Minister rejected free air time offered by CNS Channel 6 to help police and Community Policing Groups

Dear Editor, Politics continues to play a role in every decision made in this country .

Environmental protection legislation is detailed and relevant

Dear Editor, I write in response to the letter in the Stabroek News of Thursday, March 12, 2009 captioned ‘Perhaps the Environmental Protection Agency mandate is too limited,’ written by Mr Tony Rampersaud .

Noisy shows are affecting residents

Dear Editor, Is it the desire of Starlite Drive-In’s management to drive the citizens of Atlantic Gardens, Happy Acres, Montrose and other areas mad? On Saturday, March 7, 2009, the Starlite Drive-In hosted a song and dance show, including sexy gyrating dancing, even with children in the compound .

Roy Ibbott pioneered the use of the ‘Log Frame’ in public sector management

Dear Editor, It is with deep regret that I mourn the death of a friend and close colleague, Dr Roy Ibbott, a great Guyanese patriot .

Camp Site washrooms are vandalised

Dear Editor, On Wednesday, March 4, 2009 around 7 .

Appointing McKoy to the Rights of the Child Commission is too much to tolerate

Dear Editor, When will this unacceptable mood of extremely poor governance end, and where will it lead us? This latest assault on decency by appointing Kwame McKoy to the Rights of the Child Commission is really a little too much for us to tolerate .

Schoolchildren are blocking the road in Anna Regina

Dear Editor, I have noticed many times, not only now, that the children of Anna Regina Multilateral School are unconcerned about how they use the road .

Guyana needs nursing homes

Dear Editor, Undoubtedly health care is of great importance, second only to our spiritual well-being .

The budget has nothing in it for workers

Dear Editor, In my four score years plus as a Guyanese I never saw a budget for Guyana and the Guyanese people which was as harsh as the one presented to us for the year 2009 .

The 2009 budget was a good one

Dear Editor, The 2009 budget that was presented by the Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh was a good one .

The farmers are right to ask that their industry be given back to them and separated from party politics

Dear Editor, As the son of a rice farmer, who has planted rice for many decades myself, I believe that the time has come when we all need to take stock of the way in which we treat farmers and in particular, rice farmers .

No response from police to complaint about threatening behaviour by teenager

Dear Editor, About a month ago, a few strangers entered the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School in New Amsterdam where I work .

Enough of the big declarations; we each must do what is necessary to stop the violence against women and children

Dear Editor, Red Thread’s drop-in/outreach centre for women and children who are in violent situations has being compiling reports from the two daily newspapers,  Kaieteur News  and Stabroek News, about incidents of abuse meted out to women and children .

President Jagdeo’s attacks on the CRNM are unstatesmanlike

Dear Editor, Silence of the Lambs?  While Caricom leaders remain silent, probably because of tactful diplomacy and their disgust and shame in relation to one of their colleagues, President Jagdeo continues his wanton and unwarranted attacks on the Caribbean Regional Negot-iating Machinery (CRNM) and its competent officials .

To debate whether Burnham or Jagan made a greater contribution is a waste of time

Dear Editor, As the debate over who is the father of this nation continues, my view on this matter is that for me the father of Guyanese is the Almighty God, God of the Universe .

The extent of electricity theft is shocking

Dear Editor, Indeed I am shocked at the extent of electricity theft in Guyana as reported in the print and electronic media .

Comments on the polygraph test were ‘misrepresented’

Dear Editor Recently there has been a lot of publicity given to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) on the use of the polygraph test for various levels of officers of the entity in your newspaper .

Remembering Dr Roy Ibbott

Dear Editor, It was easy to hate Dr Roy Ibbott .

Perhaps the Environmental Protection Agency mandate is too limited

Dear Editor, I have read the letter written by the residents of the Albion Front community captioned ‘Noise Nuisance has continued for three years’ and the response provided by Mr Doorga Persaud, the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, published in Stabroek News on February 26, 2009 and February 28, 2009, respectively, and wish to make a contribution .

Can’t Link Show 25 be televised?

Dear Editor, I said in the past that music is definitely good for the heart and I would now like to make an addition, which is humour .

Majoritarian government is the worst form of democracy for Guyana

Dear Editor, We in Guyana, like everywhere else on the planet, live by a ‘social contract .

Delays in mail delivery are caused by factors outside the control of the Guyana Post Office

Dear Editor,Thank you for requesting the Postmaster General’s comments to the issue(s) raised in a letter sent by D Howells captioned ‘Why does mail to and from Guyana take so long to arrive?’ (SN 21 .

GRA was aware of the foreign-registered vehicles in Lethem and was drafting a policy relating to them

Dear Editor,Following several articles in the media on Venezuelan vehicles in Region 9, the latest being in the KN on March 9, I find it necessary to break my silence on this issue .

Can’t get NIS pension

Dear Editor,My sixtieth birthday was observed in July 2006, and to date I have not received any NIS pension, despite several frustrating visits to the NIS office at Anna Regina .

An airstrip on Leguan could expose the residents there to a floodgate of criminal activity

Dear Editor,In SN of March 8, an advertisement was put out by the Ministry of Public Works & Communication (MPWC) inviting applicants who have lands measuring approximately 3000 ft long by 300 ft wide for sale on the island of Leguan for the construction of an airstrip .

Fighting corruption requires institutional reform not polygraph tests

Dear Editor,I am amused that the President and certain agencies are promoting polygraph testing as a panacea for combating corruption in the public sector .

Yupukari staged a Mashramani celebration this year

Dear Editor,When the village of Katoka was smaller in population, I observed how my village elders came together to help each other in building their houses or in farming generally .

Why do our circumstances not allow discussion without political rancor?

Dear Editor, There is currently an accusatory but essentially pointless discourse in some of our dailies, which, if memory serves correctly, began between John da Silva and Donald Isaacs (KN 3 .

‘Pelting’ not ‘chucking’

Dear Editor, In my long, long, long-ago cricketing and newspaper-writing days, it was clear to me when a bowler was pelting, and I used to have no hesitation in saying that the bowler was pelting .

Government’s handling of CLICO leaves much to be desired

Dear Editor, The government’s handling of the CLICO situation leaves much to be desired .

Phagwah is celebrated similarly in India, Guyana and NY

Dear Editor, A group of Guyanese left NY to celebrate Phagwah in India .

Seaman who lost legs should be given urgent help

Dear Editor, I read a very heartrending story a few days ago in your newspaper .

Road from Wauna to Mabaruma airstrip in a bad state

Dear Editor,Our roads have deteriorated and are in such a terrible state in some parts, that when the rain falls they are almost impassable .

What was the capitalization status of the financial sector at the end of February 2009?

Dear Editor,In the March 5, 2009 Stabroek News article titled ‘Bank of Guyana says financial sector adequately capitalized at Dec 2008’ the Bank of Guyana in response to purported continued deliberate attempts to mislead the public on the health of the financial system made it abundantly clear that Guyana’s financial sector was adequately capitalized until the end of December 2008 .

Telephone problems at La Grange

Dear Editor,I am a resident of La Grange West Bank Demerara and I am a customer of GT&T .

Unsung heroes

Dear Editor,Recently, a letter writer sought to remind us of an unsung hero, one Mr .

The government has never had a five or ten-year economic recovery plan

Dear Editor,Almost ten years ago, on August 8, 1999, to be exact, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo took over the Guyana presidency from Mrs Janet Jagan, who served from December 1997 after successfully leading her party’s A-Team comprising herself, Mr Jagdeo and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, in a tensely waged election fight against the PNC .

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