Guyana should participate in the OIC

Dear Editor,The recent Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Foreign Ministers meeting in Kampala, Uganda, was not attended by Guyana .

The PPP/C-PNCR framework needs to be dismantled for the nation to progress

Dear Editor,I refer to Mr James McAllister’s letter to the editor, ‘If we want to challenge the PPP/C on constitutional issues the PNCR must respect its own constitution’ published in SN on October 17 .

Thoughtful planning of students’ debating competitions is vital

Dear Editor,Currently, teams of secondary school students are competing in the JOF Haynes debating series being run by the Ministry of Education .

A call for secession is what the Suriname authorities need

Dear Editor,I am surprised that SN saw it fit to publish Mr Lomarsh Roopnarine’s letter (27 .

Everyone who worked for Carifesta should be paid

Dear Editor,It  is most shameful that the Ministry of Culture and Carifesta Secretariat have not paid for all services rendered for the Carifesta X events .

The PPP/C and the PNCR abandoned Globe Trust

Dear Editor,The die is cast .

How will the state react?

Dear Editor,With reference to the letter by Mr Lomarsh Roopnarine captioned ‘Berbice should secede’ (SN 27 .

‘The prospects of carbon gains in Guyana are relatively small’

Dear Editor, I refer to Ms Muni Schanzenbacher’s second article in Stabroek Business on October 24, 2008 – ‘Choosing long-term environmental security over short-term business interests .

The seawall is no place for loud music

Dear Editor, I wish to appeal to the relevant authorities and those who violate my Sunday evenings with loud boom-box music coming from the seawall .

Where have the ‘major road’ signs gone?

Dear Editor, Two recent accidents at the corners of Camp and Norton Streets and also Russell/ Broad Streets have prompted me to ask whether ‘major road’ signs are obsolete with respect to our traffic laws .

Unfair treatment

Dear Editor, I am employed with a senior official of the judiciary .

What is the outcome of the probe into the misconduct allegations against Ms Juliet Holder-Allen?

Dear Editor, Kaieteur News’ Friday, October 24 news item, ‘Former Chief Magistrate will be paid,’ may appear to the casual observer as though the state, via the judiciary, will faithfully honour its end of whatever contractual agreement exists between the state and former Chief Magistrate, Ms Juliet Holder-Allen, who resigned in frustration on September 1, after waiting four years for the outcome of what appeared to be an open-ended probe into allegations of work-related misconduct by her .

Berbice should secede

Dear Editor, I propose that Berbice should secede and become an independent nation-state .

Buoyancy aids

Dear Editor, With reference to the Corentyne River mishap, what Guyanese call life jackets are really buoyancy aids packed with a lightweight water-proof material, most of which are designed to keep only children afloat .

I was proud of Troy

Dear Editor, On behalf of my entire family, I express heartfelt sympathy to Troy Richard’s family for their loss .

River mishap sheds light on many problems

Dear Editor, With reference to the Sunday Stabroek news item `Five drown, two missing in Corentyne River mishap’, this article reported about so many things that can really be prolonged subjects of discussion, which is excellent reporting .

SN has exhibited irresponsible journalism in reporting of Budhram case

Dear Editor,I am taking this opportunity to write to you on behalf of my client Sabrinah Budhram and her husband Arnold Budhram .

Corlette’s policy order #8 has far-reaching implications

Dear Editor,I read Stabroek News’s article, of Friday, October 24, titled, ‘PPP/C councillors accuse Corlette of being dictator’ and found that it failed in attempting to capture one of the more serious issues relating to the Regional Chairman’s attempts to suppress views, ideas and opinions .

NCN is trying hard with 98.1 FM

Dear Editor,I’ve been listening to 98 .

Lethem is not ready for the opening of the Takutu Bridge

Dear Editor, Anyone who happens to pass near to the Takutu Bridge on the Guyana side, will see a hive of construction activity ongoing .

New regulations should eliminate wealth extraction benefiting middle companies

Dear Editor, The massive financial meltdown − extraction of capital in the US financial industry, now requiring capital injection has at least two important lessons for new regulations, namely increasing financial middle companies own-capital injection in proportion to increased risk taken and re-regulating the capital requirements for derivative traders .

The government should give citizens a reason for the cease-work order on the Cubana monument

Dear Editor,My father was fond of saying “Wonders never cease, but daily increase .

A significant lead for Obama

Dear Editor, With only eleven days left for the US presidential election, Democratic Party candidate, 47-year-old Senator Barack Obama, continues to enjoy a significant lead over Republican Party candidate, 72-year-old Senator John McCain in opinion polls across the country .

There is no agreement recognizing Suriname’s sovereignty over the Corentyne River

Dear Editor, I have read with dismay the article entitled ‘Diplomatic Belligerence’ which appeared on page 12 of Kaieteur News on October 21, 2008 .

Everything possible is being done to bring relief to staff at Mabaruma Hospital

Dear Editor, With reference to a letter captioned, ‘Mabaruma Hospital staff working under deplorable conditions’ (SN 21 .

Tradesmen no longer take pride in their work

Dear Editor, Laura: “What’s in a face?” Justina: “Surface; this world judge by surface .

No reference made to the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of Water Courses

Dear Editor, I wish to advise that while it is true that the writer of the article entitled ‘Nothing exists that determines the status of Corentyne River’ (Kaieteur News, October 22, 2008, page 11) spoke with me and I did indicate that since there is no agreement between Guyana and Suriname delimiting where the boundary is in relation to that waterway, I made absolutely no reference to the Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Water Courses .

Women have to be careful

Dear Editor, Yet another sickening blot on Guyana’s landscape − a young woman has apparently felt it necessary to take her life, because of the savage behaviour of a man out of control .

Depoliticise the Hindu religion in Guyana

Dear Editor, I would like to join Swami Aksharananda’s call for the depoliticising of the Hindu religion in Guyana .

It is a sense of entitlement which is driving the EPA critics

Dear Editor, Current Latin American politics drive a pragmatic political economy; even Venezuela and other left-leaning Latin leaders have rationalized their political economies to compete within the framework of a liberal ideology, which is why Brazil, especially under Lula, has made such a dramatic shift in ideology .

There is something wrong within the walls of our prisons and lockups

Dear Editor, The death of another prisoner, this time James Nelson, whilst in lawful custody has highlighted the fact that there is something horribly and murderously wrong happening within the walls of our security forces where prisoners are kept .

Hinduism in Guyana must free itself from all political control

Dear Editor, Can anyone imagine a national Easter committee without the representation of Christians and Christian organizations?  Can anyone imagine a national Eid committee without the representation of Muslims and Muslim organizations?But the Hindus have been bought and paid for so there can be a “National Divali Committee” without the representation of Hindus or that of a single Hindu organization, major or minor .

Prevention is better than cure

Dear Editor, Well, we know in Guyana that ‘prevention is better than cure .

Will conditions be attached to increased assistance from the US in the war against drugs?

Dear Editor, The Kaieteur News article dated October 20, 2008, captioned ‘Guyana to get more aid to fight drug trafficking’ must be a piece of news that perks the interest of every Guyanese .

Golden Grove dumpsite situation deteriorating

Dear Editor, I wish to support the letter written by Mr Adrian Lutchman on October 8, 2008 in the Stabroek News, captioned ‘Garbage being dumped at back of Grove .

Firecrackers being thrown in Bartica

Dear Editor, The Christmas season is coming on, and firecrackers and squibs are starting to be fired off a lot in Bartica .

Novar School road in poor state

Dear Editor, I am a resident of Novar, Mahaicony district and the owner of two transport trucks from which I make my living .

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