Why not create an independent anti-corruption agency?

Dear Editor, The AFC’s leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, talked a good game about investigating, prosecuting and jailing corrupt government officials. I was all revved up and out of my seat, adrenaline pumping and serotonin jumping, when I read the headline in Kaieteur News talking about the jailing of the corrupt public officials.

Things to do

Dear Editor, The majority of Guyanese, at home and abroad, as demonstrated by voters, looked forward to a change, and as the Manifesto of the Guyanese Youth Congress states, a new dispensation to allow for “Inclusiveness, Rebirth, Renewal, Reconciliation and Rebuilding” against a background of national unity.

What is the status of the Aurora Land Development Project?

Dear Editor, Since the Burnham administration when Mr Gavin Kennard was the Minister of Agriculture, we the residents of south Essequibo were told of the government’s plans to empolder about five thousand, five hundred acres of land for agricultural purposes behind the villages stretching from Supenaam to Adventure, a distance of about nine miles, and although Reid and Malik and Taylor Woodrow both did some drainage and irrigation work along the Essequibo Coast and the areas aforementioned, that promise was not kept.

Cogitations on particle physics

Dear Editor, It was with delight that I fed on your editorial of December 17. It was heartening to know that in this out station where our quotidian cares flood our cerebration and the banal and crass deface our sensibilities, there exist souls that cogitate on the sublime world of particle physics.

The trend has been for the conversion of premium Guyana timbers into top quality flooring, furniture in India and China

Dear Editor, In mid-2011 there was concern about a shortage of construction lumber on the domestic market.  At the beginning of a new quinquennium of government, and having the election manifesto commitments of the three largest parties, it is appropriate to extract those commitments and compare them with the latest export figures.

The buck stops with the people

Dear Editor, Equality, human rights and justice are unquestionably good causes for which to fight.  The nature of power is such that, left unchecked, it will bend towards the wealthy and powerful leaving the masses struggling for crumbs, begging for justice and largely shut out of opportunity. 

Will Edghill resign his post as Chairman of the post office?

Dear Editor, The newly appointed Junior Minister in the Ministry of Finance has recently, we read, resigned his prestigious and well-paid position as Chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commission, and many Guyanese taxpayers are now wondering if he would also resign his equally prestigious position as Chairman of the Board of the Guyana Post Office Corporation GPOC).

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