UG support staff have been left with a feeling of despair and general disgust

Dear Editor,It is with great sadness that I write this letter to inform the general public about the death throes of the University of Guyana, an institution to which we all but more specifically the support staff have contributed their blood, sweat and tears .

After 23 years of an Indian Guyanese presidency, African Guyanese are being asked to vote for another

Dear Editor,In a recent commentary on my YouTube Channel, Hinds’Sight: Guyana-Caribbean Politics, I began what I hope would be an enlightened discourse about the problematic of the proposed APNU/AFC pre-election coalition from an ethnic standpoint .

The President acted politically

Dear Editor,It seems that when the President of Guyana is acting as head of state, the dissolution of Parliament by him sets the stage for the naming of an election date, He or she names a date that is good for his or her party, but the unfortunate law allows the President that advantage .

The process of relearning and enlightenment has begun

Dear Editor,Reference is made to Professor Justice Duke Pollard’s letter ‘No constitutionally valid election date has been set’ (SN, January 24) .

Nurturing by Burnham of Rabbi Washington, Jim Jones in Guyana was indefensible

Dear Editor,David Hill, alias Rabbi Edward Emanuel Washington, committed many acts of injustice against the Guyanese people .

Whoever wins, the people lose

Dear Editor,In the midst of the hubbub, it must be asked: Does an election announcement, election process, and election result matter in this republic? Is there a difference in the existence of despairing citizens in the absence of constitutional reform? Genuine, far-reaching constitutional reform? I share my struggles on this .

What are we becoming?

Dear Editor,Last year approaching Christmas, amidst the prorogation, no-confidence motion, AG Nandlall’s ‘cuss-out’ phone recording, heavy rains/floods, senseless and remorseless killings, suicides, traffic-crazy madness from the East Bank to Regent Street, political infighting and local and national elections talks, I sat thinking just what are we, where are we going and what are we becoming .

Proud to be an American soldier

Dear Editor,I want to share with you a bombing attack by insurgents on my base at the Bagdad Abu Ghraib prison .

Dr Harding’s thoughts on the LGBT community

Dear Editor,I cannot register enough how shocked I still feel about Dr Faith Harding’s death .

We need a strategy to support each other during this tense period

Dear Editor,The current political situation in Guyana is very stressful and the pressure has been building over the past months .

Getting away with torture

Torture by any agent of the state whenever proved must be met with the most exacting punishment and at least immediate removal from the force and no chance of re-employment within the same sector .



Politikles .

UG support staff have been left with a feeling of despair and general disgust

Dear Editor,It is with great sadness that I write this letter to inform the general public about the death throes of the University of Guyana, an institution to which we all but more specifically the support staff have contributed their blood, sweat and tears .

How does one put aside matters such as torture?

Dear Editor,It is with a sense of incredulity, and then one of horror, that I read the article in your Stabroek News edition of January 24, captioned ‘Torture aside, Leonora cop had an unblemished record .

PM’s language is civil

Dear Editor, Reflecting on letters to the press by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds it has struck me that his language is usually tempered and devoid of invective and ad hominem references .

Guyana is a signatory to the UN Convention against Torture

Dear Editor,Since 1987 when the UN Convention against Torture entered into force there has been an absolute, global ban on torture .

There is no fire sale or looting of Guyana’s national resources

Dear Editor,Allow me the opportunity to challenge some aspects of Dr Clive Thomas’ regular column in the Sunday Stabroek of January 18, 2015, specifically his contentions about “looting national resources”; “the PPP/C executive is particularly promoting a frantic scramble for minerals similar to other poor countries of Africa and Asia with the attendant looting of the country’s natural resources”; and “the fire sale of Guyana’s national resources .

Election date

So, the President has named an election date .




No constitutionally valid election date has been set

Dear Editor,The President and his learned Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs must be advised that, contrary to their delusionary understanding and the expressions of approbation by the political opposition and other well-wishers, a definitive determination of the election date within the meaning of Article 61 of the Guyana Constitution is yet to be made .

Why not bring forward the date of elections?

Dear EditorIt is sickening how the President and the Minister of Education have dismissed concerns about elections being held on the same day as CXC examinations .

We need a culture shift in relation to school sports

Dear Editor,A student-athlete is defined as an enrolled student who participates in an organized competitive sport sponsored by the college/university in which he or she is enrolled .

Why did the PPP go for a general election when it had the option of local government elections

Dear Editor,While President Ramotar’s announced election date legally appears be more rhetoric than substance, the fact that the PPP has opted for general elections instead of long overdue local government polls may further reveal the authoritarian mindset at Freedom House .

Granger should face PNCR supporters in Linden

Dear Editor,First, we would have to face something, be it a problem, issue, etc, before we can put it behind us .

The voice of the Upscalers needs to be resuscitated

Dear Editor,As an octogenarian I so much enjoyed the poetry to which a sensitive TV Channel 28 exposed viewers on a Sunday evening .

Those pietising about freedom of speech today defend their own sacred figures

Dear Editor,There has been an inevitable response to the events in Paris involving the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and the murders that occurred when its offices were attacked .

Cricket captains have too much responsibility

Dear Editor,As team sports go, cricket is ancient .

Mahdia roads still to be repaired

Dear Editor,At the opening of mining week in August of last year a top level delegation from the mining sector including the chairman of GGDMA, the Chairman of GGMC and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) who were there on behalf of the Minister Robert Persaud, visited Mahdia for the opening of Mining Week and had a meeting with the residents here .

Boko Haram’s reign of terror

Three weeks ago Islamist militants descended on Baga, a town in Nigeria’s northeast Borno state, and set about destroying property and killing civilians .



Politikles .

Was the President just ‘gaffing’?

Dear Editor,When President Ramotar announced on December 6, 2014, that elections will be held early in the new year, many Guyanese were justifiably sceptical .

ASL does not operate if weather conditions are not favourable in a location

Dear Editor,I wish to respond to the letter in SN of January 21 where the writer expressed dissatisfaction with the level of service by Air Services Limited operations from Mahdia (‘Dissatisfied with Air Services delivery service in Region 8’) .

Every effort is made to attend to childcare hotline reports in 48 hours

Dear Editor, We write in response to a letter appearing in your newspaper of January 21, 2015, captioned ‘Child Protection hotline did not record call .

Is the election date legit?

Dear Editor,In wake of President Donald Ramotar’s announcement of an election date it is clear that this date leaves or provides room for a little scrutiny .

Where do we go for protection?

Dear Editor,Where do we go for protection, if as ordinary citizens we don’t have confidence in the Guyana Police Force?In 2009 a teenager was tortured by Sergeant Narine Lall and Constable Mohanram Dolai, yet these two rogue police officers have now been promoted to higher rank: Sergeant Narine Lall to Inspector and Constable Mohanran Dolai to corporal .

Sunday Stabroek cartoon was relevant in today’s global context

Dear Editor,We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to your newspaper and its cartoonist Paul Harris for publishing an innocuous satirical piece on January 11, 2015 .

Sooba’s hiring of Puran Bros without city council’s fiat is illegal

Dear Editor,As a follow-up to my letter on Ms Carol Ryan Sooba’s rejection of the Mayor & City Council’s decision to advertise for tenders for garbage collection services for groups 7 and 8, I wish to state that according to the Municipal and District Council Act, Chapter 28:01 sections 228; 229 (a) (b); and 232:“A council may enter into contracts necessary for the discharge of any of its functions .

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