The needs of many outweigh the needs of a few

Dear Editor, Please allow me to ask a few questions pertaining to recent revelations of government spending on medical procedures for ministers and others .

The historic initiative of the AFC to build national unity could pull us back from the brink

Dear Editor,It is with some reluctance that I have decided to engage Mr .

Sooba’s bizarre acts continue unabated

Dear Editor,I bring to your attention the examples below which represent a continuation of the bizarre acts committed openly by Ms Carol Sooba, the person imposed on the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, as Town Clerk, ag .

Payment continues to be a problem in the rice industry

Dear Editor,Essequibo rice farmers staged yet another protest on the main public road, demanding payment for the last paddy crop which was sold to rice millers .

The government has no working class credentials

Dear Editor,In any civilised society governance is guided by universally accepted standards which include the respect for rights, rule of law and time-honoured principles .

The killing of the GGMC worker

Dear Editor,It is still early, but reports are that executed GGMC worker, Trevor Abrams was clean; perhaps, too clean to let him remain in the environment in which he laboured .

Five more elections due in Caricom this year

Dear Editor,2015 seems to be election year in the Caribbean Community with six countries holding general elections .

What is the elimination process in the global beauty pageants?

Dear Editor,I promised myself that now the silly season has arrived, I will not confine my writings to every political tin-cup tempo, jumping to every beat .

Cannot get transfer from Ministry of Health

Dear Editor,I am a registered nurse who was working at the Moruca District Hospital for almost 2 years .

US has charged a company for importing illegally harvested wood

Dear Editor,Please allow me to draw your attention to an article in the Woodworking Network .

More thought needs to be put into WI cricket

Dear Editor,When the South Africans announced that they were not taking a sports psychologist to the World Cup I feared the WI brass would read it the wrong way; that they would interpret the decision as meaning that the South Africans no longer thought a sports psychologist was useful, rather than that they had already been prepared psychologically for the games .




There should be a comprehensive audit of every aspect of government’s intervention in culture

Dear Editor,Response to Ms Ryhaan Shah’s latest letter, ‘Scrap the Prize and mount an investigation,’ SN, February 28,Ms Shah says:“Mr Johnson writes hopefully of a new dispensation where writers and artists would be free of fear from victimization intimating, perhaps, that he has been so victimized .

Police station deaths

On Tuesday evening, Zaharudeen Rozan was arrested for allegedly damaging his neighbour’s fence and taken by the police to the Parika lock-ups .

Too much emphasis on trying to find out what a poem means

Dear Editor,Your Sunday columnist Mr Ian McDonald has written, not for the first time, about his love of poetry and his lament over the apparent lack of interest in this art form at the present time .

No surprise about the healthcare monies

Dear Editor,The healthcare numbers on monies spent for ministers and prominent persons came as no surprise (SN, Feb 27) .

Political egoism on all sides

Dear Editor,I was hesitant about giving my views on the outcome of the Cummingsburg Accord .

Medical expenses

Yesterday and on Friday this newspaper reported on the medical expenses of government officials paid for by the state during the period 2012-13 .

Sunday  Cartoon

Sunday Cartoon

Sunday  Cartoon .

Seven Ponds is in an unkempt state

Dear Editor,On February 23 I took some time out from my Mashramani revelry to pay a visit to the Sevens Ponds (Place of Heroes) in the Botanical Gardens .

Scrap the prize and mount an investigation

Dear Editor,Having written to the press on the Guyana Prize and receiving replies to statements he made, Ruel Johnson begs off from continuing the discussion (‘Knowledgeable persons need to be brought together…’ SN, February 26) saying it is “ad hoc cross talking” in which he is too busy to engage and finds tedious .

Cross-over racial votes appear to be extremely critical

Dear Editor,Unlike Guyanese at home, who have traditionally voted for a party based on ethnic affiliation, Guyanese abroad are accustomed to observing, even participating, in elections that feature bread-and-butter or social issues .

The role of the Ministry of Labour is multifaceted and not merely conciliatory

Dear Editor,Even though we may not be able to convince Mr D Sookdeo, a former Assistant Chief Labour Officer, that his comments about the role of the Ministry of Labour are ill-founded and derisory, we will nevertheless attempt to clarify his obviously false and spurious misconceptions .

When partners are not on speaking terms within an organisation it can be a sign of possible disintegration

Dear Editor,When partners reach the stage in any organisation, domestic or otherwise, that they are not on speaking terms, it can’t get much worse .

Nicaragua’s controversial canal

Questions about the secretly negotiated deal which approved plans for a transoceanic waterway three times as long and twice as deep as the Panama Canal stand at the centre of a heated political quarrel over government transparency in Nicaragua .

IDB should be commended for its display of confidence in the country

Dear Editor,The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) has reportedly taken offence over the IDB continuing to honour financial commitments to the Guyana government on the ground that elections are due to be held shortly and therefore there is an absence of parliamentary oversight over financial expenditures over resources provided by the Bank .

Denied entry to restaurant because of wearing vest

Dear Editor,OMG Restaurant: I can’t believe that I was just denied entry to the buffet at lunch time because I was wearing a vest .

Why was the Deputy Leader of the Opposition not included in the APNU team at press conference?

Dear Editor,I just happened upon the latter part of the press conference hosted by a team representing APNU-AFC, so that I might have missed positives contained in the earlier presentations .

The AFC has taken a big political gamble

Dear Editor,The Alliance for Change (AFC) has taken a big political gamble in entering a pre-election coalition with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) .

Timeline for Jeffrey’s 20 items too short

Dear Editor,I admire and learn a lot from the prolific writings of our Dr Henry Jeffrey who must be congratulated and thanked for his comprehensive offering in SN of February 25 titled: ‘A time-bound coalition programme is essential .

NCN did not tell Harmon he was being recorded

Dear Editor,It is with some regret that I am forced to pen this letter .

Why no Amerindian leaders as presidential, prime ministerial candidates?

Dear Editor,Mr Stephen Campbell was formally inducted into the national political life in 1957 .

Land should be used as a stimulant for self employment

Dear Editor,The President of Guyana was caught again talking about 4 .

A dark horse that was always in the light

Dear Editor, The more revelations from other letter contributors are scrutinized, the more it becomes apparent that Mrs Elizabeth Harper should not be considered a true “surprise” PM candidate .

Undocumented immigrants unhappy over Texas court ruling

Dear Editor,Immigration activists and relatives of undocumented immigrants are up in arms over a Texas court ruling blocking the implementation of President Obama’s executive order granting temporary relief to them .

The attractive French model

There is, understandably, a lot of fuss surrounding the surprise selection by the PPP (independent of the Civic component) of Ambassador Elisabeth Harper as the prime ministerial running mate for President Donald Ramotar in the forthcoming elections .




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