Still waiting for NIS pension

Dear Editor, I reached the age of retirement on October 22, 2014, having worked as an Attendant with the Ministry of Agriculture, Drainage and Irrigation Region 5, both as a public servant and as a contracted worker in the same capacity.

Court reins in St Kitts PM plans

Dear Editor,   It seems as if the justice system has caught up with St. Kitts/Nevis Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas who has been delaying a no confidence motion for two years and has been stalling elections in order to gerrymander the constituencies to win the next general elections.

How does IFRIC affect the ability of the Berbice Bridge Co to pay a dividend in 2015?

Dear Editor, Your article ‘Berbice Bridge Co unable to pay dividends to NIS’ of January 30, 2015 refers. In it, you reported on BBCI CEO Omadat Samaroo’s statement that “BBCI’s statement of income was affected by the application of the IFRIC 12 Service Concession Agreement, part of the International Financial Reporting Standards” but that he “did not elaborate on this.” Allow me to point out that IFRIC 12 came into effect in 2008, a whole seven years ago and the same year the Berbice Bridge was formally opened.

It’s not just what you say but how you say it

Dear Editor, I read Senior Counsel Ramson’s rather wordy (I believe that in keeping with the spirit of his letter, the proper word would be verbose) letter on the Guyanese diaspora, that appeared in the January 30th edition of Stabroek News (Émigrés with solutions for Guyana should form a political party for the chance to implement their programmes’).

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