Remembering the events of Independence 1966

Dear Editor, I was most touched to read the memories of Independence recalled by Mr Laurie Greenidge, (‘Independence Day at the Palms, SN, May 13), in particular his playing of Guyana’s national anthem on the piano during the visit of the Duchess of Kent to the Palms during the celebrations in May 1966.

‘The media censored the President of Guyana’

Dear Editor, As we approach our 50th anniversary of Independence, the media need to take a serious look at themselves. Last Friday, the President of Guyana made a very important foreign policy speech as the keynote speaker at the Caricom International Youth Reparations Relay and Rally.

St Lucia goes to the polls

With the end of the country’s five-year parliamentary term formally due towards the end of November 2016, St Lucia’s Prime Minister Kenny Anthony took the occasion of a recent Budget address and debate, still to be concluded, to announce the dissolution of the country’s Parliament and the holding of general elections on June 6, thus leaving the conclusion of Budget proceedings to be undertaken either by his St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) or the current Opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

Why does the WICB try to prevent its best players from earning money in leagues like the IPL?

Dear Editor, In a recent article ‘Double standards hurt West Indies chance to rebuild’ written by Colin Benjamin and published in ESPN Sports Media Ltd, the writer posed the following question: “Why is the WICB, one of the weakest boards in the world financially, trying to deny its best players from earning money from one of the few viable sources in the convoluted  global cricket climate, which it and its fellow global administrations haven`t managed to stabilize?” That question must baffle ordinary cricket fans, who simply love the game, and really want to see West Indies teams do well.

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