We live in a hell of a country

Dear Editor, On Thursday, November 13, I attended a meeting at the Linden Foundation Secondary School, to which parents/guardians had been hurriedly summoned by the school’s authority to address the serious and dangerous issue of lighting squibs, firecrackers, and other such fireworks .

No progress since Independence?

Dear Editor, A report on a presentation by Major-General (rtd) Joe Singh, the CEO of GT&T and Ms Faith Harding at a symposium hosted by the youth arm of the PNCR is worth reading (Guyana Times November 27 page 3) .

Nothing is impossible

Dear Editor,During the last two decades a number of very important events have taken place around the world that have seen changes in situations that many of us thought were impossible to change .

TV stations should not show beer ad

Dear Editor, An advertisement at present being shown on television shows a set of young girls – who hardly look as if they are 18 years old − showing Carib beer corks and drinking Carib beers .

Mugabe must leave the political scene

Dear Editor, If rejecting envoys ever became an Olympic sport, the ‘government’ in Zimbabwe would have few rivals for the gold .

Home ministry should exercise greater control over taxis and hire cars

Dear Editor, Several years ago I wrote letters to the press maintaining that the Ministry of Home Affairs, in conjunction with the police should establish greater control over hire cars/taxis .

Vehicles being pelted on Soesdyke-Linden Highway

Dear Editor, It is with great concern and fear for my life and the lives of other commuters who travel the Soesdyke-Linden highway, especially at night, that I pen this letter .

There is a reason for the washrooms being locked

Dear Editor, About 17:35 hrs on Friday, November 14, 2008, myself and a male friend visited the Banks DIH Idiho outlet in Brickdam with the intention of purchasing a snack .

Waiting for justice

Dear Editor, I am the mother of Navin Serrão who was murdered on Thomas Road, Thomas Lands on June 7, 2007 .

Commuters are still paying the higher minibus fares

Dear Editor, About two to three weeks back I read in one of the daily newspapers, that the minibus fares are to drop with immediate effect .

Wrong accusation

Dear Editor, As a child, so often my mom would mention that her pen-friend had written and sent pictures .

‘Uneasy lies the head…’

Dear Editor, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown .

People should join the fight in trying to save those who have fallen into the trap of drug addiction

Dear Editor, On Thursday November 6, I visited the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centre .

Square pegs in round holes

Dear Editor, The recent arbitration in the sugar industry is a real slap in the faces of all the sugar workers of this country; a 6% increase is a serious blow to the working poor who struggle each day with the most difficult and stressful jobs in this nation .

At last action on public transportation!

Dear Editor,  I have read the article captioned, ‘Cops charge 69 touts,’ in your November 26, 2008, issue .

Guyana is consolidating its development

Dear Editor, I refer to Lomarsh Roopnarine’s letter in Stabroek News of November 26, 2008 captioned ‘This government has not delivered .

Guyanese should have the audacity to hope

Dear Editor, As a citizen of this world, which recognises the United States of America as the sole super-power, I thought it my duty to take an interest in the 2008 presidential election .

The opposition is not championing the cause of Indian Guyanese

Dear Editor, In his column captioned ‘Wake up, sugar workers!’ in the Kaieteur News of November 25, 2008, Freddie Kissoon has made a profound opening statement that should he heeded by all, and especially the opposition political parties in Guyana .

Caribbean countries have amongst the highest rates of sexual assault in the world

Dear Editor, In a recent statement circulated by recipients of the Caricom Triennial Award for women, it was noted  that  Caribbean countries have amongst the highest rates of sexual assault in the world, according to a recent World Bank study on crime and violence .

Old attitudes have not changed

Dear Editor, I read with utter shock the article in your edition of November 25, 2008, headlined ‘World Bank, IMF heads not going to key UN conference .

The police should stop the lawlessness on the seawall

Dear Editor, Why has the Guyana Police Force allowed noise-makers to continue breaking the law in the Subryanville area? For months before Diwali the area was relatively quiet with noise from the Sunday Night Lime toned down after repeated calls for police action .

Alcohol advertisements are there for all to see

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Stabroek News for bringing DDL out on their marketing strategy and their sense of social responsibility as it concerns their sale of alcohol .

This government has not delivered

Dear Editor, The 28 years of PNC dictatorship, which has received enormous criticism, should not be an excuse for the PPP to continue the carnival of corruption and pantheon of problems Guyanese citizens face on a daily basis .

The sugar workers’ award is not ‘fair and reasonable’

Dear Editor, With reference to the arbitration tribunal in the sugar wages dispute, why did GAWU did not object to Dr Gobind Ganga being the chairman of the tribunal, when they knew full well that this gentleman is the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Guyana and the determination and management of the fiscal and monetary policies of this country fall under his portfolio? Guysuco is a key contributor to the country’s foreign exchange, and with the sugar company experiencing a significant decline in sugar production in the last three years, exacerbated by high employment costs, low productivity and high absenteeism, he was placed in a conflict of interest situation .

Something has gone wrong

Dear Editor, Responsible citizens ought to note some unhappy attitudes which seem to be consuming our society .

Minister of the Year

Dear Editor, Would it be possible for President Jagdeo to declare young, educated and compassionate Minister Priya Manickchand, Minister of the Year? He could look at the clip during the Lusignan story and see which one of his ministers was more compassionate than Priya .

Obama should be given a chance to settle in

Dear Editor,Barack Obama’s victory in the US presidential election has been greeted by a massive outpouring of goodwill around the globe .

The ERC conference was not the first time religious leaders had been brought together to talk

Dear Editor, I attended the opening of the Religious Leaders Conference hosted by the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) last week .

The Ministry of Housing should not be repossessing allotted lands

Dear Editor, I write in relation to the Ministry of Housing notice in your paper dated November 18, 2008 .

Football’s administration has failed the players, not the other way around

Dear Editor, I have refrained from commenting publicly upon the state of local football for a considerable period of time, since in my estimation the reduction of powers within the General Council − albeit a ‘toothless poodle’ − can only be equated with the angry dog that barked at the moon, but the moon was not disturbed .

An attempt to rewrite history

Dear Editor, From the absurd to the ridiculous!  This is what came to mind as I read Freddie Kissoon’s article in Kaieteur News of Monday, November 17 .

No ‘Fun Day’ in Sophia

Dear Editor, We are all familiar with the shrug of the shoulders and the hopeless tone with which most Guyanese respond to distressing situations in their lives: “Well, wha yu expect? Dis is Guyana!” But even though the majority may have slipped into apathy regarding our woes − the pervasive corruption, the crime, the shameful non-education of our children, the ubiquitous heaps of stinking garbage, the clogged drains, and so on, and so on − it still occasionally happens that a lone voice is raised in protest .

Thanks to the people of Guyana from the families of the men missing in the plane crash

Dear Editor, My name is Darren Furlotte, an uncle of Patrick Murphy, the Canadian man lost in the jungle in the plane crash many days ago .

Laughter in the face of human pain

Dear Editor, Mr Al Creighton’s review of the play Kanyadaan in the Sunday Stabroek of November 23 offered an in-depth insight into the production .

Certain individuals and agencies should be recognised with awards

Dear Editor, Civil society has made significant contributions in many areas and many times we don’t always seem to remember them .

A true friend of Lusignan Golf Club

Dear Editor, David de Caires was a true friend of Lusignan Golf Club having been a member for over 40 years .

Sari pageant had no calibre

Dear Editor, After reading the article captioned ‘Sari intrigue’ in ‘The Scene’ (SN November 1, 2008) I was motivated to share my views with the public .

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