Ministry decries vandalism of public infrastructure

-900 ft of power cables removed from Rupert Craig Highway

This MPI photo shows some of the damage

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) is calling on public-spirited citizens to play their part in reporting cases of destruction of property or illegal connections.

The call came yesterday following a spate of vandalising of infrastructure.

As recently as Friday, February 16, MPI said that a team from the Ministry noticed an individual attempting to vandalise the power feeds which energise sections of the highway lights along the Rupert Craig Highway.

“Unfortunately, this individual managed to escape and, upon closer inspection, it was evident that approximately 900 feet of the cable was already removed. Incidentally, the team had been in the vicinity to conduct repairs to vandalised power feeds associated with the traffic light system at the intersection of UG Road and the Railway Embankment”, the statement said.

These MPI photos show some of the damage

Similarly, vandalism of the highway lights, in the form of illegal connections to the Highway Lighting Distribution Network, in the vicinity of the Seawall Bandstand had led to the temporary disconnection of those lights. While the lights have been reconnected to ensure continued safety and convenience of the public, the ministry said that vandalism of these lights has continued.

MPI said that the vandalism severely compromises the integrity of these electrical systems.

Citizens interested in reporting any instances of vandalism are urged to contact MPI’s Public Relations Department on 227-0799 or the nearest police station.  MPI is also calling on the vandals to desist from such acts since they ultimately inconvenience the citizenry by destroying much needed infrastructure.

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