GPL treated Barticians poorly

Dear Editor,   Over three weeks the residents of Bartica have been experiencing erratic electrical power supply from GPL. Before the situation got better, it got worse; the entire village was out of power for over eighteen hours.

NIS minimum pension

Dear Editor, Reference is made to the letter which appeared in the Stabroek News on Thursday, July 10, 2014 under the caption ‘NIS Increases should be given to all pensioners not just those in receipt of the minimum pension.’ Please be advised that the increase in the NIS minimum pension is usually awarded, once the government awards an increase in the public servants’ minimum wage.

Opportunistic policing?

Dear Editor, Among other things, I have been writing about the crazy, nonsensical and misleading road signs in Berbice with the hope that the responsible authorities would take the necessary corrective action.

Decency has died

Dear Editor, Decency has died. It had been dying for a long time but had not before been so comprehensively dispatched to oblivion as at the present time.