The Normalizing Committee should not be stifled

Dear Editor, Football in Guyana was on the verge of reaching its apex with Christopher Matthias at its helm. The ideas, vision and direction he was charting would have elevated football, and its signs of development would have shown wherever this magnificent game is played in this land.

Hoyte’s medical expenses were not paid for by government

Dear Editor, I refer to Sunday Stabroek editorial of March 1, 2015, paragraph six of which reads as follows: “Just to put things into context, in a letter to this newspaper in 2011, the Prime Minister wrote: ‘The records would show that the coverage for medical care was another discretion extended humanely, and provided to every single former president.’ He was referring to Arthur Chung and Desmond Hoyte, the latter of whom had a coronary bypass.” I am sure that the Prime Minister intended to submit an accurate record of all the former presidents who had benefited from the assistance of the government in covering their medical expenses.

Culture cannot be separated from religion

Dear Editor, In his comments appearing in the letter column of Stabroek News on March 10, regarding the letters of Ms Shivanie Rampersaud and Mr Sharma Solomon on Phagwah, Mr Devanand Bhagwan mentioned, among other things, that, “Holi (Phagwah) is a cultural celebration, not a religious one,” and, “there is little religious significance in the celebration of Holi.” He then proceeded to give a lesson on the origin and use of the words ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindustani’ (‘Phagwah is a cultural rather than a religious celebration’).

The Crum-Ewing case has taken people’s curiosity to a whole new level

Dear Editor, Like US-based Guyanese political activist and commentator, Dr David Hinds, (`Since when did calling on people not to retaliate become incitement to violence?’ SN, March 15), I was nonplussed by the Guyana Police Force’s letter under the hands of its PRO, Ivelaw Whittaker, urging that Dr Hinds cease and desist from using his call for no violent retaliation to Courtney Crum-Ewing’s death to actually incite violence.

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