The forest structure operations behind Guyana’s low deforestation rate

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On-going series The recent media release by ExxonMobil to the effect that the findings of its second offshore well (Liza 2) appear to confirm the substantial size of Guyana’s potential oil and gas reserve, presents me with a welcome opportunity to remind readers that my recent columns on Guyana’s extractive forest sub-sector are directly linked to an ongoing series dedicated to evaluate Guyana’s future as an intensive natural resources extraction-dependent economy, in the coming time of large-scale oil and gas production and export.

The PPP, WPA and Clive Thomas

A recent exchange of six letters took place between Tacuma Ogunsaye and Clairmonte Lye, contributed to by Manzoor Nadir, in SN between the June 22 and July 2 triggered by Mr Ogunseye’s claim that Dr Roger Luncheon allegedly withdrew an offer made by Dr Cheddi Jagan to Professor Clive Thomas to be the Minister of Finance.

Lotus of July

Conversations on art

Lotus of July Bernadette Persaud Oil on canvas 1991 (Photo courtesy of the artist)

In this their 16th Conversation on Art, Artists Stanley Greaves AA and Akima McPherson discuss Bernadette Persaud’s Lotus of July. Akima McPherson: In several of Bernadette Persaud’s paintings she features the lotus, often as a dominant element.

Fox Tail Fern

Asparagus sprengeri meyeri commonly called Fox Tail Fern originated in South Africa. This evergreen is not actually a fern. It belongs to the same family as culinary asparagus.