We should redouble our efforts at shaping a caring, enlightened and civil Guyanese society

Dear Editor,In February 2013, a few days after the shooting by ‘youth men’ of Mr Oscar Clarke, General Secretary of the People’s National Congress in his home at Plum Park, Sophia, I wrote two letters to the editor and in one of these (February 5, 2013) I stated:“Times have changed .

Amerindian requests for land extension should be treated as priority

Dear Editor, Whenever one of my indigenous brothers and sisters suffers embarrassment and pain because of disrespect and thoughtlessness shown by their fellow Guyanese, I cannot help but feel very sad .

Is something wrong with the selection process for magistrates?

Dear Editor,“Disclosure that a judge has been suspended from office has a prime news element that is universal … it is not unreasonable to propose that suspension of a judge engenders disgrace and dishonour on him; and even if eventually he should be cleared of the allegation made against him, the social stigma caused by the suspension is never wholly eradicated .

Letter was sent on behalf of Walter Rodney Youth Movement

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter from Freddie Kissoon in the SN of December 10 captioned, ‘SN should not have allowed letter-writer to withhold name,’ which referred to a letter in the SN of December 9 titled ‘This is the perfect time for young people to take a stand .

President sang a different song

Dear Editor,The President sang a slightly different song the other day through his ‘non-announcement’ to the nation .

Are honest electricity consumers to pay for line losses, theft and incompetence?

Dear Editor,This is my third appeal to President Donald Ramotar to stop Guyana Power and Light (GPL) from harassing, molesting, penalizing and unfairly extracting money from consumers .

What is the PSC prepared to do about corruption?

Dear Editor,The local print media reported that the Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Ramesh Persaud, called on the PPP/C government to stop attacking citizens who expose corruption .

It is a shame on the PPP that we have become far less than we could have been

Dear Editor,I read the letter columns (December 9) and concluded that Prime Minister Hinds must be debating himself passionately, when he said that we need to debate differences in our positions and views .

A ‘miracle’ at the Tina Insanally Foundation young musicians concert

Dear Editor,Artists like our insufficiently honoured Stanley Greaves tell us that juxtaposition of objects or ideas can often spark off all kinds of exciting new ideas .

Where can one get the fertilizer for hydroponic farming?

Dear Editor,Partners of the Americas (Partners) and Caribbean Self-Reliance, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture is promoting the building of hydroponic shade houses all over the country .

PPP statement on radio frequencies is spreading half-truths and distortions

Dear Editor,I refer to the massive load of garbage emanating from Robb Street denying the radio frequencies give-away contained in an article in the Kaieteur News of December 10 .

Georgetown should engage Caracas at the highest level about the oil debt

Dear Editor,It was refreshing to read about a good catch from Mr Pravinchandra Dave, that seasoned banker, who wrote on the topic of leveraging the opportunity for Guyana on the possible buy-back of the oil debt from Venezuela at a deep discount (‘Venezuela might sell all its oil debt – including that of Guyana – to Goldman Sachs,’ SN, December 4) .

UGLS cannot afford to choose sides

Dear Editor, Please permit me to refer to a letter published by your paper dated December 4 and entitled ‘When will UG law students speak up?’First, as a student-at-law I can say that we always have the capacity to circulate our opinions publicly, but what we sometimes lack is the will .

‘We are not prepared to accept there is no money for comprehensively addressing the scourge of sexual violence’

Dear Editor,In the past few weeks the ‘big’ issues of democracy have taken centre stage in Guyana and we like many other individuals and groups have signed onto petitions and statements on these matters .

A donation to UG would have meant the destruction of the documents

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Ian Mc Donald’s letter (‘Papers have found an excellent home in a sister Caricom country,’ SN, Dec 10) explaining why he donated his personal papers to UWI and not to a Guyanese institution .

The public service is being deconstructed

The public service is being deconstructed

Dear Editor,The governing Santa agency has published a clause in its agenda to make its annual year-end retrospective payout to what are called ‘public servants’, which leaves opportunity for the GRA to collect extra income in December not totally unanticipated .

Our sugar industry can learn nothing from Cuba which is in the same boat as we are

Our sugar industry can learn nothing from Cuba which is in the same boat as we are

Dear Editor,I see that our President is seeking help from Cuba for our sugar industry .

