The new ID cards will carry security features not visible to the naked eye

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter titled ‘What will the new ID card have that will make it superior to the existing ID card?’ (Guyana Times April 5) in the name of Clement Bacchus .

Residents should work together to combat noise nuisance

Dear Editor,With reference to various letters to the press and a recent one by Mr Leon Suseran (‘Has anyone been successful in prosecuting noise-makers?’ GC April 14), enquiring whether anyone was ever successful in prosecuting noise nuisance, please be advised that after careful investigation I found that Senior Counsel Rex McKay took action against the Georgetown Cricket Club and was successful .

Animals are sentient beings

Dear Editor,The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) jointly with the Humane Society International (HSI) held their annual global educational and training conference from April 6-9 on animal care and protection .

An investigation into Clico and Globe Trust should be welcomed

Dear Editor,The report that President Jagdeo will agree to an investigation into what transpired at Clico only if there is a corresponding investigation into the affairs of Globe Trust should be welcomed .

Dr Bacchus made his mark on the medical profession

Dear Editor,I am deeply saddened by the passing of Dr M Y Bacchus .

The Guyana Stockfeeds Inc Board of Directors is independent

Dear Editor,I have recently read in your edition of April 10, 2009 (‘What is the level of related party transactions between Guyana Stockfeeds Inc and Mr Robert Badal?’), what seems to be a comment on my earlier letter decrying the journalism of Adam Harris and Kaieteur News (see KN’s edition of April 5 2009) by Ms Marcia Nadir-Sharma, in which the writer is questioning the level and number of related party transactions between a company in which I am the majority shareholder Guyana Stockfeeds Inc (GSI), and me .

Deposits miscalculated

Dear Editor,In my letter published in Stabroek News of August 13, captioned ‘It is not too late for President to honour promises to Globe Trust depositors,’ I wrongly calculated the value of the 5,404 deposits of Globe Trust with balances up to $100,000 as $540 .

What did Hand-in-Hand do by way of due diligence?

Dear Editor,I thank you for publishing my letter on March 26, 2009 (‘The Bank of Guyana must improve its monitoring and inspection activities…’) drawing attention to the unhealthy relationships existing among Clico, NIS, New Building Society (NBS), Hand-in-Hand Trust and the Berbice Bridge Company and their unsafe, imprudent, sometimes illegal investment actions which have already resulted in the loss of billions of other people’s money in the Stanford Ponzi scheme and Duprey’s greedy expansion plans, and placed at risk billions invested in a bridge .

Women are also guilty

Dear Editor,Ms C Springer, your Editor, from her chair in the newsroom asserts for my instruction that “domestic violence exists in all races, classes and in every sector of society .

No religious Easter photos in the newspapers

Dear Editor,Have the daily newspapers boycotted the publicizing of the traditional celebrations of Good Friday and Easter, and perhaps even Palm Sunday? In years past, I can recall newspapers, especially the Stabroek News publishing pictures of Palm Sunday processions from Georgetown and photos of Good Friday services as well − nothing this year .

There is no uniquely guilty sex/gender

Dear Editor,How do societies generate abusive behaviour on a scale that takes it out of the range of the individual aberration? And at what point does abuse targeting identifiable groups become a cultural trait with measurable occurrence rates, a victim profile and a narrative with the justifications and explanations that facilitate its perpetuation?These are the questions that lay unsatisfied, as one reads an article by Ms Cheryl Springer entitled ‘Multi-faceted response to violence against women needed .

The flood problem of the conservancy was considered 58 years ago

Dear Editor,Someone said that if we forget our past, history will repeat itself .

The proponents of uranium mining should look at reviews of uranium mines around the world

Dear Editor,Some discomfort was signalled by an opinion given in a letter titled ‘Guyana should exploit its natural resources’ of April 11, 2009 in the Stabroek News .

Moldova become the 24th country to abolish the corporal punishment of children

Dear Editor,The Eastern European state of Moldova (population 4 .

Definitive perceptions

Dear Editor,Mr Eusi Kwayana’s letter in Stabroek News of April 1 captioned ‘Reflection on Mrs Jagan’s passing’ reduces Mrs Jagan’s story to a bipolar prism as seen by her supporters and her opponents .

Publish photos of hazards to incite action

Dear Editor,A picture is worth more than a thousand words .

