If vacancies for Chancellor, Chief Justice are not advertised, we might deny overseas Guyanese the opportunity to come back and serve

Dear Editor, I refer to a letter written by former Attorney General Mr Anil Nandlall in respect of President Granger’s insistence that the positions for Chancellor and Chief Justice be advertised before a decision on the respective appointments are taken (‘Why are we recruiting judges from outside Guyana.’ SN, June 29).

Ramotar lacked persistence in solving problems

Dear Editor, Former President Ramotar cannot be seen, heard or noticed in the press since the recent elections, and now we are coming to the general understanding that he is not to be the leader of the opposition; the PPP has dumped him in favour of Mr Jagdeo, and it is now that we, the citizens of Guyana, can see that all along, Mr Ramotar was just a political puppet.

New World answers to old questions?

Two newspaper cartoons from the United States neatly capture some of its current socio-political tensions. The first shows the lowering of a Confederate flag followed by the hoisting of the Rainbow banner associated with marriage equality; the second wryly compares the Confederacy’s cross-shaped pattern with the unpsoken but palpable divisions that often separate America’s privileged, largely-white zones of safety (expensive schools, gated communities) from the chaos and danger that encircle so many of its impoverished minorities.

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