How a photo came to be taken

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter in your newspaper (‘Story and photo caption on website a misrepresentation,’ Jan 7) written by George Vyphuis and containing the following words: “They were present… but moved immediately when they observed Freddie Kissoon taking the photograph.” Here is my account of how the photograph came to be taken with a smiling Mr Vyphuis talking to Mark Benschop.

In Guyana politics never rule anything in or out

Dear Editor, Of late, PPP and PNC contenders for the presidency have dominated the news, but until and unless I see the backs of President Bharrat Jagdeo and PNC Leader, Mr Robert Corbin, as they exit the door of politics into retirement where recently approved generous retirement packages await both, I won’t place any bets yet.

The Auditor General stipulated that GAIBANK foreign exchange losses should be charged to the consolidated fund but this was not done

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr Justin McKenzie’s SN letter dated January 7, and captioned, ‘Why did GAIBANK never approach the government to make good foreign exchange losses?’ and state that this task was completed, but the PPP/C government did not do its job, even though they accepted the Auditor General’s report and submitted same to Parliament. 

A case of foot and mouth?

Dear Editor, Informed sources wish to express appreciation of SN’s very instructive editorial of January 3, 2011 commenting on appointments to the reportedly established Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA).

Why did GAIBANK never approach the government to make good foreign exchange losses?

Dear Editor, I wish to respond to a letter by C Kenrick Hunte, appearing in the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News of January 5 under the caption in SN, “Where is Minister Persaud’s evidence of GAIBANK mismanagement and misuse of funds?” The alleged inaccuracy was carried in a Kaieteur News article dated January 4, captioned ‘$220M small farmers credit programme kick started,’ where it was reported that Minister Persaud referred to, “…the defunct Guyana Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank (GAIBANK) which was established to lend to the farming community of Guyana but the funds were misused forcing the institution to now close.” I submit the following in support of Minister Persaud’s contention, the details of which can be provided, if necessary, by the Guyana National Cooperative Bank which is in possession of the original documents.

Aubrey Barker lake

Dear Editor, I don’t rightly know whose purview or authority this falls under, but I would like to draw to the attention of Mr Hamilton Green (M&CC) and Mr Robeson Benn (Minister of Public Works and Hydraulics) that Aubrey Barker Road from National Avenue in the west and Rosa Drive in the east is always inundated with water whenever the rain falls.