NDC has granted one vendor permission to sell on roadside while removing others

Dear Editor,Tremendous public concern has been raised about a decision taken by the Riverstown/Annandale Neighbourhood Demo-cratic Council to grant permission to a businessman to operate a snackette from a vehicle on wheels on a daily basis by the roadside south of the Suddie car park bus shed .

Election manipulation was unnecessary

Dear Editor,There was no need for the PNCR to manipulate its internal election two weekends ago to ensure the selection of David Granger as its political leader and/or to make sure a select set of party executives, who were close to and supportive of Mr Granger, were chosen .

Church Street Canal needs to be properly desilted not just cleared of weeds

Dear Editor,I have decided to take this opportunity as a concerned citizen to highlight an observation that I have made with the work that has commenced on the Church Street Canal .

Russia has done as much as it can to facilitate the investigation into the Malaysian plane crash in the Ukraine

Dear Editor,The problem of settlement of the Ukrainian crisis by exclusively political, diplomatic and peaceful means raises concerns .

Sooba’s deduction of allowances from some councillors illegal

Dear Editor,Once again, the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown have expressed disgust at the unprecedented unilateral action of Ms Carol Sooba to deduct monies from the allowances of certain councillors for the month of July 2014 .

The world spends more time commenting on events distant than immediate

Dear Editor,A letter in your paper of August 4 contains a comment disputing my reference to Vishnu Bisram as “a respected pollster” some time ago (‘Lack of familiarity with day-to-day events’) .

Ogle Airport should be renamed after LFS Burnham

Dear Editor,On Wednesday August 6, we will be observing the twenty-ninth death anniversary of the late president, Mr Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, who led this country for twenty-one years from 1964 until his death on August 6, 1985, at the age of 62 after undergoing a throat operation .

Have we lost our way to real nation building?

Dear Editor,As we mark the 29th anniversary of the passing of our late President L .

Use this Emancipation anniversary to launch village renewal drive

Dear EditorThe First of August Movement of Buxton (FAM) salutes African Guyanese on this 176th Emancipation anniversary .

The behaviour of BV fans at this Digicel match was disgraceful

Dear Editor,On July 26, 2014 I had a chance to attend the Digicel Schools Football Championship at the Beterverwagting Community Centre Ground .

‘Convoluted logic’

Dear Editor,If we are to take Swami Aksharananda’s convoluted logic to its eventual conclusion (‘Guyana should get out of the OIC,’ SN, Aug 2) then Guyana should opt out of arrangements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since the United States, the majority shareholder in the IMF is a primary ally of Saudi Arabia .

How can a nation be moral when democratic expression is guided by ethnicity and not issues?

Dear Editor,I have been meaning to respond to GHK Lall’s letter titled ‘Guyanese no longer have it in their moral fibre to be angry at continuing PPP vulgarities’ (SN, October 7, 2013) and kept putting it off .

Old pillars in the African house are coming down

Dear Editor,The PNC is not an insignificant political party in Guyana .

Guyana’s calamity is manmade

Dear Editor,Never mind that geographically Guyana is outside of the hurricane zone and has not been hit by a serious earthquake, a visitor coming for the first time would never be able to tell that the calamity that is Guyana is manmade compliments of the PNC and PPP .

City council press conferences and the media

Dear Editor,It has become necessary for us to write you about your coverage of events and activities at City Hall .

‘Lack of familiarity with day-to-day events’

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter by Abu Bakr (‘Guyana should be a collection of groups defining themselves in ways which include but are not limited to race,’ SN, August 1) in which he gave the following opinion, “Fazeel Ferouz, the CIOG leader, may be like many Muslims cited as a case of leader of a post racial group …Muslim groups in this country have done as much as Christians to reach out to members of the other race .

Discussions on reconciling differences

Dear Editor, I Am Guyana Solutions Tank held its public forum on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 in the conference room of the National Library .

Failure to pass the anti-money laundering bill will hurt the small man more than the government or upper echelon of the private sector

Dear Editor,As Parliament fades into an extended period of recess commencing on August 10, there is one colossal elephant in the room that if civil society doesn’t band together and apply some pressure on our political leaders for good sense to prevail, will result in the trampling of our economy and hurt the already shrinking pockets of the average and ordinary Guyanese .

