Guyana Prize is extending its activities

Dear Editor,   The Guyana Prize for Literature is brightening and extending its activities around the announcement and presentation of awards this year in an attempt to take better advantage of the occasion to improve its profile and promote the literature.

Street renaming

There are some things which really do pass all understanding. Following a public meeting convened by City Hall last Tuesday, it was announced that the Botanical Gardens were to be renamed the Forbes Burnham Botanical Gardens.


In a letter by John Willems captioned ‘Letter was intended to advise who E F Correia was’ published in our edition yesterday, we included an incorrect reference.

It does not have to be one or the other

Dear Editor, It is disappointing enough to hear it from administrators, who need excuses for their own failures, but to hear old timers who had no alternative but to play for nothing, those who took the first opportunity to play for something when something became available, and fans who have never played the game at a high level, complain about players accepting offers to earn incomes beyond their wildest imaginations rather than remain eligible to play for the West Indies for modest remuneration, is downright upsetting.

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