Our problems stem from within

Dear Editor,What are the functions and responsibilities of the government and elected leaders? Is it just to go to the polls every five years and thereafter be unresponsive to the development of the people? President Bharrat Jagdeo in addressing the 30th Caricom Heads of Government Conference expressed the view that, “if we treat our own people badly how can, we then, expect Third Countries to treat them with respect?” This is the hypocrisy that goes on in politics .

To fulfil its developmental objectives UG cannot just be a teaching institution

Dear Editor,Given that the University of Guyana is the only university in the land of Guyana, it ought to view the creation of ideas and knowledge suitable to the domestic circumstance as its primary objective .

Comrade Ranji was a simple man

Dear Editor,It was with much sadness that I learnt of the death of Comrade Ranji Chandisingh .

Nostalgic return

Dear Editor,Here’s my response to Alan Fenty’s weekly column ‘Frankly speaking’ on Friday, July 3 .

The existing body of laws in Guyana is not an impediment to extradition

Dear Editor,It seems that everything and anything connected with the drug trade in Guyana is a comedy of errors, a web of deceit and a cloak of subterfuge .

Criticisms of Jagan, Burnham are political, not personal

Dear Editor,I have just seen Mr Ogunseye’s letter ‘Damned if they do speak, and damned if they don’t’ (SN, July 3) .

The government’s lack of respect for its own citizens is a dynamic in the mistreatment of Guyanese in the region

Dear Editor,In his address to the 30th Caricom Heads of Government Conference in Georgetown, Guyana, President Bharrat Jagdeo appealed for the human rights of Guyanese to be respected by Barbadian Immigration authorities .

Workers should not be trapped

Dear Editor,I thought that the letter under the caption ‘An employment conundrum’ by Mr EB John in your edition of June 26, 2009 would have generated some discussion amongst trade unionists, human resources experts and specialists, and most importantly employers, especially those from within the private sector .

There is need for a Caricom Administrative Tribunal

Dear Editor,The recent Caricom Heads of Government Conference dealt with several issues as witnessed by its final communiqué .

UG should emphasize teaching, not research

Dear Editor,I had hoped one of my more capable colleagues at UG would have by now responded to the KN editorial of June 29, titled ‘Where is the research?’ Alas, I am forced to wade in .

Is the government still committed to the Hope Canal Project?

Dear Editor,Is the government still proceeding with the Hope Relief Canal Project?A few weeks ago the Guyana Chronicle reported that the consultants for the above project would be submitting their findings soon to the Minister of Agriculture .

Girl sent back from Piarco received worse treatment from the police here than from the Trinidadians

Dear Editor,In connection with your article, ‘Mother decries treatment of Guyanese girl at Piarco’ (SN, July 6), I wish to make the following comments .

UNAIDS applauds the decision of India’s High Court

Dear Editor,On July 2, 2009, the High Court of Delhi, New Delhi, India made history by ruling that consensual sexual acts of adults in private should no longer be criminalized .

All efforts to make the municipality effective have been frustrated by central government

Dear Editor,I refer to two media reports in the Guyana Chronicle and Kaieteur News, consequent to a mayoral press conference held on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 .

Economic elites do not want democracy if thereby they lose their grip on power

Dear Editor,Before I am misunderstood, I state categorically that I believe in Jagan’s principle of a tri-sector economy with the private sector playing a major role .

Support for Norton’s views about Georgetown District elections

Dear Editor,I do support the views of Mr Norton who alleged fraud in the elections for chairman of the Georgetown District .

‘Be careful what you ask for’

Dear Editor,Just a few words to remind the PNC as well as all the other political parties in Guyana that the discipline which is imposed by the party leadership (from the top down, especially if the so-called discipline is to the exclusive benefit of the leadership), inevitably leads to ‘revolt’ (real discipline by the rank and file), which eventually turns around to bite the leaders .

Is this cost-cutting?

Dear Editor,I have been following the Clico fiasco .

Our MPs should recommit to ending domestic violence at the end of every parliamentary session

Dear Editor,To listen, to read, to see, to admire, and to ramble is most gratifying .

