There are questions still to be asked the AG about the incomplete Laws of Guyana

Dear Editor,I thank the Stabroek News for following up on its earlier article ‘AG says Laws of Guyana omissions being corrected’ (SN, September 16) .

Solar energy is becoming even cheaper

Dear Editor,Your Development Watch columnist Tarron Khemraj correctly queried the Natural Resources Minister’s assertion that high energy cost is the key constraint in value-added manufacturing .

Those who operate private schools should be licensed to do so

Dear Editor,What steps does the Ministry of Education plan to take in order to harness the wild blooming of private schools across the country?Shouldn’t private schools be licensed to operate with certain minimum requirements? Our education landscape seems to be in tatters especially if a survey is done to determine how many children have abandoned the state-run schools for ill-equipped private schools .

Reminiscing on old times

Dear Editor,Everyone knows that the people of Region 10 boast a reputation for resoluteness, for standing in resistance and not being steamrolled, and as fighters in protests and struggles .

The new is a repeat of the old

Dear Editor,Seriously, I feel the pain of most here and I understand the position which most of them are taking .

No pre-nuptial agreement

Dear Editor,It seems that APNU and the AFC did not prepare a pre-nuptial agreement prior to their marriage of convenience .

There is not much to be gained by politicizing the issue of suicide

Dear Editor,Much is being made over the publication of a WHO report which said it was estimated that Guyana recorded the highest suicide rate in the world in 2012 .

Last Lap Lime

Dear Editor,Last August Monday, (August 4, 2014) Guyanese from across the Guyaspora gathered at the Wood-bridge Fair Grounds in the Toronto area, to participate in the annual Last Lap Lime, organized by Toronto alumni associations of our leading city schools of Queen’s College, the Bishop’s High, St Stanislaus College, St Rose’s High and the St .

Forestry commission’s attitude towards the law is casual

Dear Editor,In your news item ‘Roger Khan company, Harry Rambarran in court battle over Willems Timber’ (Sun Stabroek, September 14) you repeat the assertion from the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) that “prior to the new Forests Act of 2009, there was no requirement for companies to seek their approval before entering into joint venture arrangements .

Ferry worker demanded bribe

Dear Editor,An evaluation of the Transport and Harbours Department at Parika stelling for the last two decades would lead to the conclusion that there has been no recognizable policy there .

Rajiv Ivan should have been selected for Berbice one-day and four-day teams

Dear Editor,The Management of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTYSC) would like to express its profound disgust at the sickening treatment of Rajiv Ivan by the Senior Selection Committee of the Berbice Cricket Board .

We need a government of national unity not led by the PPP or PNC but by a third group of leaders

Dear Editor,I have had cause to listen to the latest ‘Justice for All’ programme hosted by Jaipaul Sharma, and I am an avid reader of the ‘What the people say’ column in the Stabroek News .

Chanderpaul should be given the Order of Roraima

Dear Editor,He is known as the ‘Tiger’ because of the seriousness he takes to his batting; some say he is like money in the bank because of his consistency; some feel he is a batting genius .

National unity must start in the home

Dear Editor,On September 11, 2014 President’s College marked its 29th anniversary .

A two-parent household does not combat illiteracy

Dear Editor,I wish to respond to a letter in your newspaper dated September 16 entitled ‘A two-parent home is the single most important ingredient in eradicating illiteracy .

Notice of East Coast Cricket Board was not sent to all member clubs

Dear Editor,Recently I had cause to question the legitimacy of the East Coast Cricket Board and their Executive Committee .

Sloppy police work

Dear Editor,The police at Suddie on Monday ignored my co-operation and offer of assistance in their failed attempt to apprehend a diminutive teenager who escaped from the front stairway of his friend’s home at Onderneeming in the presence of four ranks .

We must safeguard our patrimony with courage

Dear Editor,This month as the People’s Republic of China in Guyana and indeed elsewhere celebrate their 65th anniversary of its founding, we need offer the leadership and people of China our heartfelt congratulations and good luck .

Ramjattan has been vindicated

Dear Editor,According to Walter Rodney, “In more modern versions of dictatorship, the absolute ruler has to fabricate an elaborate cult of the personality to prove that he is more intelligent, more potent and generally superior to any other human being .

