We must not be fooled by the blandishment of certain gov’t officials who now purport to defend the security forces

Dear Editor,Guyanese have followed reports in the media related to the motion dealing with allegations of torture .

Great Guyanese are passing on without the proper national appreciation they have fought and died for

Dear Editor,It was Andrew Jackson who said “One man with courage makes a majority” .

There are three under-utilised playfields in the Eccles Housing Scheme

Dear Editor,I wish to refer to an article captioned ‘The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports must lead the way’ written by one Peeping Tom (KN Oct 22, 2008) .

A great patriot has passed away

Dear Editor,I join with the rest of the writers to express my condolences to Mrs .

Playfields should be established in all communities

Dear Editor,The purpose of this letter is to ask all Guyanese to voice their support for the establishment of parks/playfields in all communities in the country .

David de Caires was an inspiration

Dear Editor, I was 18 years old when I walked into lawyer David de Caires’s office in George-town, in answer to an ad for a proofreading position at the exciting new independent newspaper in Guyana, Stabroek News .

Dear Editor, I am perplexed by Ms Sandra Khan’s (‘The PPP/C-PNCR framework needs to be dismantled for the nation to progress,’ SN 28 .

What’s the harm in celebrating Halloween?

Dear Editor, I am surprised that numerous people have written negative things about us celebrating Halloween without looking it up on the internet .

The government has a duty to protect the rights and lives of those held in custody

Dear Editor,The death of James Nelson at the Brickdam Police Station is disturbing .

The government has not only blocked an independent investigation into torture allegations but has redefined ‘torture’

Dear Editor,For anyone who ever had a sliver of doubt as to whether the Government of Guyana sanctions and condones the torture of its citizens, all doubts have been erased with the government’s vote to block the combined opposition’s motion in parliament which sought to set up an independent investigation into allegations of torture against members of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) .

Tournament Director made a wrong decision

Dear Editor,With reference to the recently concluded National Chess Federation Qualification Tournament, it is a sad day for the sport of chess if the decision and position taken by the Tournament Director, Mr Irshad Mohammed, is allowed to stand .

There should be an investigation into the hooliganism in Alexander Village

Dear Editor,According to the Guyana Chronicle of October 31, while Hindus were enjoying the Diwali celebration in keeping with tradition, thousands of people from Nabaclis, Paradise and Den Amstel invaded the Alexander Vishnu Mandir causing widespread damage, lighting firecrackers and squibs .

There are serious flaws in the US voter registration process

Dear Editor,Much has been written in the letter column of the local newspapers about opinion polls and the likely winner of the upcoming US presidential election .

The world waits with bated breath

Dear Editor,Senator Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to political stardom may seem short to some, but his journey to the White House was undoubtedly initiated by his illustrious predecessors decades ago .

Capitalism is the only viable economic avenue

Dear Editor,The global financial crisis has its origins in the critical shortcomings of the capitalist system, namely the absence of guarantees by governments to monitor greed and corruption in the private sector; governments’ lack of enforcement of practical and correctly balanced regulatory interventions; and lastly, the sheer extent of government spending, even with legislative oversight .

The authorities have taken a contradictory stance on backtracking across the Corentyne River

Dear Editor,I read of the deaths of 6 unfortunate persons because a boat that was plying the ‘backtrack’ route to Suriname, capsized .

What has happened to the steel pans acquired for Carifesta?

Dear Editor,On behalf of the steel pan players/group in the Linden community, especially the up and coming talented students from the Wismar Christian-burg Multilateral School, and also the young players of the Catholic Church, I ask, can someone kindly say what is the present position with regards to the $30M worth of steel pans that were acquired for Carifesta?It was my understanding that some of the instruments were to be handed over to various sections/steel orchestras across the country to further encourage, keep alive and enhance this type of music and its quality .

