The government did not let Omai off

Dear Editor, Stabroek News (SN) in the article, ‘Hinds defends proposed mining reforms’ of February 2, and the editorial, ‘Mines protest’ of  February 8, make certain accusations against the government and Omai Gold Mines Limited (OGML) which are inaccurate.

Miners are seeking tiny fraction of the forest for direct mining

Dear Editor, Miners are seeking tiny fraction of the forest for direct mining. EXEMPT ACREAGE means:- A tiny acreage of between 1,600,000 million acres and 2,000,000, million acres, which is to be exempted from the rules of the Norway MOU, and the rules of the LCDS  programme, or any such other programme, and comprised of an  ACCUMULATED, WHEREVER & WHENEVER YEARLY MINED  total exempt acreage of between 1,600,000  and 2,000,000 acres out of a remaining forest total of 34 million acres, after taking out the Amerindian Community Areas, which  totals over 5 million acres.

Why is a six-month notification period necessary?

Dear Editor, While the government’s new proposed regulation requiring a six-month notification period signals a move in the right direction, there is legitimate concern that the government has failed to engage in a careful analysis of it before recommendation or implementation.