The Berbice Cricket Board maintained a principled stance from the beginning

Dear Editor,Cricket indeed is a unifying force among the Caribbean people, hence every stroke that is played has an impact on and off the field .

Open prejudice against some immigrants with Antiguan election coming up

Dear Editor,Prejudice against immigrants comes out openly in Antigua as the country holds general elections this Thursday .

Lower gold declaration a result of mined out lands

Dear Editor,As the government laments the under declaration of gold for this year, one only hopes that it opens its eyes to the bigger picture of issues affecting the industry .

We are fooling no one with patchwork apologies and bogus reformation

Dear Editor,With respect to the Mr David Granger’s visit to Mike Persaud’s home in Queens, New York, last week, there have been some letters in the Stabroek News as well as some interesting related blogging, and a number of persons have requested the script of my short presentation, slightly edited, which I hereby submit: [Ed note: A few small sections have also been edited by SN, as can be seen from the ellipses and square brackets .

Questions about Scotiabank’s night deposit service

Dear Editor,I wish to give credit to the fact that Scotia is one of the largest banks in the world and is known for its excellent service, mostly in foreign countries .

Service and food were not satisfactory at restaurant

Dear Editor,Myself and a friend decided to have lunch at the Gravity Lounge, at the United Centre at the corner of Camp and Regent Streets in Georgetown on Friday, May 30 .

Newly built street filled with potholes

Dear Editor,After the rain finished falling on Friday, June 6, I decided to drive my car on the newly built Cotton Field street leading to the Anna Regina Multilateral School which was done by a contractor last week .

Mandela would have been forced to be more radical economically had he stayed in office

Dear Editor,Now that the dust has settled on the death and celebration of the life of the late great African personality, Nelson Mandela, I now take some liberty in sharing a point of view .

What is the purpose of a CPG if members first have to get permission to enter a compound where a crime is being committed?

Dear Editor,At 6am on the morning of June 3, 2014, I received a call from someone living in the vicinity of the Mahdia dormitory, who indicated to me that screaming was emanating from inside the girls’ dormitory .

WICB was right to move the Test match from Guyana

Dear Editor,It has been almost two decades since I have agreed with anything coming from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) but last week when they moved the Test match from Guyana after warning the PPP Government of Guyana to refrain from meddling/attempting to have government exert control over Guyana’s cricket, I wholeheartedly agreed with them .

If the present law school difficulty is not overcome and the ideal of the law programme founders disintegrates, we shall have failed

Dear Editor,In 1970, the Caricom Heads of Government crafted a comprehensive system of legal education for Caribbean lawyers .

Strong winds not cows were the main challenge to the pilot in the Paramakatoi airstrip incident

Dear Editor,Air Services Limited would like to set the record straight on the recent incident with an aircraft at Paramakatoi airstrip .

Children want to do what is right

Children want to do what is right

Dear Editor,This is a follow-up to my letter of April 6 about a dog named Brown Girl who found a school, Smith Memorial Primary, to call home .

The PPP/C promised to hold local government elections within one year of the 2011 general election in its manifesto

Dear Editor,Under the theme, ‘Working together for a better tomorrow,’ the PPP/Civic launched its 2011manifesto with much fanfare, but after 30 months of winning the presidency and losing its parliamentary majority, perhaps its concept of ‘working together’ really means working only with those who support the PPP .

The Minister does not have to approve the budget of the Mayor and City Council

Dear Editor,Please refer to an article which appeared in Stabroek News of Thursday, June 5, captioned ‘Linden municipality operating illegally as budget not approved -IMC Head .

The West Indies A team has performed well against Bangladesh A

Dear Editor,As all the attention, understandably, is focused on the commencement of the Test series between West Indies and New Zealand, there have been some quiet positives taking place with the A team in Barbados .

