Check Mates Chess Club seeks support 4

Dear Editor, Check Mates Chess Club was formed in October, 2008, by a group of young children from the environs of Albouystown.

There is a solution to flooding in the Abary 20

Dear Editor, We the cattle and other livestock farmers on the right and left banks of the Abary Creek are facing tremendous losses with our cattle from Blairmont to Copeman.

No new wine, just sticky molasses 3

Dear Editor, One had remarked earlier in your columns the fuzziness of the reporting by other press on Guysuco’s recent management ‘restructuring,’ not realizing at  the time that it was actually a reflection of the latter’s fuzzy argumentation  for what seems destined to be a ‘de-structuring’ instead.

A touching letter 12

Dear Editor, Mr Obama’s recent letter to his daughters is expected to appear in the press worldwide over the weekend. 

Lethem is still not ready for the Takutu Bridge 12

Dear Editor, The Takutu Bridge is complete, compliments of our Brazilian neighbours. The road on the Guyanese side is now in the asphalting phase, compliments of our Brazilian neighbours.

‘King-making’ 18

Dear Editor, The efforts by our local newspapers at king-making have not gone unnoticed by their readers.

Eddy Grant is musically multidimensional 37

Dear Editor, On January 11, 2009, I watched the last thirty-five minutes of Ms Wanita Huburn’s programme called ‘Our Life, Our Culture’ on NCN Channel 11 with  guest Guyanese musician/ singer/ songwriter Mr Dave Martins of the Tradewinds.

The system is failing to protect women 9

Dear Editor, I felt abhorrence after reading an article entitled, ‘Stabbed thrice then doused with corrosive liquid’ (SN January 13, 2009) I am horrified to read about these repeated acts of violence against women in Guyana.

The government has been active in maintaining, improving drainage infrastructure 16

Dear Editor, It is absolutely within the bounds of absurdity and dishonesty for the main opposition party and their acolytes to claim that the government has, in any way, neglected to do all that is within their means to prepare adequately to deal with floods afflicting the country, especially since the unprecedented heavy rainfall that occurred in 2005, reportedly the highest since 1935, when records started to be kept.

The justice system needs a jump start

Dear Editor, Reading your recent article on the backlog of inquests (‘249 inquests were pending at end of ’07 – Attorney General,’ SN 12.1.09) has prompted me to observe that the same legal system which we depend on for justice can be used to frustrate it.

Why is the Lethem electricity grid not connected to Bom Fin? 11

Dear Editor, I pen this letter in utter frustration at the seeming incapability of the Lethem Power Company (LPC) to provide a reliable electricity supply to Lethem and its environs (Lethem is presently in complete blackout for the last 17hrs).

Did not behave disorderly at Berbice Bridge 35

Dear Editor, With respect to the reports in the Chronicle and on the NCN TV channel concerning the incident with me at the Berbice River Bridge, at no time did I behave in a disorderly manner.

The call for power-sharing is a call for a level playing field 5

Dear Editor, Abu Bakr, in his letter to SN on December 20 (‘What is it that Mr Corbin’s detractors want?’), touches on a matter that needs greater ventilation in the ‘Great Guyana Debate.’ He makes reference to colonial immigration policy and how it has placed the PNCR at an inherent electoral disadvantage.

There needs to be a just settlement in Gaza 6

Dear Editor, Everyone should be appalled at what is happening in Gaza. Saying that this is genocide and the deliberate bombing of women, children is an atrocity and a war crime, is not enough.