Allegation against President is a fabrication

Dear Editor, My attention was drawn to a report in Kaieteur News dated December 4, relating to the “witness tampering” charge currently before Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond, the contents of which have demonstrated the depths to which the advocacy of some attorneys-at-law has sunk.

There is little wonder that Jamaica has achieved such gigantic feats

Dear Editor, I have always been captivated by Jamaica as a nation. With a population of only two million people, Jamaica has given the world a religion – Rastafariansm; a music – reggae; larger-than-life iconic figures – Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley; the fastest human being the world has ever seen – Usain Bolt; and I dare say a new language, since the entire world sings or speaks with the Jamaican accent and vernacular.

Why was the Brazilian hydropower proposal for the period 2006-09 not considered by the government?

Dear Editor, Prime Minister, Mr Samuel Hinds, responding to my question in Parliament regarding whether or not the Government of Guyana had received any proposal from any company or group of companies, other than Synergy, to construct hydropower facilities in Guyana during the period 2006 to 2009 stated that the government had received two such proposals: one from RUSAL and the other from Dynamic Engineering Inc.

Not a world class parking lot

Dear Editor, One of the unexpected but positive results of the heavy rains that we have been having recently is that we get an opportunity to observe the shoddy work now being executed at the Providence Stadium.