Two Asian loggers granted waiver of import duties totalling US$5M

Dear Editor,The list of beneficiaries of “Revenue loss” granted by the Government of Guyana in 2007, which was published in the Guyana Chronicle on January 25, 2009, shows that the Asian loggers continue to benefit from a waiver of import duties, even while they declare no taxable earnings year after year, employ only a small number of Guyanese at the lowest paying jobs and export our prime hard and heavy timbers at the lowest prices worldwide for comparable woods, an indication of under-reporting of FOB value; contrary to Customs law .

The embargo against Cuba should stay until there are changes there

Dear Editor,At a recent meeting with Caribbean and Latin American heads calls were made to lift the trade embargo against Cuba by the United States .

‘Politics as usual’ in Zimbabwe?

Dear Editor,Maybe it is a case of divine intervention or politics as usual .

The Integrity Commission has a functioning secretariat and there can be statutory meetings with or without a chairperson

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr Christopher Ram’s ‘Integrity Commission on shaky ground’ in Sunday Stabroek of February 1, 2009 .

Obama’s humility

Dear Editor,I read a news report in the Trinidad Express (February 2) in which a Trini had a chance encounter a year ago with then presidential candidate Barack Obama .

Is a book forthcoming?

Dear Editor,Thank you, blogger Macushi Piyasang, for suggesting that I write a book .

Questions for CLICO (Guyana) and the Commissioner of Insurance

Dear Editor, Public sector organizations, businesses and individuals have collectively invested what I suspect must be billions of dollars with CLICO (Guyana) in their various schemes .

Credit union members will not receive payouts at February 7 meeting

Dear Editor, Your article titled ‘Credit unions in decline – Nadir blames poor management’ (Thursday, January 29, 2009), contains an imprecise statement, which I fear if not corrected, holds the possibility of unfairly, albeit inadvertently, raising the expectations of the union’s membership .

What will happen after Ryan Subryan is deported to Guyana?

Dear Editor The conviction of Ryan Subryan, a Guyanese illegal immigrant hiding in Belfast, Northern Ireland is as much a tragedy of the pain a terrible beast can inflict upon society as it is the tragedy a society can impose on its citizenry when there is a broken system of justice and policing .

The PNC needs a strong leader and presidential candidate

Dear Editor, As an ardent supporter of the PNC for over thirty years I am very perturbed to see the ‘sinking of the ship .

Obama was adopted by Native American family

Dear Editor, A striking highlight of President Barack Obama’s inaugural parade was the participation of dozens of Native American Indians .

Why is it that TRIPS does not appear to be fully functional?

Dear Editor, Several of my friends and relatives who import various merchandise have complained about long delays in the processing of documents at the GRA .

Upset by criticism of Guyana Forestry Commission

Dear Editor, As an employee of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), I must express my disgust at the public attacks of Ms Janette Bulkan on the GFC .

The opposition should declare assets if it wants to be taken seriously

Dear Editor, The recent call by the government for all MPs to submit a list of income and assets, is a step in the right direction .

ISO has developed draft standard for social responsibility

Dear Editor, The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) a worldwide federation of national standards bodies has been developing standards through its technical committees which comprise technical experts from its member bodies .

There is no evidence of the ‘massive corruption’ of which Guysuco is being accused

Dear Editor,On January 24, Stabroek News carried a letter by Joey Jagan in relation to the sugar industry (‘What is going on in the sugar industry?’) .

Is there no land in Guyana which could be turned into a safe haven for old and injured donkeys and horses?

Dear Editor,The first step in solving a problem is identifying it! One problem that needs to be recognized is the mistreatment of beasts of burden in Guyana .

Obama has become another Moses to the world

Dear Editor,Change is inevitable, like it or not it’s gonna come .

No provision in law for President to ask for statements of assets

Dear Editor,I refer to the letter by Mr Learie Barclay appearing in SN of January 29, 2009 titled ‘The opposition should submit statements of assets to the Integrity Commission .

Christopher Stephenson’s heroic deed should be honoured

Dear Editor,I refer to Godfrey Chin’s letter, ‘More needs to be done to record the achievements of the small man’ as published in SN of January 27 .

Interview with Stabroek Business inaccurately reported

Dear Editor, The Friday, January 23, 2009 edition of Stabroek Business carried an article on pages 16 and 18, under the caption, ‘Investing in the revival of the book culture,’ in which several comments were attributed to me .

A commitment to nonviolent resolution in all our interactions can contribute to the kind of society we all desire

Dear Editor, You could not have lived on the lower East Coast during the recent period of turbulence, without experiencing great misgivings .

How will GPL meter readers be able to read meters on posts?

Dear Editor, Emblazoned on the front page of Kaieteur News of January 28, 2009, was a photo of GPL’s meters on lamp posts .

The model and risk analysis are everything to the Hope Canal project

Dear Editor, I have read with interest the numerous letters and articles written about the proposed design of the relief structure(s) for the EDWC .

Caricom needs visionary and statesmanlike leadership

Dear Editor, With reference to the Stabroek News editorial ‘Reactive Adhocism’ (28 .

Disturbing trends in ads

Dear Editor, Recently I have observed some disturbing trends in advertisements .

The Minister of Home Affairs should form a committee to look at the draft bill on private security organizations

Dear Editor, As a security service provider since 1979, I can see the reasoning behind wanting to establish an authority to govern security services in Guyana .

Incest is not new

Dear Editor, I guess some things never change .

The body language of female parliamentarians was eloquent

Dear Editor, It has been most instructive to read and learn from the various perspectives published on the recent allegations of high-profile, spousal ‘hi-tech’ abuse .

CIOG is working diligently for the social and economic development of less fortunate Guyanese

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Guyana’s largest and most dynamic non-governmental organization (NGO), the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana, (CIOG) for securing a grant from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) of US$495,000 to fund the construction of a medical centre in Georgetown which will serve to further strengthen Guyana’s health sector for the benefit of all Guyanese, regardless of race or religion .

Guyanese politicians ‘just ain’t ready yet’

Dear Editor, I often mused about the possibility of ever reading a letter from Vishnu Bisram that I completely agreed with .

An inspiration to our daughters

Dear Editor, I would like to congratulate the following ladies on their recent appointment with Republic Bank Guyana Limited, namely, Mrs Patricia Plummer, Ms Denise Hobbs and Ms Rose Langevine .

Rice farmers have not been paid

Dear Editor, We the farmers who have attached our signatures below are peeved about some concerns which are seriously affecting us .

How many Guyanese politicians truly believe in the rhetoric of Obama?

Dear Editor, I am delighted to read so many positive comments about Barack Obama’s election and swearing in as America’s President in the Guyana papers .

A real-life soap opera?

Dear Editor, The President’s present imbroglio with the former First Lady, a matter that should have been handled discreetly and judiciously has now become open fodder for the chattering classes − something that the rest of society can readily comprehend and sink their fangs into, rather than more complex and indigestible issues like the EPA and the global financial crisis .

There should be speed bumps in the villages

Dear Editor, Even as new traffic laws are being implemented, some motorists are still driving in a reckless manner on the streets of villages .

The opposition should submit statements of assets to the Integrity Commission

Dear Editor,As I understand it, there is a law that mandates the periodical submission of statements of assets by MPs and senior government officials, to the Integrity Commission .

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