Garbage bins full for Diwali at Anna Regina

Dear Editor, Hindus will be celebrating Diwali with their garbage bins full in the township of Anna Regina, they will have to light their diyas among the garbage becasue of the constant negligence of the council to address this problem.

Guyanese celebrate Diwali in New York

Dear Editor, Traditional Diwali celebrations were held in Queens among the large Guyanese population on Friday evening in their homes and at the mandirs.

This group seems to see nothing wrong in the way Dr Rose was appointed

Dear Editor, Let’s offer a step by step account of the crisis at UG as it unfolded so the students who are being affected by the postponement of the graduation and their parents can see who are the academics that stand for principles and the ones that have a narrow agenda.

The PNC is on the brink of irrelevance, I call on Mr Corbin to resign

Dear Editor, In Guyana’s political culture, much like the rest of the Commonwealth, a political opposition has two basic responsibilities, which are functional but irreversible principles of the Westminster political doctrine and governance that is grounded in parliamentarianism .

What leads young people to commit larceny?

Dear Editor, While there is no single theory that can explain all crime, we can certainly find a perspective that can explain specific forms of crime.

Several daily blackouts in Berbice

Dear Editor, Berbicians for the past couple of weeks have been getting rolling blackouts throughout the day and various areas for several hours each afternoon way into the night.

Minibus drivers are usually under financial pressure

Dear Editor, While I agree with the overdue criticisms levelled against the general unlawful and discourteous behaviour of mini-bus drivers and conductors, I am inclined to examine a cause-effect relationship for this type of behaviour.

The Irish took St Patrick’s Day to America

Dear Editor, Forbes Burnham removed elements of colonialism by quickly having us attain republican status and contributed to our rich cultural diversity by awarding holiday status to our main religious denominations so as to celebrate major aspects of their religion.That contributed to our richness in diversity and our cultural cohesiveness.

One can preserve one’s heritage while celebrating foreign traditions

Dear Editor, Permit me to respond to Mr. Freddie Kissoon’s article published on November 08, titled “Oprah Winfrey, Clinton Urling and increasing xenophobia.” I will briefly attempt to explain what I meant by the evolution of cultural imposition or cultural sharing.

Official opening but school at Onderneeming not in use

Dear Editor, More than a year ago, construction work on a nursery school at Onderneeming Sand Pit in Essequibo was completed and some months later there was an official opening, but up to now, it is still to be put to use.

Ideas for beautifying Linden

Dear Editor, No doubt there are a number of residents of Linden, who care and think a lot about the welfare of the community.

The role of the IMF must not be forgotten

Dear Editor, Some letter writers seem to be obsessed with the 28 years of PNC rule, they never mention the role the IMF played in the economic problems of most developing countries during the 70s and 80s.

What if Digicel became a monopoly?

Dear Editor, I am bewildered by the talk of monopolies, their existence and what is needed to guard against them exploiting consumers.

Efforts to correct the water problem started as soon as it was discovered

Dear Editor, I find it very snide and deliberate to use the caption “I deny that concrete action started only after the protest by the students”, for my letter, particularly in view of the Editor’s note appended to the letter (mine) published in your issue of Wednesday, November 7, 2007.

Collie Buddz failed to ‘Come Around’

When the Bermudan born, marijuana endorsing Collie Buddz ‘Finally Come Around’ for the Guyana Music Festival two Saturdays ago, he was a mere shadow of the excessively cool, crisp, hauntingly sexy, reggae star we had grown accustomed to seeing on television.