There is no incentive for Vaughn to perjure himself as he would face serious jail time

Dear Editor, After spending two days (so far) listening to witness testimony under direct and cross- examination in the trial of Robert Simels, and following the subsequent fallout in Guyana via the internet, quite a few questions come to mind .

Some assurances are needed

Dear Editor, All right, all right .

Some companies shortchange security guards

Dear Editor, The plight of security guards raised by Andaiye et al in the Stabroek News has prompted me to pen this response (‘Women security guards especially endure appalling conditions of work’ July 25) .

Still problems with phone service in Region 2

Dear Editor, All because of its monopoly, GT&T is dealing unfairly with customers in Region 2 which stretches from Pomeroon to Supenaam, since customers have to pay a fixed monthly rental for a defective landline service .

UG has become moribund

Dear Editor, My assessment here does not seek to argue with the main currents of an article in the Guyana Review ‘University in adversity,’ (July issue, 2009) .

Road users should be reminded that each life is as important as theirs

Dear Editor, It is with deepest sadness I refer to the recent tragedy on the East Bank road which snuffed out the lives of three able young men of our dear soil .

Fed up with GPL

Dear Editor, I am totally fed up with the incompetence of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) .

Resigned in order to take up state appointment

Dear Editor, I write with reference to a Kaieteur News article captioned ‘Guysuco without legal counsel as company secretary resigns’ which appeared on page 3 of its Friday, July 31, 2009 edition .

LEAP financing agreement ends December 31, 2010

Dear Editor, We have noted over the past few weeks that there have been several articles in your newspaper that the LEAP comes to an end, today, July 31, 2009 .

This was an obvious and serious violation of the Standing Orders

Dear Editor, An obvious and serious violation of the Standing Orders of the National Assembly was allowed by the Honourable Speaker, Mr .

Given Microsoft’s record it is advisable to wait until the new operating system is tested and improved

Dear Editor, I’d like to thank Mr Sean Brignandan (GC, July 26) for his interest in my IT article on Windows Vista, SN Business July 24 .

Is the Moco Moco dam safe?

Dear Editor, A recent article in SN (‘Bringing Kanuku Mountains water to Lethem, other villages not feasible,’ July 31) has stated that a question had been asked in Parliament about using the Moco Moco hydro dam as a water reservoir .

We should commit to understanding our ancestry and heritage

Dear Editor, As we mark Emancipation Day, we should reflect on our history of perseverance and struggle through those years .

LCDS consultations in the regions were well attended

Dear Editor, With reference to Business Page under the caption ‘A review of the low carbon development strategy Part 2’ in your issue of July 26, Mr Ram stated that there were “captive audiences” at the recently held  LCDS consultations and that “the  average attendance… [was] generously, less than 20 .

GPL crew refused to look at proof of payment

Dear Editor, My payment bills were completely ignored by a two member crew from the GPL office at Anna Regina which resulted in my business place at Suddie being wrongfully disconnected on Wednesday (July 22) .

East Bank Berbice road in deplorable state

Dear Editor, For years now hire-car drivers have been complaining of the deplorable state of the East Bank Berbice road which terminates at Mara some twenty-five miles from New Amsterdam .

Gates was the victim of discretionary abuse

Dear Editor, The recent alleged racial profiling by a white policeman of black professor Louis Gates in Cambridge, USA, has evoked worldwide attention, moreso as President Obama has recently commented on the matter and now we have a peace pipe, or rather beer drinks, to broker peace and of course undertake damage control from the White House .

Government should have committed to the hydropower project

Dear Editor, In July 2006, at a stakeholder meeting at the Hotel Tower on the hydropower project, President Jagdeo said he was very excited that Guyana was going to have a hydropower facility by 2010 .

Col Godwin McPherson was a true patriot

Dear Editor, The death of retired Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Colonel Godwin McPherson, has robbed Guyana of its share of true patriots; his love for country was unquestionable .

