Guyana is still in a state of dependency

Dear Editor, Guiana or Guyana ‒ a femme fatale, she seemed ‒ changed hands from the Dutch to the British, then to the French, and back to the Dutch, then British again, then Dutch once more, and then the British one final time during her 350-year colonial subordination.

Bogus traffic policeman

Dear Editor, Permit me, please, to share with your readers an unpleasant yet instructive experience I had recently. A little before midday, as I waited in line for the traffic light to change to green, a man came to the window of my car, presented his badge to indicate that he was a police officer, and accused me sternly of having driven dangerously a few moments before.

Editorial was well informed

Dear Editor, Anyone reading the Stabroek News editorial of Tuesday, May 24 cannot escape the impression that it is based on an actual reading of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Guyana Public Service.

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