Super-profits by Asian transnationals generated partly from excessively favourable investment arrangements provided by gov’t

Dear Editor, SN reported (‘`Pure hogwash’, Businessman challenges Ramotar on lack of timber value-added processing’, 25 April 2015) remarks on the forest sector by President Ramotar at the GMSA business lunch on 22 April .

Minister Ramsaran’s remarks are unforgiveable and go beyond the misogynist vitriol we have learned to tolerate

Dear Editor, There are more than justifiable calls for Minister Ramsaran to step aside .

Only a small portion of A-field’s main road was done

Dear Editor, “The success of democracy depends, in the end, on the reliability of the judgments we citizens make, and hence upon our capacity and determination to weigh arguments and evidence rationally .

The PPP/C needs to rein in Jagdeo

Dear Editor, Whatever may be the motive underlying the campaign style of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, there is widespread agreement that the rhetoric, invectives and undisguised race-baiting in all his speeches bode ill for the country .

Dispossessed Belle Vue cane farmers still to be compensated

Dear Editor, I noted the response of Mr .

A convergence of political arrogance, revenge and domination

Dear Editor, I join with others in expressing utter disgust at Minister Ramsaran’s abuse of Sherlina Nageer .

Get the young voters educated and trust them to make informed decisions

Dear Editor,Let me say from the beginning that I do not live in Guyana and, therefore, whichever party coasts to victory in the upcoming national elections would have minimal effect on my life .

Presentation on cane farming appears more a concoctive defence

Dear Editor,For the benefit of relevant stakeholders, including those who would defend the sugar industry with obfuscations about its cane farming sector, see letter `All private cane farmers treated alike’ (SN April 22, 2015), this writer can legitimately lay claim to being an active participant in pioneering the development of small cane farming across the industry in the 1960’s, not only by organising the groups into cooperatives a category which is omitted from GuySuCo’s reference to ‘private farmers’; but also a contributor to the drafting of what is known as the National Cane Farming Committee Act (1965) .

Voters have the power to kick race-based voting to the curb forever

Voters have the power to kick race-based voting to the curb forever

Dear Editor, Looking at the results of past elections you can only draw one conclusion and that is `The People are Winning .

This election has ignited the collective energy of Guyanese

Dear Editor, I believe that this Election on 11 May, 2015 there will be a clear winner and a clear loser .

Mr Jagdeo’s continuing folly

It must rank as one of the supreme ironies of this season that mere months after he headed a Commonwealth observer mission to the Sri Lankan General Elections, which by its very nature would have required evenhandedness and diplomatic skills, that former President Jagdeo has plunged headlong into the most virulent and partisan rabble-rousing on the political platform on behalf of himself and his party .




Permitting Dr Ramsaran to continue serving as Minister of Health would show great disregard to the office he holds

Dear Editor,We the undersigned write to register our concern upon news of the recording of Dr Bheri Ramsaran, Minister of Health, threatening to “slap and strip” Ms Sherlina Nageer and that he would have “his” women supporters do such an act .

PPP campaign statements on log exports contradict their own previous promises

Dear Editor,I refer to your article `Pure Hogwash – businessman challenges Ramotar on lack of value-added processing’ [SN April 25] and wish to make a few comments .

President, PPP must act now against Ramsaran

Dear Editor,The crude, foul and profane language used by Minister of Health, Dr .

Minister Bheri Ramsaran

If it were not bad enough that Minister of Health Bheri Ramsaran insulted a woman in the most degrading way on Monday, in the process putting his utter contempt for the female sex as a whole on full public display, two days later he divested himself of similar remarks when addressing Regional Health Officers .

Sunday Cartoon

Sunday Cartoon

Sunday Cartoon .

The dispute with Goolsarran was a legal one and has been traduced in the recent PPP/C ad

Dear Editor, Attorney Bernard de Santos recently claimed in Court that a critic had an unnatural interest in Mr Jagdeo .

Jagdeo ordered closure of GDF unit which was targeting criminal activities

Dear Editor,It has been noted that former president, Bharrat Jagdeo stated that the alliance between the coalition and former military personnel is something to be feared .

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