The PPP was not previously concerned about those who lost their economic livelihood

Dear Editor,Martin Luther King Jr, the martyred African American civil rights leader, espoused a fundamental principle that must serve to guide the actions and reactions of citizens of Guyana who seek to usher into our nation’s experience, real democracy, measurable equity and transparency in the distribution of our collective resources, and an end to the dystopian direction in which our nation is currently being driven .

The $18.3B which was cut from the LCDS needed to be covered by a conditional appropriation

Dear Editor,I prefer to impute no motives to Government spokespersons or self-appointed, self-interested critics of the Budget “cuts”, including Drs .

Chanderpaul has shown what focus and application can attain

Dear Editor,Shivnarine Chanderpaul has reached the 10,000 Test runs milestone, a signal achievement for any cricketer, for West Indies, for Guyana, for himself .

Safety standards not observed on building site

Dear Editor,As we observe World Occupational Health and Safety Day would the authorities have a focused look at the conditions that obtain on the construction site located at the corner of Sheriff and Garnett Streets? On several occasions, young workers dangling from the steel frame without any safety gear have been observed .

The President should save his strong words for the minibus operators

Dear Editor,It was amusing to read the President of Guyana using some very strong words to describe the parliamentary opposition in his address to the nation on Friday night, and I wondered why he didn’t use that vocabulary to describe the minibus operators who rob barefacedly every day .

Senior public officers should be careful about their language in public and show respect

Dear Editor,Being a public servant, whether it be a minister, police officer, judge, magistrate, president, prime minister, military officer or just an ordinary clerk, is a position with much honour .

Is this what AFC supporters voted for?

Dear Editor,I ask my sisters and brothers who voted for the AFC: Is this what they voted for? April 25-26 were among the darkest and worst days in our legislative and political history .

What happened during the Budget debate was a breath of fresh air

Dear Editor,In a scene which can only be called Jagdeoesque, President Donald Ramotar addressed the nation on Friday night and inflamed rather than calmed passions .

Who will carry the Golden Arrowhead at the Olympics?

Dear Editor, It still remains a mystery as to who will be selected to carry the Golden Arrowhead at the opening ceremony of the 30th Olympiad in London .

There should be changes to the Property Tax

Dear Editor, During last week on a television call-in programme, the guest Mr Manzoor Nadir in reply to a caller concerning Property Tax (GRA), said that even though the threshold had not increased, the rate had been reduced about five or six years ago .

NCN in its current form would be very out of place in a developed country

Dear Editor, NCN’s extensive coverage of a vigil held by its workers and sympathizers, followed immediately by a panel discussion on the effects of the budget cuts on the LCDS, is probably the strongest example of how this particular state agency continues to be used as a means of propagating the PPP/C’s political perspective .


With respect to a letter by Krysta Bisnauth which appeared in our Friday edition (April 27) captioned ‘St Stanislaus workshop on Henry Greene case had brilliant speakers,’ it was Dr Alissa Trotz who spoke at the workshop and not Dr Maya Trotz as was erroneously printed in the letter .

Tone down the vitriol and increase the vision

Dear Editor, On Friday night we learnt of President Ramotar’s position on events of the past week in parliament .

The PPP’s concern for GINA workers has not extended to others who lost their jobs

Dear Editor, One of the objectives of the recent Budget cuts was to remove the inequities in earning among the specially paid government contract employees who earn close to and over $1,000,000 per month and those in the regular public service who earn under $100,000 .

Member of a distinguished band

Dear Editor, On Friday, Shiv Chanderpaul playing for the West Indies against Australia joined a distinguished band of cricketers in attaining 10,000 runs in his Test career .

Chanderpaul: ‘A focus of burnished steel’

Dear Editor,Shiv Chanderpaul has just passed 10,000 runs in Test cricket, and there have been, and will continue to be, many plaudits from a variety of sources .

All the Falkland Islanders ask is to choose their own future

Dear Editor,The Falkland Islanders have recently found themselves being used for propaganda purposes by the Argentine government .

Authorised persons from Scotiabank were not contacted for a comment

Dear Editor,With reference to an article titled ‘New US tax compliance Act still to be discussed by bankers association‘ published in Stabroek Business of the Stabroek News of April 20, 2012, we wish to voice a few concerns over inaccuracies in the piece and the alleged source of information from Scotiabank .

‘The entrenchment of mediocrity’

‘The entrenchment of mediocrity’

Dear Editor,One always suspected that there was more than one ‘Juan’ Edghill .

What if the boot had been on the other foot…

Dear Editor,Prior to the October 1992 elections, the Guyana Chronicle, GTV 10 and GBC (NCN today) and GNA (GINA today) only carried the government’s point of view, shutting out the views of the opposition and the wider society, just as they still do today .

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