‘A stinging rebuke’

Dear Editor, In the wake of the remonstrations by the intrepid Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr R F Luncheon, consequent upon the ill-advised interventions of former American Ambassa-dor Brent Hardt in Guyana’s internal politics, particularly its municipal affairs, the opposition elements sought to chastise the government on the pretext that they were sanctimonious enigmas of constitutional safeguards and international relations.

Tenuous assertions

Dear Editor, Abu Bakr continues to make logically tenuous and intellectually treacherous assertions on the Walter Rodney affair. His letter titled ‘In general the PNC and government were relatively restrained in their response’ (SN, July 9) is yet another attempt at this course of conduct.

Pier’s concern about the implementation of the Interactive Radio Instruction Programme needs to be addressed

Dear Editor, In the July 4 edition of the Stabroek News, there was a letter by Mr Daniel Pier captioned: ‘Decline in NGSA maths results this year could be related to factors affecting the Interactive Radio Instruction Programme.’ In consequence of my involvement in the development of this programme to the extent that the Grade 3 Teachers’ Manuals (Terms 1-3) acknowledge me as the writer, I wish to state that Mr Pier’s concern needs to be addressed urgently, especially in the area of training of teachers to implement both the audio and post-audio components of the programme.

Henry Jeffrey cannot have it both ways

Dear Editor, I refer to the comments by former Minister of Foreign Trade Henry Jeffrey (SN, July 9). Dr Jeffrey simply cannot have it both ways, and his silence on the daily, monthly, weekly and yearly excesses of the administration in Guyana formerly associated with Mr Bharrat Jagdeo speaks volumes.

Operational capacity of Gecom affected by vacancy

Dear Editor, I must be numbered amongst the citizenry who clamour vociferously for local government elections. At the same time, however, I am puzzled by those more prominent stakeholders who harp about governance, while clearly appreciating little about organisation – in this case the entity which is central to the organisation of effective elections.

Break the anvil of PPP, PNC witchcraft politics

Dear Editor, Any person with an iota of common sense will agree that if you ask, request or beg someone a favour or for something they have in their possession that may be rightfully yours and he/she finds excuses on more than one occasion not to grant it, then maybe that person has no intention of yielding positively to that request.