Jagdeo criticises government’s handling of oil and gas sector

—says no clearly defined model in place

Bharrat Jagdeo

As he underscored that enough is not being done by government for the development of the critical oil and gas sector, Opposi-tion Leader Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday roasted government over its handling of the sector, saying it needs to come clear on timelines for policies.

Referencing the Guyana Petroleum Summit (GPS) and the Offshore Techno-logy Conference (OTC), the two oil and gas conferences held in Houston, Texas this week, at which Guyana was showcased, Jagdeo said the events provided evidence that there is no apt government participation and thus no tangible returns for the ordinary citizens here.

The OTC, held in the NGR Park, Houston, wrapped up yesterday, while the GPS began at the Marriott Marquis and will conclude today…..

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