GRA did 100% inspection of Surendra containers, Mr Tiwari has problem with me as I insisted that contractors fulfil obligations

Dear Editor, Mr. Brian Tiwari in a letter in SN `Surendra containers held far less than claimed,  Specialty Hospital project was mismanaged by Ramotar administration’  has reacted strongly to a report in the June 30th edition of SN, in which I stated that the APNU+AFC regime handed over eight containers of steel that were imported by Surendra Company for the Construction of the Specialty Hospital, to BK Inc Group, days after the 2015 General Elections.

Is Minister Trotman fully appraised of the many technical failures and illegalities of the Bai Shan Lin group of companies?

Dear Editor, The report of statements by the Minister for Natural Resources and the Environment, Raphael Trotman, does not make clear that the Government of Guyana awarded to companies in the Bai Shan Lin group two kinds of concession (‘New BaiShanLin owners should not expect concessions- Trotman’, Kaieteur News, 03 July 2016). 

Conservation of additional 2M hectares will bolster our economic development

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Natural Resources notes the comments of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo with regard to the Government of Guyana’s stewardship of our country’s natural patrimony, particularly its 18.5 million hectares of forests, and thanks him for the opportunity to highlight our strategies to develop Guyana’s economy sustainably for current and future generations, based on the strategic advantages our natural resources provide.

Lifejackets not worn properly in water taxis

Dear Editor, On Thursday, June 30, 2016, while in the water taxi going from New Amsterdam to Rosignol, I observed that of the 33 passengers in the little vessel, I was the only one wearing his lifejacket properly; the others had theirs just thrown over their heads and shoulders and not buckled around the chest.