Florida foundation to be set up to train very young cricketers

Dear Editor,In a move to continue the trend to have more Berbicians in the West Indies team, a popular cricket lover/administrator and attorney has announced that he will set up a foundation in Florida to realize funds to train very young cricketers .

BaiShanLin recognizes it has a responsibility to the Guyanese people

Dear Editor,BaiShanLin International Forest Development Inc has issued several responses regarding concerns that have been recently raised in the media about the company’s operations .

Victor Ramraj had a special relationship with the late Sam Selvon

Dear Editor,The passing of Victor Ramraj is sad news for us all, I think, and I want to add to what Clem Seecharan and David Dabydeen (distant cousin) said about him, from my Canadian perspective .

We need to go beyond facile analyses and look at the historical development of all race groups in Guyana

Dear Editor,I regard with some unease a letter appearing in the September 1 edition of SN, written by David Hinds .

Still to receive refund from Travelspan

Dear Editor,It’s now been three weeks and I am yet to receive a refund for an all-inclusive ticket I paid for a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Reservation #115679) .

What as Muslims is the position of Ali and Chickrie on secularism?

Dear Editor,Ms Shabnam Ali and Mr Raymond Chickrie in their letter, ‘An inconsistent position on secularism,’ (SN, August 25), are guilty of a blatant use of fallacious analogy in seeking to connect the United Nations and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) .

Ramraj had an undying love for Guyana

Dear Editor,Can I add my sadness to that of my colleagues and friends Professors Dabydeen and Seecharan on the passing of Victor Ramraj .

An over-used game plan

Dear Editor,I am compelled to write this piece .

‘A creeping shotgun marriage’

Dear Editor,We are witnesses to this inexorable public march towards a fateful political embrace .

Are the mothers to be penalized for home alone children able to access affordable daycare?

Dear Editor,Our attention having been captured by the headline of the Sunday Stabroek report of August 31 (‘Parents of home alone children will be charged…’), we read the article carefully to check that the caption was not out of step with the context of the Minister’s remarks .

Victor J Ramraj, 1941-2014: A fine scholar dedicated to a life of the mind

Dear Editor,       I am very sad to learn of the passing of Victor Ramraj, Professor of English at the University of Calgary in Canada, where he taught for over four decades .

Did not propose the introduction of ‘the Suriname system to Guyana’

Dear Editor,I do not propose the introduction of “the Suriname system to Guyana,” a misconception upon which much of Mr Mike Persaud’s presentation ‘Consociationalism cannot work’ (SN, August 25) rests .

Victor Ramraj was a special scholar and man

Dear Editor,News of Victor Ramraj’s death stilled me .

Why has Bai Shan Lin remained silent?

Dear Editor, Doesn’t it seem odd that Bai Shin Lin has remained silent during the national debates concerning misuse use of their forestry concessions and Guyana’s forestry resources? Isn’t it strange too that the Guyana Forestry Commission, government representatives, individuals and groups aligned to the governing administration have become the spokespersons for Bai Shi Lin?Well as the saying goes the person paying the piper requests the tunes, this strange silence is not only indicative of how the company does business but it is clear that it is part of a coordinated effort to mislead Guyanese into thinking that Bai Shin Lin is doing so good for small loggers and local saw mills and that the company’s illegalities should be overlooked .

An electoral system is no excuse for poor governance

Dear Editor,From the time the 1980 constitution was promulgated the then opposition political parties and some commentators dubbed it repugnant .

Government should implement policies protecting Indigenous well-being and cultural knowledge

Dear Editor,The First Peoples of Guyana are enjoying an entire month of heritage celebrations as we open our wonderful communities to Guyanese of all walks of life so they can participate in the many national heritage events that will be taking place from coast to the hinterland during September .

Mike Persaud not Mahadeo Persaud

Dear Editor,I note that a letter published in SN on September 1 captioned ‘We should return to the earlier constitution,’ by Vishnu Bisram was intended as a response to a letter I had written earlier (‘Consociationalism cannot work,’ SN, August 25) .

Can’t get telephone fixed

Dear Editor,Soon after my arrival in Guyana in April, I visited the New Amsterdam Office of GT&T to inquire as to the latest developments involving telephone service 333-4645 .

