The gauntlet is thrown

Dear Editor, The litany of accusations of corruption that continue to be hurled at the former PPP/C administration and even public servants who were merely doing technical jobs has not ceased, and has assumed new momentum as the coalition government attempts to deflect attention away from the downward spiral into which they have taken the economy.

Region Two State House has been restored

Dear Editor, Region 2 achieved 99% and 100% completion under its capital and current expenditures respectively in 2016. The Region was allocated the sum of $3,432,836,000 with $2,958,836,000 spent under current expenditure and $474,000,000 under capital expenditure.

Can’t get pension re-calculated

Dear Editor, My name is Mangree Basdeo and I worked at GuySuCo’s Wales Estate for thirty-seven years. I am currently receiving a pension from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) calculated on 932 contributions that were made to the Scheme through contributions by the employer and myself.

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