Putting LCDS in perspective

Dear Editor, With reference to a letter ‘LCDS will not fly in its current form’ (SN July 30), I must thank the writer for putting the LCDS in such a clear perspective .

Statement was not responsible

Dear Editor, Quite clearly, the death of murder accused David Leander, aka ‘Biscuit’ was suspiciously sudden, in particular because it occurred while he was incarcerated in the Georgetown prisons, but was being treated as inmate in the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he expired .

Mid-term crisis

Dear Editor, The Government of Guyana is in a mid-term crisis at the moment with local government elections postponed till some time next year, the Ministry of Health fire, and the Robert Simels trial in New York which is adding fuel to the fire .

How will the next chapter in Guyana’s history be written?

Dear Editor, As I read the breaking news of the recent week, a couple of questions are swirling in my head .

It is imperative that the WICB and WIPA restructure themselves

Dear Editor, A few days ago, Clive Lloyd and Michael Holding expressed a few of their feelings and views about the attitude, behaviour and performance of some of the West Indies players and their representative body, the West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) .

LCDS website is only slowly putting up partial records of meetings with some Amerindian communities

Dear Editor, The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) has issued a partial response to the first of my ten columns in Stabroek News on carbon in the forests of Guyana (‘LCDS has been presented at numerous international meetings and is under serious consideration’ SN, July 29) .

Bring back Lara

Dear Editor, Recently  a letter was published in SN (‘Lara should not be criticized,’ July 27) giving a lot of statistics on Brian Lara, and I would like to take this opportunity to totally endorse everything the writer commented on, while adding a few of my own obervations .

Problems in Linden council

Dear Editor, I am a People Progressive Party/Civic Councillor in the Mayor and Town Council of Linden .

Corentyne Comprehensive 50th anniversary reunion held in Queens

Dear Editor, The Corentyne Comprehensive, Rose Hall and National High Schools Alumni Association has recently held a very successful 50th Anniversary reunion .

The new face of our nation

Dear Editor, The appearance of Troy Small on our TV screens came not too long after that of the late David Leander called ‘Biscuit .

During the ‘dark night of dictatorship’ Fr Bernard Darke was murdered

Dear Editor, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine says that “ Mr Troy Small’s misfortune is that he came under suspicion of having committed the crime of arson not in the dark night of dictatorship but in the bright noon of democracy” in the last paragraph of his letter in the Sunday Stabroek of July 26, captioned ‘Arson then and now .

The presence of onlookers may have caused the escalation in the Prof Gates/police sergeant incident

Dear Editor,US President Barack Obama’s comment on the incident leading to the arrest and handcuffing of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates by a police sergeant in Cambridge, Massachusetts dominated the US TV networks last week and prompted an editorial in SN Saturday July 25, 2009 – Much ado about nothing .

On what evidence were the conclusions that the health ministry fire was orchestrated by political elements based?

Dear Editor, Within days of its announcement of its acceptance of Southcom’s assistance in investigating the Ministry of Health fire, the Guyana government through Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee and Police Commissioner Henry Greene, informed the public that it had been determined that the alleged firebombing of the health ministry was orchestrated and implemented by political elements bent on creating confusion in the society .

LCDS will not fly in its current form

Dear Editor, After reading the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) document, I am satisfied that this idea will not fly in its current form .

When will the NDC ask the person who destroyed a stretch of road to repair it?

Dear  Editor, When will the Eccles/Ramsburg NDC ask the developer/businessman to fix the reinforced concrete roadway which he destroyed whilst filling his land with over 500 tons of white sand .

Clear view for Berbicians?

Dear Editor,Has the government done more harm than good in opening a national visual health facility in Region Six? The National Ophthalmology Centre at Port Mourant just may be a very big mistake .

Amateur boxing needs to be supported

Dear Editor,I would like to commend Leon Moore and Lennox Allen on their recent convincing victories .

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