EPA has investigated noise nuisance complaint in Queenstown

Dear Editor,With reference to a letter published in the Stabroek News on Friday, March 20, 2009 written by Mr George Abrams, captioned, ‘Car wash bay is disturbing the peace,’ the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wishes to inform you that the agency is in receipt of a complaint dated March 17, 2009 from a resident of Forshaw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown of noise emanating from a car wash facility in the vicinity of Oronoque Street .

Speedboat operators need the services of a naval architect to advise them on boat design with covers

Dear Editor,During January ’09, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MPWC) issued a directive to all speedboat owners/operators who provide a passenger service in Guyana’s major rivers that as from April 1, 2009 their boats will have to be equipped with covers for the safety and comfort of passengers .

Guyana needs to reinvent itself as a caring and friendly investment host

Dear Editor,The world financial crisis will come to an end .

Mrs Jagan made possible trips to Cuba to restore my eyesight

Dear Editor,I am deeply saddened at the passing of Mrs Janet Jagan and my sympathy goes out to her family and friends .

Phone is on and off

Dear Editor,I have been a customer of GT&T in N/A for many years now; my number is 333-5052, and the service has been somewhat good .

Guyana is the poorer for Mrs Jagan’s passing

Dear Editor,The death of Mrs Janet Jagan is a great loss to this nation .

Efforts of those who helped at funeral appreciated

Dear Editor,I am writing to express my appreciation of the efforts of all concerned who helped to make the funeral of my aunt happen at such short notice .

Why is there only one licence office in Georgetown?

Dear Editor,When there were a few vehicles in this country there was only one licence office in Georgetown .

Brookdale Hospital in New York has not closed

Dear Editor,On March 30, 2009, a letter was posted regarding the economic turmoil and its effects on the Guyanese community (SN ‘Guyanese in New York feeling the crunch’ by Mr Vishnu Bisram) .

We should reflect on what we are trying to achieve when we take a public position

Dear Editor,I do agree that political commentators (as one prominent columnist with the Kaieteur News  recently suggested) ought to be courageous in speaking the “truth” and suffer whatever consequences might be forthcoming .

The report on minorities did not reflect the views of the ethnic minorities in Guyana

Dear Editor,In relation to the United Nations Independent Expert’s Report on minorities in Guyana (SN 22 .

Why were women’s organizations not loud in their condemnation of some of the responses to Varshnie Singh’s disclosures

Dear Editor,For me, International Women’s Day was an occasion for reflecting on the state of the women’s movement here in Guyana .

Guyana should say no to uranium mining

Dear Editor,During the past few months I have read, with interest, where talks are afoot to commence uranium mining in Guyana .

A feasibility study should be undertaken to demonstrate whether or not the Hope Canal is the best option to deal with the conservancy problem

Dear Editor,We, the residents of Dochfour/Ann’s Grove/Two Friends/ Hope and the Lowland villages of the East Coast of Demerara, would like to state that Dochfour residents were told verbally for the first time in February 2009 that a new canal would be dug in the area to prevent future flooding .

Mrs Jagan made a momentous contribution in the shaping of Guyana’s politics

Dear Editor,Although Guyana’s modern politics have been dominated by two men − Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham − others have still managed to carve out some space for themselves .

A life lived beautifully to the end

Dear Editor,On the passing of Ms Janet Jagan, OE, former President and First Lady of Guyana, I take this opportunity to express on behalf of my family sincere condolences to her children, grandchildren and other relatives .

Article on the selection of the national team was inaccurate

Dear Editor,It is not usual for me to respond to opinions and views on the selection of players to represent this country since I have been selecting teams from as far back as 1986, and I am of the firm conviction that every citizen is a selector .

Reflection on Mrs Jagan’s passing

Dear Editor,Her story is one of a nurse from Chicago who, through marriage to a Guyanese from a sugar estate came to Guyana and rose in the minds of her supporters to the status of a Hindu Deity (Sita, Ram’s spouse) and in the eyes of her opponents  that of a satanic terror .

