Amerindian Affairs Minister to discuss development issues with Orealla residents this month

Dear Editor, Orealla, a village on the eastern boundary of Guyana with Suriname is accessible only by boat .

The solution to the African land problem lies with the politicians not the courts

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter captioned ‘Clarifying misconceptions’ about ancestral lands (KN) July 18, in which R Edmonds purports to educate us on ancestral lands .

If the police cannot solve serious crimes then get help from a foreign police force

Dear Editor, Why are there so many unsolved crimes in Guyana, especially high-profile murders?  Something is definitely wrong with the Guyana Police Force .

‘Two beers’ is two too many

Dear Editor, Two beers are too much .

We don’t need big buses; we need a functioning traffic system

Dear Editor, The appeal made by H .

Regardless of what is accepted as Guyanese culture, it needs to be addressed if detrimental to the society

Dear Editor, I refer to the article ‘Two-beer attracts objections from some road users’ published in the July 29 issue of Kaieteur News .

Success Public Road drain overgrown

Dear Editor, I write to express grave concern at the fact that the drainage system parallel to the Success Public Road has not been cleared for a prolonged period .

There are several reasons an aircraft turbine engine could be damaged on start-up

Dear Editor, In response to some of the letter-writers in the Chronicle who have written about the Bell 206 helicopter, the facts are that a newly acquired aircraft which costs the Guyana people millions was sitting in the Tacama savannahs and the cause of its malfunction is still being investigated .

Minibus operators treat commuters with disrespect; government should speed up acquisition of big buses

Dear Editor, The government should speed up the acquisition of the big buses .

Where is the evidence about NACTA?

Dear Editor, Someone by the name of Vassan Ramracha has decided to come to the rescue of Vishnu Bisram (SN, July 29 ‘Vishnu Bisram is a teacher’) .

Message to bandits

Dear Editor, I noted a few days ago about thirteen of us were in line at a bank .

Sewage overflow in Werk-en-Rust

Dear Editor, It has been in excess of two weeks that the community of Werk-en-Rust has been experiencing overflows of sewage and effluent from the sewerage system .

After 44 years West Dam, Vryheid’s North, is still a mud dam

Dear Editor, The residents of West Dam Vryheid’s North, East Coast Demerara, once a squatting area, have lived here since 1964 with our families .

Republic Bank has given a facelift to Regent Street

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate Republic Bank on the construction of the new Camp Street location .

Tucville taps are almost dry

Dear Editor, I am a resident of Tucville .

The Minister of Finance should not be given the power to grant tax holidays through his own administrative decision

Dear Editor, Bill #14 of 2008 will allow the Minister of Finance to grant tax holidays to value-added wood processing (Christopher Ram’s column ‘The role of the Privatisation Unit in the QAII deal,’ Sunday Stabroek ‘Business Page,’ July 27, 2008) .

The GGMC has granted mining concessions in lands traditionally used by the Wapishana without informing the village councils

Dear Editor, Recently, a case study in relation to the Convention of Biological Diversity (Article 10 (c)), was presented in Georgetown .

Miners in Micobie have not left village lands despite instructions from the village council and cease work orders from GGMC

Dear Editor, I am a resident of the Micobie Amerindian Village of the lower Potaro river .

The wet land either side of the road in No 19 Village, Berbice, should be protected

Dear Editor, In tandem with the much anticipated completion of the Berbice River bridge, may I suggest two areas for further development and hope that they would reach the intended audience, the individuals in charge of growth and development in Guyana, and in particular, in the Berbice region .

The compound occupied by QAII is now in productive use and responsible for new manufacturing jobs, which was the purpose of the Ruimveldt Industrial Estate

Dear Editor,  Much has been written recently about the Queens Atlantic Investment/Sanata Complex divestment, most of it seeking to paint the government in an unflattering light .

Too many cooks

Dear Editor, I refer to the statement attributed to Sir Allen Stanford that there are two many cooks in the West Indies Cricket Board’s kitchen .

Let the government begin the tender process for the big buses

Dear Editor, I urge this government to commence the tender process to import the buses they have spoken about .

Leaders should be open-minded

Dear Editor,  Our leaders should be open-minded .

Annai students performed well in art competitions

Dear Editor, I noted that once again students of Annai Secondary School have performed excellently at a national art competition .

Niles’s death reminds us of dangerous trends which are developing

Dear Editor,      I refer to Mr T King’s letter captioned ‘Prisoner said he found bullets at army camp’ (GC July 26) in response to a letter by me seeking clarification on the government’s position on torture (SN July 25) .

Vishnu Bisram is a teacher

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to a number of serious allegations levelled against NACTA and internationally reputed pollster and NY licensed teacher Vishnu Bisram by UG lecturer Freddie Kissoon in column captioned ‘Mr Bismuth Bisram in Grenada is due in Guyana’ (KN Jul 10) as well as in a series of other columns and letters published in KN and Stabroek News .

Websites should be frequently updated

Dear Editor, I noted the announcement in the newspapers about the launch of a website for a popular funeral home .

Pedestrians are irresponsible on the road

Dear Editor,It is always distressing to see pedestrians cross the road when the pedestrian light in front of them is unmistakably displaying red .

How did Guysuco do in 2007?

Dear Editor,I do not recall seeing our largest public corporation Guysuco publishing its accounts in the print media for the year ended 2007 .

Wrongly attributed to Privatisation Board

Dear Editor, As a result of an error in the reproduction of Business Page in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek, the third para-graph misplaced the title of the Paper prepared and circulated by Mr .

The GSPCA does not charge for spaying and neutering

Dear Editor,Please allow the GSPCA Executive Committee to thank Ms Syeada Manbodh for her recent letter highlighting one of the Animal Clinic’s primary activities, viz, a “free spay and neuter programme” (‘The GSPCA has a “free spay and neuter programme”’ SN 13 .

Report only serves to demoralize Joint Services

Dear Editor,I refer to the report ‘Lindo Creek massacre - Fineman story came from two women on hijacked bus –police’ in SN  (July 25) .

Proppants expert has made no offer to the government

Dear Editor,I refer to your letter of July 10 by Vishnu Bisram titled: ‘Government should take up offer from expatriate Guyanese with expertise in proppants used in oil drilling .

Management of the proposed big buses should not just be in the hands of governement

Dear Editor,The government’s idea of bringing back the big buses to provide public transportation is a good one .

No information forthcoming about Amerindian Heritage Month activities

Dear Editor,September, a month usually associated with the celebration of Amerindian culture and history throughout Guyana, is fast approaching and to date little or no information has been forthcoming as to the activities for this year .

Let better sense and timing prevail

Dear Editor,Over the past months, I have been reading, with deep consternation, several stories, letters, readers’ comments, etc, in the newspapers on issues relating to our track and field community .

If we plant, we shall eat

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr R Williams’s letter in KN of July 24 (‘This is a “must read”’) .

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