Joys of kite-making

Dear Editor, At this festive time of the year, as I confine myself to the four walls of my living room in semi-frigid upstate New York, hoping against hope that, with the advent of real spring weather, the weather will warm up, I cannot resist the temptation to embark on that nostalgic trip to relive the fun times I used to have in the balmy temperatures of beautiful Guyana at Easter time. 0

A justifiable entitlement

Dear Editor, I read from SN’s edition 30th March,  Mr. Christopher Ram’s detailed analysis of the 2013 budget  re old age pension that ”Too many retired businesspersons and even emigrants with the means to live a comfortable life unfairly collect this benefit.”  And that “The Government should discourage this impropriety.” Editor, in the realms of justice this is not an “impropriety” but a justifiable entitlement, which was earned by those ”business persons and emigrants” justifiably and honestly that Mr. 0

Co-operative was missing

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Labour in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) recently sponsored “A Technical Workshop on the Role of Co-operatives in Nation Building and the Development of SME’s in Guyana”.  0

Any Quakers?

Dear Editor, An English friend of mine, who once served in Guyana on the VSO programme and would like to visit again, has asked me to find out whether there are any Quakers meeting in Guyana. 0

Red Thread laid bare these obscene awards

Dear Editor, Those women from the Red Thread organisation have done a very, very good thing: stripping the obscene awards (which were referred to as a favour) given out as compensation by the Linden Commission of Inquiry bare, “so that the travesty of justice becomes clear…” They were smack on target in thinking that the zeroes in the number “million” are hiding the reality. 0

Retired staff as a reserve corps

Dear Editor, The recent excellent letter by Major General (ret’d) Joe Singh on the impressive work done and still being done by the ‘navigation pioneers’ in Guyana spurred this question in my mind: “Is there a case for Industry, Government, NGO’s et al to consider their ‘retired staff’ as a ‘Reserve Corps’ who can be deployed/redeployed for service as the needs for their proven competencies arise after they have exited formal/full-time employment?” Some form of gratuitous recognition or reimbursement or compensation can be worked out as is done in some cases now; others might be willing to work ‘pro bono’ instead of being limited to the Annual Pensioners party! 0