Why can’t officials get medical treatment locally?

Dear Editor,There has been a big furor as to medical and dental expenses incurred by government officials .

We should support a massive youth turnout at the May 11 polls

Dear Editor,I write to express my support for the ‘Vote Like A Boss’ campaign .

The time is right for an opinion poll

Dear Editor,First of all I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Mr Anand Persaud for opening a branch of his National Television Network, NTN Ch 26, Cable 77 in Berbice .

‘Study the past and you will know the future’

Dear Editor,With respect to the interview with Mr Khemraj Ramjattan’s on March 4 in the Stabroek News,I would like to say that the AFC membership was not consulted for the party to join APNU .

A wonderful occasion

Dear Editor,I wish to congratulate the coalition—APNU-AFC, on their launching of their election campaign .

Is the West Indies team suffering from FSA?

Dear Editor,When Maria Sharapova was recently beaten by Serena Williams in the Australian Open final, there were the expected pronouncements by the usual suspects about the former having lost again to the latter .

Race-horse owners should raise issues of concern at racing authority’s two meetings

Dear Editor,The Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA), in its most gutted form, has issued an invitation to race-horse owners to a couple of meetings scheduled for Saturday March 7, 2015 .

Police Commissioner should revisit policy for retrieving impounded bicycles

Dear Editor,The Enmore police have recently embarked on a bicycle campaign in relation to lights and bells .

The water at low tide is not very low during a neap tide

Dear Editor,While driving in Georgetown during the after-lunch period on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, I heard part of a very interesting programme on 560 Radio dealing with tides .

Happy Holi

Dear Editor,As all Guyanese join with our Hindu brothers and sisters to observe Holi, we are reminded of Mahatma Gandhi’s wise counsel that “civilisation is the encouragement of differences .

What has Ron Sanders’ s career been like?

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter of mine, ‘An incredibly foolish analysis,’ Kaieteur News, Feb 15, 2015 that responded to an editorial in the KN rubbishing the eligibility of Baroness Scotland for the post of Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Secretariat and giving generous praise to the application of Ronald Sanders .

Dominica joins CCJ

Dear Editor,The Commonwealth of Dominica will today be formally admitted as a member of the Appellate Jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice .

Why have all NIS pensioners not received the increases paid to public servants?

Dear Editor,On the 45th anniversary of the National Insurance Scheme, the Chairman revealed assets exceeding $30B and said that the scheme meets monthly benefit expenditure of $1B .

The police have investigated the alleged sexual assault of four-year-old girl

Dear Editor,The Guyana Police Force is responding to the editorial published in Stabroek News yesterday under the caption `Make it happen .

Let Dr. Jagan rest in peace

Dear Editor,Extolling the virtues of a long dead President and parading his image on banners and billboards to garner votes is not only an indication of how desperate the PPP is, it’s also really sad .

Time for Cameron, Sanasie to reconsider future in WI cricket

Dear Editor,I was saddened and disappointed when I learnt that the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) announced its support for Dave Cameron, the current WICB president .

People should resist character assassination on the political platform

Dear Editor,The time has come for all Guyanese to reject racial discrimination and political disunity, learn to break free from ethnic voting and choose a political party based on merit .

EAB will not be conducting a field test of a random sample from the PLE

Dear Editor,I wish to thank you for giving coverage to the Electoral Assistance Bureau’s (EAB) soon to be launched ‘2015 Elections Observer Exercise .

It is unlikely Zaharadeen Rozan died of a seizure

Dear Editor,The Epilepsy Foundation of Guyana (EFG) is deeply disturbed by the media reports of the death of the late Zaharadeen Rozan of Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, who apparently had been held in the Parika lock-ups just prior to his death on February 25, 2015 .

The reader owns a poem as much as the writer

Dear Editor,I very much enjoyed reading Mr Moore’s letter about poetry (‘Too much emphasis on trying to find out what a poem means,’ Sunday Stabroek, March 1) .

Orealla/Siparuta needs an audit and for the April village council elections to go ahead

Dear Editor,Elections for a new Village Council, ie, for captain and councillors are due in Orealla Village and Siparuta Village Region 6, in April this year .

Situation of UG staff cannot be compared to that of public servants pursuing a living wage

Dear Editor,Time is, and has always been found to be, a great healer; the proverbial balm that induces the rehabilitative process so essential to health and happiness .

‘Duel with Ruel’

Dear Editor,Someone dubbed the recent exchange between myself and Ruel Johnson as “the duel with Ruel .

No religious disrespect intended

Dear Editor,I am obliged to respond to Chris Persaud’s ‘Concerned about reference to “Christian workers”’ (SN, March 4) .

Healthcare is a right not a privilege

Dear Editor,The revelation in Stabroek News recently, of government spending $361M on medical expenses for officials is expected to have mixed reactions .

Differing views within the coalition on the PNC rigging of elections

Dear Editor,APNU-AFC presidential candidate Mr David Granger is disdainfully not offering any apology for the rigging of the 1968, 1974, 1980 and 1985 general elections by the PNC government because he says he is not aware of such skullduggery by the PNC .

Commending the staff at the GPH

Dear Editor,The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has come a long way compared to my last visit there in 2010 .

Millions on dental work but Amerindian  hostel in Lethem neglected

Millions on dental work but Amerindian hostel in Lethem neglected

Dear Editor,[caption id="attachment_325275" align="alignright" width="333"] The ceiling of the caretaker’s room at the Amerindian Hostel in Lethem[/caption]According to the Stabroek News (Friday, Feb 27), our government spent $316 million on the medical expenses of officials and others during a one-year period from 2012 to 2013 .

Coalition politics should prevail in our nation

Dear Editor,The recent announcement of the APNU-AFC coalition is a historic moment in Guyanese politics, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those who brought this coalition about .

Were the Hururu villagers truly involved in the process of leasing their land to Bai Shanlin?

Dear Editor,On Wednesday, February 25, the people of Hururu, Region 10, signed a deal with Bai Shanlin to lease 27 .

New date for Guyana Prize submissions is unfair

Dear Editor,I read where Mr Johnson said in his letter to SN that he was grateful that the Committee for the Guyana Prize for literature had taken his advice and extended the closing date for entries .

Concerned about reference to ‘Christian workers’

Dear Editor,A letter written by Mr GHK Lall in your 2nd March edition captioned ‘Killing of GGMC worker’ caught my attention .

The numbers favour the PPP in a two-horse race

Dear Editor,Some are behaving as if the victory for the APNU-AFC coalition is a foregone conclusion .

NIS refused medical assistance

Dear Editor,The Sunday Stabroek editorial of March 1, titled ‘Medical expenses’ is revealing, exposing the crassness, self-serving and callous attitude of this PPP administration .

What does the PPP presidential candidate bring to the table?

Dear Editor,Now that Mr Donald Ramotar has been publicly confirmed as the PPP’s presidential candidate, it is appropriate to take a hard, unflinching look at what he stands for, and what he brings to the national table of expectations .

Guidelines from progressive businesses, government organisations and NGOs should be used for setting pay and benefits for politicians

Dear Editor,For some time now the media has been reporting continuing controversy, animosity and friction regarding the compensation (ie, the pay, benefits such as health and retirement and related working conditions) payable or allowable or claimed/received by people holding ‘political’ office for themselves and their families .

RDC vehicles used for campaign purposes

Dear Editor,Since the date of elections was announced by the President every event hosted by the PPP/C in Region Five and beyond has used the RDC vehicles to fetch people so as to get a crowd .

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