People should be educated about leaving wildlife in the wild

People should be educated about leaving wildlife in the wild

Dear Editor, I wish to highlight to your readers another senseless trapping which resulted in unintended cruelty to a shy member of our voiceless wildlife .

Statements from Kiev and the West about Russia being behind the eastern Ukraine protests are groundless

Dear Editor, The decision of President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych to take time to analyze the proposed Association Agreement with the EU on the EU conditions and not to sign it right away, because it would dramatically worsen the socioeconomic situation in Ukraine and affect Ukrainians, provoked public unrest that eventually culminated in an unconstitutional coup .

The Mayor and Councillors do not handle money; the city administration does

Dear Editor,I am appalled to read the letters penned in the media by Minister Clement Rohee and the past and present local government ministers .

Willing to engage the Culture Ministry on cultural policy

Dear Editor,In reference to the article ‘Culture Minister bombarded with queries on art fund’ (SN, April 17), I’d like to congratulate the political opposition on the scrutiny it attached to this allocation under the Minister of Culture, Dr Frank Anthony’s portfolio, even as I recognise their collective lack of capacity in specialized probing of how the monies were spent, and their perennial overlooking of the fact that the Fund, despite Dr Anthony’s promises, remains improperly constituted .

Seecharan’s presentation should be made available to the public

Dear Editor,I heard that excellent presentation ‘El Dorado Complex in the shaping of the Indo-Guyanese: A Revisionist Perspective’ by Professor Clem Seecharan to mark the 2014 Republic of Guyana  Distinguished Lecture Series .

There is a fundamental difference between what obtained under the PNC and what exists now under the PPP/C

Dear Editor,Dr Henry Jeffrey in his ‘Future Notes’ column has arrogated to himself the role of an ‘authority’ on almost every issue under the sun .

Human development programmes help to bring maturity to a nation

Dear Editor,There is not a day that goes by that I do not take the time to read your editorials .

Again, no ban

Dear Editor,Thank you for publishing my letter entitled ‘No ban’ (SN, April 15) .

Evidence does not support contention

Dear Editor,In a letter published in SN on April 17, captioned ‘All the PPP presidents have been committed to the realization of a better Guyana,’ Jagnarine Somwar attacked my letter captioned, ‘The PPP/C is a perversion of Dr Jagan’s party’ (SN, April 9) .

Management systems must adapt to changing circumstances

Dear Editor,While being inspired and thankful for the many positive reactions I got regarding the letter I wrote last week on the need for effective management, I thought I should also caution about the need for management to be contextual without being whimsical or unduly unpredictable .

The AFC has approved all the allocations for the Amerindian Ministry’s current budget and has asked government for discussions only on the YEAP programme in the capital budget

Dear Editor,The Alliance For Change (AFC) would like our Indigenous brothers and sisters to know that we fully support the allocations for the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs’ current Budget 2014, which is a total of $411 .

Unaware Linden radio station to be shut down

Dear Editor, Please allow me the space to respond to a news item appearing in the Sunday Stabroek, of April 13, 2014 .

Rum punch should not be offered to visitors on arrival at the airport

Dear Editor,What does it say about a nation when the first thing offered to those arriving to its shores is alcohol? Yes, Guyana makes excellent rum .

Unscrupulous minibus, taxi drivers pose a danger to law-abiding drivers

 Dear Editor,As an individual who drives to work on a daily basis from Mahaica to George-town, please allow me to highlight my observations and the dangers posed to law-abiding drivers by some uncouth, unscrupulous and just disgusting minibus and hire care drivers .

Privatise the cemeteries, garbage collection and Mashramani

Dear Editor, “But let me make our position clear on this issue .

Quality heckling is a matter of wit

Dear Editor, The Sunday Stabroek’s April 13 editorial ‘Vulgarity,’ is timely, and hopefully enough of our leaders everywhere would read it, digest it, then turn away to do all things necessary to arrest this sad decline taking place in our highest forum .

All the PPP presidents have been committed to the realization of a better Guyana

Dear Editor, Mark Da Costa in his letter in the Stabroek News of April 10 captioned ‘The PPP is a perversion of Dr .

