We must decide what kind of country we really want

Dear Editor,When you consider the highway of history and how short our journey has been since independence, it becomes possible to frame Guyana’s current status in the rearview mirror of time .


Dear Editor,I am amused at the drama that followed the multimillion dollar heist which occurred outside the Bourda post office last week .

AHI’s incorporation for the purpose of building a five-star hotel preceded every study

Dear Editor,In his letter (‘SN should not have published Ram’s letter’ SN, April 3) Mr Winston Brassington insists that I have misrepresented the facts about the construction contract and the feasibility study for the Kingston Hotel .

The PPP and Hinds never produced a comprehensive strategic plan to develop the energy sector

Dear Editor,In response to my SN letter of March 27 saying that Prime Minister Sam Hinds had neglected his primary responsibilities in relation to Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Teri Phang attempted to portray him as the PPP government Minister who has overseen the investment of billions of dollars in rehabilitation and modernization of Guyana’s energy sector including GPL, and there had been a drastic transformation (‘Hinds has overseen the modernization of the country’s energy sector,’ SN, April 1) .

Identity is complex

Dear Editor,We should not allow Guyana’s frustrating politics and the political dinosaurs in the PPP to drive us to border on demeaning or denying some uplifting aspects of our identity .

Plunging Guyana into the past

Dear Editor,Dreams die hard for the Grangers of this world and so it is for the retired Brigadier .

It is up to retired army officers to decide what to do with the rest of their lives

Dear Editor,On Thursday, April 2, Dr Luncheon once again spouted his concern about ex-army officers joining APNU .

Ms Harper is window dressing

Dear Editor,A blogger in yesterday’s SN making light humour of the PPP’s prime ministerial candidate, Elizabeth Harper, forced me to reflect on the role she is playing in Guyanese politics .

Cozier’s attitude was not helpful to WI cricket

Dear Editor,I listened to Tony Cozier`s lecture to Barry Wilkins and his associate about the magnificence of Australia`s cricket after that country won the 2015 World Cup at home .

Australia-India semi-final was a blockbuster

Dear Editor,The Australia-India semi-final World Cup match was a blockbuster not dissimilar, say, from a thriller movie shown in North America or Europe, or a Bollywood movie in India .

Why does Lall want to know the names of friends?

Dear Editor,Mr GHK Lall has penned a third letter about me, the latest being April 1, 2015 (‘A simple straightforward case’) .

Eusi Kwayana: the great teacher at large

Dear Editor,In this celebration of Eusi Kwayana on his 90th birthday, I wish to share some of the personal and treasured encounters I have had with this ageless man .

Vanessa Kissoon has earned her place on the List to return to parliament

Dear Editor,Vanessa Kissoon is a special kind of politician who doesn’t come often, and because of her rarity and commitment to politics as a force to bring about positive change and improve the lives of those she represents, she deserves to be on the 2015 List of Representatives and return as a member of parliament .

It is not about soldiers being ‘injected’ into the APNU+AFC campaign

Dear Editor,I would like to respond to Dr Luncheon’s inappropriate discussion recently about the participation of former soldiers and officers in David Granger’s campaign .

Guyana already has a good model for an open-air crematorium at Blairmont

Dear Editor,Why look overseas for “model open-air crematoriums” when a good model exists already at Blairmont Estate in West Berbice .

Dog hygiene

Dear Editor,Last Wednesday afternoon I took my rescue dog Carlisa (on a leash) for a walk .

Essequibians want a phone that works when you pick it up

Dear Editor,I noticed a full-page ad at the front of the April 2 Stabroek News announcing glorious improvements in the GT&T internet service .

In the past the PPP pressed for national governance with the PNC

Dear Editor,In berating the coalition platform of the APNU+AFC Bharrat Jagdeo (past and apparently current President better known for his vow of poverty) and other government and PPP spokespersons isolated the PNC from the opposition APNU+AFC coalition and focused on its past .

The man for the job

Dear Editor,Bharrat Jagdeo is campaigning for a fourth term and power without accountability .

It is time for the people to hold all leaders accountable

Dear Editor,The APNU+AFC’s campaign theme ‘It is time’ is appropriate at this juncture of the nation’s development for all Guyanese to take note and say it is time for change .

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