Taking Venezuela (more) seriously

- Those wasted billions!

Today is to be among my briefest offerings. But hopefully, effectively terse and pointed. And the observations and shared opinions and advisories which follow are substantially derived from the views of editorial print media writers of this past Sunday.

Questions about teenage pregnancy in Guyana

This column is dedicated to Nikacia Allen, who died at age 17, leaving behind three girl children.

Let’s assume that you are present on a regular basis in the same home as your child/children, grandchildren, niece, or other young female relative/s, that you are paying attention, and that you have enough of a relationship with them to be aware of the basics of their lives.

A Nobel winner’s advice to Latin America

When I interviewed the 2015 Nobel Prize winner in economics Angus Deaton a few days ago, I asked him a simple question: “If you had to give one piece of advice to Latin American countries, what would it be?” He answered it in four words: “Improve your data systems.” Indeed, the 69-year-old Scottish-American Princeton University professor, who is best known for his studies on how to measure poverty, says that Latin America has some of the most unreliable poverty statistics in the world.

Sharon Maas, The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q

By Frank Birbalsingh   Frank Birbalsingh is Emeritus Professor of English at York University, Toronto, Canada.   The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q, recently published by Bookouture, follows a blockbuster tradition set by previous novels of Sharon Maas, for example, Of Marriageable Age, (2000) Peacocks Dancing, (2002) and The Speech of Angels.