Hinds asked questions on the minds of many who voted for change

Dear Editor, Apparently David Hinds has invoked the wrath of the AFC for daring to offer some constructive criticism. I was present at an APNU+AFC rally in Queens in March 2015 when Moses Nagamootoo, in his speech,  described himself as having “the skin of a rhinoceros” in response to shouts from a small group of placard bearing anti-coalition protesters gathered outside.

Government’s failure to appoint the prison visiting committee caused the hopelessness which ended in prisoners taking deadly action

Dear Editor, During the last two Budget debates, whenever the opposition questioned the inaction of government to either enforce legislation or to implement certain programmes, the mantra that has emanated from the government side of the House has always been, “You’ve been in power for 23 years and you didn’t do it.” While that may be so, the Granger administration cannot continue to use that as an excuse for their repeated failure.

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