Are there other factors as well?

Dear Editor, Mr Skinner, in his letter dated November 25, captioned ‘No suggestion that anyone should stop their activism’ stated, “It is in no way my intension to ‘let the government off the hook’ in relation to fulfilling its responsibilities to the masses… What I am worried about is the disregard for the bigger picture and that is what I am addressing.” I think this is a very important injection into the debate. 46


We require writers to give their real name, full address and a contact number when sending letters to be considered for publication. 17

Guyanese bloggers should return home

Dear Editor, There is a wonderful new group of people gathered at points along the information superhighway.  I do not think that that this group has an equivalent for sustained interest from a distance by natives anywhere else – at least not in the Caribbean.  122

The gutter is running through some of our own front rooms

Dear Editor, The article on page 5 of the Catholic Standard of November 13 titled ‘Teaching children good manners’ came none too soon after I heard a Pastor who was delivering a homily at Smith’s Memorial Church on the said Friday state that the church was all too silent on a number of serious issues confronting our society. 29

Ambulance numbers are 225-3361, 226-9449 since 913 is out of order

Dear Editor, The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation wishes to respond to a statement made in the Thursday, November 19, 2009 edition of your newspaper with the caption ‘Bel Air man beaten and chopped.’ The statement read, “The woman [Deen’s mother] said several calls to get an ambulance to take her son to the hospital went unanswered…” However, we must first apologize for the late response, which is due to the fact that we always investigate incidents thoroughly before a comment is issued. 13