Omeyana Hamilton should be reinstated

Dear Editor, The sacking of Magistrate Omeyana Hamilton sends an unfortunate message to young professionals in Guyana. Ms Hamilton demonstrated that she was prepared to travel the length and breadth of Guyana to perform her duties, but she had explained that she suffers from severe headaches and back spasm if she travels in a speedboat.

A legacy in tatters

Dear Editor, Guyanese-born attorney-at-law Colin Moore, and long-time supporter and admirer of Cheddi Jagan told a New York audience of two hundred: “If Jagan only knew what is happening in Guyana, he would be turning in his ashes.” The event was a commemorative service to celebrate the lives of Cheddi Jagan and Janet Jagan, both former presidents of Guyana.

Not a neighbourly practice

Dear Editor, The neighbourly practice of persons instructing their employees to burn large quantities of materials in their backyards while they and their children are off to work or school is the kind of thing that marks our Guyanese culture today. 

Amaila Falls project should be halted until after the elections

Dear Editor, On reading your news article, ‘Local workers to make up less than half of Amaila plant labour force,’ (March 24), and harking back to a related article, ‘Chinese workers for Amaila road building (SN, July 24, 2010), I am compelled to suggest that work on the Amaila Fall Hydroelectric Project (AFHEP) be immediately postponed until after the 2011 elections to give a potentially new government an opportunity to do a thorough and transparent appraisal of this bungling and very costly project before continuing.