The Baishanlin letter did not mention the words ‘environment’ or ‘nature’ once

Dear Editor, Please refer to a letter which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of Wednesday September 3, by Chairman Chu Wenze captioned ‘Baishanlin recognizes it has a responsibility to the Guyanese people.’ We wish to make two points: – First, the first five words of that letter ‘BaiShanlin International Forest Development Inc’ seem to be in direct contradiction to the rest of it.

Why have the animals from a herd in Success not been impounded?

Dear Editor, We read in another national publication with interest and dismay that the “Home Affairs Ministry wishes to report that a total of 255 animals were impounded during the month of August in pounds in A, B, C and D Police Divisions.” Could the learned Minister let us know how many of those animals were from a specific herd that is reared in the middle of Success village on the East Coast of Demerara.

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