The PNC has more than shot itself in the foot

Dear Editor,It is more than one shot fired in the air .

Airport Flight Information Display, PA systems are functional

Dear Editor, Please permit me to thank Esther Robinson for the letter published in Stabroek News dated July 26, 2014 .

A real leader of any true opposition would have stepped up to the crease and batted for everyone

Dear Editor,In your news article, ‘Riehl says Granger “too aloof,”’ (July 28), former Deputy House Speaker and PNCR executive, Clarissa Riehl is reported as describing Mr David Granger as “an aloof leader who stands aside” when he should be more involved in the management of the party .

There should be local government elections before general elections

Dear Editor,The whole sordid affair that took place over the weekend at the PNC Congress serves as a reminder that our political leaders are failing the people and are afraid to embrace the tenets of what true democracy is all about .

The PNCR under Granger has blown it

Dear Editor,The bitter and angry outcries that rang out at the PNC Congress over the weekend have once again driven the final nail into the PNCR chances of defeating the PPP and forming the next government .

UGSS President did not consult student body on fee increase prior to June 24

Dear Editor,The UGSS President acted ultra vires in representing the students on the fee increase issue .

No GWI bill for this year

Dear Editor,Guyana Water Inc has by way of a press release informed its consumers about the disconnection of water services for outstanding payments for the period up to June 2014 .

The city council not the government first wanted a lottery

Dear Editor,While much has been written about Georgetown, its environs, and the causes of its putrid state, there is one little aspect that I feel needs to be highlighted and brought to our collective attention .

Every country seeks to preserve its own business community

Dear Editor,It often amazes me what passes for news in Guyana .

Faith leaders must speak out on sexual and domestic violence

Dear Editor,On July 24 the Baltimore Sun carried a commentary, which stated, “Gender violence causes more death and disability among women ages 15 to 44 in the U .

We should stop the revisionist nonsense and start telling the truth

Dear Editor,I refer to the letter titled ‘Aspects of Burnham’s vision are still relevant’ (SN, July 11) .

We can learn from the Germans

Dear Editor,As the world celebrated the World Cup finals I took the opportunity to reflect on my journey through Germany (2006), South Africa (2010), and Brazil (2014) and my fortunate experience being at the last three World Cups .

Muslims are marginalized in Guyana

Dear Editor,Islam reached the shores of Guyana during slavery when Muslim slaves from West Africa were shipped to work on the plantations .

Guyanese need a stronger sense of self

Dear Editor,Having myself reviewed and analyzed countries’ economic performances over a number of years, I have notionally juxtaposed them against Guyana in an attempt to determine what can be done to have Guyana perform as some of the better performers do .

Zeelugt dish phones don’t work but still no landlines

Dear Editor,I cannot recall how or why GT&T introduced the dish phones for a few houses, but they supplied a few villages with the phone such as La Grange, Zeelugt and even some in Leguan .

The burden of rescuing UG has been shifted onto the students

Dear Editor,“Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem” – The Vice-Chancellor’s words were indelibly etched in my mind as I left the “student consultations .

Blue CAPS stands ready to initiate a ‘Pass the Bill’ campaign

Dear Editor,Government must be commended for establishing the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) .

Monitors at Cheddi Jagan do not give correct status of flights

Dear Editor, On Saturday, July 19, I waited in the Timehri Airport’s waving gallery for Insel Air Flight 81 790 to arrive at its scheduled 10 .

Filling the communication gap on the status of the Demerara Land Court

Dear Editor, There has been no public information about the status of the Land Court at Demerara and the Guyana Bar Association has a duty to fill this communication gap .

Civil society has a right to offer opinions on whom the PNCR elects as leader

Dear Editor, That we can have the discussion and debate with Ms Minette Bacchus is testimony to the fact that the PNCR is the ultimate winner because of its decision to choose its leaders democratically .

A division of support for Granger

Dear Editor, Up until a month ago, the PNCR’s 18th Biennial Congress, scheduled for this weekend, was viewed by observers as just another political exercise for party members and interested supporters .

Granger declared himself the best in 20 years

Dear Editor, Recent letters by James Bond, Mark DaCosta and Terron Khemraj all consist of the theme that Mr David Granger is the best thing that has happened to the PNCR since its formation .

Pollution from standby generators in Bartica is not the issue but the fact that the plant cannot meet demand

Dear Editor, I am writing in connection with the electricity woes in Bartica .

The PPP/C will lose power if Granger continues to lead the PNCR

Dear Editor, The call by the PPP/C, for the removal and replacement of PNCR leader David Granger, speaks volumes .

The PNCR is the most democratic political entity in Guyana today

Dear Editor, I write to congratulate the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) on the occasion of its 18th Biennial Congress .

The Minister needs to announce a date for local government elections so communities can thrive

Dear Editor, In June, Blue CAPS carried out its Building Communities Through Leadership Training and Service (BCLTS) programme .

Peaceful villagers should not have to call and complain about noise

Dear Editor, The letter (‘Intolerable noise levels from a wedding celebration,’ SN, July 24) speaks volumes, but I am afraid that Mr T Jadunauth, the writer, is just one of those destined to suffer .

Art is different things to different people

Dear Editor, There has been some interesting gaff going around about David Dabydeen’s comments regarding my song ‘Not A Blade O’ Grass’ on a BBC World Service programme, where he declared to have found some very far-reaching and unusual interpretations of the song .

A great Guyanese has died

Dear Editor,Another great Guyanese has died .

Granger’s performance has been found wanting

Dear Editor,Messrs Mark DaCosta and Tarron Khemraj’s letters (‘PNCR members can choose their leader wisely or foolishly’ and ‘Granger is the best leader to build a multi-ethnic coalition’ SN, July 22) epitomise the politics of window-dressing as against the politics of performance .

The President has the chance to bring us back from the brink of a no-confidence vote

Dear Editor,That the political parties in Parliament have reached the precipice of a no-confidence vote is not the triumph of any one party but rather it is the failure of all of them to move this country forward .

Granger is a thinker

Dear Editor,I venture to share a thought or two on Brigadier General (ret) David Granger’s opposition presence, and potential leadership of this nation .

Would Guyanese want two more years of a rudderless government or a no-confidence vote?

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter from Mark DaCosta captioned ‘AFC should have planned, discussed before tossing “no-confidence” into the public domain’ (SN, July 24) .

No music and dance licence was issued for Essequibo bar

Dear Editor,To follow up on my letter, ‘Depravity is being imported’ (SN, July 23), I do wish to confirm that the uncensored private party billed for Saturday, July 26 at the Celebs Sports Bar was never approved by the Anna Regina Police Station .

The Amazon Warriors need to display feral instincts

Dear Editor,My first observation about the Guyana Amazon Warriors is that they prefer to bowl first, even on docile pitches and would have done so in all three of their previous matches .

We should improve on what we already have instead of over thinking power-sharing

Dear Editor,The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) has sounded the alarm bells after the preliminary census results were announced .

AFC should have planned, discussed before tossing ‘no-confidence’ into the public domain

Dear Editor,The notion of a no-confidence vote seems to have acquired a robust life of its own .

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