It is time we directed the ‘conversation’ towards each other

Dear Editor, I’d like to acknowledge Dave Martins’ excellent article ‘With scant regard for the other’ (Sunday Stabroek, September 7). I am humbled by his reference to my letter of August 28, the day the Janus Cultural Policy launched our three-day ‘Conversations on Citizenship.’ The first day was themed ‘Acts of Citizenship’ during which we looked at citizenship both from the legal perspective as well against the framework of citizen participation.

APNU/PNCR has a propensity for putting power-sharing ahead of protecting people and their sovereignty

Dear Editor, Your news article, ‘Baishanlin building huge watercraft at Moblissa – no sign of processing facilities,’ (September 8), was yet another confirmation of the extent to which Baishanlin has gone in its forestry operations using a 2007-issued ‘exploratory permit,’ which was supposed to allow for limited types of forestry operation and is different from an actual licence to operate forestry concessions.

NMFU is not the competent authority to grant a telecoms licence

Dear Editor, I read with passing interest the September 4 Kaieteur News article, ‘Ramroop internet company launches hi-speed service without telecoms licence.’ Knowing that the new broadcast legislation is imminent and the service provided by INet is needed in the off-coast areas of Guyana, I was willing to look the other way for the time being.

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