A Machiavellian simplicity

Dear Editor, Amidst the steady stream of financial skullduggery by officials, a friend and I exchanged some thoughts recently.  While these thoughts provoked some merriment, they also make one shudder as to where matters really stand in the corridors of power. 

GuySuCo’s journey to crisis


Dear Editor, To those who have paid varying degrees of attention to the fortunes (?) of the sugar industry, the reported invitation by the President for “ideas” to rescue it from the admitted “crisis,” must be cause for confusion, coming immediately after the announcement of the installation of a new Executive Chairman (who scarcely deputised), charged with the responsibility of leading GuySuCo’s management team to a gratifying level of productivity. 

Anthony should set an example at home first before speaking at international fora

Dear Editor, According to an online article, ‘Guyana calls for relevant inquiry into the state of world’s cultural wellbeing,’  (UNMultimedia.org, Jun 14) at the recent UN High-level Thematic Debate on Culture and Development, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony made the statement: “As we examine the merits of reflecting this theme in the post 2015 developmental agenda, I take this opportunity to underscore the high importance that the Govern-ment of Guyana places on culture as an integral part of the development of the Guyanese society.