Ending the culture of ethno-political dominance

The APNU+AFC coalition has taken an important initiative towards transforming Guyana’s culture of ethno-political dominance. In a report in SN on September 6 Prime Minister Nagamootoo, at a meeting in Whim, Corentyne, said “we are prepared to open the doors to the PPP if they want to enter this government.” No further details were given but Minister Raphael Trotman subsequently announced that a team consisting of Prime Minister Nagamootoo, Vice President Greenidge, himself, Minister Ramjattan, Attorney General Basil Williams and Minister Harmon would conduct the negotiations.

Rectify the names

It is described how Confucius when asked by one of his disciples what he would do if he were given his own territory to govern the Master replied that he would first and above all “rectify the names” ‒ that is, make words correspond to reality.

Should the Sustainable Development Goals form the framework for Guyana (and Caricom’s) long-term development?

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MDGs: Both necessary and sufficient Following on my previous columns that have been assessing the Post-2015 Development Agenda and its accompanying sustainable development goals (SDGs) 2015-2030, which is scheduled to be approved at the upcoming United Nations (UN) Summit (September 24-27) later this year, quite a few readers have asked me a rather pertinent question: whether I believe the SDGs,