Concerns about automated voter machines introduced for UG elections

Dear Editor,The Revolutionaries Party under the leadership of Glenfield Dennison has noted several developments in the University of Guyana Students’ Society elections process that are of grave concern .

Prof Menezes was accidentally omitted from list

Dear Editor,I refer to my column headlined, ‘There is a powerful Amerindian presence in Guyanese culture’ which appeared in ‘Arts on Sunday’ in the Sunday Stabroek, September 28, 2014 .

Injunction in Trotman matter should not have been issued

Dear Editor,The struggle for women’s and children’s rights began in the late 1940s in the then British Guiana .

Does Ramkarran still believe in miracles?

Dear Editor,Former House Speaker, Mr Ralph Ramkarran’s most recent column, ‘Ramotar holds the pen of history in his hand’ (SN, September 28), continues to reflect the mind of a man who apparently still believes in miracles; one of which is that President Donald Ramotar, despite his appearance of ineptitude and indifference, has an ace up his sleeve that will, sooner rather than later, overturn the apple cart or derail the gravy train being run via remote control by Mr Jagdeo .

The GTU should do a comparative study within the region of teachers’ salaries

Dear Editor,Sunday evening last, September 21, I happened upon an interesting conversation moderated by Carolyn Walcott .

Further ‘eyepass’ from Baishanlin

Dear Editor,This is more ‘eyepass’ from Baishanlin, which has built a 130-kilometre road without following proper government protocol .

Learning Channel maths programme was not effective

Dear Editor,On the night of Friday September 26 around 21: 45 hours, I viewed a mathematics programme presented by the Guyana Learning Channel relating to the conversion of base ten numbers to base two .

The PM is like no one else in government

Dear Editor,I wish to publicly acknowledge the presence of the Prime Minister of Guyana, Mr Samuel Hinds, who paid me a surprise visit yesterday at my home in Cumberland, East Canje .

UN should be the only agent to intervene in international disputes

Dear Editor,On Monday, 22nd last I attended a celebration of International Peace Day organised by the United Nations Association of Guyana (UNAG) in the car park of the UNDP office on Brickdam, Georgetown, which was attended by the Prime Minister and acting President, Samuel Hinds .

Cooperation is the source of an oppressor’s power

Dear Editor,For people surviving under oppression, an understanding of the source of political power is essential to winning their freedom .

The region’s case for reparations has to be founded on law rather than morality

Dear Editor,The principle of reparations is as old as warfare and humankind and is well established in international law .

GPL has failed this nation

Dear Editor,We are just over two months away from the Christmas season and we are now greeted by blackouts on a daily basis for over eight to twelve hours .

How many schools have libraries?

Dear Editor,While the showcase distribution of books by the Ministry of Education is highlighted in the media as an Education Month activity, one wonders how many of our schools in Guyana have an active library with a librarian attached .

Drains should be concreted and covered

Dear Editor,I recently returned from Guyana after a five-day trip .

OAPs should not wait long after 65 to apply for their pensions

Dear Editor,When a person has attained the age of 65 years they are entitled to receive an old age pension from the government once an application has been made and the relevant documents to support the application have been submitted .

Recreational hunters are wantonly slaughtering our wildlife with high-powered rifles

Recreational hunters are wantonly slaughtering our wildlife with high-powered rifles

Dear Editor,I am writing to convey my deep concern about the growing trend of recreational hunters, now armed with high-powered rifles, wantonly slaughtering animals for sport in our forest .

Civil society is paralysed by a suffocating fear

Dear Editor,US President Barack Obama on September 23 reaffirmed the long-standing American support to sustaining global civil society’s significant role at a gathering sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative .

We are short of the skills which SOCU will need

 Dear Editor,There has been much discussion over the last week of the work to be undertaken by the Special Orgainised Crime Unit (SOCU) and the mechanism via which its investigations can be triggered .

