Demerara Bank fast and reliable with NIS pensions in contrast to ECD post offices

Dear Editor, As a National Insurance Scheme pensioner I think that it may be appropriate for me to state here that myself and my fellow pensioner who is my neighbour, were very pleased and satisfied with the services we received recently at the Demerara Bank branch at Le Ressouvenir on the East Coast of Demerara as compared to the past services at some post offices on the East Coast.

The Mayor is not the ‘Superman’ of the 21st century

Dear Editor, In an attempt to project himself as the ‘Superman’ of the 21st century, Mayor Hamilton Green in a letter to SN on May 5 stated that “given the authority or scope with others he could re-make Georgetown the Garden City it still can be in less than six to ten months.“ To support his self-assured capability to do so he cited his tenure as Minister of Works, Hydraulics and Supply (MWHS) when under the PNC government and according to his assertion he transformed one of the most inept and wasteful ministries in this part of the world as the most productive within a year because of his ability and the opportunity of a full rein to do so.

The President has opted for a ‘divide and rule’ strategy

Dear Editor, Since the President has no control over parliament, it would have been to his advantage to employ an approach that respects the supremacy and independence of this branch of government, and work with the legislature through the PPP parliamentary representatives to effect a plan of action for the collective well-being of the people.

A stimulating message

Dear Editor, The media (Sunday Stabroek, May 6) carried a very touching letter by Mr. Alfred Bhulai captioned ‘We have to educate our children about looking after parents in their old age.‘ I wish to congratulate Mr Bhulai for this stimulating message and at the same time take the opportunity to add that some cultures like the Hindu with which I am more familiar place a mutual obligation on both parents and children.

Central Committee of PPP took decision against SN ads cut, Dr Luncheon is referring to ExCo meeting on the publication of my article

Dear Editor, I recently sought to correct the statement in an editorial of SN that the PPP considered the withdrawal of ads by the Government in 2006 to be ‘a trifling matter.’ I pointed out that the PPP’s Central Committee had made a decision to call on the Government to restore the ads but that the decision was ignored.

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