The sole utility of GINA and NCN will in the end be archival

Dear Editor, The sole utility of GINA and the NCN will, in the end, be archival. They, and their predecessors, would have served to lend citation and reference to any examination of the depths of the self-delusion, outright lies and pitiful attempts at brainwashing, which marked the style of governance of the ancestors in the latter twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

The PPP called on the government to restore state advertisements to Stabroek News but was ignored

Dear Editor, I refer to the statement in your editorial of April 30 in connection with the withdrawal of advertisements from the Stabroek News in 2006 in which you said that: “This was a trifling matter for all in the PPP and its government except for the late, former President, Mrs Janet Jagan who called clearly for an end to the advertising boycott to no avail.” The PPP did not consider the withdrawal of the advertisements to be a trifling matter.

Officials should not make discriminatory remarks

Dear Editor, My dear late friend, Dr Desrey Fox, used to say all the time that despite returning to Guyana with Master’s and PhD degrees and rising to the office of Junior Minister within the Ministry of Education, she still felt that there was some level of prejudice against Amerindians in Guyana.

VAT is a more transparent tax

Dear Editor, In reference to an April 6 letter in the Kaieteur News, it is not my desire to become embroiled in any politically charged discussions with any of our taxpayers, lest because I do not share their point of view they make the unpardonable mistake of accusing me, as Ms Lurlene Nestor has done, of being partisan and worse, of suffering memory loss.

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