Bizarre happenings

Affairs at City Hall are becoming increasingly bizarre. Who would have thought that following the local government elections last year, when the citizenry was looking forward to a new era of transparency, accountability and rationality in the management of their capital, it would become a byword for exactly the opposite?

Why hasn’t the Minister acted against the Town Clerk

Dear Editor, The actions of the Town Clerk, whereby he contrived to have the council defy specific instructions from the Minister of Communities, who has ministerial responsibility for M&CC, in relation to the suspension of the parking meters by-laws is insubordination and is grounds for disciplinary action.

What Walcott knew

“Biographies of poets are hard to believe,” warned Derek Walcott in an essay on Robert Lowell, for “[t]he moment they are published they become fiction, subject to the same symmetry of plot, incident, dialogue as the novel.” For close readers, however, there is always a more intimate account in the work itself; there we can watch the artist’s lonely toil in what TS Eliot called the “intolerable wrestle with words and meanings.” In Lowell’s case, for instance, Walcott noticed a persistent interest in the sheer labour of creation, the “pain of making poems.” Brilliantly, he observes that Lowell “doesn’t sweep the fragments off the floor of his study, or studio, and show you only the finished sculpture.” Recognised early for the prodigy that he was, Walcott proceeded quite differently to Lowell.

MAPM must not rest

Dear Editor, Something is not right with the suspension of the parking meter arrangements.  While it is welcome, one must be cognizant of the circumstances which surround this entire affair.

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