Not everyone’s experience is ‘excellent’

Dear Editor, I read with great interest the letter published in your Friday February 19, 2010 issue about Mr Boyo Ramsaroop’s excellent experience at the Georgetown Public Hospital (‘Hospitalization experience at GPH was excellent’) and wondered why many other similar letters written by ordinary citizens have not been published in your newspaper.

Living the simple life

Dear Editor, Migration over the years has hit the tiny East Canje Berbice community of New Forest, located some thirty minutes from the town of New Amsterdam, as its name suggests, amidst a forested area.

Shared governance is a blueprint for the greater involvement of our people

Dear Editor, The recent letter by Minister Jeffrey (‘The many difficulties faced by Malaysia do not preclude us from learning from its experience’ SN, February 19) I must say, really showed me up for the mediocre writer I must be, because his philosophical analysis of shared coalition governance was, to say the least, introspective and incisive; his letter captures the essence of what I tried to put forward, except that his perceptions were much more orderly and prescient than mine were.

Police should have investigated complaint

Dear Editor, With reference to the letter written by Mr  Laurie Greenidge and published in the February 11 edition of Stabroek News (‘Threatened by neighbours who are causing noise nuisance’), Mr Greenidge informed me that both he and his female companion were charged by the police for disorderly behaviour.