Enthused about police ‘partnerships’ with communities

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force has now inaugurated a programme by which the divisions around the country are having consultations with the various sectors of the society within their jurisdiction to form “partnerships” which they feel would lead to the development of a mutual effort in the execution of their functions.

Making the change

Dear Editor,   Guyana is indebted to both the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News for their diligent, independent reporting, without which we surely would have been duped by the PPP.

Guyana is no longer a beautiful place to live in

Dear Editor, The headlines in Stabroek News on Wednesday, January 29, read ‘Top Cop sweeps No 51 station clean.’ Sincere congratulations to the people of No 48 village and surrounding communities  for fighting for their rights and winning, and shame on Commissioner Brumell and Home Affairs Minister Rohee for so shamelessly showing the whole country that whatever PM Sam Hinds writes in his long letters to the press, for the PPP/C  ‘all a we is not one.’ Editor, I wish to draw your attention back to the Colwyn Harding story in which he (Colwyn) alleged that a policeman sodomised him with a baton.