Young children used to be given senna, castor oil or cascara

Dear Editor,My husband and I were shocked to learn of the deaths of the two young sisters through drinking senna, to loosen their bowels .

The authorities should be safeguarding citizens’ right to quietness in their homes

Dear Editor,Once again I’m asking myself if anyone out there is actually listening to what the people are saying .

We should guard against confusing our Westminster-type parliamentary possibilities with the type of reforms that are required if the ethnic divide is to ease

Dear Editor,The English political essayist and critic Walter Bagot (1826-77) claimed that: “A parliament is nothing less than a big meeting of more or less idle people .

Professional sportsmen should not be given national awards

Dear Editor,I have long been an ardent supporter of almost any form of sport .

The construction of an airstrip on Leguan should be reconsidered

Dear Editor,Much has been said about an airstrip on Leguan .


Stabroek News wishes to make it clear to all that the statements made in its article published in the 14th February, 2009 edition of the newspaper under the headline ‘Re-elected GABA president Khan fears for his life after victory over Ninvalle’ were not intended to mean that Mr Steve Ninvalle was in any way connected to or associated with the threats made against Mr Khan .

Cyber con-artists purporting to represent European Commission attempted to scam local NGO

Dear Editor,As President of the National Amerindian Deve-lopment Foundation (NADF) I was pleased to find an email dated March 13, 2009 purportedly coming from Mr Louis Michel, European Commissioner for Develop-ment and Humanitarian Aid, inviting the organisation to attend a conference organized by the European Commission in London starting March 30 and concluding on April 30, 2009 .

It is unreasonable for NIS to require that senior citizens get prescriptions every three monthsfrom an ophthalmologist for glaucoma

Dear Editor,I am writing this letter to bring to the attention of the board of the NIS and the pharmacist that  March 17, on NCN there was a programme of ‘Your Health, The Nation’s Wealth .

There is now no opposition lawyer sitting on Gecom

Dear Editor,The appointment of Charles Corbin, brother of Opposition and PNCR Leader Mr Robert Corbin, to the Guyana Elections Commis-sion (Gecom), opens the latter to the accusation of nepotism .

Why not provide rest rooms at the public hospital for employees who have finished working on the late shift?

Dear Editor,A friend and myself were reflecting on the recent criminal happenings in Guyana, and one occurrence that came to mind was the rape of a nurse at the Wismar Hospital .

Can’t get money from Digicel

Dear Editor,It is with great disgust and frustration that I write seeking your assistance .

It is better to be an optimist than a pessimist and fail to do anything

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Charles Sohan’s letter in the Stabroek News of March 19 (‘The priorities on Leguan are road improvement, potable water and a reliable electricity supply’) in reponse to my letter carried in the same publication of March 16 .

Is a mall the best utilization of the site behind the Caricom Secretariat?

Dear Editor,Is it true that land behind the Caricom Secretariat has been sold to Giftland Office Max? If so was there a public tender? If my information is correct, is the construction of a mall at that site the best utilisation of the said property?Should we not have saved it for possible extension of the University of Guyana, or for that matter could we not have placed the law school there?Could the President and/or the PPP say why we are not going ahead with the establishment of the law school? Could the Chairman of the Bar Association say if they stand opposed to the establishment of a law school in Guyana .

Caribbean countries did not sign the UN declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity

Dear Editor,On March 18, 2009, The United Nations, 66 countries of the 192 member states, affirmed the UN declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity .

Why could the US justice system assemble evidence of Roger Khan’s crimes in Guyana, but he remained untouched here?

Dear Editor,I listened with increasingly rapt attention as our President addressed the Police Officers’ Annual Conference on the subject of drug trafficking and its attendant criminality in our country .

Notice to letter-writers

Stabroek News reminds writers that letters should carry a valid name and address .

An unimpressive performance from the M&CC staff

Dear Editor,As a member of the public who attended several of the sessions conducted by the Commission of Enquiry into the operations of the Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown, I had difficulty recognising the roseate picture projected by Mr Royston King of the interactions with M&CC staff, in SN of March 16 (‘Commission of Inquiry has helped City Hall’) .

Car wash bay is disturbing the peace

Dear Editor,I am a resident of Queenstown .

Al Jazeera aired a damaging story on the drug trade in Guyana

Dear Editor,A short time ago, I attended a public symposium hosted by a leading political party which gave an exposition of its views on the Israeli-Gaza conflict which was raging at the time .