Items were contributions to the Bayrock Community Centre

Dear Editor,Attention is drawn to cricket umpire, Mr Henry Farnum’s letter, ‘Sharma Solomon must support the genuine cricket officials in Upper Demerara’ (Kaieteur News, September 24) and ‘Sharma Solomon should not have accepted money, bats on behalf of unheard of Upper Demerara Cricket Committee’ (Stabroek News, September 26) .

A hearty toast to the Berbice Cricket Board

Dear Editor,The Berbice Cricket Board has recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, even though, like all other boards of its kind it began as one of control .

General and local government elections should not be held at the same time

Dear Editor,This is in reference to Mike Persaud’s ‘Local government and general elections should be held at the same time’ (SN, Sept 25) .

Did the government know the background of the DY Patil Group before putting taxpayers’ money into their hands?

Dear Editor,We recall that in 2013, opposition leaders had raised questions about two companies, Surendra Engineering (SE) and the DY Patil Group (DYP) .

The ultimate litmus test

Dear Editor,How correct is Dr David Hinds that “some people have no shame” as written in the SN of September 20 (‘Nothing to do with ethnic fairness’)? He was responding to critics who questioned the likely naming by the AFC of Mr Moses Nagamootoo as a presidential candidate, bucking their race rotation principle .

Disabled federation discussed human trafficking

Dear Editor,The National Federation of Disabled Persons held a seminar on human trafficking on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at the Garden Room, Jamoon Drive, Meadow Brook .

Delays, lack of communication with Fly Jamaica

Dear Editor,I was due to travel to Toronto on July 30, 2014, using Fly Jamaica Airline; the flight was to depart at 7 .

Local government elections ahead of general elections is an act of futility

Dear Editor,All it took was a proposed no-confidence (NC) vote by the AFC to create confusion and panic within the ranks of the two main political power houses in Guyana .

Bus stops on new East Bank road should be repositioned

Dear Editor,As you may be aware, the newly built eastern carriageway road on the East Bank of Demerara, between Little Diamond and Prospect was opened to traffic recently .

Riverstown/Annandale RDC not enforcing by-laws

Dear Editor,The Riverstown/Annandale Regional Democratic Council is not dealing with illegal activities .

Sharma Solomon should not have accepted money, bats on behalf of unheard of Upper Demerara Cricket Committee

Dear Editor,The recent presentation by the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) to Bayrock Cricket Club highlights the further confusion in Demerara cricket where illegal control is being maintained of both the Demerara Cricket Board and the GCB .

The challenge continues

Dear Editor,Every passing day, almost every encounter emphasizes the creeping putrefaction in this country .

Common ground

Dear Editor,I thank Mark DaCosta for taking the time to pen a letter published on September 24 .

UN should keep Guyana on its radar

Dear Editor,We have been a polarized society for almost half of a century or perhaps longer, and it seems that the situation has recently become more intense with the challenges we are experiencing in governance as a result of our constitution not being designed to accommodate the present political situation of a minority government .

Education is not a level playing field

Dear Editor,Annie Baliram in the Stabroek News of August 16, 2014 under the heading, ‘Students from the elite schools outperform the others,’ wrote a short, straightforward letter that begs for full attention and ought to be of deep concern to all educational officials, but more so to the working class folks .

Ukraine is a purely European problem

Dear Editor,I write in connection with the situation in the Ukraine where attempts seem to be made to project it into Guyana .

Childcare agency treats reports of child abuse with confidentiality

Dear Editor,The letter in SN of September 22 by Mr Sahadeo Bates captioned ‘Ended up in prison after reporting child abuse’ refers .

Chinese lumber company causing noise  nuisance in Linden residential area

Chinese lumber company causing noise nuisance in Linden residential area

Dear Editor,For 42 years Lot 6 Fairs Rust has been the residence of Nelson ‘Natty’ Bakker and it still is .

Was never retained by Johnny Welshman

Dear Editor,I have noted that in an affidavit to secure injunctive relief against allegations made by Johnny Welshman, Raphael Trotman, Speaker of the National Assembly, politician and attorney-at-law, has sworn to certain matters claiming that the allegations made against him are politically inspired .

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