Why weren’t teachers and other public servants given the bonus?

Dear Editor,A few days ago I read in the print media that members of the Guyana Defence Force will be getting a year end holiday bonus for 2008 .

We urgently need an economic stimulus package

Dear Editor,Sometime last year the prices for food, fuel and other basic items increased sharply .

Had extensive work not been done on the drainage systems since 2005 we would have been in a crisis situation

Dear Editor,The Stabroek News editorial dated Monday December 22, 2008, captioned ‘Tinker-ing,’ contains several inaccuracies and misrepresentations of facts relating to the National Drainage and Irriga-tion Authority’s  (NDIA’s) execution of its mandate .

One blemish at convocation highlighted unnecessarily

Dear Editor,The University of Guyana wishes to thank you, and all the media, for the coverage of the institution’s 42nd Convo-cation exercises, and notes with appreciation, the support you have always given to the university .

The Essequibo Cricket Board should now recognize its all-time best eleven

Dear Editor,It was certainly a very interesting initiative by the special events committee of the Berbice Cricket Board to recognize and unveil the names of the county’s best eleven, dating back to the glorious years of the flamboyant Roy Fredericks and complementing the present era with the versatile Mahendra Nagamootoo .

‘Ain’t nuttin beat Christmas’

Dear Editor,“I’ve got that Christmas feeling blowing in the air .

A new home for Max

Dear Editor,Max had it all, a beautiful and safe home, a loving owner who groomed him daily, gave him the best food and proudly showed him off on daily walks .

Only Barbados has a higher literacy rate than Guyana

Dear Editor,This is by no means an attempt to discredit the achievement of Ms Shonnet Candacy Fraser, the second-best graduating student, at the University of Guyana 42nd Convocation exercise, held recently .

Has capitalism gone mad?

Dear Editor,The months of November and December have been the most eventful of the past year .

Mr Corbin cannot win an election

Dear Editor,I write from Linden Region 10 in relation to the continued debate over the performance of the Opposition Leader, Mr Robert Corbin .

Why no seating for Old Age Pensioners collecting pension books?

Dear Editor,Between 1944 and 1947 I was the pay officer for Old Age Pensioners and Poor Relief recipients, from Port Mourant on the Corentyne Coast to Kwakwani up the Berbice River .

Bus stop impeding business

Dear Editor,My name is Kamal Kanhai and I am the proprietor of Kanhai’s Guyana Electrical Agency of 146 Regent Street, Lacytown, Georgetown .

The use of natural resources requires a clear consensus among interested groups

Dear Editor,The basic problem facing Guyana can be stated in various ways .

When did the fire service last check hydrants?

Dear Editor,The Guyana Fire Service has spent millions buying new machines but they never seem to get to any fire on time, and when they do arrive, they usually start looking for water .

What will the President tell Guyanese in his New Year message?

Dear Editor,With the close of 2008, the year President Jagdeo had promised social and economic advancement, Guyanese must begin to analyze their current status to ascertain whether or not these promises were met .

The PNC needs overarching democratic reforms more than it needs a change in leadership

Dear Editor,The call for a change of leadership in the PNC only scratches the surface of what is a larger and inherent problem .

The broadcast licence case concerns more than the dissemination of information; it is also about employment

Dear Editor,In response to your news item, ‘Linden businessmen to press for broadcast licence,’ (December 22), I would like to commend the two Linden businessmen, Messrs Norman Chapman and Mortimer Yearwood, for daring to stand up for their constitutional right to not only operate a radio station, but also operate a place of employment .

Guyanese Christmas in NY more subdued than last year

Dear Editor,NY-based Guyanese have been gearing up for the Christmas holidays with their shopping and party arrangements .

The Ministry of Education should return the Bedford Methodist School building in Robb Street to the Methodist Church

Dear Editor,For almost two decades, the Bedford Methodist School building located at Robb and Bourda Streets, Georgetown, has ceased to be used by the Ministry of Education as a teaching/learning facility .

The Guyanese diaspora could help in the promotion of GuySuCo’s packaged sugar

Dear Editor,The deferment of the management shake-up at GuySuCo could well be a blessing if it enables the sugar industry’s stakeholders as well as its critics to analyse soberly why 2008 production was so disappointing .

Drainage inadequate for rice lands at Better Hope, Essequibo

Dear Editor,Ever since the rainy season started, myself and other rice farmers are suffering, due to the lack of drainage of our rice fields at Better Hope, Essequibo Coast .

Overstaying one’s welcome is the professional disease of political leaders

Dear Editor,To walk, or not to walk?  That is the question .

The buck is being passed again in the sugar industry

Dear Editor,Reading the article captioned ‘Expect change in Guysuco management next year’ in the Stabroek News (21 .

Mr Corbin’s failures translate to a failure for the party, its constituents and the country

Dear Editor,No one wants Mr Robert Corbin to fail .

No right-thinking Guyanese would want to return to colonial rule

Dear Editor,“Our Caribbean history is replete with examples of persons in high office who have sacrificed their otherwise good reputation .

The GDF should give reasons

Dear Editor, There is a rather short and terse notice on the wall of the Guyana Defence Force Sub-Treasury, Base Camp Ayanganna, informing GDF pensioners, that with effect 2009-01-30 pensions will no longer be paid at the said sub-treasury, but at a post office or bank of the pensioners’choice .

Chanderpaul should receive the OE

Dear Editor, I write in support of calls to the authorities in Guyana to honour Mr Shivnarine Chanderpaul with the Order of Excellence of Guyana (OE) .

The shoe-thrower was a hero

Dear Editor, It was the Mahatma who said “We don’t hate the man, we hate the evil in the man .

Central government should have taken control of drainage countrywide a long time ago

Dear Editor, Central government should have taken countrywide control over drainage a long time ago .

Taking everything into account Corbin did not do very badly

Dear Editor, I was asked on many occasions by African Guyanese subsequent to Mr Vincent Alexander and his comrades going public with their intention to contest for the leadership of the PNCR, to say something on this issue .

Liliendaal and Kitty pumps should be replaced

Dear Editor,I refer to an article in KN dated 19 .

Get help for animals suffering in flooded fields

Dear Editor,I’ve read in your newspaper and seen news broadcasts regarding the suffering of humans and animals caused by the recent floods, especially on the East Coast .

If the existing drainage system of the city were managed efficiently much of the flooding now experienced could be avoided

Dear Editor, In SN of December 17, 2008, Mr Royston King, PRO to the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) wrote an epistle to the citizens of Georgetown captioned ‘The citizens of Georgetown need to see the environment differently,’ in which he stated his views on the causes for flooding and poor drainage in the city over the past few days but skirted the issues of management and operation of the city’s drainage system which evidently have been neglected and have led to severe flooding in many parts of the city whenever heavy rainfall occurs .

The block on VOIP has been lifted

Dear Editor, After printing my initial letter on GT&T’s block on VOIP, please allow me to follow up .

The Commissioner of Police should set traps

Dear Editor, I wish to compliment the Commissioner of Police (ag) for appealing to the public to come forward with complaints of bribes, or what we would say is shake-down money to avoid prosecution for certain traffic offences .

New Amsterdam is an eyesore

Dear Editor, A substantial amount of attention has been given recently in the letter columns of various local newspapers to the deplorable and dirty condition of the once famed garden but now garbage city of the Caribbean, George-town .

What is it that Mr Corbin’s detractors want?

Dear Editor, Suddenly, as another snowy day dawns, it comes to me that my understanding of today’s politics in Guyana may be deficient .

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