Dear Editor,I attended the ‘Unforgettable Tour’ performance of Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan in Trinidad Sunday evening featuring Amitabh, his wife Jaya Bhaduri, their son Abhishek, his wife Aishwarya Rai, actress Preity Zinta, actor Riteish Deshmusk and others .

Black Hawks, Harpy Eagles excel at Martial Arts tourney

Black Hawks, Harpy Eagles excel at Martial Arts tourney

The Apex-funded second annual exhibition Martial Arts tournament held last weekend saw Black Hawks walking away with the lion’s share of the trophies and medals with host Harpy Eagles also excelling .

Dislikes SN headline

Dear Editor,An observation was brought to my attention yesterday .

The Region 3 RDC did not give permission for the setting up of any barber shop in cornelia Ida

Dear Editor,Cornelia Ida on the West Coast of Demerara is soon to have two ‘barber’ shops next to each other .

Not a member of any political party

Dear Editor,I have noted comments made by President Bharrat Jagdeo, several letter-writers et al, to the effect that I and the Guyana Press Association (GPA) are part of the opposition forces and the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) .

A host of mechanisms were in place to prevent multiple voting in 2006

Dear Editor,Reference is hereby made to a letter published in the Sunday Stabroek (20 .

The previous government had ten helicopters which were reduced to one

Dear Editor,The Government of Guyana needs to learn from the shortcomings of the previous government when acquiring aviation assets .

Guyana should not be considering a road and pipeline from Venezuela

Dear Editor,Reading the Guyana dailies one is prompted to ask the query as to whom does Guyana belong? Why is Venezuela making these unilateral proposals?First, I was informed that Venezuela proposes to build a road through Guyana to Suriname .

To get the best health care you need to be in the right place with the right people

Dear Editor,I refer to Andres Oppenheimer’s article published in the SN of July 19, ‘To your health: You can care for it abroad .

Government should move to control mini-bus fares

Dear Editor,The recent increase in mini-bus fares by operators has indeed put a strain on the Guyanese travelling public, and for many of us it is unbelievable .

Continuous assessment still holds great promise for education in Guyana

Dear Editor,Although Mr Imam Baksh in his letter of July 19, 2008 in SN, raises some good points, I must disagree with the caption ‘Common Entrance reform has been a failure .

SASOD’s work has received not just opposition but also support

Dear Editor,On July 23, 2003, Members of Parliament were challenged when they had to consider outlawing discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in the Guyana constitution .

Mr Kwayana should be appointed elder statesman

Dear Editor,I have read Mr Eusi Kwayana’s letter, ‘The phrase “elected dictatorship” was used in relation to the government’s veto of 39 EU micro-funded projects, not their delay’ (SN, July 22) .

Government’s choice of helicopters right

Dear Editor,I am happy about the choice of helicopters purchased by the Government of Guyana .

Many countries use the Bell 206

Dear Editor,Several defence forces around the world continue to operate the Bell 206 helicopter in the law enforcement, military and other roles .

The Moseley ban should be lifted

Dear Editor,I have been paying close attention to the Moseley ban and the forward and backward arguments about the ban .

Journalists must rise above emotions

Dear Editor,I recall years ago I submitted a report to the Mirror newspaper in relation to a police attack on a group of sugar workers, among whom was a pregnant mom .

The majority of businesspersons come to Port Kaituma from outside the region and are squatting on land reserved for industrial development

Dear Editor,In Port Kaituma, Region One, we have agreed with the NDC to regularize some of our squatters who are selling on the roadways when the construction of the new road commences .

Communication wasteland

Dear Editor,It is by great fortuitousness that I am able to email this letter, because the Essequibo Coast is seemingly a communication graveyard .

There is no conflict of interest

Dear Editor,With regards to a letter appearing in KN of 21 .

Permits should only be given for mining in places where miners can be monitored

Dear Editor,It is very upsetting to read of what is happening in Arau Village, but not surprising really .

Delegates and observers have numerous opportunities to actively participate in PPP Congress discussions and deliberations

Dear Editor,I refer to a letter in the Stabroek News (July 22) captioned, ‘There is no interactive discussion at the party Congress .

The level of political interference at UG over the past six years has been unprecedented

Dear Editor,I was not at the lecture of Professor Winston McGowan entitled, ‘Modern Guyana: A historical interpretation – the PPP years, 1992 to the present .

Human error was the reason for the Bell helicopter’s damaged turbine

Dear Editor,With reference to the report in Kaieteur News (‘Newly-bought helicopter blows up at Tacama,’ 20 .

Maintaining the ban on Mr Moseley gives the government an unfavourable image

Dear Editor,I thank Dr Prem Misir for clarifying the reason why Capitol News reporter Gordon Moseley was banned or suspended from covering events at the Office of the President and State House in a letter captioned ‘Freedom of the press is not absolute’ (SN July 19) .

There is no interactive discussion at the party congress

Dear Editor,In a letter by Mr Mohamed Sattaur in the SN dated July 16, captioned ‘The appropriate forum for the discussion on the PPP’s education programme is the Congress,’ he says, “the writer raises some interesting questions which can be ventilated at the party congress .

The phrase ‘elected dictatorship’ was used in relation to the government’s veto of 39 EU micro-funded projects, not their ‘delay’

Dear Editor,I am responding to the issue of an elected dictatorship, in which it seems Mr Dev and a person whose name I do not know were in some exchanges .

Forget about Mr Moseley; look at NCN

Dear Editor,‘Much ado about nothing .

Donald Ramotar for President

Dear Editor:I refer to a letter in the June 18, 2008 Guyana Chronicle captioned ‘Ashni for President .

Dr Ashni Singh should throw his hat into the ring

Dear Editor,Further to my first letter dated July 11 in SN, I have now witnessed the first original response to my suggestion of ‘Dr Ashni Singh for President .

Helicopter turbine damage is only possible as a consequence of human error

Dear Editor,Kaieteur News (July 20) stated that one of the helicopters exploded at Tacama and implied that a part was bad, including the turbine, and was replaced .

Too much ‘anti-government hogwash’

Dear Editor,Mr Emile Mervin has once again re-emerged from the woodwork to bash the Guyana government on the Antigua issue (‘Mr Moseley’s media accreditation pass should be restored,’ SN 19 .

The leaders and the press should enjoy a relationship of respect

Dear Editor, I remember, once when I visited London, I went to Hyde Park to hear a promi-nent Guyanese talking out against the Thatcher admi-nistration .

Subsidised water and electricity in Linden came about because of the unhealthy conditions

Dear Editor, The quantum leap in electricity charges intended for Linden consumers, is an added economic burden which will further derail life in the community and ultimately lead to chaos .

Indecent language on the speedboats

Dear Editor, I believe the speedboat service Vreed-en-hoop to George-town is of a high standard, but some of the captains and bowmen do not respect themselves or others .

Mr Moseley should have tempered his language

Dear Editor, The impasse between Gordon Moseley and the ban on him from covering assignments at the President’s Office or the State House continues to attract valuable space in the newspapers to the exclusion of reports on government affairs which the press has a duty to cover and to report on for the benefit of the citizenry .

Naipaul is mellowing

Dear Editor, I applaud your excellent editorial ‘Calabashing Naipaul’ (SN June 12) which makes reference to the long rivalry between St Lucian poet Derek Walcott and the celebrated Trini novelist VS Naipaul .

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