Last rites for Elvin McDavid

Dear Editor, As you might recall there was significant media coverage on the passing of my father Elvin McDavid last year, who was one of Guyana’s most distinguished public servants during the time of the post-colonial Burnham era.

What is the cost of the ministers to the treasury?

20151008salaries table

Dear Editor, In an incontrovertible period of economic slowdown in Guyana, the new Granger-led APNU+AFC government’s decision to increase their salaries by over 50% while other public servants got less than 5% has in one fell swoop converted itself from the incompetent to the incompetent and heartless.

Addressing the violence epidemic

If you work in an office where the number of women employed is at least 12, then according to the most recent statistics for the region, four of them would have been or will be raped, beaten, coerced into sex, verbally, mentally or emotionally abused.

The health system failed in its duty to a patient

Dear Editor, Besides being filled with utter rage, abhorrence and disgust on reading of the midnight intruder who sneaked into the Georgetown Public Hospital to molest an in-patient teenager (Kaieteur News, October 5), I am also questioning what sort of security is offered those during a vulnerable period in their lives?

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