GFF leadership does not know the way forward for Guyana’s football

Dear Editor,My passion, the game for whose betterment I have fought long and hard in my country is football .

A bitter-sweet story

Dear Editor,Just for a moment lay aside some of the everyday nonsense and allow me to share with you a bitter-sweet, wonderful and poignant story .

We have learnt little from our history

Dear EditorI attended the Thunder in Guyana show and was touched by the immense dedication and patriotism lived by the Jewish American wife of the late President Cheddi Jagan, Ms Janet Jagan .

To have allowed the abuse of state assets to continue without registering protest would have been to neglect responsibility to the electorate

Dear Editor,I refer to Dr Hinds’ letter to the editor in your Monday, September 15, edition entitled ‘No-confidence motion should be used as leverage for constitutional reform and a general political solution .

Brutality allegation being reviewed by Police Complaints Authority

Dear Editor,The Guyana Police Force is responding to a letter to the editor published in the Stabroek News on Monday September 15, 2014, under the caption ‘Brutalised by police’ and which was written by one Deon Gherow .

Sex workers should not be allowed around St George’s Cathedral

Dear Editor,I must admit that I am borrowing the term ‘lifestyle issues’ from the cities of several developed countries, whose mayors and police commissioners have sought to maintain the laws against offences which include playing loud music without due consideration for neighbours; urinating in public; time limits for dances and other public recreational occasions; curfews on the sale of alcohol at public events; and curtailments on smoking in public environments .


Dear Editor,When I read the report that ‘Gov’t hands over Surendra probe to police’ (Stabroek News, September 13, 2014) I wondered whether similar action will be taken in respect of the NCN probe .

A two-parent home is the single most important ingredient in eradicating illiteracy

Dear Editor,I believe that illiteracy is one of the most important crises facing Guyana, and I believe a two-parent home is the single most important ingredient in producing successful pupils and eradicating illiteracy .

More innovative strategy required to rescue the Caribbean tourism industry from its decline

Dear Editor,In an article published on Sept 7 in KN, Guyanese born Sir Ronald Sanders who lives and works in the Caribbean seems to be out of touch with reality as he is of the opinion that in order to stem the decline of the tourism industry in the English-speaking Caribbean, there is a new opportunity for growth which lies in attracting large numbers of visitors from what he considers a lucrative Chinese tourism market, particularly at the higher end, that is just waiting to be tapped .

Isn’t it time Guyana had its own soccer stadium?

Dear Editor,Even as I seek to refrain from having to respond to the seemingly endless criticism surrounding the Guyana Football Federation and its incumbent President Mr Christopher Matthias, I now feel compelled to respond because much of the criticism borders on a misrepresentation of the facts as these relate to football and its development and what has occurred over the years .

Europe is watching the Scotland vote carefully

Dear Editor,This has relevance to your editorial (Sept 12) and news report (Sept 9) on the Scottish vote for independence from the United Kingdom .

Weather advantage

Dear Editor,When the Scots go to the polls in two days time’ to decide whether to become independent from the UK, one of the deciding factors could be energy .

Police in Mahdia are not sufficiently mobile to deal with crime effectively

 Dear Editor,I refer to a letter on September 8 in Kaieteur News captioned ‘An F Grade for Rohee and the police .

‘Brutalised by the police’

Dear Editor,A bizarre daylight attack on me occurred on August 1 last, and from then to now after more than a month the police have remained silent about my suffering and excruciating pain .

Appalling pass rates in Region Nine, experts should devise 15-year education plan

Dear Editor,The Minister of Education recently tacitly admitted, while confirming our worst fears, that the state of education in Guyana is way beyond critical or being in desperate straits .

This bar poses many hazards

Dear Editor,There is a shop named RED SHOP at the head of a main street which connects Georgetown with communities on the lower East Coast of Demerara and Greater Georgetown .

It is hard to understand what the latest sanctions against Russia are about

Dear Editor,Sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States of America against the Russian Federation as a foreign policy instrument are not very effective and almost never produce the hoped-for results .

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