A great example of self-exoneration

Dear Editor, Ravi Dev’s letter in SN April 17, brief and to the point for a change, is a great example of self-exoneration and passing the buck, while  at the same time , straddling empty spaces in his mind; in Guyanese politics his letter stands out as a hat-trick in escapism and dodging the bullet.

Lantern pole for horses?

Dear Editor, You would remember you published some letters about the lumber yard next door to me and the animal drawn vehicles that park in front of my house and the others in the vicinity.

Not relevant

Dear Editor, Permit me to respond briefly to Joey (Jagan)’s letter which appeared in your paper on April 16, captioned ‘Franklin not in a position to make allegations against Ramsaroop.’ The content of this letter is totally off point and not in the least relevant to the issue at hand.

The OLPF is transformative

Dear Editor, Two years ago, President Jagdeo conceptualized what will undoubtedly become one of the most transformational social and economic development programmes ever undertaken in Guyana, the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF).

Dr Luncheon seems to have misread the open letter to Minister Solheim

Dear Editor, In his letter (‘Ram and Bulkan need to start getting their facts right,’ SN April 15), Dr Roger Luncheon, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, says – “Mr Ram and Dr Bulkan (as well as Mr Ramjattan and others) claimed in a letter to Norwegian Minister Erik Solheim that the only justification for the Amaila Hydro Power project was a one-and-a-half page entry in the LCDS.