We have to look at other options

Dear Editor, Our country stands still with daily fights in and out of Parliament among our politicians. This is the result of an uncompromising minority government which also engages in their daily rituals of deceit, lies and ‘cuss-out.’ In Guyana there are two ethnic parties, the PPP and PNC/APNU with a fast growing multi-ethnic AFC party. 

The Bartica-Potaro road should be upgraded

Dear Editor,   The Bartica-Potaro Road remains in a horrible condition. Some residents said that a few weeks back, Mr Gordon Bradford, Region 7 Chair-man, announced on his weekly TV programme that the contract for the 1 to 5 Miles Potaro Road had been signed, and work would hopefully commence within two weeks’ time if the weather changed, since we are currently in the rainy season.


Dear Editor, I am so relieved to hear from my government’s most credible spokesman that my President never called my opposition leaders terrorists.

A low-key symposium to mark Rodney’s 33rd death anniversary

Dear Editor, The people who grounded in the ballroom on the upper floor of the Tower Hotel for the Symposium to mark the 33rd death anniversary of Walter Rodney (it was almost filled to capacity), represented just a speck of our population and was made up mostly of intellectuals, the middle class and a sprinkling of the faithful ordinary folks.

Nagamootoo’s letter contained flawed arguments

Dear Editor, Mr Moses Nagamootoo in a letter in SN dated July 24 without credible justification attempted to discredit the arguments presented by the government on the motion to amend the Guarantee of Loans (Public Corporations and Companies) Act (‘The PPP’s alternative to gridlock is constructive engagement and compromise’).

Cartoon was simplistic

Dear Editor, Please allow me to make some comments about the cartoon in your Sunday 21st July edition. While your cartoonist normally has his finger on the pulse of Guyana his cartoon suggests that he is either uninformed or has managed to be hoodwinked by the propaganda being levelled at the opposition.