Beaten at police station

Dear Editor, A recent visit to the Aurora Police Station to make a report turned out to be very bad for me when instead of this being done, I was severely beaten by a rank (name given) to the extent of suffering a fractured rib.

A OneCard is only retained by a Republic Bank ATM if customer does not remove it at end of transaction

Dear Editor, Reference is made to the letter carried in your April 22, 2014 edition captioned, ‘What systems do banks have in place to assist a customer whose card remains stuck/lost in the machine during a non-working day?’ We advise that Republic Bank OneCards are only retained at our ATMs if a customer does not remove the card from the machine when prompted to do so at the conclusion of a transaction.

The end should justify the means

Dear Editor, As a concerned Guyanese, the debate on the Budget, televised on NCN, gave me an opportunity to assess the efforts of the current members of the National Assembly and, without undue modesty, I was amazed that more attention was paid to their personal sartorial image than the special skills and savoir-faire required for membership of that august body.

Was the opposition behaving responsibly when IAST became a victim of its ‘collateral damage’?

Dear Editor, I write with concern and frustration regarding the outcome of the 2014 Budget deliberations in the National Assembly. At the outset, I wish to state that I believe it is healthy for governments to be held accountable by the elected opposition (as indeed by the entire populace) for their degree of spending, administration of programmes and the policies which dictate spending.

Guyanese should support the LEAD project

Dear Editor, In our preoccupation with putting food on the table, avoiding robberies and paying bills, many Guyanese may have missed the fact that the ruling regime is shifting from one weak excuse to another, in the effort to deny citizens one of the biggest opportunities ever offered to them.