Reflections on the Linden-Lethem Highway

Dear Editor, I am led by M Ali’s letter in your issue of Nov 21, under the caption ‘Is the highway between Linden and Lethem feasible?‘ to ponder, from my rustication in Lethem, on two of the meanings of the Guyanese vernacular expression “lick-up.” The primary meaning is that, whether the road is feasible or not, whatever public money is spent on it will give such opportunities for corrupt diversion into private pockets as to be a temptation to those who will decide how much and whose financing to accept.

25th anniversary congratulations

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate Stabroek News on its 25th anniversary. While other Guyanese-based newspapers have been known to exploit the vulnerable for financial or political gain, Stabroek News cannot be placed in this category.

Still illuminating after 25 years

Dear Editor, Thank you for sharing with your faithful readers in Guyana and worldwide ‘25 years of Stabroek News,‘ for I was so pleased to meet again Uncle Cheddi and Bro Eusi (with less hair) and Granny Janet walking out of Parliament building. 

Bisram uses information selectively

Dear Editor, Stabroek News and Kaieteur News are the nation’s only independent newspapers in a country dominated by state media. What I have always stressed with Mr Bisram and his NACTA organization is how he presents information, his selective use of information and lack of verification.

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