Papers have found an excellent home in a sister Caricom country

Dear Editor,Mr Frederick Kissoon in his letter of December 8 asks a reasonable question – why did I give my papers to UWI in St Augustine and not to the University of Guyana or the National Archives?As always in important decisions, this one arose out of a number of considerations:* I have considered myself as being Antiguan by ancestry, Trinidadian by birth and Guyanese by adoption but also West Indian by conviction .

Not a first-come, first-served system on the Essequibo ferries

Dear Editor,Yet another reported practice of the public service system has disturbed my mind and I urgently seek a public response from your office .

Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is worth knowing

Dear Editor, A lot of people think that human rights is only about the criminals – ‘tief’ man and so on who get beaten up by the police .

What if the Amerindians could unite and have their own political party?

Dear Editor,The Amerindians dwell in the interior of the country in places endowed with the natural beauty of mountains, savannas and rivers, and are most of all friendly and welcoming people .

A refreshing ritual at St Joseph High School

Dear Editor,On Thursday, November 27 my wife and I along with the parents of some 92 graduates descended on St Joseph’s High School to experience a pivotal milestone in the life of our children .

SN should not have allowed letter-writer to withhold name

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter in the SN of Dec 9, 2014, ‘This is the perfect time for young people to take a stand .

The President should take decisive action in the case of the Amerindian man allegedly slapped by the President’s guard

Dear Editor,The recent alleged assault of an Amerindian man, in an Amerindian village (Aishalton) by a member of the Presidential Guard Service, is full proof of all my previous warnings that this government cares not one jot about Amerindians .

Being a nation of laws and upholding the rule of law are two different things

Dear Editor, Reference is made to my friend Chris Ram’s letter ‘Not a nation of laws’ (SN, December 9) in response to my contention that Guyana is a “nation of laws .

Not a ‘nation of laws’

Dear Editor,I was more than a little bit surprised by the statement in Mr Lincoln Lewis’s letter that “[Guyana] is a nation of laws” (‘Constitutional conversation,’ Stabroek News, December 8) .

Where did the money from the sale of house lots go when the infrastructure in schemes is so poor?

Dear Editor,On many occasions when I happened to visit the new Diamond housing scheme where some of my family and friends are living, I saw rapid development since the scheme was first implemented by former Minister of Housing and Water Shaik Baksh under the new housing policy on land and house lot distribution in March 2002 .

Party leaders should avoid putting a partisan face on democratic reform

Dear Editor,Mr Ramjattan’s announcement of the willingness of the AFC to lead a political alliance in a pro-democracy drive may be both encouraging and confusing .

Silence isn’t noble, it’s just self-preservation

Dear Editor,We are at a critical juncture in our history .

Hopes are increasing for the lifting of the Cuba embargo

Dear Editor,As Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) meet in Havana, this week hopes are increasing for the embargo initiated by the US government in January 1962 to be lifted and moreso that Americans will be free to travel to the communist state without any restriction .

Can’t get phone fixed

Dear Editor,I am a subscriber of the GT&T telephone service which became defective on Friday, November 7, and I reported this to 097 on Monday, November 10 .

Disappointment as well as pleasure at the President’s announcement

Dear Editor,Based on conversations I had with people in Guyana, including critics of the government, people are disappointed as well as pleased with President Ramotar’s announcement that he would dissolve the Assembly in the new year .

Mentors are very important people

Dear Editor,“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove .

This is the perfect time for young people to take a stand

Dear Editor,Some of us may be well aware as to all that is currently happening in the political sphere, some of us may not be .

AFC proposal to lead a pro-democracy alliance will test the negotiating skills of the opposition leadership

Dear Editor, Last week Sonny Ramphal launched his autobiography, Glimpses of a Global life .

Strong correlation between corruption in GRA and incidence of aiding and abetting by private sector

Dear Editor, The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) continues to view with grave concern, the fact that journalists would seem to have a hidden agenda to sensationalize the reports they present in their news stories on the agency .

Foraging animals destroying fences and bridges

Dear Editor, We read a report published on Saturday in another publication stating that, “The Home Affairs Ministry wishes to report that a total of 198 animals were impounded during the month of November, 2014 in pounds in A (Georgetown); B (Berbice); C (East Coast); and D (West Demerara) Police Divisions .

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