Is Mrs Hoyte now receiving her pension?

Dear Editor,Pity the nation that treats the vulnerable badly .

Column is ‘a breath of fresh air’

Dear Editor,Your weekly column in Stabroek Business ‘Understanding global finances and financial institutions’ which was first published on March 6, 2009 and written by Mr Keith Evelyn is a breath of fresh air .

The information on Clarke was national security intelligence

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Michael Maxwell’s letter of March, 18, 2009 in the Stabroek News, with the caption ‘What was the information which President Jagdeo had about Clarke and which vindicated him?’National security has to do with a safe and secure environment where the spotlight is on constructing and reconstructing a flourishing, democratic, peaceful, and just society; a society that can ensure the sustainability of human rights and dignity for all Guyanese .

Problems with ‘Free after 3’ service

Dear Editor,I am writing to second the letter which appeared in your paper signed by MS Baksh (‘Cut off using Digicel’s “Free after 3”’ 18 .

Making latrines safer

Dear Editor,Pit toilets in schools can be made safer by bolting on a funnel-shaped addition from the seat going downwards .

Can Guyana never develop?

Dear Editor,The global downturn according to our leader will affect Guyana .

The Link Show will not be televised or recorded on DVD

Dear Editor,I write to thank and express my appreciation to those persons who have commented so positively on Link Show 25 .

Gardens, not zoo

Dear Editor,The captions to two photographs in your Sunday March 15 edition which said that St Gabriel’s Scouts were visiting the Zoological Park as it celebrated its 130th anniversary are misleading! British Guiana was one of the first countries in the British Empire where Scouting was introduced early in the twentieth century, and the Botanic Garden zoo was opened early in the fifties .

When will the multistakeholder process for Guyana’s forests begin?

Dear Editor,The National Forest Policy of 1997 required the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) to produce a strategic plan for the rational allocation of Guyana’s State Forests .

Were tickets for the cricket matches sold out or not?

Dear Editor,Did the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) mislead me when I purchased my tickets for the two One Day International cricket matches to be played at the National Stadium at Providence this weekend between the West Indies and England?About three weeks ago I went to the sales booth at the GCB at Bourda and requested three tickets each for the south-west stand (Green Stand) for both the first and second matches .

The priorities on Leguan are road improvement, potable water and a reliable electricity supply

Dear Editor,In response to Mr Sase Loaknauth’s letter in SN of March 16, captioned ‘An airstrip on Leguan is the right way to go,’ it appears that his long absence from Leguan has deprived him of the reality to grasp the rapid economic and social changes on the island which has been in decline for the past several years, and that construction of an airstrip on a remote part of the island is unlikely to halt the slide in the living standards of its people, despite his optimism .

The wellbeing of a people depends ultimately on the masses

Dear Editor,The Stabroek News editorial of Friday, February 13, 09, captioned ‘Grand Old Men of Guyanese diplomacy’ honoured the stars and champions of yesteryear who caused Guyana to stand out on the world’s diplomatic stage .

The RPA does not represent rice farmers as it should

Dear Editor,I wish to respond to some of the issues raised by Mr Rajpat Singh in SN on March 17 (‘Farmers should continue to educate themselves about their business’) .

Audio quality of Berbice private TV stations better than NCN

Dear Editor,The Georgetown- based businesses of recent have been sponsoring the Test matches in the night-time period .

On what basis did Dr Thomas come to the conclusion that Hand-in-Hand did not do due diligence on its Stanford investments?

Dear Editor,In your newspaper (‘Guyana and the wider world,’ Sunday Stabroek March 15, page13), Dr Clive Thomas in an article entitled ‘A crisis of credibility’ stated, “It does not augur well that the central bank let senior management of the Hand-in-Hand Trust Corporation plead that several other depositors in the Stanford Financial Group got burnt, as if this was justification for their failure to do ‘due diligence .

Let’s reclaim Guyana from the noise-makers

Dear Editor,I can empathise with Roshan Khan and residents around the Starlite Drive-in (‘Noisy shows are affecting residents,’ SN March 14) .

People are no longer invisible on the internet

Dear Editor,I wish to commend you for your publication of a most relevant article ‘Jamaica Senator’s offices searched in e-mail probe’ in your March 16 edition, taken from the Jamaica Observer .

Cut off using Digicel’s ‘Free after 3’

Dear Editor,It is really frustrating to use Digicel’s ‘Free After 3,’ and get cut off after a few minutes; You call again and you’re cut off again .

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