Water pressure in Strathspey dropped after new pipelines laid

Dear Editor,Recently a multi-million dollar project was given out in Area ‘G’ Strathspey, East Coast Demerara, for the relaying of pipelines so that the residents (I am one) can receive potable water .

Mrs Jagan rejected letter for the Mirror

Dear Editor,The GPA described the late Mrs Janet Jagan as an “indomitable fighter for press freedom…” (Stabroek News March 30) .

The state has an obligation to pay Mrs Hoyte her husband’s presidential pension

Dear Editor,The arrogance of the Bharrat Jagdeo administration in Guyana is unprecedented .

The world is moving to protest global leadership; will Guyanese move to the same rhythm?

Dear Editor,On March 28, 2009, London echoed to the sound of protest as more than one hundred and twenty organizations took to the streets in demonstration .

Guyana may want to look at India’s electronic voting

Dear Editor,Kudos are in order to the Indian government for switching from paper ballots to electronic voting .

Mexico seeks to strengthen links with the anglophone Caribbean through its Permanent Embassy in Guyana

Dear Editor,First of all I wish to express my gratitude for the interest shown by Stabroek News in my country, particularly in regard to the establishment of the First Per-manent Mexican Diplomatic Mission in Guyana, which is reflected in the editorial of March 22, 2009 .

Mrs Jagan was a very remarkable lady

Dear Editor,Ever since I came to live in Guyana in the 1950s, I knew of Janet Jagan as a person of central importance in the political and public life of Guyana .

Was the award process for the Hope Conservancy Relief Channel changed from a competitive one to a negotiated one?

Dear Editor,In SN of March 21, it was reported that a contract to provide consultancy services for the design of the Hope Conservancy Relief Channel (HCRC) was awarded to CEMCO/SRKN Engineering in association with the UK-based Mott MacDonald Company .

An area earmarked for a children’s playground should not be turned into house lots

Dear Editor,Where else in the world would you find a government taking an area set aside for a children’s playground and turning it into house lots? Only in Guyana can things like this happen .

Janet Jagan transformed the nation; she served with distinction and selfless dedication

Dear Editor,I extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of former President Janet Jagan on her passing .

Guyana is poorer with the loss of Mrs Jagan

Dear Editor,I hope President Bharrat Jagdeo literally meant that Guyana has become poorer with the loss of Mrs Jagan − because it really has .

What about Mrs Hoyte’s pension?

Dear Editor,At this time when there is so much justified compassion and feeling in the air, it may be a good time to raise once more the issue of Mrs Hoyte’s pension, or for a clear official statement on it .

Janet Jagan was an outstanding patriot

Dear Editor,Janet Jagan was an outstanding patriot of Guyana who made an immeasurable contribution to the development of our country and to the welfare of all the people .

People should respect the grieving process

Dear Editor,I personally find it to be in bad taste not to respect the grieving process for the passing of people, be they lay persons, politicians, government officials or even royalty .

The nation has lost an indefatigable fighter

Dear Editor,It is with great grief and sadness that I pen this letter .

There is nothing new in Gay McDougall’s report which has not been stated before

Dear Editor,As was expected, after a week of internal strategizing, the government’s ghost writers, the Chronicle, NCN and several entrepreneurs launched their attack on Ms Gay McDougall in an attempt to discredit her and hence her report on minorities .

Remembering ‘Auntie Janet’

Dear Editor,Over the weekend, I learnt with a heavy heart of the passing of Mrs Janet Jagan .

There are still classes in the world

Dear Editor,Shaun Michael Samaroo in his letter dated March 28, 2009, captioned ‘SN editorial accomplishes nothing productive’ himself seems not to have anything constructive to say .

She always appeared to us to be gentle and shy

Dear Editor On learning of the death of Mrs Janet Jagan, one phrase instantly sprang to mind “the end of an era” .

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