The proper use of genetic science requires moral reflection

Dear Editor, I wish to express my disappointment with English researchers at Newcastle University who recently reported that they have created human embryos carrying genetic material from three different parents .

Create security forces in each region

Dear Editor, The clearing of the bushes in the Buxton backdam will be useless six months from today because the bushes will recover .

Is there so much farming in Buxton?

Dear Editor, It is expected that people can generally be inconvenienced by any operation similar to what is currently being undertaken by the Joint Services in the backlands on the East Coast .

Clearing the backlands is a positive start

Dear Editor, I am heartened by the government's move to swiftly clear the East Coast Backlands to enhance the security of the area by removing hiding places for criminals who have been using the backlands as a safe haven .

Democratic families divide over Clinton/Obama

Dear Editor, Last Tuesday's voting in the U .

The Forestry Commission seems to be making a long overdue attempt to restore its operational mandate

Dear Editor, I would like to clarify some of the arguments between the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the wood processing industry .

The security forces must act in a professional manner

Dear Editor, Over last weekend, I was in receipt of several telephone calls from concerned residents of the Buxton/Friendship community, and had some of their stories confirmed by eyewitnesses .

Leroy Hamer is a pioneer of his generation

Dear Editor, The only village with backlands between Triumph and Enmore is Buxton- Friendship .

The Special Select Committee appointed to deal with the report of the Disciplined Forces Commission never reported

Dear Editor, I spent Sunday morning visiting friends in Lusignan and the homes attacked in the massacre there .

History teaches how not to fight an insurgency

Dear Editor, The world is replete with examples of how not to fight an insurgency without resorting to genocide and environmental destruction .

Export allowances are only available on certain conditions

Dear Editor, Following our criticism of his earlier article, your business columnist Mr .

We should open our doors to immigrants to overcome our racial divide

Dear Editor, The unending political strife which shows itself up in subtle attacks and counter attacks along racial divides needs a more radical solution than the proposals for power sharing that have been advanced for several years, with no apparent approach at implementation .

National interests must be placed above political agendas

Dear Editor, I congratulate the hardworking management, staff and illustrious editorial team of the Stabroek News for the professional manner in which numerous issues of national importance have been reported over the past several months .

A protest march at this time might have been dangerous

Dear Editor, While I understand Brother Eusi Kwayana's argument that "The right to peaceful protest should not be denied" (08 .

A better police intelligence network is needed

Dear Editor, I, like all other straight-thinking Guyanese, am deeply saddened by the recent savagery in Lusignan .

The United Nations should be asked to establish an international team of investigators here as was done in Guatemala

Dear Editor, It is disappointing that none of the political parties has responded positively to the editorial on "Massacre of the 11," published in SN, January 28 .

The residents should be consulted on the bush clearing

Dear Editor, Last night I happen to come across an article written about the genesis of Stabroek News, and the obstacles you had to overcome in the effort to establish this newspaper .

Is Rawlins working for someone?

Dear Editor, Rondell Rawlins is on the run, in hiding or has left the country with the help of his friends .

You promised a special emphasis on security

Dear Mr President, A few years ago on your visit to New York, I participated in a picketing exercise; the issue was " Security"! Since then, the situation in Guyana has deteriorated tremendously .

Shades of Vietnam

Dear Editor, I had to do a double take .

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