We should demand more from our leaders

Dear Editor,I was once again disillusioned by the bloggers’ response to a letter saying that we should demand more from our public servants and representatives .

Low carbon strategy makes it clear that areas already allocated for sustainable forestry will continue to be harvested

Dear Editor,Guyanese of all walks of life are actively participating in the on-going consultations on the draft Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) .

What will be the qualifications for domestic workers?

Dear Editor,I have observed a new identified category of skilled worker coming out of the CARICOM Heads of Government Conference - the Household Domestics .

What are the immigration statistics for each Caricom territory?

Dear Editor,There is much talk about Caribbean integration and even more talk about illegal immigrants of Caribbean origin in Caribbean countries .

Children should not be held with adult offenders and hardened criminals

Dear Editor,Not so long ago I wrote a letter based on one I had seen written by Barrington Braithwaite on how Michael Jules aka ‘Porridge Man’ was executed by ranks of the Guyana Police Force .

Vehicles should not be allowed to drive around the National Park in the afternoons

Dear Editor,I would like the authorities of the National Park to take a proactive approach with regard to vehicles and cycles that drive around the park between 15:00hrs and 16:00hrs .

Ask a role model to speak out against animal cruelty

Dear Editor,For anyone who has seen singer Sarah Mclaughlin’s video in support of the BC SPCA (British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) End-Animal-Cruelty campaign with her song Angel knows that cruelty to animals is a worldwide problem .

There is no such thing as ‘Question Day’ in parliament

Dear Editor,As Leader of the House, I take this opportunity to correct some distortions contained in Mr Frederick Kissoon’s article in KN on July 5 .

The President and government officials should donate their frequent flyer miles to a fund for sick children and others requiring treatment abroad

Dear Editor,Almost all airlines around the world offer incentives for passengers to use  their respective airline and one of those enticements is the Frequent Flyer Programme .

A case of transference

Dear Editor,In addition to providing comic relief, the plethora of ghost writers in the letter section of the Guyana Chronicle usually wallow in a world of ignorance where it seems ’tis indeed folly to be wise .

Antigua’s immigration ‘policy’ is harming two Antiguan children

Dear Editor,The SN of Thursday, July 2, carried a story of a Jamaican, Samantha Tanya Peart, who will be deported from Antigua because she overstayed .

What have foreign timber companies been doing for the local community?

Dear Editor, There are a couple of foreign companies which are engaged in timber extraction in Guyana .

Why are we celebrating Caricom Day?

Dear Editor, On Monday we are supposed to celebrate Caricom Day .

Zelaya played a role in his own ouster

Dear Editor, I read your editorial, ‘Honduras throwback,’ (July1) and while I agree with its general tenor, I have to say it did not go deep enough to highlight the role President Manuel Zelaya Rosales played in his own ouster .

Guyana belongs to all of us

Dear Editor, Mr Gerhard Ramsaroop’s chiding remarks on the contents of some letters supposedly emanating from one Elizabeth Daly, in which she/he engages in a rambling and accusatory attack upon the patriotism and intellectual capacity of Tarron Khemraj, was entirely on point (‘Defensive posturing and a lack of respect for the common sense of Guyanese’ SN, July 3) .

Domestic violence, etc, is not just a problem among the poor

Dear Editor, Once again the programme ‘Our Life, Our culture’ on NCN, June 21, did a splendid job in giving us added insight into the horror of the now prevalent, rapidly spreading and alarming situation in our society: domestic violence, rape, the sexual molestation of minors, incest, sexual harassment, etc .

Was $100M set aside annually for the departments of sport and culture?

Dear Editor, An article in the SN dated January 1, 2007 that was captioned ‘$100M annually for sports, arts fund – Jagdeo’ will no doubt raise eyebrows 2½ years later for its impact on today’s Guyana .

Congratulations to NCN Linden

Dear Editor, Let me be the first Lindener to take my hat off to the television station for the improved services and programming that are being offered to our town/region .

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