Short of some swift consensus between APNU and the AFC, the PPP will survive this no-confidence vote

Dear Editor, Many people have asked me why, despite their legislative majority, the opposition in Guyana have, since 2001, allowed the PPP ant its Executive Government to out-manoeuvre them .

Extensive literature on trials shows this biomass species grows better in drier climates

Dear Editor,Although Go-Invest and the Ministries of Agriculture and of Tourism, Industry and Commerce do not seem to have the information, I was pleased that the family owners of Pinnacle Green Resources (Guyana) Inc .

Granger has an even greater responsibility to bring resolution to grievances of the members in the PNCR

Dear Editor,Response is made to Barrington Braithwaite’s letter, `Lindeners opposing Granger have not stated what he is not doing to make their lives better,’Stabroek News 23rd October, 2014 .

Circling the wagons to fight off the AFC

Dear Editor,The decision of PNC/APNU to meet with the president ahead of the no-confidence vote described in your article, `APNU meets President on Governance,’ brings to the fore my conclusion that all of Guyana’s problems stem from perpetual inside fighting between the PPP/Jagan faction and the PPP/Burnham faction .

Issues are not the overriding thing here, race is

Dear Editor, I was mildly intrigued by a couple of items that appeared in SN .

Standards down at Church’s in NA

Dear Editor,The standards of Church’s Chicken, New Amsterdam outlet have dropped severely .

What the Windies players did is unpardonable

Dear Editor, What the West Indies team has done by aborting the tour of India is tantamount to holding the WICB, WIPA, BCCI and the Indian and West Indies fans to ransom for the sake of money .

The West Indies cricket crisis

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), in response to the unprecedented mid-tour termination of the series in India and the decision of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to suspend all bilateral tours to the West Indies and to consider legal proceedings against the WICB, has decided, among other things, to “establish a task force, comprising critical stakeholders, to review the premature end of the tour to India” and “request a meeting with the BCCI” .




Bertina Domingo and her sister deserved more

Dear Editor, Really time does fly, I couldn’t believe that it’s almost 20 years since those two sisters were lost in our dense jungle .

Lindeners opposing Granger have not stated what he is not doing to make their lives better

Dear Editor, I have read the recent letters by Minette Bacchus, Lincoln Lewis and then Rickford Burke on the related matter of Vanessa Kissoon .

We should have national and local government elections together

Dear Editor, Why does it seem that we must have either National Elections or Local Government Elections? Why not both together? I know that GECOM knows how to do hybrid elections .

Searching for old school friends

Dear Editor, My name is Dennis Ray LaBorde - Born 25 January 1944 in Georgetown, BG, to Peggy Rita (née - Alicock) and Supt Dennis Ray (Dick) LaBorde .

Complete failure

The World Health Organisation (WHO) report which named Guyana as the country with the worst suicide rate in the world has revealed more than the statistics that shocked some and sent others into denial mode .

This Jamaican artiste should be banned for lyrical porn

Dear Editor, It has been roughly two months since I penned a letter in relation to Jamaican Dancehall Artiste “Alkaline” being stopped from performing in Guyana .







Location chosen in Linden for Digicel rehab centre not appropriate

Dear Editor, I refer to the SN October 17, 2014 article, `Linden works committee puts Digicel rehab project on hold’ .

Mr Green’s claim was rejected in accordance with NIS regulations

Dear Editor,Please permit me to respond to the letter `Claim rejected by NIS Board’ which was published in the Tuesday, October 14, 2014 edition of Stabroek News .

Remarkable thing about PROs is that the very job neutralizes them

Dear Editor, The reported declamation of an appointment of a new staff member to GECOM on the basis of the latter’s alleged political sympathies, if not indeed association, unwittingly raises a possible converse: that is the presumption must be that where in recent circumstances in the same organisation, at least two quite substantive appointments did not invite the same reservations, these recruits must have been evaluated as having the right sympathies and even approved political affiliations .

NIS responds to Dr Mitchell

Dear Editor,The Kaieteur News carried an article captioned `Former Senior Health Official peeved at non-support from NIS’ which was printed in the Saturday, October 11, 2014 edition .

Spare a thought for all the genuinely committed people

Dear Editor,As I read Mr .

Complainant should contact NIS

Dear Editor, Tuesday, October 14, 2014’s edition of Stabroek News carried a letter bearing the caption `NIS Officer was unhelpful .

More stringent measures have since been taken to end boat overloading

Dear Editor,The Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) takes this opportunity to respond to a letter in the Stabroek News on page 6 of Thursday October 16, 2014 which was captioned `Overloaded speed boat from Wakenaam was forced to let off some passengers during journey’ .

Informed approach needed to curb juvenile delinquency

Dear Editor,Hardly a day passes without numerous reports of crimes committed by young people, mostly males .

Cuba and the US in the hemisphere

An old saying has it that circumstances alter cases and recent events suggest that the way is once again opening for a substantial discussion among governments on the issue of Cuba’s role in the Hemisphere, and more particularly on the question of Cuba-United States relations .




We demand the police force do its job in relation to the case of the shooting of transgenders

Dear Editor,We, the members of the Guyana Trans United (GTU), wish to publicly condemn the Guyana Police Force for their continued discrimination against our community .

Even my right to think is being assailed by this unending noise nuisance

Dear Editor,This is what happens when lawlessness spirals and becomes out of control .

Sponsor of no-confidence vote should remember Pyrrhus

Dear Editor,The “No Confidence Motion,” soon to be tabled in Parliament, against the PPP Government, is part of a long tradition of attempts (sometimes subversive) to remove the said Party whenever they are in Government .

No-confidence vote manoeuvring

Dear Editor,In response to your news article, “AFC to press Speaker on Parliament date - Ramjattan cites Ramkarran opinion, separation of powers,” (October 20), I believe that although the country continues to sail uncharted waters since November 28, 2011, the AFC appears to be doing the toughest part of the work trying to prevent the country from continuing to sail in a direction certain local political pirates want to take it for further plundering .

Mr Granger’s comments on Vanessa Kissoon have brought great ignominy to the PNCR and APNU

Dear Editor,On October 6, 2014, the Guyana Times published an article captioned “PNCR not finished with Vanessa Kissoon .

Only half of this cane cutter’s NIS contributions were recorded

Dear Editor,NIS and Guysuco continue to collaborate to shut out workers from the benefits they earn through years of toiling in the fields .

Home Economics: Shedding an undeserving stigma

One of the positives about the annual Secondary Schools Home Economics Competition sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in conjunction with the Ministries of Agriculture and Education is that it provides opportunity for schools possessing children with varying levels of academic acumen and located in far flung corners of the country to match skills in a discipline where the playing field is more or less level .

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