Rescuing Carliza

Dear Editor, I wrote a letter to the editor on February 12 regarding the need for the GSPCA to develop a volunteer network to provide support services that their existing staff are unable to carry out (animal rescue, animal transport, general support to people who need help with their animals, etc).

The Conservancy Adaptation Project was intended to get a clear understanding of drainage regimes and the interventions necessary to increase drainage capacity, but it has not started yet

Dear Editor, Extensive flooding earlier this week in Georgetown and many coastal areas has shown once again the overall degradation in the ability of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and the City of Georgetown (M&CC) to manage floodwaters, as the drainage systems under their respective responsibility continue to function at reduced capacities instead of progressive increases over time.

Wages are too low

Dear Editor, Why is it that minimum wages in this country are so low? After 19 years in government, the cherished dream of President Cheddi, which was that the working class of Guyana should prosper, is only a dream.

Questions on the laptop project

Dear Editor, I hope that the President, his office or his erudite press liaison officer can help this nation by offering clear and lucid answers to the following: First, according to GINA, the President two weeks ago stated that by now, the specifications and therefore advertisement for tenders for the instruments for the one laptop per family (OLPF) project should be ready.

Guyana needs minority government

Dear Editor,Instead of shared governance, which is notoriously difficult to accomplish in ethnically fractured societies such as Guyana, minority governments are easier to achieve as they are achieved by selective voting.