Ex-GDF Association is doing good work

Dear Editor, I wish to commend the Executive of the Ex-GDF Association of Guyana for excellent voluntary work being done in the interest of the less fortunate former soldiers .

Legal implications?

Dear Editor, For years the Revenue Department would await the passing of the annual budget before announcing the prices for motor vehicle licences .

Mr Corbin’s medical condition is a privacy matter

Dear Editor, I have read the comments attributed to Mr Khemraj Ramjattan in the KN on May 18, 2009 entitled ‘AFC wants more information on Corbin’s medical expenses .

President Jagdeo should speak out against Prime Minister David Thompson’s announcement on undocumented Caricom nationals in Barbados

Dear Editor, I am very surprised that up to the time of writing President Bharrat Jagdeo has not come out in response to Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson’s announ-cement on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 that undocumented Caricom nationals who have been living in his country for more than eight years will be kicked out by December 1, unless they regularize themselves in the six months prior to that date .

An objective account of our history is what is needed

Dear Editor, I am open to the interpretation by Mr W Moore ( ‘History… stumbles along the trail of the past,’ SN May 20) that what Mrs Jagan could have simply meant in her telegram to her parents in 1953 was that Cheddi won his seat, Janet won her seat and the party won an overwhelming victory .

Inaccurate information

Dear Editor, Last Thursday’s edition of KN dated May 14 has a letter by Mr Hamilton Green captioned, ‘Is anyone listening?’ I am absolutely certain, I saw photographs in two of the daily papers a few days ago, fifteen Rights of the Child commissioners after they were sworn in by President Jagdeo .

Perish the thought…

Dear Editor, I hope the student living/existing next to the fish shop in Drury Lane and other students affected by the fish shop pass their CXC exams .

Why not Van West Charles?

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter by Mr Patrick Barker entitled ‘Van West Charles is not the man to lead the PNC or be president’ (SN May 16) .

Those running for the PNCR leadership must account for their past stewardship

Dear Editor, It makes for quite interesting politics when men who for decades were alien to local politics  decide that it is time they wave their magic wand and become leader of the PNCR .

Sustainable management of Guyana’s resources is not a simple operation

Dear Editor, The RPA Action Committee published an ad on page 5 in Sunday Stabroek of May 17, 2009 captioned ‘Rice Farmers Livelihood in Danger/Demands of Rice Farmers of Guyana .

Can Guyana depend on RUSAL for bauxite development?

Dear Editor, Almost  four years ago,  on August 4, 2005, the following exciting headline appeared in SN: ‘Deal sealed for bauxite mining at Hururu .

Police should not allow protestors to wear masks

Dear Editor, From 1992, when the PPP/Civic was elected democratically to legal and legitimate office, the PNC and its spokespersons and sympathizers embarked on a continuous propaganda campaign, on a range of manufactured or created ‘ issues’ which are played and replayed, and recycled, especially when they want to embark on unlawful and violent activities .

‘History… stumbles along the trail of the past’

Dear Editor, I have been reading the comments on that 1953 telegram from the late Mrs Janet Jagan to her parents: “Cheddi, myself and party won an overwhelming victory” (Gitanjali Persaud Sunday Stabroek, May 17, 2009 and the earlier Guyana Review article) .

A dismal showing at the Linden May Day rally

Dear Editor, Past stalwarts of the labour movement who have gone to the great beyond must have turned in their graves upon receiving the report of what transpired at the May Day celebrations in the Linden community .

Some vulgarity at chutney show

Dear Editor, I always enjoy a live stage show at Starlite Drive-in ECD, because it is normally clean, there is good security and bright lights, and one would feel safe and comfortable being in the company of your family, relatives, friends, etc .

Freedom after expression?

Dear Editor, Of course there is ‘Freedom of expression’ in Guyana – but is there freedom after expression? Surely testimonials are required from CN Sharma, Stabroek News, the NCN Board, ‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur and Gordon Moseley .

Invoices required before GECOM can make payment

Dear Editor,This response refers to the concerns raised in the letter to the editor titled ‘Rupununi residents who worked for GECOM last year still awaiting payment’ which was published in the Stabroek News of May 9, 2009 .

GRA letter did not answer policy question

Dear Editor, Reference is made to the response by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) published in the May 17, 2009 edition of Sunday Stabroek entitled ‘Not all land for a primary residence attracts VAT’ in which the GRA sought to clarify the application of VAT to land for use as a primary residence .

