More investment is needed to create jobs

Dear Editor, The problem of unemployment among the young people of this country is growing at a very fast rate, and it is time that they demand that the government create jobs for them .

Chutney music is an experiment with different genres

Dear Editor, I was amused after reading a letter by Desmond Saul stating that, "Songs can be written in English with the Indian Beat" (08 .

It was nice to look at the long, winding river and the bauxite boats

Dear Editor, Anyone with an eye for aesthetics will be delighted with the effort at having refreshing scenery restored with the removal of vendors from the Co-op Crescent at Linden, which had become a real eyesore .

The law provides procedures for redundancies

Dear Editor, I refer to the management of GPL's decision to make the operations at the company more efficient by severing employees .

What happened to the setting up of a SWAT team?

Dear Editor, First, I wish to extend condolences to both the Guyana Defence Force and the relatives of the soldier who lost his life in a recent shoot-out in Buxton .

Candidates are dancing to the tune of polls on immigration

Dear Editor, Immigrants, Guyanese included, are interested in immigration issues in the current US Presidential campaign .

Lethem is far from ready for the road link

Dear Editor, Your Stabroek Business Editorial of January 11, 2008 would have been both timely and informative for persons not familiar with issues relating to the Takutu Bridge .

Issue numbers to passport applicants as they enter

Dear Editor, I have recently had occasion to make visits to the passport office and the NIS .

Contracts should contain provisions for employment of persons from specific areas

Dear Editor, To alleviate the Lindeners being excluded from contracts an up to date inventory of all skilled and unskilled manpower should be attached to every contract advertised ,and a condition be included for a specific amount of such personnel to be employed` subject to their availability and agreement to work within mutual agreement .

Hammie’s credibility

Dear Editor, Please poll the Guyanese populace to see what percentage believe Hammie Green's recent statement on the guns issued to the government that he was a part of .

It is the melody that attracts listeners not the language

Dear Editor, People should not be confused with the music/melody of a song and the language in which the lyrics are sung .

Down with narcotics, down with racism, down with the gun

Dear Editor, We have moved from the politics of rigged elections to the politics of narcotics and the gun .

I agree that the churches must play a more prominent role on moral issues

Dear Editor, I completely agree with the sentiments of Eric Phillips expressed in his letter, "The Church needs to regain it's moral compass" (08 .

The special telephone equipment found with Roger Khan should also be investigated

Dear Editor, Maybe three or four years ago, President Bharrat Jagdeo invited Guyanese to join him in a national conversation on national issues .

Re-opening old wounds may be convenient politicking but it will be damaging

Dear Editor, When the PPP/C Government was democratically elected to office in 1992 after 28 years of PNC domination, why didn't they then initiate an investigation into the weapons issued by the GDF to the Ministry of Mobilization and National Development between 1976 and 1979 when the facts and circumstances were fresh in everyone's mind and the ink was still wet on the GDF records? Why now after 15 years of PPP/C Government and three successive presidents, all of whom were there in 1992 and 1976 to 1979? Why not then? Surely the facts as delineated by Clement J .

Rice farmers are plagued with difficulties

Dear Editor, The public and the private sectors of Guyana do not have scope for innovative and highly qualified individuals so I ended up in rice cultivation .

There is no head teacher for Vryman’s Erven Secondary

Dear Editor, I refer to the letter by Mr George Cave captioned "Promotions of head teachers, deputies have been made" (08 .

The sea defence board appears to be impotent

Dear Editor, I refer to your report on the erosion of the embankment near the Rupert Craig highway .

The Revenue Authority must act forcefully to deal with uncustomed goods

Dear Editor, Apparently businesses continue in their efforts to flout the tax laws and rip off consumers .

Some vendors are refusing to top up cell subscribers

Dear Editor, It seems as though some GT&T C-Point vendors are ignorant of the "Top Up with a $100" promotion that is currently going on .

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