Where is the gold medallion from the 1967 World Expo

Dear Editor,Guyana once made its international presence felt at the World Expo 1967 in Montreal, Canada (Theme: ‘Man and his world’) which was the first world exhibition to be held in North America .

Caribbean people are disappointed by Obama’s postponement of executive action on undocumented immigrants

Dear Editor,Guyanese immigrant advocates, including lawyers and organizations, as well as other Caribbean people, are very disappointed over President Obama’s decision to put off executive action on giving relief to undocumented immigrants .

No mention of private sector’s contribution after Hurricane Ivan

Dear Editor,I notice that no mention was made about the private sector’s contribution to the people of Grenada during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 in an article published on Friday, September 12 in Stabroek News captioned ‘Guyana recognized by Grenada for Hurricane Ivan help .

Guyanese have been dosed with empty promises and propaganda

Dear Editor,Having been systematically dosed with empty promises and propaganda which the government has used as a curtain for their double-dealing, Guyanese have been generally left not much better off after two decades of the PPP’s government .

Sooba is being encouraged to be disrespectful to the Mayor and City Councillors

Dear Editor,Please refer to the Stabroek News headlined story on page 12 of the edition of Thursday, September 4, 2014, ‘Sooba denies announcing dissolution of local government bodies .

After 2011 the health ministry’s suicide unit seems to have been disbanded

Dear Editor,I write on behalf of Hindus for Selfless Service, a group that has been working in the social field within the Hindu community since 1996, especially among male youths .

Zeeburg School is an accident waiting to happen

Dear Editor,On March 7, 2014, I wrote a letter highlighting the problems at Zeeburg Secondary School, with poor washroom facilities, no running water and a collapsing building, but these words have fallen on deaf ears .

What new ideas can Nagamootoo bring to the presidency?

Dear Editor,As reported in SN of Monday, September 8, Nigel Hughes confirmed his endorsement of Moses Nagamootoo as the AFC presidential candidate .

There should be a coalition between the AFC and PNC with the presidency rotating

Dear Editor,If the PNC ever want to get back in power they must form a coalition with the AFC, and through the elections remove the PPP by popular vote .

Literary scholarship has suffered a telling blow with the passing of Ramraj

Dear Editor,The Arts Journal is deeply saddened at news of the passing of Professor Victor Ramraj on August 25, 2014 in Canada .

‘Mischief thou art afoot’

Dear Editor,William Shakespeare gave us the Ides of March in Julius Caesar; here in Guyana, David Granger trumped him with his own fateful promised Ides of September .

More than military muscle needed for Middle East peace

Dear Editor,September 11 marks thirteen years since the collapse of the World Trade Centre in which close to two thousand lives were lost .

People in parts of the hinterland would like to have local government elections

Dear Editor,It is time the people of the hinterland express themselves .

It’s time for hard questions to be asked about the underdevelopment of local football

Dear Editor,I extend my profound gratitude to Orin Davidson, former Sports Editor of Stabroek News, for his masterpiece captioned ‘Matthias must explain his “Toothless Jaguars”’ (SN, September 9) .

We should let the Wai-Wai rebuild Umana Yana

Dear Editor,I write to share my sadness with fellow Guyanese on the burning of Umana Yana .

Procurement arrangements for specialty hospital were irregular from the start

Dear Editor,I have read with little surprise the announcement by the government (Stabroek News Sept 9; Demerara Waves Sept 10) that that it has scrapped the contract with the Indian company, Surendra Engineering Company Limited (SECL or Surendra) .

Why is the Land Court not functioning?

Dear Editor,I write you about the Georgetown Land Court which according to my latest feedback has not been functioning since last year when incumbent Commissioner of Titles Rooplal took his own discharge from the judicial service .

The government should set a date for local government elections despite the no-confidence motion debate

Dear Editor,It took the opposition APNU a while to mount a toughened effort and apply pressure to the government to set a date for urgently needed local government elections (LGE) .