Media houses are giving greater weight to rights than responsibilities resulting in a growing abuse of press freedom

Dear Editor,Over the last several years, Guyana witnessed two resurrections of media code of conduct seminars/workshops − more like media reunions − to bring some kind of sanity to election coverage and to enhance professionalism among journalists .

Letter to Sport Editor

MVP award in basketball tournament was fair Dear Editor,I refer to a letter in SN, April 8, 2009 by Mr Linden Alphonso, President of Royal Basketball Club pertaining to his player Dwayne Roberts (Brown Sugar) (‘Why was Dwayne Roberts not named the most valued player of the basketball tournament?’) .

It’s not too late for President to honour promise to Globe Trust depositors

Dear Editor,The Kaieteur News of Thursday April 9, 2009 reported the Office of the President (OP) as stating that I and other (sic) directors of Globe Trust blocked payout of up to $100,000 each to 5,404 depositors of the financial institution .

Use the lotto money to rehabilitate Le Repentir

Dear Editor,In 2006, I wrote a letter asking, among other things, why it is that Guyanese have allowed the Le Repentir to deteriorate to its current despicable state (‘Le Repentir is in a disgraceful state,’ SN 25 .

Consultants designing the Hope Canal should provide a Performance Bid Bond

Dear Editor,I refer to several recent letters in SN re the proposed Hope Canal Project, especially the one from the residents in the Dochfour/Ann’s Grove/Hope areas (‘A feasibility study should be undertaken to demonstrate whether or not the Hope Canal is the best option to deal with the conservancy problem,’ SN 1 .

Spray-painting in residential area causing discomfort to community

Dear Editor,I have being living in Cornelia Ida Block ‘N’ new housing scheme − a residential area − for over 10 years .

Queenstown road blocked by sand

Dear Editor,I am writing to draw attention to the disgraceful mess which is being made at the corner of Crown and Oronoque Streets in Queenstown by a building contractor .

Burnham’s self-help thrust fostered a true spirit of camaraderie

Dear Editor,As a middle-level government bureaucrat from 1972 to 1976, I admired many of the economic policies of former President Forbes Burnham .

Earnings from fees

Dear Editor,I have always been of the opinion that most banks are rapacious .

It was the Government of Guyana and the parliamentary political parties which agreed to the preparation of a Register of Registrants Database by house-to-house registration; GECOM’s role was to carry out this mandate

Dear Editor,The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) takes this opportunity to respond to the editorial titled ‘National ID Cards,’ which was published in the Guyana Times of Wednesday, April 1, 2009 .

Dogs were tied in inhumane fashion

Dear Editor,Prime News had a story about two dogs that were tied up in an inhumane way not too far from the GSPCA .

What is the level of related party transactions between Guyana Stockfeeds Inc and Mr Robert Badal?

Dear Editor,It was interesting to read Mr Badal’s letter published in SN on April 6, 2009 and titled‘Not a party to court proceedings initiated by NICIL .

Guyana should exploit its mineral resources

Dear Editor,I was amused by Mr Patrick Barker’s letter of April 2 about talks to commence uranium mining in Guyana (‘Guyana should say no to uranium mining’) .

Janet Jagan was an asset to our land

Dear Editor,Guyana is mourning .

Cleopatra and Spartacus are not Biblical movies

Dear Editor,Details of Jesus’s death have been brought out in some way or the other through the Biblical movies which have been airing on various TV stations during this Lenten season .

Can the Congress Party win again in India?

Dear Editor,India goes to the polls on April 16 in the first of five phases for its general elections .

There needs to be a monumental effort for change

Dear Editor,As the dust settles after the loss of an enduring and prominent person, who made Guyana not only her home but her life − Mrs Janet Jagan OE − it is useful to recall the stirring plea made by her son Joey, that is, a hope that her passing will allow the party leaders she worked with for three generations, to ponder and to effectuate meaningful change .

Does the GRA ever respond to claims by taxpayers?

Dear Editor,I must commend the Guyana Revenue Authority for the progress it has made to update its system relative to the issuance of revenue licences .

Ministry of Human Services should have seen single parents’ need as a community problem

Dear Editor,As a person who strongly opposes abortion, I have a deep respect for single parents .

Pedestrians have no rights

Dear Editor,Almost everybody is demanding his or her rights − women, children, workers, consumers, etc .

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