First Cuba, now North Korea?

Dear Editor, Now that it seems almost inevitable that the ‘Cold War’ between the United States of America and Cuba is about to end there must also be wishful thinking among many, at this festive season, that the stand-off between North and South Korea would ere long no longer be a blot on our landscape, and would be relegated forever to the footnotes of history books.

It was not the intent of presidential immunity clause to allow the president free rein to break the laws

Dear Editor, Article 182 that attends to the ‘Immunities of President’ can be amended and even excised from the constitution according to Article 164, ‘Procedure for altering this Constitution.’ Article 171(1) ‘Introduction of Bills, etc’ allows for “…any member of the Assembly [to] introduce any Bill….” I am on record saying Article 182 should be tested in court based on society’s concern and what yours truly considers its misapplication and abuse of authority by the office holder.


Dear Editor, The Prime Minister’s talk about electricity loss, and his accusation about where the losses are coming from needs further clarification.

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