A law school could serve as a permanent remedy to the dilemma of the law students

Dear Editor,The recent move by the Council of Legal Education (CLE) to deny the top twenty-five Guyanese graduates of the University of Guyana’s law programme automatic entry to the Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS) is one that has many students uncertain about their future .

All the parties share blame for what has happened

Dear Editor,I am not a supporter of the PPP government, neither am I affiliated with APNU or the AFC .


Dear Editor, The Time: From the Garden City of colonial days, to the Garbage City of independent/republican Guyana; we have indeed come a long way .

Indian arrival to be celebrated in New York

Dear Editor, The Indo-Caribbean Federation (ICF) will be celebrating its 29th Annual East Indian Arrival Day on June 8, 2014, at Smokey Park in Queens, New York .

Rodney was not au fait with the intrigues of politics

Dear Editor, Dr Walter Rodney was not fully au fait with the intrigues and machinations of politics after he became involved in obtaining devices; he had begun to tread on dangerous ground .

The governments of the past fifty years have proved that the delivery of services was not their strong point

Dear Editor,Imagine the astonishment in reading that, to be added to the several layers of inefficiency to which we subject ourselves, is the newly coined rule that birth certificates be less than six months of emission to be considered valid .

It is time there were public gardens and art galleries in Berbice and Essequibo

Dear Editor,Parked at the entrance of the Promenade Gardens was a set of buses from Berbice that had transported schoolchildren from that county to behold the beauty and splendour of the garden .

Remembering Maya Angelou

Dear Editor,What more is there to say about that ‘phenomenal woman,’ our sister Maya Angelou… just transitioned to join the ancestors? As the world bids farewell to this exceptional icon of our time with kudos flowing from fans everywhere, I am remembering her in a few very personal ways .

Cameron should be denied entry to Guyana

Dear Editor,I have taken the trouble to read and consider the lamentations of the many scribes who have contributed their respective ounces to the salted potion of the decision of the WICB to transfer the 3rd Test from Guyana to Barbados, purportedly on the account of the Cricket Bill passed by the PPP/C and APNU in the National Assembly .

The idea of a local law school is one whose time has come

Dear Editor,I am a proponent of a local law school .

A debt to an extraordinary woman

Dear Editor, I would like to acknowledge my debt to an extraordinary woman .

Senseless action by some members of the GFF

Dear Editor, The President and executives of the Netrockers Football Club are vehemently opposed to the senseless action undertaken by some members of the Guyana Football Federation .

Lack of cheap electricity is not the major impediment to Guyana’s development

Dear Editor,At the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Board of Governors 44th Annual General Meeting held recently in Guyana, Dr Smith, CDB’s President stated that the high price of electricity has been a major source of the Caribbean region’s un-competitiveness and its vulnerability to external shocks .

There is a water shortage in the Essequibo rice-farming areas

Dear Editor,Water management has always been crucial for Essequibo rice farmers to help them decide when to sow or to harvest their crops .

A few things were learnt from the opposition leader at Mike Persaud’s home

Dear Editor,Please allow me to share my thoughts with respect to Brigadier David Granger’s visit to Richmond Hill over the weekend of May 24 .

Guyana needs a law school

Dear Editor,I write out of concern for the state of the legal profession in Guyana and the urgent need for a law school .

Georgetown belongs to the people of Guyana, not Sooba and the PPP/C

Dear Editor,Sadly the PPP/C government has continued to allow the Sooba debacle to cast a dark cloud over the Georgetown City Council .

Christian leaders should act to ensure the wellbeing of their congregations outside the church environment

Dear Editor,Note is taken that President Ramotar has reached out to the Christian community to seek support for the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill .

A clean government will demand a clean law enforcement apparatus

Dear Editor,The day before yesterday Junior Thorrington alleged cop burnt his hands .

No water leak at place letter-writer indicated

Dear Editor,Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) wishes to respond to the letter published in the Stabroek News, on Saturday, May 31, titled ‘Water wastage continues on the East Coast .

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