Looking with a more critical eye

Dear Editor, It’s funny how with the passing years events, stories and experiences that were puzzling and somewhat nebulous and were accepted without examination, become clearer and brighter when looked back upon with a more critical and thoughtful eye.

‘Erroneous assumptions’

Dear Editor, Mr Persaud makes a number of erroneous assumptions about me and my intentions for writing to criticise the way the US conducts foreign policy and how it processes visa applications in Guyana (The US Embassy is fair with applicants’ SN, September 20). 

‘A dismal performance by the PPP/C’

Dear Editor, Contrary to what the PPP/C would like the Guyanese people to believe about their performance at the upcoming elections as seen in their bogus polls, the likelihood of them being voted out of office this year is a real possibility.

‘Human beings are strange creatures’

Dear Editor, “Let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts/ Be acceptable in thy sight here tonight.”  For some strange reason these words kept ringing in my ears as I sat and pondered what strange creatures human beings are.

The Auditor General should investigate payments under the Synergy contract

Dear Editor, The government’s Request for Proposals in early 2010 for the building of the access road to the Amaila Falls hydropower dam site called for an all-weather road for heavy traffic; 85 km of road rehabilitation; 110 km of new road; the whole 195 km of road, 20 metres wide, surfaced with a white-sand-clay base 300 mm thick topped by 150 mm of laterite, the whole compacted to 95 proctor; HDPE culverts, bridges and river-crossing pontoons capable of bearing 100 tonne loads, 20 tonnes per axle; 65 km x 100 metres wide completely cleared right-of-way for the transmission line; all to be completed within eight months/240 days from contract effectiveness date.

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