Criticism of magistrate’s decision should not have been made publicly

Dear Editor, I write in reference to a letter written by Mr Prem Persaud which appeared in our daily newspapers last week (‘When convicted of a breach of insurance the penalty is imprisonment,’ SN May 16) .

Trans people face daily discrimination

Dear Editor, In far too many places around the world, transsexual, transgender and intersex people face violence, abuse, rape and hate crimes .

There are critical differences between slavery and indentureship, but there were parallels

Dear Editor, The responses have been fast and furious: Bisram’s missive (SN May 11) alleging similarities between indentureship and slavery were “nefarious” and “insultingly facetious” thundered Robin Williams (SN May 12) .

Sponsors should have less of a hands-off approach to tournaments

Dear Editor, With reference to the Courts PeeWee Under 11 football competition, I would first like to commend all of the corporate sponsors who have supported this tournament .

Burst pipe, sand in gutter at Crown and Oronoque streets

Dear Editor, A building is being constructed at the corner of Crown and Oronoque streets, Queenstown .

The police sometimes misunderstand the offence of breach of insurance

Dear Editor, The Stabroek News carried two letters written by Justice Prem Persaud in which a decision by Magistrate Fazil Azeez was criticised .

Letter did not do justice to the argument

Dear Editor, Gitanjali Persaud in a long letter in the Sunday Stabroek (‘The article on Janet Jagan in the Guyana Review had subtle distortions,’ May 17)) failed to do justice to her argument .

The rich get richer and the poor get prison

Dear Editor, Recent events of a criminal nature have undoubtedly shown that white collar crimes in any country are far more devastating to citizens, and more widespread and easy, than any crime committed by poor people, ie, under-privileged .

The ACB should be dissolved

Dear Editor,We refer to an article published in your newspaper dated May 9, 2009 captioned ‘Broadcasting committee warns Sharma about “Papillion” and church programme claims’The publication informs us that Mr Evan Radhay Persaud signed the letter of sanction as Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting (ACB) .

Can’t get pension

Dear Editor,Seeing what has been going on over the past few days as regards the entitlement of President Jagdeo when he retires at the age of forty-seven, I thought that it was high time that I let all and sundry know how I am being treated for claiming my entitlement, an infinitesimal pension after serving in the Police Force from 1946 to 1965 without a blemish on my record .

Poor police investigation

Dear Editor,I refer to two editorials in your newspaper, one on May 12 (‘Death by dangerous driving’), about road deaths and the other on May 14 (‘A killing time’), about murders .

There is hopelessness among youths

Dear Editor,I refer to an article in the Kaieteur News captioned ‘GPHC overwhelmed by suicide’ in the May 13 edition .

Mr Sancharra should learn what noise does to people

Dear Editor,On Thursday, May 14 the Guyana Chronicle published a letter from Mr Khemrak Sancharra, in which he wrote in support of noise at the Starlite .

Press freedom is abused

Dear Editor,Press freedom seems to be the term of the moment .

While race is a factor to be considered the class issue is vital

Dear Editor,In my letter in the SN dated May 13, captioned ‘Why are we arguing at this time about who suffered more?’ I used the opportunity to throw in the ideological issue and the question of the accumulation of capital, and I am sure the discerning would read the question of exploitation into my intervention .

Congratulations to a scholar

Dear Editor,I would like to congratulate my son Kwesi Sansculotte-Greenidge PhD, (who we affectionately refer to as our professional scholar) on the completion of his doctorate in Anthropology from the University of Durham in the UK .

Guyana should attend the OIC foreign ministers’ summit

Dear Editor,After his most recent visit to the Middle East, Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo has renewed efforts to establish closer ties with and establish a diplomatic presence in the region .

Not all land for a primary residence attracts VAT

Dear Editor,With reference to a letter in the Wednesday May 13, 2009 edition of Stabroek News entitled ‘Why is VAT payable on land which will be used for a primary residence?’ Commissioner-General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Mr Khurshid Sattaur wishes to reiterate that not all land for a primary residence attracts Value Added Tax (VAT) .

Which provisions in the law define two types of breach of insurance?

Dear Editor,I have noted what Magistrate Azeez allegedly told your reporter: that “there are two types of breaches of insurance and one refers to a situation where there is no insurance for which there is no reprimand but the car which Rudolph was driving had insurance but because he was not a licensed driver he breached the insurance .

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