Election manipulation was unnecessary

Dear Editor, There was no need for the PNCR to manipulate its internal election two weekends ago to ensure the selection of David Granger as its political leader and/or to make sure a select set of party executives, who were close to and supportive of Mr Granger, were chosen.

Ogle Airport should be renamed after LFS Burnham

Dear Editor, On Wednesday August 6, we will be observing the twenty-ninth death anniversary of the late president, Mr Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, who led this country for twenty-one years from 1964 until his death on August 6, 1985, at the age of 62 after undergoing a throat operation.

Have we lost our way to real nation building?

Dear Editor, As we mark the 29th anniversary of the passing of our late President L. Forbes Burnham, even his strongest critics cannot deny that he sought to make us as a people self-reliant, and to ensure that our natural resources were exploited primarily for the benefit of all Guyanese.

‘Convoluted logic’

Dear Editor, If we are to take Swami Aksharananda’s convoluted logic to its eventual conclusion (‘Guyana should get out of the OIC,’ SN, Aug 2) then Guyana should opt out of arrangements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since the United States, the majority shareholder in the IMF is a primary ally of Saudi Arabia.

Guyana’s calamity is manmade

Dear Editor, Never mind that geographically Guyana is outside of the hurricane zone and has not been hit by a serious earthquake, a visitor coming for the first time would never be able to tell that the calamity that is Guyana is manmade compliments of the PNC and PPP.