Bisram’s sample was manipulated

Dear Editor, Vishnu Bisram of NACTA fame claims he did a recent poll in early July 2011. Mr Bisram published some findings of those polls in two letters in Stabroek News titled ‘Poll finds 42% approval rating for government’ (SN, July 16) and ‘NACTA poll finds PPP in lead’ (SN, July 17).

Guyana has been a democracy since 1992

Dear  Editor, Reference is made to Mr Malcolm Harripaul’s letter (‘Granger wants real democracy, Jagdeo/Ramotar will continue with Stalinism and cronyism’ SN, Jul 25) in which he pens, “Granger wants to restore democracy.” I salute anyone who is defending,  promoting, encouraging democracy in Guyana or anywhere in the world. 

Sr Fernandes had unrivalled commitment to the development of youth

Dear Editor, The Catholic Church in Guyana has lost an outstanding member in the passing of Sr Beatrice Fernandes, OSU. A woman of great vision with an unrivalled commitment to the development of youth in Guyana, Sr Beatrice presided over the administration and execution of a number of youth development programmes throughout the length and breadth of Guyana.

Too little too late

Dear Editor, As an outsider looking in at the literal tearing down of a place of worship, the St Barnabas Church in Georgetown, I am extremely appalled to say the least.

A deus ex machina

Dear Editor, The Webster dictionary defines the deus ex machina Greco-Roman phrase as follows: “A person or thing that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty.” How apt a definition for this new political entity that has recently emerged.

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