Barbadians have to identify beyond doubt the reasons for the contamination of their water supply rather than drum up xenophobia against Guyanese

Dear Editor,In an article, ‘Ever so welcome, wait for a call,’ by Mr Arif Bulkan in Stabroek News of December 1, 2008, he stated that “a recent news report revealed contamination in the ground water supply of Barbados, attributing this to the unhygienic habits of squatters in certain districts .

The fence around the Non-Aligned Monument has been vandalised

Dear Editor,Two days ago I had reason to be passing the Company Path Gardens where the Non-Aligned Monument stands, and was very shocked to notice that large sections of the fence were missing .

Skype is in use all over the world

Dear Editor,Here’s what I received from my server today: “GT&T has informed us today that all VOIP calls transmitting their internet backbone are blocked or degraded .

SN shows hostility to the police by alleging human rights’ violations; the police should be applauded

Dear Editor,The Stabroek News’s editorials consistently improvise a barrage of attacks on the Guyana Police Force (GPF) .

There needs to be a more equitable pricing structure for crossing Guyana’s three major rivers

Dear Editor,It doesn’t come as a big surprise that on average, the toll for a motor car to cross the Berbice River Bridge will be approximately $1,000, since only at that tariff rate can the investor possibly facilitate a payback of their investment within the agreed time-frame .

The state has undermined the Mayor and City Council

Dear Editor,The old local saying, “Mout open, story jump out” came to mind on reading a letter in the Guyana Chronicle headlined ‘“Human derelicts” not to blame for the state of the City’ (November 30) written by Mr Thomas Reid .

Bombarded by GT&T text messages

Dear Editor,Over the last week, I have been bombarded with text messages from GT&T informing me that if I top up with $500 I will get 50% in free minutes .

People should take note of the effects of a monopoly

Dear Editor,Now that GT&T have blocked VOIP totally on their network, I hope that all the people who are going to be out of work, and all the poor people who can’t afford to make direct overseas calls to ask their families for help, especially in the coming Christmas season, take note of what effects a monopoly can truly have .

No water for a week from GWI and no explanation either

Dear Editor,The Guyana Water Inc (GWI) has failed to deliver a drop of water through the pipes in the  communities of McDoom and Agricola for the past week .

Why are adults lying to their children about Santa Claus?

Dear Editor,I am for protecting, clothing and feeding our children, but I am totally against lying to our children .

NIS should publish the names of deceased pensioners

Dear Editor,As a concerned NIS pensioner and re the latest fraud, I am suggesting to the authorities that they make part of the investigations public by publishing the names of all their deceased pensioners according to the records within the last five years .

Why not require the internet cafés to pay tax?

Dear Editor,I  refer to the issue of internet cafés and the GRA .

Trinidad voters want political change

Dear Editor,I recently conducted an opinion poll in Trinidad to determine popular support for the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) party a year after its re-election .

Tales of growth and development omit the harsh everyday realities

Dear Editor,The letter by Dr Prem Misir captioned ‘Guyana is consolidating its development’ (SN 27 .

The state needs to guarantee those with disabilities some minimum level of protection

Dear Editor,According to the Kaieteur News of December 1, the Minister of Health says that a disability law is to be introduced next month following repeated calls by persons with disabilities for legislation to be enacted to defend their rights .

There is a communication gap within GuySuCo

Dear Editor,“The industry is in the pits .

Lawyers in the region have distinguished themselves internationally

Dear Editor,In response to Mr Vishnu Bisram’s letter captioned ‘What were the reasons for breaking with England and the Privy Council?’ (SN 22 .

MMA/ADA has not made retroactive payments to pensioners

Dear Editor,Incomplete pension payments at MMA/ADA continue to frustrate its pensioners .

Stop the music and selling of alcohol on the seawall

Dear Editor,I sympathize with the people of Bel Air Gardens, Bel Air Springs, Subryanville and communities around, because of the Sunday evening and holiday street lime permitted on the seawall along that stretch of the East Coast Highway called Clive Lloyd Drive .

Guyana still makes the best molasses

Dear Editor,So many negative circumstances have blighted Guyana for so long; so many of them highlighted daily in the media, that I think it is time for us to remember that we have things to be proud about .

Reviving poetry reading

Dear Editor,It is truly amazing to know the beauty of expression which is concealed in poetic language .

Police should not investigate police

Dear Editor,I am frustrated when I hear officials express surprise about complaints or call them hearsay .

Don’t forget to wear your red ribbon

Dear Editor,Since 1988, December 1 has been a day of bringing messages of compassion, hope, solidarity and understanding about AIDS to every country in the world .

Justice must be seen to be done

Dear Editor,No one can overlook the peculiar position in which the Linden municipality finds itself from time to time in carrying out its mandate .

Guyana needs a Disability Act

Dear Editor,International Day for the Disabled 2008 will be here again on December 3 .

The GRA should not be targeting internet call centres

Dear Editor,Plans by the GRA that are being backed by the government to target internet call centres for tax evasion is a direct attack on the majority of the poorer, overtaxed population .

Guyanese hopes and dreams stronger than the PPP, PNC

Dear Editor,I was recently in Guyana and was appalled at the state of poverty that Guyana has descended into .

Edy’s ice cream parlour is welcome

Dear Editor,On several occasions, we would have foreign guests, or even as a family, we feel at times like going out to get some quality ice cream, only to find that there is no such place in Guyana, especially at night .

Torture cannot be justified now

Dear Editor,I stumbled across a most amusing but dangerous article captioned ‘Larlene’s too young’ by the ‘Parrot’ in the Kaieteur News dated November 21, 2008 .

Guyana’s belated objections to provisions of the draft EPA must have taken other Cariforum governmental representatives and perhaps Minister Jeffrey, by surprise

Dear Editor, The stance taken by President Jagdeo over the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe needs to be put under closer scrutiny, having due regard to the processes employed in negotiating the agreement .

We live in a hell of a country

Dear Editor, On Thursday, November 13, I attended a meeting at the Linden Foundation Secondary School, to which parents/guardians had been hurriedly summoned by the school’s authority to address the serious and dangerous issue of lighting squibs, firecrackers, and other such fireworks .

No progress since Independence?

Dear Editor, A report on a presentation by Major-General (rtd) Joe Singh, the CEO of GT&T and Ms Faith Harding at a symposium hosted by the youth arm of the PNCR is worth reading (Guyana Times November 27 page 3) .

Nothing is impossible

Dear Editor,During the last two decades a number of very important events have taken place around the world that have seen changes in situations that many of us thought were impossible to change .

TV stations should not show beer ad

Dear Editor, An advertisement at present being shown on television shows a set of young girls – who hardly look as if they are 18 years old − showing Carib beer corks and drinking Carib beers .

Mugabe must leave the political scene

Dear Editor, If rejecting envoys ever became an Olympic sport, the ‘government’ in Zimbabwe would have few rivals for the gold .

Home ministry should exercise greater control over taxis and hire cars

Dear Editor, Several years ago I wrote letters to the press maintaining that the Ministry of Home Affairs, in conjunction with the police should establish greater control over hire cars/taxis .

Vehicles being pelted on Soesdyke-Linden Highway

Dear Editor, It is with great concern and fear for my life and the lives of other commuters who travel the Soesdyke-Linden highway, especially at night, that I pen this letter .

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