A VAT-free holiday season is needed

Dear Editor,As the festive season approaches, Guyanese will be looking forward for their government to ease their economic burden in the hope that their families have a fairly decent holiday .

Why would President Jagdeo persist with his carbon credits scheme when the idea of global warming is uncertain?

Dear Editor,The following comments come from a person who has shed his share of blood, sweat and tears in the forest industry .

GECOM is a constitutional body while the local government task force has no legal standing

Dear Editor,Permit me to comment on the PNCR’s call for me to resign from GECOM and related matters in the aftermath of my resignation from the Joint Task Force On Local Government Reform (JTFOLGR) .

Wireless and internet technologies should not be subject to monopoly

Dear Editor,I am shocked to learn that GT&T is moving to degrade internet access or signals through the VOIP communication online-channels .

Sonjie Marslowe DeBarros headed the Designer’s Quest programme in Bartica

Dear Editor,Please be advised that the Bartica Regatta Committee, under the chairmanship of Mr Holbert Knights, wishes to correct an erroneous statement in relation to the recently held Designer’s Quest in Bartica .

Mr Corbin has not tried to fill the vacancy at GECOM caused by the death of Lloyd Joseph

Dear Editor,It was with disgust that I read of Mr Corbin’s utterances on Mr Vincent Alexander’s resignation from the Local Government Task Force (SN 7 .

There would be something wrong if a belief in Santa Claus led to the creation of an ‘A’ student

Dear Editor,In KN of December 7, a columnist wrote a response to the letter I wrote in last Wednesday’s SN entitled, ‘Why are adults lying to their children about Santa Claus?’ Firstly, let me say I have a great deal of respect for this journalist as one of Guyana’s leading media personnel .

PNCR members showed commitment and responsibility

Dear Editor,I wish to express congratulations to the PNCR and its membership for again holding a most successful General Council meeting on Saturday, November 6, 2008 .

An Indian Guyanese should lead the PNCR and an African Guyanese the PPP/C

Dear Editor,Your lead story about the leadership turmoil in the PNCR makes interesting reading ‘Corbin should step down, McAllister says’ Sunday Stabroek 7 .

‘Name and Shame’ campaign is a breach of businessmen’s right to conduct legitimate commerce

Dear Editor,The Government of Guyana boasts with much fanfare, of Guyana’s return to democracy and a free market capitalist economy (they suffer from total amnesia about President Desmond Hoyte’s successful ERP) but are absolutely unwilling to free up sections of the market which they cannot control .

The diaspora should have the same rights as those who live in Guyana

Dear Editor,I’ve raised the question of dual citizenship and giving the same rights to the diaspora before Peter Ramsaroop or Khemraj Ramjattan  or Sheila Holder addressed the issue .

Brazil company said to be interested in repairing Moco Moco hydro plant

Dear Editor,Head of the Privatization Unit and Chairman of the Guyana Power Company, Mr Winston Brassington has disclosed that a proposal from a Brazilian Company, Incomex, for the rehabilitation of the Moco Moco Hydro project in Region 9 is being studied with a view to have it once again serviceable to accommodate the growing demand for electricity in the Lethem area with the imminent opening of the Takutu bridge .

The dumping of garbage on the seawall caused the northern ECD carriageway to flood

Dear Editor,The designed technical capabilities of our drainage and irrigation systems continue to be seriously compromised, due to indiscriminate dumping and pollution .

Are the Americans the greatest illusionists in the world?

Dear Editor,For many years, I’ve had nothing but admiration for the United States’ financial system .

The bodies of domestic violence victims appearing around the country should provoke the society into action

Dear Editor,As a nation we should be more compassionate about the plight of women and girls .

CGID condemns the removal

Dear Editor,The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns the removal of James McAllister, an Opposition People’s National Congress (PNC) Member of Parliament (MP), from the Parliament of Guyana by Opposition and People’s National Congress (PNC) Leader, Mr Robert Corbin .

How was a group able to enter the compound of the Office of the President?

Dear Editor,We should all compliment the President for pardoning both Mark Benschop last year and Phillip Bynoe recently .

Why not get the Brazilians to pave the roads in Lethem?

Dear Editor,On the Brazilian side of the newly built bridge across the Takutu River, aggressive work is going on at present, constructing a Brazil free zone and commercial area, Customs buildings, etc .

Many senior citizens are falling into poverty

Dear Editor,Largely because of the progress in the treatment of certain diseases associated with aging, the life expectancy of senior citizens has risen considerably .

