Dal-Squash Fry Up

Dal-Squash Fry Up Photo by Cynthia Nelson

There is hardly a legume that I do not like. I always have a variety stocked up and whenever I go to the supermarket or travel overseas, I look for heirloom legumes and others that might be new to me.

“Is fifteen year we selling hay now”

-Dunbar, Hitler, Merkel, Europe

What follows, from paragraph two hereunder, are my recycled thoughts first published here more than three years ago. They merit timely repetition today because the Georgetown Municipality’s attempts to regularize or upgrade haphazard, even illegal vending, squatting, years-long violation of City by-laws have attracted quite a few self- righteous criticisms from the community or the “brigade” of vendors and their self-appointed representatives.


On the morning of 4th June last year, I was at the Guyana Revenue Authority headquarters on Camp Street to collect my driver’s licence and had an interesting encounter with the now besieged Mr.