Winter in Hitsville

Some things in life really are just too good to be true even if we chose to ignore the clich

Beenie to close year in live entertainment

The ‘Undisputed’ King of the Dancehall headlines the Guinness Christmas Jam at the National Park tonight in what is expected to be another show of his lyrical prowess and hardcore dancehall style.

Detour to dancehall

As reggae’s best-selling living artist, Shaggy took a detour from the mainstream this year.

Culture Box

Some suggested recently that Christmas is the biggest clich

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, Warning! Don’t eat and drive! Yeah, I know that it’s different from the familiar ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ but I tell you, this should be a label attached to all Christmas black cakes.

Christian DJs for ‘Big Lime’

Main Big Lime, which Minister of Tourism, Industry & Commerce Manniram Prashad promises will be on rain or shine, is expected to have a new addition in the form of some Christian deejaying that will see at least two international singers giving those who are into Christian reggae a taste of their talent.

Festival of Carols at

For 40 years the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception’s annual Festival of Carols has been going strong.

Culture Box

If ever there was a local advertisement that one just had to stand up and take notice of, it is most certainly the King’s Jewellery World advertisement produced for the Christmas holidays.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, We use them all year round, in a variety of dishes both sweet and savoury and in certain beverages, they are a must.

Unique beach party tomorrow

History is to be created tomorrow when Beach-a-rama will be held in Guyana for the first time at the Splashmin’s Fun Park, with A-list regional entertainers, fun and frolic in the beach atmosphere.

Lucky B’s search for calendar cover girl set to start Monday

Local singer turned fashion designer Carlos `Lucky B’ Williams was forced to postpone his Ms Bikini Television Series, which was scheduled for December 1, after HJ Entertainment – Channel 72 suddenly went off air giving no indication when its operations would resume.

Christmas treat in song, drama and poetry on tonight

The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Conference of Guyana promises an evening of poetry, singing and drama tonight at the National Cultural Centre when its stages its Fifth Advent Praise concert.

Guyana Model Search launched

The much talked about Guyana Model Search was officially launched on Thursday night at the King’s Plaza Hotel setting off a fashion fiesta that promises to take the country by storm.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, There are some things in life that just get better with age – wine, steak, cured meats, black cake

Men are called back to ‘purpose’ in book by local apostle

The young men in today’s society need to come back to “purpose and take up the responsibility for the future generation,” according to Apostle Adrian Wade who feels so strongly about the issue that he has put pen to paper and written a book expressing these sentiments.

Canadian movie nights start Saturday

Next weekend the Canadian High Commission will open its doors to show two Canadian films to the first 100 persons to arrive in celebration of that country’s successful film and television industry.

Scene Stealer

Lisa Thompson-Griffith’s, ‘It’s all about Music and Light,’ celebrates the musical rhythms in life and the beauty of light found in nature as well as in the culture of Guyanese.

Culture Box

Breaking-up always seem to be difficult and sometimes, or should we say many times, it becomes nasty with both parties trying their utmost to hurt each other.

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, The Christmas holidays are brutal, they are not for the weak or faint-hearted.

Sonia Noel brings Xmas cheer for single parent homes

Designer Sonia Noel has barely had time to breathe since the inaugural Guyana Fashion Weekend, but she is pushing back commitments and declining invitations to be in Guyana next weekend for a charity fashion show.

Local film goes international today

A movie produced locally by Guyanese artiste, Bunny Alves, is set to be shown throughout the Caribbean and North America as part of the Caribbean Media Corporat-ion’s (CMC’s) World AIDS Day programme today.