When will Guyana’s youth wake up?

Dear Editor, First Tunisia, then Egypt; and the youth set the pace and called the shots. When will Guyana’s youth wake up and bring real change by retiring all the so-called politicans we have in our midst who collectively do nothing much for us?

The people of this nation can only speak up with their votes

Dear Editor, Why must this country endure these recurring nightmares such as political charlatans like Hamilton Green taking high pedestals and telling people to speak up fearlessly (‘People should speak up fearlessly,’ SN, February 12), when Hamilton Green’s PNC played an integral role in creating this crushing psyche of fear and numbing silence during the heyday of the PNC?

Good manners

Dear Editor, During the 2011 budget debate, standing at the Georgetown-Linden bus park just next to the Parliament Building, I made some observations of persons who were driving in and out of the  compound via the back entrance, where there is now a parking area.

People should speak up fearlessly

Dear Editor, It was drawn to my attention yesterday that the Guyana Chronicle reported that Mr Christopher Ram has no moral authority to speak on the matter related to President Jagdeo’s land/house transaction at Pradoville 2.