Did not write letter 36

Dear Editor, I received a call from Steve Merai in reference to a letter written in your newspaper (‘Steve Merai took head on the most dangerous, ruthless criminals’ Sunday Stabroek 4.1.09).

Formal democracy but little practical democracy

Dear Editor, According to Sunday, January 4 Kaieteur News,  ‘Khellawan Lall cleared to order mayoral elections.’ The Minister is seeking to have elections for mayors, deputy mayors, chairmen and deputy chairmen of Neighbourhood Democratic Councils since councillors are fed up with dictatorship rule.

Twelve great men 30

Dear Editor, Here is a list of the 12 great men of the world in my lifetime.

Guyanese have to create their own change 11

Dear Editor, As we enter 2009, I forsee many challenges globally. The new American administration will soon take office, and the world is awaiting changes; however, one must not be carried away with the idea that even if it is needed, change will be coming to the various regions.

Article on Valerie Hart was distasteful 14

Dear Editor, While I am sympathetic to Ms McAlmont’s clearly-implied agenda in ‘History this week’(‘Valerie Hart: The Woman at the Heart of the Rupununi Uprising,’ SN 1.1.09) I find it distasteful that the 40th anniversary of my father’s demise has been used as the occasion to champion the political and leadership skills of the woman who is an unquestioned accessory to that murder.

A new year wish 18

Dear Editor, As Guyanese engage in the usual old year stocktaking, reflection will also invariably focus on what lies ahead.