Employers should make employees feel they are interested in their welfare

Dear Editor,I would like to send a message to all employers who may be having problems with their employees in that they feel these are not contributing enough to their business .

Only one report received by the DPP from the FIU

Dear Editor,I have noted some false and misleading information stated in the editorial captioned ‘It is a question of enforcement’ published on Sunday March 2, 2014 in Kaieteur News .

Guyana could become a narco-state

Dear Editor,In an atmosphere of ongoing drug-related revelations, many Guyanese politicians, academics and other observers have said that our country is on the way to becoming a narco-state; the idea is alarming, so the merits are worth examining in some detail .

Sovereignty: ‘The people have the final say in government decisions’

Dear Editor,I refer to my letter which was published by both the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News on Saturday, March 1 .

Poll results show 46% would vote for PPP, 38% for PNC if election called now

Dear Editor,People rate Messrs Anil Nandlall, Ashni Singh, Irfaan Ali and Priya Manickchand as the leading ministers of government, according to the findings of an opinion survey conducted last week by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) .

CXC Maths paper should be scrutinized for defects

Dear Editor,Does the Ministry of Education have the service of a CXC mathematics representative in Guyana?It is my belief that if such exists, that person should peruse as quickly as possible the last implemented CXC mathematics examination paper for the identification of defects .

Our newspapers are rapidly losing relevance

Dear Editor,News media seem to handle the natural environment as a backdrop to the daily dramas and delights of human life .

The Caribbean Press has not delivered on its founding purpose

Dear Editor,I would like to thank the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport’s new PRO, Ms Tekia Hanover, for her letter, ‘Two new books from Caribbean Press delivered to the Ministry of Culture’ (Sunday Stabroek, March 2) .

The paddy price is falling

Dear Editor, Harvesting of the present rice crop has commenced in Region Two, in the central parts of the Essequibo Coast .

An inquiry into the era 2000-2010 should take precedence over a Walter Rodney inquiry

Dear Editor, There’s a tendency to embark on pointless political excursions while shrinking from that grotesque creature before us that is most significant and has damaged, like no period before it, the collective psyche of the nation .

Better than bombs

Dear Editor, Regarding Mr Perry’s thoughtful letter (‘Not social integration’ SN, March 1) re my recent column on ethnic separation here, I had explicitly stated the “need to address it with every fibre of our being,” so for him to say that my response can be paraphrased “as no big deal” is puzzling .

What is the big fuss?

Dear Editor, Most of the media both print and electronic are attacking the Minister of Finance with a vengeance .

The government has lost its connection with the common man

Dear Editor, Some time last year the residents of Lamaha Gardens published in the print media a detailed double page notice on the suspected fraudulent sale of their community playground .

Antigua and Barbados award knighthoods

Dear Editor, Former Speaker of the House, Ralph Ramkarran, has recently spoken out against the failure of the PPP/C administration to announce national awards annually as was done under the Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte PNC administrations .

Mashramani is destroying the moral fabric of our society

Dear Editor, The recent commemoration of our 44th Mashramani anniversary depicted lots of scenes of immorality and vulgarity .

It is time for the PPP to give something tangible to the people

Dear Editor,Apropos Mr Khemraj Ramjattan’s statement that the passage of the anti-money laundering (AML) bill is “easily solvable”, one can conclude that the President has a golden opportunity to act .

The precondition for the return of the Critchlow subsidy is a PPP act of control

Dear Editor,As President of the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) among other things mine is the responsibility to protect and defend the integrity of this federation and its attendant arms, which are the Critchlow Labour College, the Women’s Advisory Committee, and the Pollydore Institute .

Two new books from Caribbean Press delivered to the Ministry of Culture

Dear Editor,The Caribbean Press is not a failure, as stated by Ruel Johnson in his newest letter in the Stabroek News February 28 edition (‘The Caribbean Press is an example of the urgent need to audit public projects’) .

People in glass houses…

Dear Editor,It is amazing to see the extent to which some people would go to besmirch the character and integrity of good and honourable men and women in our society in order to score cheap political points .

Three incidents have brought the administration of justice into disrepute

Dear Editor,I am dismayed and disillusioned over three recent incidents involving the judiciary which have brought the administration of justice into disrepute .

Two articles of the constitution are in conflict

Dear Editor,I have had great difficulty reconciling two articles of our constitution since a situation has developed where they presently conflict with each other, and it is consequently leading to some very serious confusion in this country, violating the constitutional rights of the majority of our people in the process .

Concerns are now invalid

 Dear Editor,Thank you for publishing the letter on February 27, 2014 concerning Minister Ashni Singh and the incidents following his accident on February 23 (‘Minister Singh should do the right thing and submit to the justice system’) .

Independent living

Independent living

Dear Editor,I am a visually impaired senior citizen .

Not social integration

Dear Editor,Dave Martins could have adopted a more enlightening approach to the issue of ethnic separation .

Are we being desensitized by Mashramani?

Dear Editor,If freedom of expression were defined by striking, ostentatious images then our recent Mashramani celebrations would be the lodestar of liberty .

NACTA finds widespread support for passing of anti-money laundering bill

Dear Editor,An opinion poll conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) last week found widespread support for passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill that has been stalled in parliament over the last several months .

Electricity problems continue in Lethem and environs

Dear Editor,It appears that the electricity problems of Lethem and its environs are far from over .

Golden Jubilee of the first in-service teachers’ training programme

Dear Editor,In September 1964 a unique in-service programme was initiated to cater for teachers with Class I, II and (III) certificates who did not receive formal training in the Teachers Training College then situated on Battery Road, Kingston .

Who would really benefit from the Walter Rodney COI?

Dear Editor,Regarding the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry that was finally appointed and its members sworn in, many Guyanese locally and overseas seem to think that nothing new would be known other than what is so far known .

The PPP/C is more interested in party politics than managing Guyana

 Dear Editor,The recent utterances by the PPP General Secretary and Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee once again indicate that the PPP/C is more interested in playing party politics than in managing Guyana .

The Caribbean Press is an example of the urgent need to audit public projects

Dear Editor,Briefly, a simple timeline of certain events with regard to the tedious, but as yet unresolved issue of the Caribbean Press .

Minister Singh should do the right thing and submit to the justice system

Dear Editor,It has been reported that Minister Ashni Singh was under the influence of liquor when he got into the accident last Sunday night .

Why is gastroenteritis a recurring problem in Region One?

Dear Editor,Once again the people of Region 1 –  Barima-Waini or the North-West district – are battling an outbreak of gastroenteritis .

GWI could use more effective disconnection methods

Dear Editor,I wish to submit the following for the consideration of Guyana Water Inc, the Ministry of Public Works, Roads Division and the Ministry of Regional Development, whose town councils and NDCs are responsible for internal streets .

Police harrassment

Dear Editor,I write to publicize the constant and unrelenting harassment, victimization and abuse perpetrated on my son, Marlon Dolphin, by the Guyana Police Force .

Not the Roman Catholic Cathedral

 Dear Editor,A recent letter writer while writing on the need to maintain landmark buildings has mentioned Brickdam Cathedral as in need of a major overhaul (‘Restore our landmark buildings,’ SN, February 25) .

Issue with the Marriott Hotel would be the type of foundation

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Charles Sohan’s letter in KN dated February 25 re the interview with Mr Phillip Allsopp of February 23 in the same newspaper about the recent flooding in Georgetown and the location of new Marriott Hotel .

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