The police are to be congratulated

Dear Editor,I wish to commend the police for their success in two incidents .

President Jagdeo reassured supporters at Babu John

Dear Editor,President Bharrat Jagdeo, at the cremation  at Babu John, I feel, may have sensed  concern and uncertainty about the future that may have lurked in the minds and hearts of many members, supporters and sympathizers of the Peoples Progressive Party, following the sad loss of co-founder, former First Lady, and former President of Guyana,  Mrs  Janet Jagan,  that  motivated him to speak strong and clear words to assure and reassure them of the strong foundations, assured future and continued importance of the party .

Mrs Jagan did many good things for Guyana

Dear Editor,I am very sad that Mrs Janet Jagan passed away, but I am also very pleased to say that she has done many good things for Guyanese and Guyana .

NACTA poll finds Trinidad voters want Panday to step down as UNC leader

Dear Editor,The findings of the latest NACTA poll conducted in late March in Trinidad reveal voters overwhelmingly want Basdeo Panday to step down as Leader of the Opposition and as Leader of the  United National Congress, so as to give his party a chance at the next elections .

Major dykes and spillways are designed to withstand 100 or 200 year storms, not 10,000 year events

Dear Editor,The CEO (ag), NDIA, Lionel Wordsworth must be commended for his letter on the Hope canal design which he circulated to all the leading newspapers in Guyana .

To become Speaker in parliament a person has to be nominated and then elected by the National Assembly

Dear Editor,I should like to clarify remarks to the effect that I would not be available for the position of Speaker in 2011 contained in a report in the Sunday Stabroek of April 5 (Two terms enough - Speaker says will step down in 2011) .

NDIA has not allayed the fears of the concerned residents of Dochfour and neighbouring villages

Dear Editor,In SN of April 3, 2009, the Mr Lionel Wordsworth, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) failed in his response to allay the fears of concerned residents of the Dochfour/Ann’s Grove/Two Friends/Hope communities who stand to have their lives disrupted as well as the social and environmental impact on their well-being adversely affected as a result of construction of the proposed flood relief Hope Canal (‘Studies by both local and international experts indicate that an additional outlet is required for the conservancy’) .

Human beings have an extraordinary capacity for self-delusion

Dear Editor,That the recent mysterious illnesses of schoolgirls across the country are a supernatural manifestation is doubtful .

SN should not have published the number of the bus

Dear Editor,I am not one to rush to the defence of minibus drivers, as we all know many of them could be quite rude and inconsiderate at times .

What is the position of GPL’s CEO on Ferry Street, NA disconnection?

Dear Editor,It is now seven weeks since employees of the Guyana Power and Light Inc, New Amsterdam Branch entered premises at Lot 42 Ferry Street, New Amsterdam without permission, and in the absence of the owners/caretakers disconnected the power supply to the upper flat of the building which was unoccupied at the time and has been for the past two years .

With the opening of the Takutu Bridge the government should pay attention to the preservation of indigenous culture in the Rupununi

Dear Editor,There will be complex problems and challenges for Amerindian identity with the opening of the Takutu Bridge .

People need to develop a deep love for their environment

Dear Editor,Some people still do not recognize the value of our environment and pristine appearances of our surroundings, like the occupants of a Rosignol to Georgetown minibus who were travelling from New Amsterdam to, perhaps, the Berbice River Bridge last Sunday .

Not a party to court proceedings initiated by NICIL

Dear Editor,I have read with disgust a story captioned ‘NICIL presses Robert Badal for dividends’ in the Kaieteur News edition of April 2, 2009 .

The media must continue to keep the problem of domestic violence in the forefront of the public consciousness

Dear Editor,Women have always been sickeningly brutalized in Guyana from time immemorial .

Can the Minister of Local Government appoint an NDC councillor?

Dear Editor,I would like to know the rules for a person to be appointed as a councillor to a NDC .

Janet Jagan made her contribution to Guyana in so many ways

Dear Editor,I was still at school when I first saw Janet Jagan, after being sent by an uncle to Jagan’s dental clinic to make an appointment .

TV ads are replete with spelling and punctuation errors

Dear Editor,How can our children excel at English exams when they’re exposure to the language is of the poorest in the electronic media, especially on television? Some of the most horrendous spellings can be seen every single day on the television and sometimes I wonder when it is going to end .

