Correction to location of recording

Dear Editor,   Further to my letter of August 10 (‘Stand firm against our gov’t paying anything to Rudisa/CIDI,’ SN), I wish to apologize to you and your readers for I quoted the wrong reference with respect to the CCJ hearings.

No refund for flimsy tent

Dear Editor, Guyanese citizens are been ripped off by certain Chinese’ store operators and there seems to be no recourse. About three months ago, in the mood of the clean up the city phenomenon, I embarked on a project of grooming the street people living in and around the city of Georgetown; I call it the Clean Up Our Street People project.

Jagdeo gives hope

Dear Editor, I am elated and ecstatic to see star politician, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo in the limelight again. He gives us hope in this dim and uncertain period, and by the way he looked great with his bald head and jacket ‒ still very handsome.

A working class budget

Dear Editor, I believe that the $221 billion dollar budget presented by the A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change coalition government under the theme of a fresh approach to the good life in a green economy, is a working class budget.

Granger addressed a matter of importance to all Guyanese

Dear Editor, After abstaining for an extended period from submitting letters to the press, I decided to write this letter because, in my view, President David Granger, in his speech to the forum on the state of the African Guyanese, as reported in the Stabroek News, August, 10, ‘Granger calls for revival of village economies,’ has addressed honestly a matter of great sensitivity and utmost importance to all Guyanese.

Stabroek Bazaar in filthy state

Dear Editor, It is with great concern that I have to write to you on behalf of the stallholders in the Stabroek Bazaar (Stabroek Market) For years we have been selling in a dirty, smelly Bazaar; complaint after complaint has been made with no action taken.

Jagdeo cannot turn back history

Dear Editor, The imminent entrance of the PPP to Parliament with Mr Jagdeo as the Opposition Leader will signal the last gasp of the political aspirations of our former president, who, when this parliamentary session is over in 5 years, will seek re-election and lose convincingly, thus closing out a political career which will leave no real legacy, no real accomplishments and certainly, no real admiration and respect from the Guyanese nation as a whole.