The ban on Mavado should remain

Dear Editor,With reference to the letter by Jason Abdulla (‘Artistes cannot be blamed for the irresponsible actions of a few of their followers’ SN, September 12), let me maintain my call for the banning of Mavado .

The government sees criticism as a challenge to its authority

Dear Editor,The PPP has rightly and loudly proclaimed that with their victory in the 1992 elections, democracy was restored to Guyana .

The Berbice Bar Association is not functioning

Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your paper to voice a very controversial issue .

Electricity is a great opportunity for private sector but needs right investment climate

Dear Editor, This letter is in response to the letter captioned `GPL has a rolling five-year Development and Expansion Programme’ which was published by Stabroek News on September 12, 2009 .

Aquifer water sometimes has a high iron content which gives it an orange colour when in contact with air

Dear Editor, Guyana Water Incorporat-ed wishes to respond to a letter in Kaieteur News, dated September 6, 2009, and titled ‘Water meter officials doing a lousy job .

Security guard was most helpful

Dear Editor, Earlier this year, I went to the VAT administration building at Charlotte and Albert Streets, to which the Registry has been transferred from the GPO building .

SN did not follow protocol in publishing findings of Bisram’s July poll

Dear Editor, I am replying to the editor’s note attached to a letter by Dr Anand Daljeet of Canada who suggested that the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News adopt a protocol for the publication of polls .

Two sets of rules

Dear Editor, The PPP/C government decision to support the dismissal of Superintendent of Police Simon McBean is a clear indication that the Jagdeo/PPPC government is destroying the fabric of the Guyanese society with its discriminatory practices and the selective application of the laws .

The dismissal of McBean was a consequence of small-minded politics

Dear Editor, The case of now-fired police superintendent, Mr Simon McBean, has to go down in political history as one of the most stupid and uncaring decisions I have seen in Guyana .

GPL has a rolling five-year Development and Expansion Programme

Dear Editor, We note with interest columns dealing with GPL and the electricity situation in the September 1 and 4 issues of the Stabroek News and though that there is need for us to contribute to the discussion .

Trucks and equipment occupying parapet

Dear Editor, I am writing to you because I feel thoroughly disgusted and upset at what appears to me to be a blatant disregard of laws in this Garden City of ours .

There will always be good, honest servicemen

Dear Editor, The image of the Joint Services has been tainted with the theft from and murder of Mr Ramdass .

Artistes cannot be blamed for the irresponsible actions of a few of their followers

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter by Norman Browne which appeared in the September 10 edition of the Stabroek News, titled ‘Mavado should not be allowed to perform in Guyana .

Foreign interference?

Dear Editor, With regard to Dr Randy Persaud’s letter captioned ‘Foreigners cannot interfere in the internal political affairs of a country’ (SN, September 10), are we to believe that Jimmy Carter is a Guyanese citizen? And are we to believe that the late Ted Kennedy was a Guyanese citizen? Yours faithfully, Kassem Baksh .

No one looks at life the same way after 9/11

Dear Editor, Maybe if one of our loved ones called us from a commercial airliner to tell us that the plane that they are in is about to be part of a mass terror plot and suicide mission then we would feel what the families of the deceased of the September 11 attacks felt, and undoubtedly still feel even today eight years later .

A fundamental self-deception

Dear Editor, It is clear that Mr Isaacs and Mr John play on different fields – two separate newspapers – a curious but not insignificant indicator of character (with an assassination component) .

Amerindians need to develop their specific political organization and agenda

Dear Editor, On March 6 and 10, 1778 the first Great Durbar of Indians was held at Fort Island between Amerindian and government representatives .

Mavado should not be allowed to perform in Guyana

Dear Editor, I have said all there is to be said, in previous letters, on the subject of Mavado performing in Guyana .

In rejecting Winston Murray as leader the PNCR missed a great opportunity

Dear Editor, I am not in the habit of writing letters to the press but occasionally, just occasionally, one sees an item which makes a response imperative .

Wrong photo

Dear Editor, US, World and Olympic medalist, Allison Felix’s photo was posted in your September 9 issue of the sports section when it should have been the image of Jamaican Veronica Campbell Brown .

No water in Strathspey pipelines

Dear Editor, The residents of Strathspey, Area ‘G,’ East Coast Demerara have not been receiving water through their pipes since July 2009 and there seem to be no answers coming forth from the management of the GWI Melanie office .

Dubious earlier links

Dear Editor, The PNCR says it relationship with the American created Mormon Church is one that helps the destitute in Guyanese society .

Absence of the rule of law is causing social breakdown

Dear Editor, It does not have to be this way .

‘A specious and demeaning editorial’

Dear Editor, It is not my intention to enter into a polemic with people who buy gallons of ink and tons of newsprint to print and publish newspapers that distort the truth and peddle falsehoods as a business on a daily basis .

People need to invest in farming as a business not as subsistence

Dear Editor, Being the consummate optimist, I always believe things are good and will only get better .

Foreigners cannot interfere in the internal political affairs of a country

Dear Editor, Allow me to respond to Bibi K Nandram’s ‘The real reason for the Mormons being expelled” (KN, September 9) .

There has been a shift in Mavado’s lyrics and he is now accepted around the world

Dear Editor, The decision by those in authority to rescind the ban imposed on Jamaican artiste, David Brooks, aka Mavado seems to have irked quite a few, judging by a letter in the local press (‘The government should not have lifted the ban on Mavado’ SN, September 9) .

Mr Ramdin was not at Miami meeting; Ms Holder was

Dear Editor, I am replying to Annan Boodram’s letter (‘No discussion held on Bisram’s performance, qualifications or expertise at campaign finance meeting in Miami’ SN, September 8) .

Bernard Coard should not have been released

Dear Editor, The release of Bernard Coard and his associates from prison in Grenada is a slap in the face of all West Indians who believe in justice, democracy and good over evil .

‘No-parking’ in the Avenue of the Republic area should apply to public transportation only

Dear Editor, Planning is worthless, unless there is a vision .

The government should not have lifted the ban on Mavado

Dear Editor, The news that singer David Brooks aka Mavado will be performing in Guyana comes as a shock after the ban imposed last year by the Minister of Home Affairs in Guyana, and following the trend in other Caribbean countries to reject the violence which is being perpetuated in popular music in the name of Caribbean culture .

There should be a protocol for pollsters

Dear Editor, The majority of the Guyanese public depends on the independent presses of Kaieteur News (KN) and Stabroek News (SN) for non-partisan journalism and integrity of published reports .

Lights at Lamaha and Albert Streets should not be left in flashing mode

Dear Editor, Because of the number of schools in the area, the intersection of Lamaha and Albert Streets is one of the busiest in the city .

Citizens should voice their support for Asst Supt McBean

Dear Editor, I am asking all decent law-abiding citizens to voice their support for Assistant Superintendent McBean .

There should be a civilian review board for all police killings

Dear Editor, Prior to penning your editorial captioned, ‘Do the police shoot to kill?’ it would have been prudent to do some research on the regulations governing the use of force by law enforcement officers the world over .

Other attendees at Miami meeting said Bisram was not discussed

Dear Editor, With regard to Freddie Kissoon’s letter captioned ‘OAS meeting on Bisram’s polling did take place’ (SN, September 5) I write knowing fully well that regardless of the amount of evidence  presented to debunk the false claims of Mr Kissoon, he will still maintain he is right or come up with other flimsy excuses .

Story with a difference

Dear Editor, There is additional joy when journalists highlight challenging stories or bring us stories with a difference .

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