The Commissioner-General of the GRA has every right to comment on government’s policies

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter penned by Mr D Deonarine regarding the right of the Commission-er-General to make public comments in relation to government policies, which appeared in the Stabroek News, dated December 14, and titled ‘The Commission-er-General of the GRA should not be commenting on government policy.’ Firstly, Mr Deonarine should realize that the Commissioner-General occupies an office that is governmental and more importantly an office that is responsible for the main revenue collection within the country; as such it is within the rights of the Commissioner-General as a government official to put forward his opinions. 10

Republic’s discontinuation of the Premier Banking service was not an easy decision

Dear Editor, Reference is made to the December 16 Stabroek News article captioned ‘Republic’s profits rose 17% despite $246M fraud.’ We note with concern, the section covering the Annual General Meeting where our Managing Director, Mr Edwin Gooding is reported to have said that it was an ‘easy decision’ to discontinue the Premier Banking service from January 2010. 4

Guyana’s agriculture is on a firm, competitive footing

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Agriculture would like to correct inaccuracies in a letter published in your  December 14 edition of Stabroek News where Dr Kenrick Hunte stated that Guyana’s agriculture sector is in a downward spiral in an attempt to discredit the work done by the government in resuscitating the sector. 17

One bank or two?

Dear Editor, I write to congratulate the GuySuCo board for their latest innovation – just-in-time payroll. I am of the opinion that they have not received their just accolades and praise for their pioneering and innovative efforts in keeping king sugar alive and kicking. 1