The Ministry of Education has brought greater parity to secondary education

Dear Editor,As over fifteen thousand of the nation’s pupils prepare to write the National Grade Six Assessment, it is fitting that we should address some of the related concerns surrounding the assessment and its perceived or real implications vis-à-vis education in Guyana in general .

Government funding for Bina Hill school is under threat

Dear Editor,The North Rupununi District Development Board is a fully autonomous Amerindian NGO that has no political, religious or other institutional affiliation .

Guyanese are seeing no return on the money spent on the National Intelligence Centre

Dear Editor,As Guyanese endure a 38% increase in gun related robberies, a 37% rise in murders, reports of a kidnapping and the failure of the judicial system to effectively prosecute offenders, we cannot avoid wondering how our anti-crime tax dollars are being used .

A permanent kidnapping unit in the police force would be very under utilized

Dear Editor,The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article published in the Kaieteur News of Tuesday April 15, 2014, under the heading ‘Confusion rages over anti-kidnapping unit,’ in order to clarify what acting Commissioner of Police Mr Seelall Persaud, actually said .

Golden Grove, Nabaclis roads need urgent attention

Dear Editor,There are two roads in Golden Grove and Nabaclis which are in dire need of urgent repairs .

Not 100hrs…

Dear Editor,Please allow me to say to some of our very learned radio and television announcers and reporters that ever since I was a kid attending school, I was taught about the twenty-four hour day .

The administration continues to demonstrate contempt for every institution of state

Dear Editor,Stabroek News’ position that the “fight against the use of the global financial network for criminal activities is as effective as the weakest link in this chain of effort,” succinctly captures the crux of Guyana’s problem which is again being manifested around the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill (AML/CFT) .

We should all be mindful of what we say

Dear Editor,  It is with great concern that I pen this letter to you .

Guyanese should think for themselves

Dear Editor,In all fairness to former President Jagdeo, I am of the view that he recognized the critical weaknesses, vulnerabilities and fears of Guyanese and orchestrated a cunning plot to not only divide and rule the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) but also our country .

The government is using the Amerindian Development Fund for partisan purposes

Dear Editor,The People`s Progressive Party General Secretary Clement Rohee is quoted in the media as describing the actions of the combined opposition of voting against the allocation of $1 .

Guyanese singers need copyright law

Dear Editor,        I am seventeen years old and I live in Danielstown on the Essequibo Coast .

Opposition will withhold support for Amerindian Development Fund until there is a roadmap on how money will be spent

Dear Editor,Many persons stopped me on the road this past week to get my take on the fact that the combined opposition in Parliament has disapproved of the $1 .

Guyanese judges in Caricom territories dispensing justice without fear or favour

Dear Editor,Another Guyanese-born judge has delivered an important decision against a Belize minister of government which will be a blow to the Dean Barrow administration, since that administration has a razor-thin majority .

No ban

Dear Editor,It has been nearly six months since Stabroek News has banned me from posting on their blog .

No account has been given of expenditure for Sports and Arts Development Fund

Dear Editor,It is my understanding that this week the Ministry of Culture’s estimates are up for consideration before the Committee of Supply in the National Assembly .

The politics of Manickchand

Dear Editor,I refer to your editorial on Sunday, April 13 captioned, ‘Vulgarity .

‘Long since’ not ‘at last’

Dear Editor,I noted that in the Stabroek News of Saturday, April 12, 2014, in the article dealing with the Impact Albouystown Project on page 10, I have been misquoted as having said that the GPF has “at last” recognised the importance and necessity of forging… etc .

Ordinals should not be used for writing dates

Dear Editor,I have noted that many ministries of the government are still registering dates via the use of ordinals in advertisements .

Girvan’s name stood out among Caribbean economists

Dear Editor,While in India to analyse the general elections underway, I learnt of the passing of the Caribbean luminary, Professor Norman Girvan .

This ambulance seems to have  come from the junkyard

This ambulance seems to have come from the junkyard

Dear Editor,The sum of $12M was approved in the 2013 national budget for an ambulance for the Mahdia Hospital, Region No .

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