Pets are seriously affected by squibs and firecrackers

Dear Editor,Over the last few years, the authorities – especially the Guyana Police Force and the Customs and Trade Administration – have been containing the entry and purchases of squibs, firecrackers and other explosive materials used during ‘celebrations’ and on ‘festive’ occasions .

SN did cover Diwali

Dear Editor,It was very nice to see the coverage of Diwali in the Guyana Chronicle on October 29 .

Grateful to James Nelson

Dear Editor,I am seventeen plus in age and am a trade student .

Bartica Diwali motorcade was spectacular

Dear Editor,Congratulation to The Indian Arrival Commemoration Committee of Bartica, Region #7 for holding a spectacular motorcade on Sunday, October  26, 2008 in Bartica .

Hindus should stand up for themselves

Dear Editor,Don’t you think the Hindus in Guyana have been the punching bag for long enough? We have to endure mockery and venomous words from our other religious brothers and sisters .

Magistrate should be encouraged to continue his good work

Dear Editor,I am writing in relation to an article published by Kaieteur News on October 15, 2008, about   Magistrate Yohhannseh Cave of Sparendaam  Magistrate’s Court .

Some of the US polls will not be borne out by election results

Dear  Editor,Peter  Halder in letter captioned ‘Signi-ficant lead for Obama’ (SN Oct 25) accurately  paraphrases some of the poll standings of the contest between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain .

The world of politics is not for the squeamish

Dear Editor,Politically, the world is in for severe upheaval and transformation, with the most powerful nation leading the way .

IAST has been engaged in introducing some level of scientific scrutiny to the practice of burning clay for roads

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter written by Mr Elton McRae, which appeared in your newspaper on October 29, 2008, captioned .

Shortages at Port Kaituma Hospital and the school because local suppliers have not been paid

Dear Editor,There are some areas of concern that need to be addressed at the Port Kaituma Hospital and the Port Kaituma school dormitory  in Region One .

Dangerous squibs selling in our markets

Dear Editor,There are some very dangerous squibs selling in most of our markets countrywide .

Rice farmers can use any phosphate fertilizer; it does not have to be TSP

Dear Editor,I wish to comment on Mr Ramdular Singh’s letter (SN October 19) titled ‘Farmers need TSP fertilizer’ and on the response from Bissasar Chintamanie in SN on October 22 (‘The Burma Research Station deals specifically with rice research and is headed by experienced and qualified personnel’) .

How did the GPL mess develop in Berbice?

Dear Editor,GPL blamed mechanical failure for the blackouts in Demerara and Berbice, supported by Prime Minister Sam Hinds who is always easy to convince of anything .

It is a waste of time complaining to the police about noise nuisance

Dear Editor,On Diwali day around 3pm, my neighbours and kids began to light off firecrackers and squibs .

Some people do dumb things

Dear Editor,The Mafia who said “every second a fool is born” were surely on to something .

Potholes and mosquitoes in Roxanne Burnham Gardens

Dear Editor,In Marigold Street (Roxanne Burnham Gardens), potholes are emerging, motorists and pedestrians have to tread carefully, especially during night time .

The PNCR should apologize to the Guyana Police Force for insulting their ranks

Dear Editor,I wish to respond to the recent statement issued by the PNCR in which it accused the Ministry of Home Affairs of justifying “the regular, unlawful arrests by the Police of young men from predominantly African Villages and their detention for several days without charge .

Poems were a delight

Dear Editor,The article in the Sunday Stabroek of October 26, captioned ‘The complex value of the word’ by Dr Ian McDonald is a refreshing piece of writing .

Fifteen, not sixty-one

Dear Editor,Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle is one of those young professionals I admire, particularly the manner in which she dispenses her duties with great professionalism, without fear and with a passion to see justice being served .

This time, a senseless murder in Toronto

Dear Editor,Those who witnessed the anguish, the sheer outpouring of pain, from the mother of 14-year-old Rajiv ‘Ravi’ Dharamdial the day she buried him, could not help but share in her grief and her sense of despair .

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