The decision to split up the work on the Hope Canal sluice gates was shortsighted

Dear Editor,In a recent statement Minister of Agriculture, Dr Ramsammy has confirmed that fabrication of the gates for the Hope Canal sluice was not part of the contract awarded to Courtney Benn Construction (CBC) .

There should be a rice- marketing agency to look for rice markets overseas

Dear Editor,For the greater part of my life, farming has been a glorious occupation for me and my family .

Not persuaded that Moses is the man

Dear Editor,So Moses is the man to lead the charge .

Article was disrespectful to the Jaguars

Dear Editor,The recent article in the Stabroek News on September 9 titled ‘Matthias must explain his “Toothless Jaguars”’ by Orin Davidson can be categorized as very disrespectful to the efforts of those young Guyanese players .

Britain’s colonial police were based on the model of the Royal Irish Constabulary

Dear Editor,We read with interest Dr Ian McDonald’s piece in Stabroek News, Sunday, August 31, 2014, entitled ‘Principles of good policing .

Getting vital records from officialdom is a frustrating experience

Dear Editor,In mid-July I ventured to Guyana for a ten-day vacation .

Another bluff from Rohee

Dear Editor,General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee, told media operatives that he is willing to expose the wrongs of his former party comrade, Moses Nagamootoo, as a means to ensure the PPP remains in power .

Waiver for former Catholic Church night shelter supported by Mayor but not Town Clerk

Dear Editor, The steps of stupidity, discrimination and disregard for decency continue unabated at City Hall .

Persons have to be careful not to undermine efforts to create respect for the constitution

Dear Editor,The Parliament is the nation’s supreme organ of democratic power in Guyana (Article 50 of the Guyana Constitution) .

We should pay tribute to talented people when they are still alive

Dear Editor,After my letter – a sort of tribute to the late superb comedian Habeeb Khan, I got kudos from some who thought my take on him was good, which I modestly accept .

Essequibians are fed up with the blackouts

Dear Editor,Blackouts rocked the Essequibo Coast for the third consecutive week, day and night without any end in sight .

‘Vivekananda’s teachings are of inestimable value to the West for an understanding of the mind of Asia’

Dear Editor,On September 11, 1893 the Western world, particularly the Americans were given the best introduction to Hinduism presented by an unknown monk of India who subsequently became a globally famous to both the ordinary person and the intellectual .

Male ward of Georgetown Hospital is filthy

Dear Editor,A few days ago (Saturday, September 6) I went to visit a relative who is a patient in the male ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital, located on the second floor above the psychiatric clinic .

Instead of going to elections the parties should agree to set up an interim all-party government

Dear Editor,I ended my last letter by suggesting that another election fight under the same rules may not be the best thing for Guyana at this time and that another way is more sensible .

It is time we directed the ‘conversation’ towards each other

Dear Editor,I’d like to acknowledge Dave Martins’ excellent article ‘With scant regard for the other’ (Sunday Stabroek, September 7) .

APNU/PNCR has a propensity for putting power-sharing ahead of protecting people and their sovereignty

Dear Editor,Your news article, ‘Baishanlin building huge watercraft at Moblissa – no sign of processing facilities,’ (September 8), was yet another confirmation of the extent to which Baishanlin has gone in its forestry operations using a 2007-issued ‘exploratory permit,’ which was supposed to allow for limited types of forestry operation and is different from an actual licence to operate forestry concessions .

Ramdin should not have declared before Chanderpaul reached his century

Dear Editor,I am of the firm view that West Indies skipper, Dinesh Ramdin should not have declared before Shivnarine Chanderpaul reached his century .

NMFU is not the competent authority to grant a telecoms licence

Dear Editor,I read with passing interest the September 4 Kaieteur News article, ‘Ramroop internet company launches hi-speed service without telecoms licence .

All the indigenous people want is to be given equal opportunities

Dear Editor,As Guyana once again celebrates Amerindian Heritage month please allow me to share my views on the state of our Amerindian brothers and sisters today .

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