These Pegasus employees were properly dismissed

Dear Editor, I refer to the story captioned “Dismissed without explanation” in your edition of 28 September 2010. The general thrust of the story – that three employees of the Pegasus Hotel have been dismissed without any explanation for their termination – is regrettable as it is utterly untrue. 

‘Noise’ should be measured by decibel level meters

Dear Editor, A letter writer replying to Mr Roshan Khan’s previous correspondence on the noise at Starlite Drive-in (‘Why does Atlantic Gardens need a sound system which is the loudest in the world?’ SN, September 29), states in SN of September 30 under the caption ‘Most residents from the East Coast look forward to going to the drive-in’: “It is nice to hear that the  event was held until 10pm which is the time you normally cease playing loud music.” My problem, Editor, is that this individual or personal measurement for determining what constitutes noise nuisance is at most times at variance with the instrument which would record the decibels.