There are some things we may never fathom

Dear Editor, As I watched the tributes last evening on TV for the late NCN staff reporter (Ms Akita Jacobs) whose life was snuffed out through the careless use of the road by a driver, I could not help but grieve, and not because I am a parentThe emotional tributes echoed one tune − Akita was someone who had touched the lives of all she came into contact with and was a jovial person who loved life .

Mabaruma Hospital staff working under deplorable conditions

Dear Editor, The nurses and staff of the Mabaruma Hospital in Region One are very much concerned about the completion of the new hospital .

President Jagdeo’s visceral reaction to criticism raises the ‘presidential’ question

Dear Editor, In the run-up to the elections in the USA, the pundits constantly remind all who would listen that one of the challenges faced by Barack Obama is his need to convince the American people that he could be “presidential” .

Why is there no solidarity of effort by the commuting public to control minibus operators?

Dear Editor, We can divide up the people of the world into various categories involving race, creed, geographic location, height, gender, etc .

Lallman Lallbeharry was a dedicated community worker

Dear Editor I was extremely shocked last Saturday when I learnt of the untimely demise of Lallman Lallbeharry of Craig Village, East Bank Demerara .

Consultations in forestry sector on low-carbon economy now overdue

Dear Editor, The Eliasch Review is now available to the public .

Cubana monument should have been addressed long ago

Dear Editor, Reference is made to the news item Gov’t to finance Cubana monument –Finance Minister SN 2008/10/17 Again, like the Santa Rosa school toilet fiasco, I really do not care who erects the monument or where .

Environmental pollution in Stevedore

Dear Editor, As a resident of Stevedore Housing Scheme it is unbelievable that in these modern times when hygiene is considered one of the most effective means of removing Environmental Pollution, organizations such as the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) have failed to observe the most important element in sanitation .

Police need to address 911 problem

Dear Editor, I think a response by the Police is necessary stemming from the publication of the letter ‘Answer the 911 phone’ in the last Sunday Stabroek .

Consider turning off phone two days per week to protest wiretapping

Dear Editor,The PPP/C Government despite the concerns expressed by the combined opposition, on Friday night proceeded to use its simple majority to pass Bill No .

Allowing Suriname to be admitted to Caricom before settling frontier claims undermined Guyana’s position

Dear Editor,With reference to the news item `Vessel seized by Suriname freed after payment of heavy fine, 2008/10/17’ Suriname was accorded observer status in Caricom under former President Hoyte who refused for them to have full status (Suriname recognized that they needed to be a part of Caricom for their long term benefit and relations) because Guyana had some serious border and territorial issues to settle with Suriname .

Use the occasion to educate, not quibble about the pageant name

Dear Editor,I write in response to the call for the renaming of the Diwali pageant by a group of Hindu organisations .

Wight’s Lane and exceptions to the rule

Dear Editor,All are subjected to the Rule of Law (ROL) .

Some businesses hire junkies to throw their waste around

Dear Editor,I wish to refer to a letter in SN October 14, 2008 captioned `Dumping of garbage has reached unprecedented proportions .

PPP has not demonstrated essence of democratic governance

Dear Editor,My friend, John Da Silva’s reply in SN Oct 15 08 `PPP/C administration not dictatorship, elected or otherwise’ on the question of whether we enjoy a true democracy is seriously flawed .

Predatory lending victims had it good for a while

Dear Editor,I refer to the Sunday Stabroek news item ‘Down and out in New York City: Guyanese immigrants facing hard times’ 2008/10/19 at 12:19 PM .

Property evaluation must be under purview of Chief Valuation Officer

Dear Editor, I  read  with  interest,  reports  in  several  daily  newspapers  that  the Georgetown  Mayor  and  City  Council  has  recommenced  its  property evaluation  exercise  of  the  Georgetown  municipality .

What if there was bank teller collusion with ‘money grabbers’?

Dear Editor, Reading the comments in the case of the woman who lost a large sum of money just withdrawn from the bank brought to mind my experience in Guyana in the mid-1990s .

Rice farmers need TSP fertiliser

Dear Editor, We cannot produce rice without TSP fertiliser .

The light bill doubled just like that

Dear Editor, I write this with a heavy heart .

Answer the 911 phone

Dear Editor, Many people complain about the lack of or the timeliness of the Police response .

How much longer must blackouts shape the lives of Guyanese?

Dear Editor,To date, there has been nearly one hundred hours of blackout across East and West Berbice .

Car & bike show at this ground will disturb hospital patients

Dear Editor,I was amazed to learn via the TV that the annual mystifying Car & Bike show is once again on, but more amazing and alarming is the fact that this entertainment is being held at a ground near the St .

It is ironic that some are afraid to speak out in support of keeping Diwali sacred

Dear Editor,The controversy over the Miss Diwali pageant has given rise to some interesting views expressed in letters and blogs in different media about those who are opposed to the association of Diwali with the pageant .

Character education, not wiretapping

Dear Editor,Many years ago, after years in public life and examining the trends and attitudes in our society, I publicly contended that the major effort by government, the opposition, religious community, social activists and all concerned citizens was to harmonize and combine our efforts and resources to engineer a moral and spiritual revival .

Andy Capp strip demeans women

Dear Editor,This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me: says the barman to Andy Capp “I hear Flo hurt her back,” Andy replies, “Yeh she was trying to move the couch near the television, in the end I had to get off and move it myself .

We stopped our Diwali beauty pageants because of the hurt feelings

Dear Editor,Regarding the news item `Hindu organizations call for Diwali pageant to be renamed’ (SN Oct 17), I urge the National Diwali Committee to reconsider its holding of the Miss Diwali Sari Pageant which appears to have hurt the sentiments of many Hindus .

IAC Eid fest recognized that first Muslims here were Black Africans

Dear Editor,The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) wishes to reply to some comments made by Mayor Hamilton Green in a letter titled `Neither the govt nor the PPP was represented at the slave trade commemoration’ (SN, Wednesday, 15th October, 2008) .

Speed bumps needed near Norton St intersection with Camp St

Dear Editor,I am the proprietor of Lachmansingh Drug Service, which is located at the corner of Camp and Norton streets .

If we want to challenge the PPP/C on constitutional issues the PNCR must respect its own constitution

Dear Editor,A few weeks ago, it was reported in the media that the PNCR has decided to ask me to resign from the parliament and to suspend me from the party for one year .

Decision against Dental Council was miscarriage of justice

Dear Editor,In reference to the SN letter on October 13 `I also had a bad employment experience with Dr Jagan’ by Antonio Vargas, a dentist who was employed and eventually fired from my office for gross incompetence and poor dentistry, all I have to say in rebuttal to his letter of lies and slander is that anyone with the least interest in what he had to say, should contact anyone associated with the dental delivery system in Bartica (where he was employed after being fired from my office) .

The fuel price at the pump should be at least 40% less

Dear Editor,I have been following the fuel prices closely and have noticed today that oil prices have dropped below US$75 per barrel for the first time in the past 6 months .

I need help with my daughter’s burn scars

Dear Editor,My daughter was injured in a fire when she was one and a half years old .

For me the Rupununi Uprising was a painful, personal tragedy

Dear Editor,My name is Trevor Norton .

Society has duty to act resolutely against violence on women

Dear Editor,The proportion of violence committed against women in this country is alarming these days compared to many other locations around the world .

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