How did a four-storey building become a six-storey building?

Dear Editor,It seems as though the building under construction at the junction of Camp and Robb Streets (the City Food Court) is causing some degree of discomfort for citizens, visitors and labourers .

People should stop dumping garbage at the corner of Sheriff Street and Drury Lane

Dear Editor, This letter is a heart-rending appeal to residents and businesses located in Drury Lane and Sheriff Street and surrounding areas, to desist from dumping garbage in Drury Lane where it adjoins Sheriff Street .

The laying of sewer pipes is leaving roads in abysmal state

Dear Editor,In the newspapers of Sunday, April 13, GWI took out full-page notices, in colour, updating the population affected by their laying of sewer pipes, that work is in process to fix the damaged roads .

A OneCard is only retained by a Republic Bank ATM if customer does not remove it at end of transaction

Dear Editor,Reference is made to the letter carried in your April 22, 2014 edition captioned, ‘What systems do banks have in place to assist a customer whose card remains stuck/lost in the machine during a non-working day?’We advise that Republic Bank OneCards are only retained at our ATMs if a customer does not remove the card from the machine when prompted to do so at the conclusion of a transaction .

In Dancehall the ‘hustle’ has replaced talent

Dear Editor,Dancehall music is like that ‘secret weapon’ in cartoons, that if it ever fell into the wrong hands, it would destroy the world .

Will the Rodney commission be televised and video streamed live?

Dear Editor, Will the Rodney Commission of Inquiry (RCOI) be televised and video streamed live on the internet for worldwide viewers? Not all Guyanese will be travelling to the city, but country folks would sure like to witness the event .

The end should justify the means

Dear Editor,As a concerned Guyanese, the debate on the Budget, televised on NCN, gave me an opportunity to assess the efforts of the current members of the National Assembly and, without undue modesty, I was amazed that more attention was paid to their personal sartorial image than the special skills and savoir-faire required for membership of that august body .

Power outages in Essequibo over Easter

Dear Editor,Over the Easter holidays there was a high number of power outages on the Essequibo Coast, due to kites falling on the power lines, mostly in the township of Anna Regina .




GT&T’s 911 salvo

Finally, obviously frustrated by the inane and groundless statements being made with regard to the 911 service, if it could be called that, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) has fired back a salvo that hit the target .

Was the opposition behaving responsibly when IAST became a victim of its ‘collateral damage’?

Dear Editor,I write with concern and frustration regarding the outcome of the 2014 Budget deliberations in the National Assembly .

Noise polluters have all the rights; peace-lovers, none

Dear Editor,It is 12 .

Kwakwani’s roads are not gazetted

Dear Editor,A recent accident in the Kwakwani community brought out a very troubling fact about the community’s roads .

Guyanese should support the LEAD project

Dear Editor,In our preoccupation with putting food on the table, avoiding robberies and paying bills, many Guyanese may have missed the fact that the ruling regime is shifting from one weak excuse to another, in the effort to deny citizens one of the biggest opportunities ever offered to them .

Guyana should be proud of Baird and George

Dear Editor,Guyana should be very proud of the accomplishments of its athletes at the just concluded Carifta Games in Martinique, with three gold medals and one silver .

Traffic officers maintained good order at Joe Vieira Park

Dear Editor,I wish to thank the Traffic police officers who maintained a high quality of professional order on Easter Monday at the Joe Vieira Park, WBD in a challenging situation involving the build-up of a large crowd, long lines of parked vehicles and the usual heavy traffic to and from the Demerara Harbour Bridge .




Political change in Trinidad

Followers of political changes in the region will have been observing the battle for succession in the People’s National Movement (PNM), the party formed by Dr Eric Williams, which has only had two political leaders since the mid-1950s – Williams himself and Patrick Manning who gave up the leadership on account of ill health .

Putin is leading a revival of Russia as a superpower

Dear Editor, Mr Denis Kopyl, Press Attaché at the Russian Embassy in Georgetown, in his latest letter, ‘Statements from Kiev and the West about Russia being behind the eastern Ukraine protests are groundless,’ (SN, April 20), is an obvious attempt to deflect sole blame from Russia for the Ukraine crisis, to which the US is now responding by sending troops to neighbouring states .

Town Clerk of M&CC not analogous to Regional Executive Officer

Dear Editor,On a previous occasion I felt obligated to pen a letter, to the Press, when one Peeping Tom sought through his privileged anonymity to mis-educate/misinform the reading public on the status of a Town Clerk in Guyana .

Do banks have a system to help ATM customers on a non-working day?

Dear Editor,What system do banks have in place to assist a customer whose card remains stuck/lost in the machine during a non-working day?I guess the customer will have to borrow money and endure the embarrassment until the next working day for the bank .

The government is not protecting the rice industry and rice farmers

Dear Editor,The Guyana Rice Producers Association (RPA), which is totally controlled by the PPP, is very silent about the poor prices given for rice farmers’ paddy ‒ a mere $3,000 per bag ‒ when farmers were expecting at least $4,000 to make ends meet .

The job of Minister of Education involves more than political sound bites

Dear Editor,Recently, we have noticed that the Minister of Education appears to be getting more and more desperate as her record of real achievement in educating the children of Guyana crumbles around her .

The PNC/R and the Rodney COI

Once the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration had announced that there would be an official enquiry into the killing of Dr Walter Rodney on June 13, 1980, it was almost certain that neither the announcement nor the enquiry itself would pass without a flurry of public comment .



Politikles .

Can some source of funding be found for historical building in East Berbice?

Dear Editor,I refer to the feature in the Sunday edition (April 20) of the Stabroek News, ‘A deteriorating heritage building .

Reparations are about self-renewal

Dear Editor, Easter is a time of reflection, rebirth and renewal .

Can’t take it any more

Dear Editor,Yes, Freddie Kissoon, for me the saturation point has come .

Millers have upped their rice prices

Dear Editor,The harvesting of the present rice crop is coming to an end where farmers are making full use of the sunny weather .

Passing in pairs

Dear Editor,The death of Professor Girvan and former President ANR Robinson simultaneously continues a trend for some notable Caribbean politicians to go in pairs .

The Amerindian Development Fund was not about development

Dear Editor,As a Guyanese of indigenous descent, it pains me to see Guyana’s first peoples being used as political pawns by the PPP/C regime .

Guyanese from the diaspora are the alternative

Dear Editor,The people of Guyana need help and protection from these wanton kidnappings and robberies that are reminiscent of post-2000 .

Standard way for announcing time

Dear Editor,I believe there is a standard way to announce time .

Priyanka should have stayed out of Indian election campaign

Dear Editor,With regard to your news item ‘Gandhi daughter steps up to fight for India’s Congress party’ (SN, Apr 16), Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is very likeable and charming but she has not been very successful in pulling votes for her family’s Congress party .



Politikles .

It’s now time for local gov’t elections

Now that the budget has been passed the PPP/C administration can now fulfil its oft-broken promise to the electorate to convene local government elections .

People should be educated about leaving wildlife in the wild

People should be educated about leaving wildlife in the wild

Dear Editor, I wish to highlight to your readers another senseless trapping which resulted in unintended cruelty to a shy member of our voiceless wildlife .

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