Themes on Emancipation

1st of August, 1838 ‘O ye first of August freed men who now liberty enjoy Salute the day and shout hurrah to Queen Victoria; On this glad day the galling chains of slavery were broke From off the necks of Afric’s sons who bled beneath its yoke.

Cuba, change and the internet Part 2

When it comes to Cuba what is often missed is that its government’s primary focus is not on the process of normalising its relationship with the US, but on the far more fundamental domestic reforms that are gradually changing the country’s political and economic model in ways that are intended to better deliver its objectives.

The God of undigested data

The end of the world as some of us know and love it is here. The new electronic world order is well established and we cannot escape it: instant communication, computers in every office, class, and living room, the internet, immediate access to an infinity of data, online databases, proliferating networks and modems, e-mail and social media connecting everyone, the information highway inexorably flowing straight through one’s life at work and play.

We should be planting more of these trees

Lagerstroemia speciosa commonly called Queens Crape Myrtle or Pride of India originated in India and southern Asia. Queens Crape Myrtle is from the Lythraceae family and must not be confused with the shrub Queen of Flowers – Lagerstroemia indica – which is a small showy flowering shrub.