Rice should get more money than sugar

Dear Editor, Over the years I observed that the government has been bailing out rice millers with large sums of money to pay rice farmers, although there was a EU facility which was set up for millers to access loans at Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry.

It is not time to give the impression of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds

Dear Editor,   Stabroek News report of April 17, 2014 that the United States Embassy had made a direct, and public, approach to the Government of Guyana to join with the United States in imposing targeted sanctions on the Russian leadership on the matter of Ukraine prompts this comment which should have been made immediately after the vote in the UN General Assembly on March 27.

The alternative is power sharing, partition or federalism

Dear Editor, I hope Mr Ian McDonald has recovered from the massive ‘patriotic’ attack which he experienced in the SN column of April 27 titled ‘A fateful and historic mistake.’ He wrote “But what one can easily dare to do is perceive the eternal similarities – great scale and miniature – in what happens when short-sighted men make a much greater good subsidiary to a petty cause.

There is no evidence of five per cent GDP growth

Dear Editor, The halfway point in the Ramotar administration term in office has now passed. Unfortunately we cannot find any public policy or strategy that has permanently and positively transformed the well-being of the people who make up the 40 per cent at the bottom of the economic ladder.

Electrocuted v shocked

Dear Editor, We live in a dynamic world where change is inevitable. With language, particularly English, new words are added over time but the meanings of old words do not change dramatically.