Ramphal to launch book on period he served as Commonwealth Secretary General

Dear Editor,The world will soon get a glimpse of the life of Sir Shridath ‘Sonny’ Ramphal, the former Attorney General and Foreign Minister of Guyana who served as Commonwealth Secretary General for 15 years when his book Glimpse of a Global Life goes on sale as of November 6 .

We should get out of the OIC

Dear Editor, The charge of marginalisation of Guyana’s Muslims by Shabnam Alli and Ray Chickerie, in their letter, ‘Muslims are marginalised in Guyana,’ (SN, July 28) can be easily addressed by the state, which by implication, at least, for the two writers, is culpable .

Intolerable noise nuisance in a residential area

Dear Editor, I awoke on Monday morning, July 28, 2014 reflecting on the ordeal of the night before .

Emancipation Day is perhaps the most significant day in Guyana’s history

Dear Editor, Cuffy250 joins with Guyanese, in particular African Guyanese, in commemorating the 176th anniversary of the end of chattel slavery in Guyana .

GPL treated Barticians poorly

Dear Editor, Over three weeks the residents of Bartica have been experiencing erratic electrical power supply from GPL .

Chronicle used section from a biographical sketch without acknowledgement in Buxton feature

Dear Editor, Someone drew my attention to a feature on Buxton which appeared in the July 26 edition of the Guyana Chronicle .

Are enterprise-oriented Guyanese paying attention?

Dear Editor, I hope that enterprise-oriented Guyanese are paying attention .

There should be a guidance counsellor in each school

Dear Editor, The Caribbean Voice, through its social activism program, Arise, has been advocating a number of measures that are low cost or no cost, easy to implement and that could be significant in helping to tackle the suicide epidemic sweeping Guyana .

NIS minimum pension

Dear Editor,Reference is made to the letter which appeared in the Stabroek News on Thursday, July 10, 2014 under the caption ‘NIS Increases should be given to all pensioners not just those in receipt of the minimum pension .

Opportunistic policing?

Dear Editor,Among other things, I have been writing about the crazy, nonsensical and misleading road signs in Berbice with the hope that the responsible authorities would take the necessary corrective action .

Some folks had a hidden agenda to cause trouble at Congress

Dear Editor,Quite a lot is being written and said about the PNCR Congress held over the last weekend .

Chronicle incorporated text which appeared in SN in its Buxton feature without acknowledgement

Dear Editor,I was pleased to see the article captioned ‘Buxton: Holding fast to its roots and boasting striking historical features’ by Alex Wayne, together with the accompanying photographs, in the Guyana Chronicle of July 26, 2014 (http://guyanachronicle .

Guyana should be a collection of groups defining themselves in ways which include but are not limited to race

Dear Editor,Are Guyanese beyond race? Heading, in historical terms, to a ‘post-racial’ dougla paradise? Or, on the contrary, en route to the final segregation of the federated race homelands some dream of from their exclaves in New York or Toronto?Is the ‘principle of adherence’ around which we congregate and cohere now something more advanced than the primordial incidence of the common race?The week’s newspapers are laden with phrases evocative of our dreams as of our fears .

Decency has died

Dear Editor,Decency has died .

We need to protect what is left of our forest

Dear Editor,We, at ECHO, speak for the environment; no one else .

Mayor & City Council situation has deteriorated

Dear Editor,The situation at the Mayor and City Council, has further deteriorated and the duly elected Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown despite what the public rightly expects, are in no position to assist or intervene in any municipal matter affecting the city .

It shouldn’t take a policy to ensure that you treat your writers and artists with basic respect

Dear Editor, In July of 2012 Dr David Dabydeen announced that of the upcoming books to be released for 2013 by the state-funded, ministry-controlled Caribbean Press, one would be a book by the younger daughter of the Minister Dr Frank Anthony .

Special Branch document with McPherson’s signature was a forgery

Dear Editor, I quietly withdrew from Guyanese politics and from active Guyanese public service more than 30 years ago .

The EDWC should be allowed to function at a lower floodwater level

Dear Editor,The Conservancy Adaptation Project (CAP) Report with respect to the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) has been completed and selectively released, but the government has considered its content confidential and despite requests it has failed to make the document public .

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