Why did GAIBANK never approach the government to make good foreign exchange losses?

Dear Editor, I wish to respond to a letter by C Kenrick Hunte, appearing in the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News of January 5 under the caption in SN, “Where is Minister Persaud’s evidence of GAIBANK mismanagement and misuse of funds?” The alleged inaccuracy was carried in a Kaieteur News article dated January 4, captioned ‘$220M small farmers credit programme kick started,’ where it was reported that Minister Persaud referred to, “…the defunct Guyana Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank (GAIBANK) which was established to lend to the farming community of Guyana but the funds were misused forcing the institution to now close.” I submit the following in support of Minister Persaud’s contention, the details of which can be provided, if necessary, by the Guyana National Cooperative Bank which is in possession of the original documents.

Aubrey Barker lake

Dear Editor, I don’t rightly know whose purview or authority this falls under, but I would like to draw to the attention of Mr Hamilton Green (M&CC) and Mr Robeson Benn (Minister of Public Works and Hydraulics) that Aubrey Barker Road from National Avenue in the west and Rosa Drive in the east is always inundated with water whenever the rain falls.

Stretched Out Magazine?

Dear Editor, Had it not been for the wise and constructive statements from Mark Benschop on Plain Talk with Christopher Ram on January 2, I could have sworn that Mayor Hamilton Green’s weak responses belonged in those comical satirical pieces put together by the producers of Stretched Out Magazine or Prime News Not Necessarily The News.

‘Protection of the law’

Dear Editor, The new protest twins seem to be bound together in all ways. When I had already started a letter about the assaults on Mr Freddie Kissoon, the news of Mr Mark Benschop’s positive action against the garbage truck with a cargo of new garbage for the citizens appeared and I felt called upon to commend his act.

What has caused Minister Nadir’s epiphany?

Dear Editor, In what appears to be a forced awakening, an election year publicity stunt or a cheap gimmick, Minister Manzoor Nadir chooses to now publicly admit what the Guyana Bauxite & General Workers Union (GB&GWU), enlightened Guyanese and all trade unionists worth their stripes knew all along, that “The Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union is the certified bargaining agent for a large section of [BCGI] workforce and [the company is] legally bound to treat with them.” And further to state that the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc (BCGI) has no authority to “unilaterally declare that there exists no collective bargaining agreement [between GB&GWU and said company].” Where has this sudden revelation come from to create such an awakening in Minister Nadir?