Why did we install an 80,000 tonne packaging plant in a factory which produces only 19,598 tonnes of sugar a year?

Dear Editor,Reference an article in the Stabroek News of August 25 captioned ‘Inadequate, pricey and not in demand, low sugar supply slows Enmore packaging plant .

The malady continues at City Hall

Dear Editor,The malady continues at City Hall with the recent forgery charge against Mr Royston King and the decision of the city council to move a motion sending the acting Town Clerk, Ms Carol Sooba, on administrative leave .

A foreigner in the Immigration area without clearance

Dear Editor,I returned home on Sunday night, 24th August, arriving at CJ Intl at around 9 .

Jamzone disturbed Republic Park residents, frightened pets and compromised safety

Dear Editor,I would like to highlight a major problem affecting the residents of Republic Park EBD .

The intellectual class should speak truth to power

Dear Editor,One of the things Guyanese academics and the intellectual class ought to be doing is to speak truth to power; this simply means sharing analyses and observations about the core reasoning, manoeuvering and strategies behind the actions of our political leaders and government .

GT&T billing system not functioning efficiently in Essequibo

Dear Editor,For the past three months Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) has been disconnecting my telephone even although I am paying my bills promptly .

‘We are passengers on the power-drunk-driver minibus’

Dear Editor,Mr Maxwell’s letter of August 21 in SN returns to an old theme, Burnham-bashing, with which I for one have no quarrel, not being one of FB’s defenders (‘Burnham’s socialist path prevented Guyana from developing like Singapore’) .

There ought to be a restart with another group

Dear Editor,So now there is a quest for a national alliance .

Scotland’s proposed secession from Britain

With a proposed date for a vote on secession from Great Britain of September 18 now almost within reach, the governing Scottish National Party (SNP) finds itself facing stiff competition from the forces opposed to the establishment of an independent Scotland .




Williams’s cross examination on the Rodney commission is hostile

Dear Editor,I write to make public the concerns raised with me by APNU supporters, who have asked why Mr Basil Williams and I were so adversarial and uncomradely during his cross examination of me in the ongoing Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (WRCI) .

Lionel Peters had nuanced views on politics and international relations

Dear Editor,I’ve learned with great sadness the passing of Mr Lionel Peters who was very active politically in the PPP, Hoyte’s PNCR and later the AFC .

The PPP believes that doing 32 things ineptly is unassailable evidence of success

Dear Editor,Minister Clement Rohee is a perfect example of the absolutism of power, the arrogance of ignorance, the flagrant lack of comprehension of what the people want and the intellectual wasteland that is the PPP leadership .

Awards ceremony honouring former Berbice Test cricketers to be held Sunday

Dear Editor Region 6 – East Berbice – is the cricketing headquarters not only for Guyana, but the entire Caribbean .

Cleaning up the country

The government has allowed a discomfiting hiatus to develop between the announcement by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh in his budget speech last March that government was allocating one billion Guyana dollars to a coastal cleanup exercise and the actualization of the exercise .




Baldeo worked hard for Richmond Hill

Dear Editor,This is in reference to the report on a Guyanese former New York district leader being found guilty in relation to election financing (Aug 12) .

Consociationalism cannot work

Dear Editor,I write with reference to Dr Henry Jeffrey’s column, ‘Guyana: bi-communalism in transition’ (SN, Aug 20) .

An inconsistent position on secularism

Dear Editor,Our recent letter, ‘Muslims are marginalized in Guyana,’ that appeared in Stabroek News, was not meant to create any ‘divide and rule’ analogy but was to evoke meaningful discussion as to why such an environment exists, and how we as individuals and the community as a whole can contribute to improve the status quo in the country, especially at the political level for all minorities and disenfranchised groups .

Guyana needs a strategic approach for conducting business with the East and West

Dear Editor,The issue involving the Chinese company Bai Shan Lin, has created the environment for an objective debate to commence on the need for Guyana to develop a strategic approach for conducting business and development engagements with the West, East and the South .

President unable to lead fight against drugs

Dear Editor,I read with amazement the call for the president to lead the fight against the local narcotics conglomerates .

NACTA poll says lack of support for no-confidence motion, snap election

Dear Editor,An opinion poll conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) in July revealed lack of support for the AFC’s no-confidence motion and the PPP’s threat of a snap poll .



Politikles .

Forestry contracts

What is clear from the eruptions over the activities of Bai Shan Lin, Vaitarna and similar logging and extractive companies, is that the PPP/C government has been engaged in drawing up agreements which either do not reflect the best interests of the nation or are not being properly enforced .

A talented foot soldier has passed on

Dear Editor,Guyana has lost one of its most talented political foot soldiers to have fought against the petty bourgeoisie rulers of Guyana .

Was Taffin Khan the victim of a ‘diabolical scheme’?

Dear Editor,Taffin Khan being a member of the Guyana chess team slated to play in the Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway, applied to the Netherlands Embassy in Suriname for a Schengen visa .

Berbice cricket pavilions to be named after outstanding Test cricketers

Dear Editor,At long last pavilions for cricket grounds in Berbice will be named after outstanding Test cricketers as a result of assistance from the Government of Guyana through the Guyana Sugar Corporation .




The composition of the new GuySuCo Board is highly unsatisfactory

Dear Editor, Mark Twain once said, “Noise proves nothing .

Population and politics

It was the late Deryck Bernard, a population geographer by profession, who a long time ago drew attention to the changing demographics of Guyana and the possible attendant political consequences .

Post Office apologises to pensioners

Dear Editor,The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) wishes to respond to the Stabroek News’ August 22, 2014, article captioned, ‘Pensioners forced to wait five hours at Bourda Post Office .

There have been major reforms in the security sector since the PPP/C assumed office

Dear Editor,Never in the history of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) or for that matter the security sector have there been so many reforms and efforts at modernization and real change .

China has been spreading its tentacles into the economies of almost all Latin American, Caribbean countries

Dear Editor,Just as China regards East Asia as its economic backyard, the United States had traditionally, since the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, maintained a similar approach to Latin America, and the two present day economic powers had silently respected each others’ hegemonic claims to their respective spheres .

There is no legitimate justification for exploitation

Dear Editor,Having received responses to the Guyana Trades Union Congress’ (GTUC) statement expressing opposition to awarding the Guyana Prisons Service a clean-up contract for the Le Repentir cemetery, some pointers needed to be addressed further .

Who are the members of the DCB executive?

Dear Editor,It is noted in a newspaper of August 22 that W&H Rambaran is sponsoring the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) .



Politikles .

Short-term gain, future disaster

Dear Editor,I am reading with interest what is happening in the forests of Guyana .

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