A book on the history of health systems and major diseases in Guyana is now available

Dear Editor, The history of health and disease in Guyanese historiography is a neglected area of research. It is for this reason that Dr Ramesh Gampat’s recent two-volume book, Guyana: From Slavery to the Present (Volume 1: Health Systems and Volume 2: Major Diseases) is a major advancement in knowledge about public health ideas and systems since the time of African slavery and Indian indenture in Guyana.

Centralised leadership in Guyanese parties should end

Dear Editor, In reference to Joey Jagan’s ‘The PPP central executive and the “Gang of 8”’ (SN, Jun 15), wherein he briefly contrasts decision-making in the PPP and the US, it must be noted that the PPP is not the only party to deny its members full participation (inclusive of voting) in the functioning of the party.

Suggestions for rebuilding the PPP

Dear Editor, As the emotional phase of the 2015 elections winds down, the PPP/C leadership must take stock of why it was edged out of office as well as begin the process of rebuilding the party to address areas where it went wrong so as to improve its chance of winning the next election.