Guyanese art

‘Woman’ 1989 by Winston Strict (Leather) (Courtesy of Castellani House)

What is Guyanese Art? To what extent can this be answered by the exhibition ‘Abs-tract Art in the National Collection currently on show at the National Gallery, Castellani House?

Fighting for Global Peace

Conversations on Art

Fighting for Global Peace
Winslow Craig Saaman
1996 (Photo: Courtesy of Winslow Craig)

In this their third Conversation on Art, artists Stanley Greaves and Akima McPherson tackle a sculpture by Winslow Craig. This piece will be on display from Monday June 8 to Monday June 15 in the second floor gallery, Castellani House.

Irrational choices

business page

Early news The early news that has emerged from the new administration about the financial condition of Guyana is not good and one fears that it is likely to worsen as the stories about the condition of different parts of the economy unfold.

Corruption, Corruption, Everywhere

- Scaremongering? The President, The Minister – and My Citizenship

Today this should be my most brief in weeks. Much of it is necessary summarised repetition. To me, necessary because although (global) context is generally useful in locating issues, even theories, our once-innocent Guyana has recently ranked significantly high on the international listings of States that are characterized by pervasive government–generated and executive–friendly corruption.