government to pursue their own development agenda, they want what he wants .

Bartica is experiencing regular blackouts

Dear Editor,The Bartica United Youth Development Group (BUYDG) is calling on the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), (Bartica Branch) to purchase new generators to supply the residents of Bartica/Region Seven with electricity on a twenty-four hour basis .

BRICS is helping to enhance the sustainability of international relations

Dear Editor,With the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa coming together for the Sixth BRICS Summit, it is worth touching once again upon the significant role these countries and other emerging markets play in the global economy .

Caricom countries have refused to engage with one of the greatest human rights scandals of the twentieth century

Dear Editor,This week’s ‘In the Diaspora’ column features a piece by Caribbean diplomat Reginald Dumas dealing with the de-nationalisation of Haitian descendants by the government of the Dominican Republic .

How can advocating equality for sexual minorities compromise journalistic integrity?

Dear Editor,By supporting the principles of human dignity, respect and equality for all, I have swiftly been accused of “selling my career short on the altar of gay rights .

Government should not be the first option to bail out rice millers

Dear Editor,We welcome the payment for rice farmers in Region Two which will bring much benefit to the farmers and their families, and advance the country’s welfare .

Would a fully funded opposition leader’s office have made any difference?

Dear Editor,Opposition Leader, David Granger’s claim that his office is severely underfunded, (SN, July 16), should not be taken lightly, given that this is a constitutional office, regardless of which party leader is chosen in national elections to occupy it, and should require court action by the Opposition Leader to get what this office deserves to function as effectively as it should .

Schools should be building character

Dear Editor,Our newspapers kindly published my recent letter which contained rhetorical questions about the depressing “negativity” in our society with particular reference to the development of children whose share of Guyana’s population is increasing while the development of their potential appears to be decreasing .

Federalism is not the answer

Dear Editor,Sultan Mohamed and others like Ravi Dev say federalism is the answer to Guyana’s ethno-political woes .

The opposition continues to squander opportunities

Dear Editor,In every country’s Parliament or Congress, there is one person who is elected by his/her peers to take on the role of the Speaker of the Chamber .

No point in no-confidence vote unless AFC and APNU go to the national polls under one leader

Dear Editor,The ruling party has expressed a lack of confidence in Gecom .

The new culture

Dear Editor,A citizen commented recently on the growing Guyanese disease called lateness .

What has been the impact of the 40 hour week, particularly GuySuCo?

Dear Editor,I happened upon a useful reminder recently – a clipping from SN of June 12, 2013: a letter to the editor, headlined ‘Labour minister should delay the state of implementation of minimum wage and 40-hour week to facilitate consultations .

Error in name

Dear Editor,I find it most troubling that your reputable newspaper could keep repeating the incorrect publishing of a person’s name .

The picture presented to the Economic Services Committee by GuySuCo was distorted

Dear Editor,Since September 2013 the world market price for sugar was fluctuating between US19 cents a pound and US16 .

Sooba and the Beacon Foundation

Dear Editor,It has become necessary for me to write on an issue which is being used as a political ploy against me .

Khemraj and Ramsaroop should conduct a field survey on opinions of Guyana’s rulers

Dear Editor,Although a large number of people take issue with some of the points made by Messrs Tarron Khemraj and Gerhard Ramsaroop in their missive ‘Aspects of Burnham’s vision still relevant’ (SN, Jul 11), the writers must be applauded for stating a position and proceeding to defend it with data (examples of Burnham’s achievements), unlike some other writers who make unsubstantiated claims and descend into polemics and personal attacks .

It might be more in the national interest to abandon the Skeldon factory than for cane farmers to be forced to abandon their farms

Dear Editor,In an article titled ‘Upper Corentyne Chamber says private cane farmers face ruin’ (SN, July 15, 2014) you report on the woes facing Skeldon cane farmers .

Guyana should follow T&T’s example where transparency is concerned

Dear Editor,There have been complaints about the wanton spending of government funds without proper accountability .

There should be concrete proposals for institutionalising inclusionary democracy

Dear Editor,Mr David Granger’s stated commitment to inclusionary democracy is most welcome .

Not nine o’clock but ‘ninish’

Dear Editor,The letter (‘Lateness has become a way of life’) by Rev Gideon Cecil in SN of July 14, is timely, and I have to add to it .

‘Emerging Voices’ set the bar high

Dear Editor,I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate E-networks for doing a magnificent job in putting on the reality TV show ‘Emerging Voices’ singing competition .

Seales should not sell her career short on the altar of ‘gay rights’

Dear Editor,I refer to Iana Seales’ column ‘The Right to Equality’ (SN, July 12) .

More significant than the political crisis is the loss of morals

Dear Editor,Everyone knows that Guyana is facing a political crisis .

BRICS development bank is welcome news

Dear Editor,The recent announcement that a new development bank to be financed and administered by the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is welcome news, especially for developing countries such as ours .

Lateness has become a way of life

Dear Editor,There is an old saying in Guyana when people show up late for a function, job interview, appointments: “Better late than never,” and they joke about another Creole adage they use, “This is Guyanese time .

To brandish the doctrine of Westphalian sovereignty is to look for excuses to debase the universal idea of democracy

Dear Editor,Ambassador Hardt’s public urging of the Government of Guyana (GoG) to hold long overdue elections has met with a lot of condemnation from official government sources, and notably from retired AG Charles Ramson and Justice Duke Pollard .

It is not migration which has affected the PPP so much as decline in support

Dear Editor,It appears that the Bureau of Statistics’ recently released census figures are being used as an open invitation for power-sharing calls .

‘Useless twaddle’

Dear Editor,The contrast in the practice of diplomacy between one and that of the majority begs the question: If every country were to get itself involved in each other’s internal affairs what would the world be like?Surely, international comity would be turned on its head .

Joe Solomon should not be omitted from the list of Berbice cricketing greats

Dear Editor, Kaieteur News on July 8, reported extensively on the commissioning of the $91M floodlights project at the Albion Sports Complex in Berbice .

Time to call in the Public Procurement Commission

Time to call in the Public Procurement Commission

Dear Editor,Since the letter of July 11, 2014 to SN one discovers that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has recognised many of the deficiencies referred to, concerning the current mis-management of road traffic and mis-utilisation by ‘traffickers’ in this country .

The Gaza conflict will continue to escalate unless the West intervenes

Dear Editor, The situation in Gaza is becoming extremely volatile with an increasing number of deaths .

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