What is the eligibility of those employed in 40 or more statutory bodies to the recently announced salary increases?

Dear Editor, Quite apart from the break in the trend of timing (usually in December) of the announcement and payout of across-the-board increases to public servants, and members of the disciplined forces, the 2011 announcing of an 8% across-the-board increase to the named categories, raises at this particular juncture a number of interesting questions.

An act contrary to diplomatic norms

Dear Editor, I have seen the reports in the newspapers about the Governor of Roraima, Brazil mounting the PPP/C campaign platform, an act which is contrary to all international diplomatic norms, and whilst I understand that the opposition political parties are outraged by this act, I actually would like to add another dimension to this matter.

Errors are regretted

Dear Editor, I regret inadvertently identifying Mr Seelochan Beharry as a candidate of the AFC and a former member of the PPP as he pointed out in his letter  ‘Bisram’s letter contains two major errors‘ (SN, Nov 9). 

The PPP needs a one-term timeout

Dear Editor, Ganesh Singh says PPP supporters must vote out the PPP for one term to generate the badly need internal change the PPP needs in order to be reformed and reborn and to allow new leadership to rise within the party.

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