Groynes alone would not enable slingmud deposition

Dear Editor, In an article which appear-ed in the March 13th edition of SN, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MPWC) with technical assistance from the National Agri-cultural Research Institute (NARI) seems to be embarking on another ‘wild-goose chase’ by re-establishing groynes along coastal Guyana as part of a mangrove restoration project.

Theatre must also be the catalyst for change

Dear Editor, In The Scene section of the Stabroek News edition of February 27th 2010, under the heading ‘In very poor taste’, the writer took off the gloves and was rather forthright in her attack/criticism on the Mori J’ Von Comedy Jam staged at the National Cul-tural Centre February 19th 2010.

Being loud has become the new trend

Dear Editor, Many persons today are not contented with the lives which they live or their present home circumstances. Hence, they seek to channel those frustrations into making other people’s lives miserable by playing music very loudly especially in residential areas and neighbourhoods.