We cannot be indignant about press indoctrination by private interest while ignoring the same thing by the state

Dear Editor,I thought about ignoring Mr Rajendra Bissessar’s response to my letter which he captioned ‘The press is used to impose cultural hegemony over the minds of the working class’ SN May 26) .

The public debt began its rise in the colonial era and became unsustainable in the Burnham era

Dear Editor, “Mr Speaker, I rise to present to this House the biggest Budget ever presented to any Legislature in British Guyana” (Peter d’Aguiar, 1965) .

Mr Van West Charles has to identify specific mistakes for which apology should be made

Dear Editor, The mere fact that the news item, ‘There should be apology for past wrongs, Van West Charles says’ (SN May 24), engendered 119 responses and reactions in the ‘Readers Comments’ section, tells me that there is a huge interest in what is happening in the PNC, but especially any new direction it may choose to go in order to either be a far more effective opposition or even to retake political power at the polls .

All Guyanese should be concerned about the Polar beer matter

Dear Editor, Congratulations on the excellent editorial in relation to the Polar beer matter, captioned ‘Fidelity farce,’ in the May 25, 2009 edition of the Stabroek News .

Some of those who fled to foreign shores created the problems at home

Dear Editor, After reading all the letters and comments about Guyanese fleeing to all corners of the globe because of the poor quality of governance at home and the general failed society they have left behind, I simply have to say that some of those who are fleeing to foreign shores have created, fostered and contributed to the problem in the first place .

Union members and citizens have to take back their trade unions and government

Dear Editor, The statement, “He who pays the piper calls the tune,” by Carvil Duncan, Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana, in his May Day address is deserving of attention .

Government should act against speeding police and army vehicles

Dear Editor, In how many more instances must the police in Guyana demonstrate their ability to speed on our roadways for government to take note and act?More innocent Guyanese continue to fall victims to speeding army and police vehicles on our roads and no one seems to be doing anything .

Importing is easy now compared to what it used to be

Dear Editor, Very few items now require an import licence, and there is no shortage of foreign currency or restrictions in making remittances .

What have we achieved after 43 years?

Dear Editor, As we celebrate 43 years of independence, we need to ask ourselves what we have achieved .

Why is Israel not seen as provoking anyone?

Dear  Editor, The BBC news reported on May 20 that Iran had test fired a missile and that test was provocative to the West .

People should stop making it easy for criminals

Dear Editor, Bandits attacking three houses near to each other raises questions .

The President is to be congratulated for pursuing Avoided Deforestation initiatives

Dear Editor,We note that there have been several letters in the media recently critical of the Guyana Forestry Commission’s administration of state forests as well as the Government of Guyana’s active efforts in pursuing direct benefits to be had from pursuing various programmes relating to climate change and forestry .

The air conditioning in the National Cultural Centre needs fixing

Dear Editor,I attended a performance at the National Cultural Centre on Saturday May 22, 2009 at 20:00hrs and was seated in the balcony (seat G114) .

Cost-effective and sound designs used elsewhere in Guyana could be implemented at D’Edward to stop erosion of the road

Dear Editor,In an article titled, ‘D’Edward residents fear loss of road to erosion,’ which appeared in SN on May 19, it was reported that residents of D’Edward Village, West Coast Berbice said that the edges of a road alongside a canal close to the sluice are eroding, along with sections of the street, and called for urgent attention to these problems .

Some PNCR groups have difficulty accessing membership forms

Dear Editor,The 16th Biennial Congress of the People’s National Congress will be held from August 21 to 23, 2009 .

Contemptuous response

Contemptuous response

Dear Editor,Just one day after a letter bearing the caption, ‘Perish the thought,’ was published in SN (May 21), pleading with the fish shop in Drury Lane to respect the right to peace and quiet of students writing CXC, the fish shop responded in the most inhumane way .

Noise nuisance continues

Dear Editor,At about 10 pm, the sound level from the show at the Starlite Drive-in on May 16, 2009, was upped to send the citizens of Atlantic Gardens mad .

