Basketball and other associations need approval before turning up to train at the Sports Hall

Dear Editor,In response to the Stabroek News report on the lights being turned off at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) while the female basketball team was training (March 26), allow me to state the followingReturning to my notes of the meetings alluded to by the President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation, these decisions were taken:‘Road to Mecca’ as requested by Mr Michael SinghDates were agreed on by the National Sports Commission and the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation, namely, February15,18,19, 28; March 1 .

What happened to the Nandlall tape?

Dear Editor,Whatever happened to the ‘Nandlall’ tape? Did a government spokesperson not say that the tape would be sent overseas for analysis of some kind and that the public would be informed of the results?Yours faithfully, Rashleigh E Jackson .

Is Ram’s blog information checked before publication?

Dear Editor,I have a simple question to the editors of both the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News .

Passing strange

Dear Editor,In missive, ‘Playing politics or playing to the audience?’ (SN Mar 25), Dr Baytoram Ramharack quoted Moses Nagamootoo at a APNU-AFC rally in Richmond Hill (Mar 22) as saying he told Indians in New Delhi at a GOPIO award recognition ceremony that he was not Indian, but a Guyanese .

Guyana has the potential to become the Singapore of the Caribbean

Dear Editor,To say that the economy of Guyana is doing well is an understatement .

Not alone

Dear Editor,The figure stands motionless on the edge of the street .

The Police Force should function as a professional institution

Dear Editor,In Guyana, all members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) have taken an oath to protect and serve the citizens, but many have decided to protect and serve themselves .

We must support the police in rooting out crime

Dear Editor,The time has come for every decent-minded Guyanese to raise their voice against the spiralling criminal acts that have claimed the lives of so many people in our country .


Dear Editor,Why are people misinterpreting Mr Bharrat Jagdeo’s statements and making a political mockery out of them? When Mr Jagdeo said that Mr Ramotar should ‘kick asses,’ he merely meant that Mr Ramotar should be more strict and severe with his opponents who were cutting budgets in the Parliament and blocking important legislation to be passed for the benefit of the country .

Contrary to what Brassington says the feasibility study for the Marriott was submitted after the contract had been signed

Dear Editor,Mr Winston Brassington has chosen defamatory words to respond to my blog post concerning a feasibility study of the Kingston Hotel, the report of which was submitted after the signing of the contract for the construction .

Hinds neglected his primary responsibilities in relation to GPL and became a dreamer

Dear Editor,In a letter which appeared in the media on March 22, Prime Minister Hinds stated that failure to implement the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (AFHP) on the Potaro River will stunt the growth of the economy and continue to keep Guyanese poor .

Similar experience to the Critchlows

Dear Editor,It is with much sadness that I read the about the plight of the Critchlows at the East Coast of Demerara Health Centre which resulted in the death of their infant son .

Rice farmers are having a difficult time

Dear Editor,On Tuesday, March 24, I decided to go down on the ground to get a first-hand look at the rice fields and hear complaints from farmers, and the reasons they are suffering at this time .

Lee Kuan Yew tried to lift the lot of his people rather than calculate what he could seize for himself

Dear Editor,Amidst the sharp controversies and dull, brittle evasions surrounding the royal lifestyles of the grasping political greedy in this country, an old man died far away .

Crum-Ewing created the space for more citizens to take a stand

Dear Editor, On March 24, the President of Guyana, Mr Donald Ramotar finally expressed his true views about the late Mr Courtney Crum-Ewing at a forum for the business community in Berbice .

The PPP has made many mistakes

Dear Editor Admittedly the PNC made countless errors during their tenure in government, the main one being that they allowed the late President Burnham unchecked political and governmental power similar to that which the PPP government has had since 1992, most notably in the case of Bharrat Jagdeo from 1999 to 2010 .

Wastewater fund encouraging private sector to submit proposals for projects

Dear Editor,In July, 2011 the Government of Guyana signed an agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the establishment of the revolving fund for financing wastewater management projects in Guyana .

Accuracy of voters’ list is of concern; 76% of population can now vote

Dear Editor, The accuracy of the current list of electors raises several concerns .

Sooba unilaterally tried to change employee’s status from Clerk II to Clerk I

Dear Editor,Over the last few weeks, the Public Relations Division has been bombarded with questions from irate citizens about the troubling issue of payment for Ms Nnesha Hinds, Clerk II attached to office of the Mayor of Georgetown .

Accepted assistance to build house from three friends

Dear Editor,I refer to Ramon Gaskin’s letter in SN, ‘Kissoon has behaved like the rest of them’ (March 25) .

Who has clean hands?

Dear Editor,Speaking as a Christian, not as a politician which I’m not sure now if I ever truly was, I admit that the history of electoral morality is not an area in which my country can be proud .

Beer billboard should be removed from near Girl Guides compound

Dear Editor,I wish to bring to your attention and that of the public the total disregard for women in this country by a foreign-based beverage company .

Exercise in poor judgement

Dear Editor,I heard from reliable sources a few years back about the funding for Mr Kissoon’s house .

Swift policy action will be necessary from the next government

Dear Editor,Guyana’s real potential growth rate is 8 per cent plus .

Election time is better than Christmas

Dear Editor,During last week, almost all the gas stations on the West Bank Demerara, West Coast Demerara and East Bank Essequibo would periodically put up signs saying “No Gas .

Selectors should have no discretion to exclude the best

Dear Editor,Mr Pybus can categorically deny as much as he wants Kieron Powell’s allegation that Pybus demanded that Powell disclose the details of the personal problem with which he was confronted .

CJ recommended GuySuCo, GAWU return to arbitration over Stephens matter

Dear Editor,We wish to refer to the KN article headlined ‘Court orders arbitration again for sacked Skeldon Estate worker’ (March 18) which misrepresents the decision of the Chief Justice given on March 17, with regard to the matter of the dismissal of Mr Daniel Stephens .

No garbage collection

Dear Editor,It seems that a vast majority of the ratepayers living in the NDC district of LBI/Better Hope on the East Coast of Demerara are dissatisfied and peeved about the services they are receiving from that inefficient council .

Does the opposition now have something to turn in its favour?

Dear Editor, When I said the numbers favoured the PPP in a purely racial voting contest, I knew that the opposition needed something potent to overturn the scales in its favour .

The Companies Act requires the directors of holding companies to give a report on the affairs of their subsidiaries

Dear Editor,Your article on the performance of DDL for the year 2014 (‘DDL’s after-tax profit up 38 .

Shocking that Men’s Affairs Bureau believes social groups biased

Dear Editor,The recent outreach work of the Men’s Affairs Bureau (MAB) is described in an article ‘“Don’t paint all men with one brush” -MAB’ in the Guyana Times of March 23 .

Playing politics or playing to the audience?

Dear Editor,I attended the APNU+AFC community meeting in South Ozone Park, Queens on Sunday, March 22 .

There must be verification of the additional voters on the PLE

Dear Editor,Every alleged elector who registered after the 2011 elections must be validated .

Real change is needed in our country

Dear Editor,The elections on May 11 are already underway and the implications for our nation are going to affect our citizens for a long time to come .

Verbal escapism

Dear Editor,General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee clearly has his head buried in the sand like the proverbial ostrich .

A minority government is best

Dear Editor,Contesting in this election is a coalition between the AFC and the APNU under what first of all is too long a name .

Boat-racing for Bartica on April 5

Dear Editor,I must congratulate the organisers of the Bartica Easter Regatta for having one day of boat-racing .

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