We should rewrite the constitution

Dear Editor,The Chinese philosopher and poet Lao Tzu famously said, “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves .

Not one recommendation from constitution reform committee for at least last decade

Dear Editor,The Guyana Constitution must be given a chance to work .

Global garden or paradise lost?

Dear Editor,In this time of globalization and with the use of technology, it’s very common to say that the world is a village, but should we not rather say that it is a garden? This is the audacious proposal of Gilles Clément, one of the greatest French landscape designers, when he spoke of the “global garden” to describe the biosphere .

Satisfied with how matter was handled

Dear Editor,Although my telephone bills have not being deducted yet from the system, I was very satisfied with the way the matter was dealt with by Ms Allison Parker and Ms Isaacs at the head office in Georgetown .

Ignored by media or presented as a threat

Dear Editor,For the past year Cuffy250 has been engaging the African Guyanese community in a conversation aimed at restoring a sense of cultural pride and self-activity among African Guyanese .

We should return to the earlier constitution

Dear Editor,Reference is made to Mahadeo Persaud’s ‘Consociationalism cannot work’ (SN, Aug 25), supposedly a critique of Dr Henry Jeffrey’s proposed solution (power sharing) to Guyana’s nagging ethnic conflict .

Lionel Peters lived his life well

Dear Editor,Lionel Peters, carried himself so humbly that it was very easy to be unaware of all his accomplishments .

Another ride?

Dear Editor,My intuition is screaming: Something is up and in the making .

An impressive Emancipation Day celebration in Kara Kara

Dear Editor,Once again reminiscent of their first Diwali celebration the Old Kara Kara Community Development Committee sparkled .

Just a quick fix of the Linden-Kwakwani road

Dear Editor,We, the residents of Sub-Region Two of Region Ten are somewhat relieved that the length of our journey from Linden to Kwakwani and other communities has been shortened .

Several bad areas on Linden to Lethem trail have not been fixed

Dear Editor,It is so disgusting to see and hear this government continuing to mislead Guyanese .

GT&T customer’s concerns are being addressed

Dear Editor,Mr Khan’s complaint which was published in the August 27, 2014 issue of the Stabroek News under the caption ‘GT&T billing system not functioning efficiently in Essequibo’ was read and recorded .

The Minister of Local Government does not have authority over city council counts

Dear Editor,Please refer to a letter which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of Friday, August 29: “City council’s no-confidence motions are taking precedence over critical matters citizens want addressed” by Norman Whittaker, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development .

There should be constitutional reform before elections

Dear Editor,I write this letter fully aware of the political implications and the accusations which will follow from what I consider a bold attempt on my part to draw to the attention of the African community and the nation, the danger that is inherent in the ‘no-confidence motion’ which has been presented and is expected to be passed in Guyana’s Parliament thereby forcing the country into general and regional elections some time soon, without the most critical and necessary constitutional changes being put in place .

What is going on in the forestry sector?

Dear Editor, The issue of the large-scale export of logs by Bai Shan Lin must be taken in the context of what the forestry policy filtered down to Guyanese is .

Whittaker should stop interfering in the internal management of the council

Dear Editor,Today, August 28, 2014, we have noticed an article in some sections of the media where the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Mr Norman Whittaker has said that the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has an oversight role in the Georgetown municipality .

Toshaos should make their voices heard

Dear Editor, Heritage Month celebration is once again here so kindly permit me to share some reflections and suggestions on this special occasion for the sake of history, the memory of those who played a useful role in its early visioning, and for the young and others so they would know the significance of the Indigenous peoples of this beautiful land of ours .

City council’s no-confidence motions are taking precedence over critical matters citizens want addressed

Dear Editor, No-confidence motions seem to be a popular agenda item at statutory meetings of some Municipal Councils and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils, the most recent ones being at the city council’s recent statutory meetings of Monday, August 25, 2014 .

City Hall should forget the bickering and start planting trees in Georgetown again

Dear Editor,I was wondering if it is at all possible for City Hail to quit bickering and do just one thing to endear themselves to the populace?Could they please start planting trees in Georgetown once again? There is a competent staff at the Promenade Gardens and I would venture a guess that the Office of the President (OP) has its own gardening staff too .

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