Filling up the glass

Dear Editor,Guyanese need to stop seeing the glass either half full or half empty, and start thinking how we can best fill up the rest of the glass .

The Toastmasters Club could help the Miss Guyana Universe winner

Dear Editor,It seems that Guyana will be competing head to head with global beauties in the Bahamas at the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant in August .

The President should send the presidential pension bill back to parliament for amendment

Dear Editor,The pension and benefits President Bharrat Jagdeo will get when his term ends are a disgrace .

Guyana needs leaders who are independent thinkers

Dear Editor,Over the past four decades since independence, we Guyanese have seen many personalities that have presented themselves as the alpha leaders of Guyana .

The press is used to impose cultural hegemony over the minds of the working class

Dear Editor,In response to Mr Robin Williams’ letter in the SN dated May 14 and captioned ‘We should not cherry-pick when it comes to right and wrong,’ I have this to say .

The Linden-Soesdyke Highway within Linden should be re-designated a municipal road

Dear Editor,Urgency in the extreme sense of the word prompts me to write this letter, since I am torrmented by the question of how many more have to die before the sober, cogent and eminently practical recommendations proposed by the Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 are implemented to address the issue of reducing vehicular accidents along the Linden Soesdyke Highway, and especially within the town of Linden .

Let us end the bitterness

Dear Editor,The last two public holidays were very significant with respect to our history .

Guyana should take back its place as a proud nation

Dear Editor,So the issue of illegal or undocumented Guyanese in Barbados is once again in the news .

There is a correlation between Guyana’s deterioration and illegal migration

Dear Editor,Media coverage of the impact of Barbados’s new immigration policy, comes across as a deliberate strategy to divert attention from the origin of the situation .

The local government reform process should not have lasted more than a year

Dear Editor,The delay in holding local government elections is to be blamed on President, Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP/C .

Present state of journalism demands urgent new thinking

Dear EditorRE: the SN Editorial of May 23, 2009 headlined ‘Journalism’s Uncertain Future’ Journal-ism has already suffered grave damage .

President Jagdeo does not have to go abroad to protect the rights of Guyanese

Dear Editor,President Jagdeo was quoted in SN as saying “I will attend the meeting [Caricom heads in Trindad, May 24] even only for that reason… to ensure that the rights of Guyanese are protected .

The agriculture sector is not doing well

Dear Editor,Agriculture is the nation’s most critical sector and its biggest foreign revenue earner .

Presidential pension v old age pension

Dear Editor,It is amazing to see that Mr Jagdeo wants $210M for his retirement pension, and we the senior citizens of this country who worked and paid our rates must live on $6,300 per month .

There should be full disclosure about Mr Corbin’s health

Dear Editor, The main view articulated by Ms Fidela Corbin in her letter regarding Mr Khemraj Ramjattan’s call for information on her father’s overseas treatment, which was published in the Stabroek News on May 21, 2009, respectfully, should not be allowed to contend .

There should be an investigation into why the Sugar Action Plan was submitted late

Dear Editor, I could not believe my eyes when I read in two of your daily editions last week that Guyana will be unable to benefit from a €6M ($1 .

Brother was wrongfully incarcerated; Brickdam lockups must be upgraded now

Dear Editor, I would not normally be involved in writing to the letter pages, because as a person in public life I believe that people must have their say, and it is a fact that public personalities are the objects of scrutiny and perpetual derision and ridicule .

SN is an effective ‘Fourth Estate’ player in Guyana

Dear Editor, I have been planning for a while now to let you know that the internet version of Stabroek News has vastly improved in the last six months, and apart from finding it a lot easier to navigate, I also found that its home page gives readers a synopsis of almost all areas that might be of interest .

Sugar can be saved if it modifies its plantation mode and drainage and irrigation are drastically improved

Dear Editor, The opposition parties and the press have fallen asleep at the switch .

Some traffic police are corrupt

Dear Editor, I travelled along the Linden Highway twice last week and I noticed the levels of corruption among traffic officers on two occasions .

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