What happened to the sick donkey?

Dear Editor, Early in the month of October , I encountered a donkey in the Atlantic Gardens area  on the East Coast of Demerara with wobbly front legs and hoofs projecting sideways in a deformed kind of  way and a growth hanging like a pouch under his chest; there was also a scar on his back seemingly from a wound.

False Facebook account

Dear Editor, During this season of national and regional elections we are see a lot unfolding right before our eyes, but when persons resort to impersonating others for reasons unknown it becomes very personal.

Iran sanctions

Dear Editor, The BBC and the local newspapers have reported that the USA and others in the axis have imposed new sanctions against Iran and as usual the UN Secretary General and all the peace and human rights advocates have stayed silent or even supported them against Iran, in the same way they stayed silent or supported Israeli crimes against Lebanon and the Palestinians, and the killing of nine peace activists in international waters.

Be peacemakers

Dear Editor, I write you with a message that is one for all Guyanese. Today our nation will once again have the opportunity to voice its opinion on which group of persons it sees best suited to take the leadership of our country.

Collective responsibility of the cabinet

Dear Editor, I read with interest Dr Henry Jeffrey’s article ‘Future Notes’ in your issue of Wednesday November 2, 2011, in which he expressed his views on the doctrine of the collective responsibility of the government and what is expected of those members of the cabinet who may not agree with the decision of the majority of the members of the cabinet.

Time will tell

Dear Editor, With elections being only one sleep away, Guyanese are guilty of looking backwards to determine their future. And with everything that has happened since gaining independence, they have every right to do so.

One vote can win

Dear Editor, Vote for continuity, vote for change. This elector knows that they are both admirable thoughts and positions. He knows that destiny is created by the power of choice.

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