Burnham was actively engaged in isolating Cuba in the 1960s

Dear Editor, May I wish all in the homeland the best in the New Year .

Lost African carvings

Dear Editor,Our home is the bottom flat of Eusi’s mother’s house, Buxton, and is my only real estate in the world .

Gov’t should not be bailing out rice millers

Dear Editor,It amazes me to see how government is bailing out rice millers with rice farmers’ paddy payments, this is an ongoing feature since the Jagdeo administration in 2006 .

Coming to grips with the forbiddenness of the Cuban or American other

Dear Editor,When my mother arrived in the US from Cuba in 1962, she never dreamed that she would never in her lifetime set foot in Cuba again .

Penalty for narcotics on plane shouldn’t be applied only to airline

Dear Editor,The difficulty in getting flights to and from North America underscores a serious phenomenon as it relates to the paucity, even reluctance, of operators to continue to venture into the airline business serving Guyanese travellers particularly .

People who could have made a positive difference but deliberately chose not to

 Dear Editor,I hereby pen a few observations on Ruel Johnson’s letter on Ian Mc Donald (SN Dec 18, 14, `Donation to Trinidad was an implicit indictment of Guyana’s failure to preserve its heritage .

Maxwell grossly misrepresented constitution

Dear Editor,In M .

Why are the churches so racially segregated?

Dear Editor,After visiting about 40 churches, one of the things I’ve learned over the past two years is that almost all of the churches in Guyana are homogeneous and are infested by racial segregation .

A group of English-speaking Caribbean nations took the lead in breaking the isolation of Cuba

Dear Editor,The resumption of diplomatic relations between the USA and Cuba, which was long overdue, is a most welcome development .

City councillors took no decision to employ the nurses

Dear Editor,Much has been said and written about the non-payment of salaries to nurses at the City Hall .

A wet Christmas of torment?

Dear Editor,Shoppers and those preparing for Christmas in the city were greeted with heavy rainfall on the eve of Christmas Eve, and if this continues we can be certain of a wet Christmas of torment .

A lawless city-nation

Dear Editor,My visit to Georgetown, the capital city of this country, on Tuesday, was absolutely horrible .

Memories of Christmas yesteryear

Dear Editor,Celebrating the Christmas season years ago is etched in the minds of Guyanese nationals settled in North America .

The workers of the Anna Regina IMC have been complaining about not receiving their money for quite a while

Dear Editor,The workers from the new IMC of Anna Regina have been complaining about not receiving their wages/salaries, increases and retroactive payments for quite a while .

Let’s not lose sight of the reason for the season

Dear Editor,The festive season of Christmas and New Year is once again with us .

The extreme powers of the presidency show how atrocious the constitution is

Dear Editor,Lincoln Lewis continues a dangerously flawed interpretation of the constitution .

City Hall nurses have not been paid since August

Dear Editor,Christmas is with us and as is our tradition the majority of Guyanese workers look forward to having some cash to help them share the joy and goodies associated with this season .

Guyana is an oasis of sorts

Dear Editor,I’ve been in Guyana a month now, and have had a superb time with family and friends in the beautiful land of our birth .

GT&T cell phone representatives not customer friendly

Dear Editor,It is amazing and distressing to think that a leading company and essential service provider, namely GT&T, which generates large revenues and has been doing so for decades, seems to be complacent about providing a quality service .

Amerindians should ensure the promises politicians make materialise

Dear Editor,In my letter to the Stabroek News some time ago captioned ‘What if Amerindians could unite and form their own political party?’ I would like to say that the ideas expressed there came from a conversation I had with a friend during one of my usual ‘gaffs’ about politics and the experience of the Amerindians in that reality .

There are important reasons why young people should go out and vote

Dear Editor,I am a pharmacy graduate from the University of Guyana .

Hoyte ensured the voice of the people was obeyed

Dear Editor,December 22, 2014 marked the twelfth anniversary of the death of one of Guyana’s statesmen, Mr Hugh Desmond Hoyte .

First Cuba, now North Korea?

Dear Editor,Now that it seems almost inevitable that the ‘Cold War’ between the United States of America and Cuba is about to end there must also be wishful thinking among many, at this festive season, that the stand-off between North and South Korea would ere long no longer be a blot on our landscape, and would be relegated forever to the footnotes of history books .

Of the several streams of business manufacturing presents the greatest challenge

Dear Editor, I refer to the editorial of the December 9 issue of Stabroek News captioned ‘The manufacturing sector’ and must commend its keen observation of the plight facing the manufacturing sector in Guyana today .

The police do not sit down and strategise ways to deal with problems

Dear Editor,It’s really a bad time for the police .

More people should openly demand better products and services

Dear Editor,Recently, I accompanied a friend to a downtown Church’s outlet .

It was not the intent of presidential immunity clause to allow the president free rein to break the laws

Dear Editor,Article 182 that attends to the ‘Immunities of President’ can be amended and even excised from the constitution according to Article 164, ‘Procedure for altering this Constitution .

Not the media’s job to hold the government accountable

Dear Editor,May I take this opportunity to remind the Guyana Chronicle, Guyana Times, Stabroek News and Kaieteur News that it is the media’s job to relay information in a timely and unbiased manner so that a wider audience is catered for .

Guyanese seniors fêted in New York

Dear Editor,Hundreds of Guyanese and other seniors were fêted at a holiday season free luncheon as well as gifts on Sunday, December 21 at the Villa Russo in the heart of Richmond Hill .

Blame is being laid on the constitution instead of on those who are supposed to enforce it

Dear Editor, The GTUC views with increasing alarm attempts by forces to make the Guyana Constitution a football, thereby removing the responsibility from the government to govern in the interest of the society .

Civil society group started on the wrong foot

Dear Editor,Oh Lord! Oh God! Was my first reaction when I saw the notice about the new National Civil Society grouping .

Decorate the piles of dirt

Dear Editor,It was with seasonal joy that I welcomed a clean-up of the drains around my Queenstown neighbourhood over a week ago .

The Jason Holder selection

Dear Editor,In the real world of cricket, Jason Holder is a man of the future .

The opposition should refocus the nation’s energies on lifting prorogation

Dear Editor,The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) calls on the opposition to refocus the nation’s energies on lifting prorogation .


Dear Editor,The Prime Minister’s talk about electricity loss, and his accusation about where the losses are coming from needs further clarification .

Manickchand is displaying a double standard

Dear Editor,In Guyana personal finances and status in society play an all but unspoken role in how our children are educated .

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