We demand the police force do its job in relation to the case of the shooting of transgenders

Dear Editor,We, the members of the Guyana Trans United (GTU), wish to publicly condemn the Guyana Police Force for their continued discrimination against our community .

Even my right to think is being assailed by this unending noise nuisance

Dear Editor,This is what happens when lawlessness spirals and becomes out of control .

Sponsor of no-confidence vote should remember Pyrrhus

Dear Editor,The “No Confidence Motion,” soon to be tabled in Parliament, against the PPP Government, is part of a long tradition of attempts (sometimes subversive) to remove the said Party whenever they are in Government .

No-confidence vote manoeuvring

Dear Editor,In response to your news article, “AFC to press Speaker on Parliament date - Ramjattan cites Ramkarran opinion, separation of powers,” (October 20), I believe that although the country continues to sail uncharted waters since November 28, 2011, the AFC appears to be doing the toughest part of the work trying to prevent the country from continuing to sail in a direction certain local political pirates want to take it for further plundering .

Mr Granger’s comments on Vanessa Kissoon have brought great ignominy to the PNCR and APNU

Dear Editor,On October 6, 2014, the Guyana Times published an article captioned “PNCR not finished with Vanessa Kissoon .

Only half of this cane cutter’s NIS contributions were recorded

Dear Editor,NIS and Guysuco continue to collaborate to shut out workers from the benefits they earn through years of toiling in the fields .

Home Economics: Shedding an undeserving stigma

One of the positives about the annual Secondary Schools Home Economics Competition sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in conjunction with the Ministries of Agriculture and Education is that it provides opportunity for schools possessing children with varying levels of academic acumen and located in far flung corners of the country to match skills in a discipline where the playing field is more or less level .

I will continue to feed the strays

Dear Editor,I read Friday’s Stabroek News where a kind lady wrote of dogs being mistreated .




Region Eight continues to be neglected, no work on roads despite promises

Dear Editor,I refer to a story in the Stabroek News of Friday, August 08, 2014 captioned `Mahdia protest irresponsible’, reporting statements by Mr .

The people of Linden have never been prepared to accept the maximum leader imposing his will and decisions without their involvement

Dear Editor,Note is taken of Freddie Kissoon’s column, “Be true to your thoughts, you will be what you want to be” 19th October, 2014 .

Deal in the making to stave off no-confidence vote

Dear Editor,The word is out there: in with Local Government Elections, out with the no-confidence motion .

Under no circumstances should this Skeldon worker be reinstated

Dear Editor,I refer to the Kaieteur News of 18th October 2014 .

CARICOM should get involved in this Windies fiasco

Dear Editor,Cricketing nations the world over as well as the diehard fans in the Caribbean and the wider world are at a loss at the silly action by the West Indian cricketers to return home in the midst of a tour because of a financial dispute with the WICB and are now wondering what will be future of the game as far as the West Indies is concerned .

Greed and ignorance

Whenever the next West Indies team is composed either for a domestic series or overseas engagement, a mandatory aspect of its preparations must be a detailed study and recounting of the glories of its cricketing history .



Politikles .

Find a way out of the ‘dead end’

Dear Editor,The current, apparently intractable, wrangling in Guyana’s body politic presents a most disturbing hopelessness for us ordinary folks, regular citizens who are anxious to see our ‘dear land of Guyana’ progress to its optimal level .

Baishanlin has failed to fully honour its commitments to agreements, residents and Region 10

Dear Editor, On-going revelations of the government’s investment policies provide enough evidence for concern that our best interest, the protection and preservation of the country’s resources, environment and laws aren’t primary factors guiding decision-making .

The $10,000 grant being used for cheap political mileage

Dear Editor, The approach being used by the PPP/C administration to distribute the $10,000 grant to parents of children who attend the government schools demonstrates anything but ‘care’ as is shouted by the massive, expensive billboards all across the country .

Professional policing

In his column in this newspaper last Wednesday, Dr Henry Jeffrey compared the murder rate in Guyana, firstly, with countries in South America which have a high incidence, and then with the largest members of Caricom because they are more similar to Guyana .

Consideration for political office?

Dear Editor, Under the caption “When we disagree we should do it with honour and respect” in the Stabroek News of October 11, 2014 in the Letter to the Editor Section, Reverend Bowman proceeded to refer to the Guyanese society as uncivilized and crass .




Enmore Policing Group must be revived to end crime siege in community

Dear Editor,Firstly, I join in expressing kudos to the Police Officer in charge at Bartica for stopping the sale of alcohol to students at recent school sports in Bartica .

Clerk needs to explain why he is now excluding discretion of Speaker to convene the Assembly when the public interest requires it

Dear Editor,The Stabroek News of October 16, 2014 reports the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr .

Debarred from cultural centre over attire even though there was no dress code

Dear Editor,I believe that my ejection from the National Cultural Centre, ostensibly for violation of a non-existent dress code for the National Drama Festival, was not due to inappropriate dress .

Temptation at Rodney inquiry

Dear Editor,Political organisations and individuals can by their words and actions outside the sittings affect the way members of the public see the Rodney Commission of Inquiry .

Animals have become victims of human stress and we need to come to their rescue

Dear Editor,Because of one person’s deep concern for action against the abuser over the cries of two dogs from the 20 minutes of non-stop beatings by their owner and this person’s immediate action to contact two members of the GSPCA and in turn the members’ immediate response to go in search of this report with the aim of bringing quick relief to the troubled animals, the intervention prevented what could have resulted in the death of the two dogs .

Do not blame music or radio station for wayward young people

Dear Editor,I refer to Leon Suseran’s Letter to the Editor `Radio should revert to the types of music they used to play’ in SN, October 10th, 2014 .

Making sense of Gamergate

At the end of a week of sensational and often fear-filled news – which culminated with no fewer than 39 US Congressmen calling for travel restrictions on Ebola-stricken West African countries – millions of Americans were also puzzling over the sudden rise of an Internet controversy known as #GamerGate .




Cricket shambles

Dear Editor,It was only a few days ago I wrote that West Indies cricket was in turmoil, but it seems yesterday’s move by the players before the commencement of the fourth ODI in Dharamsala  not to continue to play until the financial issue is resolved forced the cancellation of the remainder of the tour .

Combining of Deeds Registry with Commercial Registry is devoid of legal and administrative vision and plain common sense

Dear Editor,In my most recent letter to you Stabroek News 3/10/2014 I had challenged the Minister of Legal Affairs to make public his perception of the character and quality of the recently established Deeds and Commercial Registries Authority .

Land south of National Park could be used to ease parking woes

Dear Editor,The National Park has become a hive of activities especially in the afternoon between 4:30 and 6:30 pm .

My memory tells me that I am better off

Dear Editor,It is said that time can erase memories and so can Alzheimer’s, memory lapses can be also be very convenient to say the least .

Justice must be served

A general feeling of repugnance for a dictator and his regime does not necessarily equate with universal distaste .

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