Questions about product claims

Dear Editor,In the Guyana Chronicle of December 4, Dr Howard Fisher, “a natural physician” representing the Canadian company BioPro Technology, was reported to have held forth on the benefits of using his company’s BioPro Chip to prevent “heating up of the head and brain caused by radiation from the [cellphone] instrument [that] could be the cause of an epidemic of brain tumors within the next 10 years .

Yes, there is a Santa Claus

Dear Editor,I note, with a tincture of sadness, the letter in SN of December 3, headlined: ‘Why are adults lying to their children about Santa Claus?’ written by Montgomery Chester .

Why no reduction in the price of 100lb gas cylinders?

Dear Editor,Docol’s recent announcement of a price reduction for their 20lb cooking gas cylinders as a result of the drop in oil prices on the world market has prompted me to pen this letter .

Why is a businessman being allowed to set up a restaurant and bar next to a post office?

Dear Editor,In April of 2007 at the monthly statutory meeting of the Regional Democratic Council of Region 2 an announcement was made, stating that the Minister of Amerindian Affairs had instructed that the Amerindian Hostel at Supenaam be privatised .

One man’s utopia can be another man’s hell

Dear Editor,‘Not rooted in the colonial past’ (SN 5 .

Bynoe was accused of a crime against the state not against the President

Dear Editor:President Bharrat Jagdeo’s recent decision to rely on the words “concerned in” of Article 188 of the constitution and grant a “free pardon” to treason accused, Mr Phillip Bynoe, is being welcomed by some Guyanese as a magnanimous gesture, but to me it fits a pattern of a head of state who either has no respect for or need of the justice system .

An inspiring book

Dear Editor,Recently I read a really inspiring and touching book written by a Guyanese .

Linden could be developed as the hemisphere’s first green, low-carbon city and the hub of an agro-industrial complex

Dear Editor,The Bosai billion dollar investment in Linden is really welcome .

GWI working on restoring water supply to McDoom and Agricola

Dear Editor,Contrary to the views of Mr Lloyd Conway in his letter to the editor dated December 3, 2008, pertaining to non-communication with residents of the community of McDoom and Agricola on the issue of water supply to residents in those communities (‘No water for a week from GWI and no explanation either’), let me state emphatically that the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) has issued a public notice on the National Communication Network (NCN) which informed residents of the technical difficulties the company is experiencing at the well site and said that everything is being done to restore water to the community .

Flooding threatens 100 acres of rice in Huis ’t Dieren

Dear Editor,With only the rainfall from last Monday night and during the next day in Region 2, heavy flooding is already threatening the survival of some 100 acres of one-week old paddy plants in a section of rice land at Huis ’t Dieren backdam .

Georgetown must be one of the dirtiest cities in the world

Dear Editor,I’m quite certain that by now the city of Georgetown is a front runner for the dirtiest city of the world title, and this is no exaggeration .

Parmanand Sukhu should have been recognized at the Accolade awards

Dear Editor,On Sunday, November 30, 2008, Arrowhead Promotions staged Accolade – the music awards of Guyana, at the National Cultural Centre .

Not rooted in the colonial past

Dear Editor,In analyzing Ms Dawn Holder’s missive, ‘Guyanese should be proud that they have broken the bondage of far distant powers’ (SN 21 .

If policemen and women fail to enforce the law it reflects on the entire force

Dear Editor,I wish to commend the police for ensuring that there was no noise on the Clive Lloyd Highway for three or four hours on Sunday night, November 30, 2008 .

Barbadians have to identify beyond doubt the reasons for the contamination of their water supply rather than drum up xenophobia against Guyanese

Dear Editor,In an article, ‘Ever so welcome, wait for a call,’ by Mr Arif Bulkan in Stabroek News of December 1, 2008, he stated that “a recent news report revealed contamination in the ground water supply of Barbados, attributing this to the unhygienic habits of squatters in certain districts .

The fence around the Non-Aligned Monument has been vandalised

Dear Editor,Two days ago I had reason to be passing the Company Path Gardens where the Non-Aligned Monument stands, and was very shocked to notice that large sections of the fence were missing .

Skype is in use all over the world

Dear Editor,Here’s what I received from my server today: “GT&T has informed us today that all VOIP calls transmitting their internet backbone are blocked or degraded .

SN shows hostility to the police by alleging human rights’ violations; the police should be applauded

Dear Editor,The Stabroek News’s editorials consistently improvise a barrage of attacks on the Guyana Police Force (GPF) .

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