Commuters can help themselves when dealing with mini-bus operators

Dear Editor,It is with much disappointment that I read about mini-bus operators holding the general public at ransom .

‘Colonial Home’ should be preserved

Dear Editor,My attention was caught by a property for sale advertisement in the SN issue of April 1 .

One has to be inspired by Mrs Jagan’s qualities and way of life

Dear Editor,I applaud Stabroek News for its balanced and objective publication of the tributes and critiques of the late former President Janet Jagan .

The allegation against Ms Ramlal

In recent years, the judiciary has come under frequent scrutiny over the High Court case backlog that continues to beset it .

Bus ride to Linden was nightmare, steer clear of BLL 2546

Dear Editor,Every day, we read stories in your newspaper about the many complaints local commuters lodge against minibus drivers: their reckless driving, their aggression, their rudeness .

Domestic violence is everybody’s business

Dear Editor, We are very disturbed after reading the articles in the Kaieteur News and Stabroek News dated Thursday, April 2, 2009  about the 38-year-old Vreed-en-Hoop  mother of four who was allegedly killed by her lover .

Ministry of Home Affairs’ attack on the courts unjustified

Dear Editor, I am responding to an article captioned ‘Jamaicans fail to show for drug trial after granted bail —Home Affairs Ministry lambastes courts’ contained on page 3 of the Stabroek News dated March 27, 2009 .

Should there not have been more Golden Arrowheads along the funeral route?

Dear Editor, I would like to add my voice to those who have offered condolences on the passing of Janet Jagan .

A sterling contribution to the struggle for the working class

Dear Editor,The President, Executive and members of the Guyana Small Business Association extend their deepest sympathy to relatives, friends and comrades of the former President, Mrs Janet Jagan, OE .

Government continues to seek ways to minimize the impact of the global economic crisis on rice farmers

Dear Editor,Despite the fact that the General Council of the RPA, a constitutionally-elected body, has disclaimed the organization and the persons purporting to be a pressure group of the RPA as not being in any way a part of the RPA, and of not being granted permission to use the acronym – RPA, some newspapers – the Kaieteur News in particular, persist in publishing news features and letters signed by these persons not affiliated to the RPA as representatives of the Rice Producers Association Action Committee, and the Guyana Rice Producers Association is mulling taking legal action .

Mrs Jagan was more of an ideologue than a political pragmatist

Dear Editor,First, let me commend you for allowing publication of letters both sympathetic to Mrs Janet Jagan as well as critical of her politics .

What benefits will Guyana derive from mining in the Cuyuni?

Dear Editor,I refer to your report of April 1, 2009 (‘Canadian firm eyes Cuyuni for large scale mining, hydro-power plant’) on prospective gold mining in the Cuyuni area, together with related releases .

There will never be another Janet Jagan

Dear Editor,I agree with the many letter writers that Mrs Jagan was indeed a great blessing to Guyana .

Children should be educated to learn tolerance

Dear Editor,The unswerving truth is that Guyana is an ethnically polarized and racially divided nation .

The diminishing value of money

Dear Editor,Here is a story I told to bunch of children I saw playing ‘de other day .

Mrs Jagan made a valuable contribution to the nation

Dear Editor,As a senior citizen of this country, I express my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the children and other relatives of our late President, Mrs Janet Jagan OE, and First Lady of the Republic of Guyana .

Mrs Jagan left a rich legacy

Dear Editor,The beautiful and tender hands that rocked the cradle of the PPP are no more .

Studies by both local and international experts indicate that an additional outlet is required for the conservancy

Dear Editor,In response to a letter captioned ‘A feasibility study should be undertaken to demonstrate whether or not the Hope Canal is the best option to deal with the conservancy problem,’ (SN 1 .

EPA has investigated noise nuisance complaint in Queenstown

Dear Editor,With reference to a letter published in the Stabroek News on Friday, March 20, 2009 written by Mr George Abrams, captioned, ‘Car wash bay is disturbing the peace,’ the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wishes to inform you that the agency is in receipt of a complaint dated March 17, 2009 from a resident of Forshaw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown of noise emanating from a car wash facility in the vicinity of Oronoque Street .

Speedboat operators need the services of a naval architect to advise them on boat design with covers

Dear Editor,During January ’09, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MPWC) issued a directive to all speedboat owners/operators who provide a passenger service in Guyana’s major rivers that as from April 1, 2009 their boats will have to be equipped with covers for the safety and comfort of passengers .

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