The rice farmers requested a fertilizer subsidy


Dear Editor, In response to the letter in the Saturday issue of the Stabroek News by Mr Bramdeow Singh, captioned ‘Instead of giving paddy vouchers for fertilizers the money should go to MMA to clean canals,’ I would like to inform Mr Singh and others like him, that this is one of the many farmers programmes that GRDB is executing on behalf of the government.

Unwarranted criticism

Dear Editor, I was saddened when I read a letter that was published on January 11, 2010 in the Guyana Chronicle  Kenneth C Singh of Toronto, Canada, captioned, ‘Surprised to hear from the animal lover.’ The disparaging and condescending tones in which he writes of Ms Syeada Manbodh and her defence of helpless and voiceless animals, especially dogs, and especially pit-bulls in Guyana would lead me to believe that he has something personal against this noble crusader for these animals.

Where are we going as a country?

Dear Editor, After the 2006 elections President Jagdeo decided to meet with representatives of the opposition parties in parliament. I wrote in the SN at the time that the parties should add bi-partisan development goals to their agenda, which all parties should agree to pursue vigorously when in office.

How ‘free’ is free speech?

Dear Editor, There is an unsurprising phenomenon in Guyana that goes almost unnoticed, and on which very few have commented.  This phenomenon is encapsulated in certain protective actions taken, and words uttered.

The Haitian people need monetary donations now

Dear Editor, The tragedy in Haiti reminds us all just how vulnerable we are from nature’s terrible fury whether  an earthquake, a hurricane or other natural disasters; it reminds us here in Guyana of how fortunate we are to be living in a land which is basically free of serious natural disasters.

For want of a nail

Dear Editor, For the past two weeks I have been making stops at various lumber yards, cement outlets and by National Hardware on Water Street, talking with horse-owners about the condition of their animals.