The opposition parties cannot read the codes

Dear Editor, There are some occasions where I find some Indians volunteer, albeit coded, messages to Africans. I think since 1992 Moses Bhagwan was the first to make the bold step to address a multitude of issues in his article of September 10, 2006, captioned, ‘Being Indian in Guyana: The challenges,’ in which he proclaimed, “Indians will never prosper in Guyana if Africans become improverished, and they will never live securely unless Africans are secure.” One month later, R Persaud, in a letter dated October 20, 2006, captioned ‘Indians should tackle the problems in their own community,’ wrote, “I will do all in my powers to protect and preserve the proud history of my race.

There are two spring tides every month

Dear Editor, I am puzzled by your report in SN of September 18, of Dr Luncheon’s noting that “more spring tides have been forecast for November, and as a result the overtopping might recur.” Isn’t he aware that there are two spring tides every month, including October?  

Annoyance over omission

Dear Editor, I take this opportunity to express my annoyance over the omission of a part of my letter which was published in Stabroek News on Saturday, September 11, under the heading ‘Does the President have to do everything?’ For the sake of readers to get a sense of what I really wanted emphasized and notice to be taken of, I will quote the section with the omitted part italicized: “But let me say something about the new young just out of school Doctors that have taken up appointment; though we ought to be proud of our young people and their achievement especially – our own Lindeners – I think that it is totally unfair to [them] the newly qualified young doctors, and I dare say a disservice to the community, to have them totally on their own without experienced back-up, as critical cases may demand.

Pensioners are cast aside

Dear Editor, It would appear that when one becomes a pensioner he/she is cast aside and only lives a day-to-day life until the ‘roll is called up yonder.’ There are many laws, beneficial agreements, deals, partnerships and promotions from which pensioners are excluded.

Local radio is surely alive

Dear Editor, Well, thanks to National Communications Network Incorporated (NCN) for honouring the wishes of avid radio listeners—both at home here and overseas—by bringing back reliable audio web streaming of their Voice of Guyana.

Moses Nagamootoo should play the role of kingmaker in the PPP

Dear Editor, While it is difficult to ascertain who the Central Committee members of the PPP will select as their presidential candidate, there nevertheless seems to be some consensus that Moses Nagamootoo has emerged as ‘kingmaker.’ Evidently, Moses has some support, but not as much as Ralph Ramkarran will receive from members of the Central Committee.

Players of lotto need to know who won

Dear Editor, Guyana is probably the only country in the world where the winners of lotto games are not published. There are times when the jackpot would stand at a whopping $80M and players would rush in a flurry and a frenzy to buy many tickets expecting to win.