Olga Bone worked to see Guyanese children got an education

Dear Editor,Recently two highly respected women passed on, firstly our very own Olga Bone an educator for most of her life .

Congratulations to Ms Boyd

Dear Editor,Now that the much hyped Cellink Jingle and Song Competition has concluded and Ms Boyd was announced the winner, I would like to congratulate  her on her achievement .

Mr Corbin should note that President Obama has refused to recognize the de facto Honduran government

Dear Editor,Reporter, Bert Wilkinson, writing for the IPS news service (August 4), says Guyana is being run by a “Hindu-led” PPP government .

The core assumptions of the LCDS document are flawed

Dear Editor,With reference to the letter from Mr Michael E .

It is not the age of an activist which matters; it is whether what they say makes sense and has modern relevance

Dear Editor,When Rakesh Rampertab wrote his letter in which he opined that Guyana needs new thinkers and writers (‘Guyana needs a new group of thinkers and writers,’ SN, July 18), I replied (‘Some of the new blood is worse than the old’ (SN, July 20) .

One-stop-shop programme in Linden was a success

Dear Editor,I am a resident of Linden and was at the One-stop-shop programme held in Linden .

Group working behind scenes for a Nagamootoo presidential candidacy

Dear Editor,Some time ago I read a letter asking ‘Who will the PPP field as its presidential candidate?’ He went on to suggest that there were two groups actively at work, one for Donald Ramotar and the other for Dr Frank Anthony .

The government continues to commit to Amerindian development

Dear Editor,They had travelled from all ten regions across Guyana to the capital – 157 of them, some from the most remote parts of Guyana and over difficult terrain .

The government needs a diversification plan for the sugar industry

Dear Editor,The sugar corporation registered a loss of $4 .

In Jamaica Minister Hibbert did the principled thing and resigned

Dear Editor, As our country follows the daily revelations coming out of a courtroom in New York with bated breath, appalled at the allegations levelled against the government in general and a minister in particular, the rest of the world is observing how we as a nation will respond to this crisis .

As an initial step we need to understand and attempt to resolve the concerns of the contending sides

Dear Editor,The PPP/C has sufficiently reminded us of the late President Desmond Hoyte’s resort to ‘kith and kin’ politics during the 1997 elections and that party’s more recent ‘slow fire, more fire’ outpourings .

Not everyone relies on the word of an admitted gangster

Dear Editor,New York press coverage of the Brooklyn trial that many here seem to think spells trouble for the government hardly ever mentions the name, Guyana .

It is for the media to report what is relevant to Guyana in the Simels’ trial

Dear Editor,With the case against Robert Simels just about to go to the jury please allow me the opportunity to point out what I believe to be the salient issue of this trial .

Debates about the business and procedures of the National Assembly should be determined in the assembly

Dear Editor, I refer to Mr Winston Murray’s second letter in your edition of August 6, 2009 under the caption ‘There was a breach of Standing Order 57(2) .

The LCDS website is not complying with the process document for communications about LCDS

Dear Editor,In its partial replv (‘Correcting errors of fact,’ GC, August 3) the Office of Climate Change (OCC) in the Office of the President says that I “have not submitted any ideas or suggestions for the purpose of improving the Strategy .

Given the volume of traffic Guyana has to start building highways

Dear Editor,I have just returned from Guyana to New York .

McPherson was a perfectionist

Dear Editor,In the basketball community, there’s been much controversy surrounding the late Colonel Godwin McPherson .

If the government has nothing to hide then let the truth be told by an investigation

Dear Editor,The reluctance to have an open dialogue in parliament on the Roger Khan saga exemplifies the need for changes in the current system of governance in Guyana .

Garbage everywhere reflects how we see and treat ourselves

Dear Editor,I found your last week’s Stabroek Business quite engaging because four of the matters you addressed are very close to my current persuasions .

Guyanese must resist the temptation to call on external bodies to solve the current problems

Dear Editor,A growing cloud of skepticism is engulfing the government concerning its ability to function with any legitimacy because of the daily revelations coming out of the Robert Simels trial in federal court in Brooklyn, NY .

Did not say the LCDS would adversely affect small and medium-scale mining

Dear Editor,I would like to correct a serious mistake made by your reporter in an article in SN of your Sunday, August 2, edition, under the heading ‘Mercury in mining will have to go - Jagdeo .

Two sets of spy equipment?

Dear Editor,The insistence of Com-missioner of Police, Mr Henry Greene, that the police have in their possession spy equipment may have merit .

George Bacchus was a credible witness

Dear Editor,Monday’s editorial ‘Phantom collaboration?’ was well written and provides a primer for readers who are seeking to get familiar with the Roger Khan saga for the first time .

People are no longer more important than sugar estates

Dear Editor,It is perplexing, and at the same time instructive, that a simple resignation from an organisation should make news to the extent that it invites letters to the editor .

There was a breach of Standing Order 57(2)

Dear Editor,I have read Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mr Ralph Ramkarran’s response (‘Standing Order 103(8) was not violated because it did not apply’ SN, August 5) to my letter published in your edition of August 1, 2009 (‘This was an obvious and serious violation of the Standing Orders’) .

The combined opposition should try to establish the veracity of the allegations

Dear Editor,“There is a tide in the affairs of men .

Errors of fact in letters on LCDS

Dear Editor,We, The Office of Climate Change, Office of the President, have taken notice of several letters on Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) in the letters column of Stabroek News .

Kyle Joseph of Aishalton placed 17th in the country at the Grade 6 Assessment

Dear Editor,Let me congratulate the Region 9’s top student, Kyle Joseph of Aishalton, who got 557 marks which placed him17th in the country overall .

A technical denial?

Dear Editor,M .

What is the Commissioner of Police waiting for?

Dear Editor,For Guyanese at home and abroad, the trial in New York has raised all kinds of questions that simply cannot or will not disappear because the Government of Guyana angrily says they should .

Standing Order 103(8) was not violated because it did not apply

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Winston Murray’s letter published on August 1, 2009, captioned: ‘This was an obvious and serious violation of the Standing Orders .

Roadway signs in Linden removed without knowledge of local government

Dear Editor,I was most dismayed to observe on my way into Linden on Wednesday, July 29, that all of the signs on the verge of the roadway that usually greet persons entering this township were being cut down and loaded onto a truck .

Why is Mr Woolford suddenly the focus of the government’s ire?

Dear Editor,Ever since the Roger Khan saga started playing out in a Brooklyn, New York court two years ago, Mr Enrico Woolford of Capitol News has been providing Guyanese at home and abroad with a valuable service by way of news updates, and not once during his reportage out of New York have I ever read where the President or his government was outraged at Mr Woolford’s straightforward reporting of an event that has been covered by other reporters for other New York media houses .

The spy equipment could not have been purchased without the approval of the government unless someone orchestrated a forgery

Dear Editor,The Government of Guyana (GOG) continues to deny the purchase or importation of the spy equipment .

It is never ‘okay’ for governments to act illegally

Dear Editor, The Minister of Health has accused certain sections of the media of sensationalizing the revelations made by Selwyn Vaughn during his recent testimony in a New York court .

Can’t get GT&T to move antenna

Dear Editor,I used to receive a landline service from an antenna which was attached to my neighbour’s house .

Government is on the defensive

Dear Editor,The Government of Guyana as reported in both the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News of August 1, is on the defensive and is denying purchasing the spy equipment CSM Laptop Model No .

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