GT&T’s monopoly licence ends on January 28, 2011

Dear Editor, There has been much debate about the expiry date of the GT&T monopoly licence. Former Public Utilities Com-mission (PUC) Chairman, Mr Joseph Tyndall, was cited in your January 11 issue as saying that the licence was granted on December 19, 1990, and, so, must have expired on December 19, 2010, since it was for 20 years.

Richie Richardson is a good choice as manager

Dear Editor, Amid the continued emergence of influential personalities from the little islands of the Eastern Caribbean that are entrenched within the hierarchy of West Indies cricket, the latest appointment of Richie Richardson as West Indies new Team Manager is indeed refreshing and has provided a ray of hope, just like the rise of the early morning sun.

Ignorance is still king

Dear Editor, You gotta give it to the PPP. They may be spectacular failures in many things but they are A students in understanding the psyche and mentality of the Guyanese people and knowing how to control and exploit it.