Is this now the Greater Flood?

Dear Editor,After the floods of the night of November 19 and all day Thursday, November 20, I sincerely hope that Minister Ali and all the bloggers who thought that covering over the canals to accommodate parked cars in Georgetown was a swell idea, will have second thoughts .

The Florida Expo was an expo and not a marketplace

Dear Editor,I have read the two articles published on November 20 and 21 in your publication about the Guyana Expo in Florida and must register my disappointment, especially with the second article in which I am quoted .

Remedying the collapsed drainage system can only begin when the administration allows local gov’t bodies to function in accordance with the constitution and legislation

Dear Editor, I wonder how much longer the Private Sector Commission (PSC) can look at a dog and call it a cat .

Why are Region 10 logs not transported via the river?

Dear Editor, There is much meat in the saying: “What we see depends mainly on what we look for .

EPA should take Town Clerk to court not the Mayor and councillors

Dear Editor,It has just been brought to our attention that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has threatened to take the Mayor and Council of Georgetown, to court for its inappropriate and harmful dumping and handling of garbage around our municipal markets .

There was a sense of common purpose between APNU and AFC supporters at the rally

Dear Editor,Patriotic Guyanese would agree that our country’s future is more important than petty partisan politics .

There should be a concerted drive to overcome limitations

Dear Editor, Misgivings have surfaced on how the opposition is handling itself in the aftermath of the prorogation assault by, and insult from, the ruling PPP .

Nationals should have included athletes from all ten regions

Dear Editor, When I was informed that the Guyana Teachers Union Track and Field Championships 2014 was billed for the Guyana Defence Force Ground (Ayanganna), I was furious for many reasons .

President Obama’s executive action on immigration

For Latin America and the Caribbean, President Obama’s proposed changes to US immigration policies are a mixed bag of common sense reforms of outmoded legislation, and a likely source of unwelcome security challenges .

Guyana is a beautiful place to discover

Dear Editor, I have been returning to Guyana annually for the past 14 years .




The effects of prorogation are serious and far-reaching notwithstanding its legality or propriety

Dear Editor, I have noticed a number of views being posited in the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News on the issue of the recent proclamation by the President, proroguing the National Assembly .

Wrong machinery and methods used in the Georgetown clean-up exercise

Dear Editor,When the announcement was made that there was going to be a $500 million expenditure on cleaning up Georgetown including its drainage, I said nothing and waited to see if the money would be spent properly, but somehow I knew that it was probably going to be a waste of time and the people’s money .

The Government should ensure the outfall channels are cleared throughout the year

Dear Editor,So for the umpteenth time the City of Georgetown is under water .

Will Ashni Singh accept the challenge to publicly state why he has not made the report available

Dear Editor,Your editorial of November 17, 2014 titled ‘A welcome return by the Ombudsman’ opens yet another PPP can of worms .

Invitation to dialogue?

Dear Editor, President Ramotar’s retort to Carl B Greenidge’s comments about the status of investment agreements concluded during the period of the prorogation of the National Assembly, as reported in the Guyana Times of November 12, “I am in Government, you’re not,” refers .

How should women dress?

Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your newspaper to address the concerns that young women, like myself face when sexist comments are made to justify rape .

Prorogation is the latest significant step in the PPP’s descent into dictatorship

Dear Editor, ‘Prorogation’ is a big word .

It is time we ended what Kwayana calls ‘the horse race of thoroughbreds’

Dear Editor, As one who has been very critical of the APNU for being too ready to enter into dialogue with the PPP, it is only fair that I commend the APNU for refusing to meet with President Ramotar and the PPP while the parliament remains prorogued .

Ministry has not imported enough urea fertilizer for the rice farmers

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that 140,000 bags of urea fertilizer are on the way from Venezuela for 20,000 farmers in all the rice-growing regions at a cost of $5,000 per bag .

If we enforce stricter laws then crime will stop

Dear Editor, The sudden rise of crime in our country is now a concern for all Guyanese citizens, and the re-introduction of blackouts makes it easier for thieves and criminals to escape very easily .




‘Shiv on the Shore’

Rahul Bhattacharya has done it again .

Perhaps the time has come for an interim government

Dear Editor, As I reflect on the current political impasse in Guyana, two statements come to mind .

Democracy is only won by people power

Dear Editor,I was waiting a few days before getting involved in the prorogation discussion .

In politics two or more minorities do not make a majority

Dear Editor,President Donald Ramotar’s decision to prorogue Parliament has, understandably, met with much criticism by the parliamentary opposition parties, namely APNU and the AFC, both of which, together, enjoyed a one-seat majority in Parliament .

It is just a matter of time before Linden Remembrance Day is put to rest

Dear Editor,Mr Edward Cedrina, Chairman of the Guyana Legion ought to be commended for helping the Linden community remember Remembrance Day (Poppy Day) which, judging from what was demonstrated on Sunday, November 9, will sooner rather than later be totally forgotten and no more remembered .

Ombudsman Moore should be complimented for a job well done

Dear Editor,As the nation of Guyana continues to imbibe at the fountain of disregard for decency and justice, the report by the ombudsman, related to the New Building Society (NBS) and Mr Arjoon is welcome .

No one knows when another country will join the CCJ

Dear Editor, Four months ago I was very optimistic that before the end of this year at least two more countries would have abolished appeals to the Privy Council and accepted the Caribbean Court of Justice, but it seems as if this will not materialize and no one knows when another country will join .




What Mr Hicken said

On Tuesday, the Public Relations Department of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) issued a statement in which it sought to defend Commander of ‘A’ Division Clifton Hicken who has been justly lambasted for his suggestion that if young women’s attire was “accepted morally”, they could avoid being raped .




There is a staggering lack of love for this country

Dear Editor,I look around and ask why are there so many problems, problems that seem insuperable, and which keep mounting relentlessly .

The GPF should do the necessary research before making thoughtless statements about the abuse of women and children

Dear Editor,According to an INews report on November 17, 2014, Commander of ‘A’ Division, Mr Hicken reportedly made a statement to the effect suggesting that women and girls must ensure they do not dress in any manner that “plays into the agenda” of a rapist .

Commander was not defining moral conduct; statement was directed at crime prevention

Dear Editor,Cognisant of an article published in the Stabroek News on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, under the caption ‘Police Commander under fire for blaming victims for rapes’ and other media coverage of this matter, the Guyana Police Force wishes to advise the public that the Police Divisional Commander of ‘A’ Division has been taken out of context .

It is sickening that Hicken is not aware that rape has nothing to do with what the victim is wearing

Dear EditorMany men and women in Guyana probably think like Commander Hicken does, that young women are to be blamed for rape because they do not dress ‘morally’ .

If only the unified spirit and inspiring dynamic reflected in the consultation on solid waste management could find a permanent place in the whole country

Dear Editor,Last Friday and Saturday, November 14 and 15, I participated in a consultation on Solid Waste Management, organised by Rev Raphael Massiah and the First Assembly of God .

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