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The sale mentality

Crochet dress

Happy New Year to you since it’s my first column for the year! I’m back in Europe and I am currently trying to protect my wallet from the sales on steroids situation that usually follows the holiday season.

Their hair…

Sanneta Myrie

For as long as I could remember, I was always uncomfortable with my frizzy, curly hair. I remember rarely seeing models in the magazines with hair like mine when I was a little girl and I was too often made to feel that my hair was inappropriate for day-to-day looks.

Meiling’s Night Women: a recap


Today I wanted to share with you the pictures I have been promising, from Meiling’s most recent collection Night Women. Inspired by Marlon James’s book The Night Women, Meiling delivered the collection in two parts – allowing patrons to experience the influence and inspiration behind the collection before the actual unveiling of it.

Sandra Granger’s tastefully sleeveless style

20151205Sandra Granger5

I love Sandra Granger’s style! And I honestly thought that with her rocking all those sleeveless dresses as First Lady, we would have seen a shift in the archaic rules we still have in Guyana when it comes to dress codes in a majority of public offices.