Joan Rodrigues takes a walk down memory lane


Today marks 180 years of the arrival of the Portuguese in Guyana. In an interview with the Sunday Stabroek, third generation Portuguese descendant Joan Rodrigues shares her reminiscences As a child growing up Joan Rodrigues—she was Joan Gomes then—remembers her grandmother saying the Holy Rosary in Portuguese and looked forward to the days when she took over the kitchen and lavished them with Portuguese cuisine. 0

Variety abounds at local dance day festival

– but ancient rituals need researching, reviving

al creighton

Since 1982 there has been an International Dance Day observed by countries around the world. It was founded by the dance committee of the International Theatre Institute, now headquartered in Shanghai, China, to “encourage all dancers, whether amateur or professional, to share their passion and creativity with the world.” It is sanctioned by UNESCO and is promoted by an agency working closely with that world body known 0

Guiana, Land of the Dolorous Garde

Conversations on Art

Guiana, Land of the Dolorous Garde
Edward Rupert Burrowes
Oil on canvas - 1951
Photo courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Castellani House

The second “Conversation on Art” between eminent Guyanese artist Stanley Greaves A A and artist Akima McPherson focuses on Edward Rupert Burrowes’s Guiana, Land of the Dolorous Garde, another significant work of art in the Guyana National Collection, housed in the National Gallery of Art, Castellani House, Georgetown. 0



Amaryllis is another amazing bulb plant that is simply gorgeous. Scientific name Hippeastrum, Amaryllis is taken from the Greek word which means ‘sparkling’ and it symbolizes radiant beauty and love. 0

Britain’s silent election

Bill Emmott

Bill Emmott, a former editor-in-chief of The Economist, is executive producer of a new documentary, “The Great European Disaster Movie.” This article was received from Project Syndicate, an international not-for-profit association of newspapers dedicated to hosting a global debate on the key issues shaping our world. 0