There should be changes to the Property Tax

Dear Editor, During last week on a television call-in programme, the guest Mr Manzoor Nadir in reply to a caller concerning Property Tax (GRA), said that even though the threshold had not increased, the rate had been reduced about five or six years ago .

NCN in its current form would be very out of place in a developed country

Dear Editor, NCN’s extensive coverage of a vigil held by its workers and sympathizers, followed immediately by a panel discussion on the effects of the budget cuts on the LCDS, is probably the strongest example of how this particular state agency continues to be used as a means of propagating the PPP/C’s political perspective .


With respect to a letter by Krysta Bisnauth which appeared in our Friday edition (April 27) captioned ‘St Stanislaus workshop on Henry Greene case had brilliant speakers,’ it was Dr Alissa Trotz who spoke at the workshop and not Dr Maya Trotz as was erroneously printed in the letter .

Tone down the vitriol and increase the vision

Dear Editor, On Friday night we learnt of President Ramotar’s position on events of the past week in parliament .

The PPP’s concern for GINA workers has not extended to others who lost their jobs

Dear Editor, One of the objectives of the recent Budget cuts was to remove the inequities in earning among the specially paid government contract employees who earn close to and over $1,000,000 per month and those in the regular public service who earn under $100,000 .

Member of a distinguished band

Dear Editor, On Friday, Shiv Chanderpaul playing for the West Indies against Australia joined a distinguished band of cricketers in attaining 10,000 runs in his Test career .

Chanderpaul: ‘A focus of burnished steel’

Dear Editor,Shiv Chanderpaul has just passed 10,000 runs in Test cricket, and there have been, and will continue to be, many plaudits from a variety of sources .

All the Falkland Islanders ask is to choose their own future

Dear Editor,The Falkland Islanders have recently found themselves being used for propaganda purposes by the Argentine government .

Authorised persons from Scotiabank were not contacted for a comment

Dear Editor,With reference to an article titled ‘New US tax compliance Act still to be discussed by bankers association‘ published in Stabroek Business of the Stabroek News of April 20, 2012, we wish to voice a few concerns over inaccuracies in the piece and the alleged source of information from Scotiabank .

‘The entrenchment of mediocrity’

‘The entrenchment of mediocrity’

Dear Editor,One always suspected that there was more than one ‘Juan’ Edghill .

What if the boot had been on the other foot…

Dear Editor,Prior to the October 1992 elections, the Guyana Chronicle, GTV 10 and GBC (NCN today) and GNA (GINA today) only carried the government’s point of view, shutting out the views of the opposition and the wider society, just as they still do today .

Funds should not be withdrawn from the state media

Dear Editor,Regarding your news item captioned ‘GINA, NCN must have non-political management – APNU‘ (SN, Apr 26), I don’t think any party should have a stranglehold on the state-owned media and they should not be used for political propaganda .

‘A subversion of democracy’

Dear Editor,One has no choice but to call a spade a spade; it just is what it is .

Cutting LCDS is absurd and will not benefit Guyana in the long term

Dear Editor,The National Amerindian Develop-ment Fund (NADF) states that it is unbelievable that in today’s politics the ‘cut down to get on top’ strategy still obtains .

The Gecom vacancy should be filled by the AFC

Dear Editor,Columnist, Freddie Kissoon, wondered aloud in a recent column whether I supported the view that the vacancy on the Guyana Elections Commission should be filled by the AFC .

The CEOs of our state corporations should appear before a parliamentary committee

Dear Editor,One reads in the local and international newspapers and other media that Mr Rupert Murdoch, media tycoon and Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, is currently being questioned under oath in the Leveson Inquiry about his ethics and knowledge of a recent phone hacking scandal  involving British newspapers owned by his company, and other matters that affect British society and politics, but specifically about press standards .

Fat or lean cats?

Dear Editor,When the November general elections results were announced there was a marriage of convenience with anticipated testing times that could result in a divorce and/or political squabbles .

Gecom is not ‘bipartisan’; would be able to react positively to a call for ‘snap poll’

Dear Editor,It is imperative that we comment on a specific remark attributed by implication to Dr Steve Surujbally, Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, as published in the second paragraph under the cross-head ‘Gecom’s readiness,‘ in  an article titled “Historic Moment in Guyana’s Governance (Guyana Chronicle, April 25), which was authored by Mr Rickey Singh .

St Stanislaus workshop on Henry Greene case had brilliant speakers

Dear Editor,Thanks to Facebook, I stumbled across the announcement of a workshop to be held last Saturday to discuss the Henry Greene case .

NCN plays an essential role in the defence of democracy

Dear Editor,As a trade unionist I am involved in the process of negotiation on a daily basis .

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