The possibility of a Flagstaff-Mahaica route to take off floodwaters from the conservancy is now being explored rather than the Hope Canal

Dear Editor, In an article which appeared in the SN of November 13 about Norwegian officials touring the conservancy, the writer stated, “One of the imminent projects is to build an outfall channel at Hope that will be of enough capacity to relieve the pressure on the conservancy.” A recently completed Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)/National Drainage and Irrigation Authority sponsored Engineering Design Study for the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) Northern Relief Structure at Hope/ Dochfour, essentially concluded that the risk of the conservancy overtopping its embankment would increase with the completion of this proposed structure and closure of the existing Lama and Maduni sluices respectively. 3

A nation of inconvenient truths

Dear Editor, Norway’s interest and Guyana’s interest are not symmetrical.  How else can one explain Norway ‘rewarding’ Guyana a week after it was graphically revealed to the world that the state (GPF) tortured an unarmed juvenile in their custody?  33

Dissatisfied with Canadian universities’ choice of President Jagdeo as a champion of education and the environment

Dear Editor, A letter, the main contents of which are given below was sent to Professor David Naylor (President, University of Toronto), Professor Mamdouh Shoukri (President and Vice Chancellor, York University), Dr Steven E Franklin (President and Vice-Chancellor, Trent University) expressing my dissatisfaction with their choice of the President of Guyana, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo as a champion of education and the environment. 29

The doctor’s attempts to cast off aspersions that he displayed callous indifference have failed

Dear Editor,Let me first state that Dr Mahendra Chand’s attempts to cast off the aspersions that he displayed callous indifference to the 14-year-old torture victim have failed as miserably as he did in carrying out his function as a medical professional (‘Allega-tions about “callous indifference” to tortured teen completely spurious’ SN, November 14). 39

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