Guyana and the wider world

A perspective on the economic crisis: Catastrophe or opportunity By Dr. Clive Thomas Classic prototype Continuing from last week’s column it should be noted that, worldwide, Guyana’s economy is regularly portrayed as a classic prototype of the small, poor, open economy highly dependent on the production and export sale of primary commodities, with limited industrial processing of these.

Business Page

The audit report: does it really mean anything? By Christopher Ram The second oldest profession Shareholders may not quite realise it but they not only appoint (and can remove) the auditors but the auditors are by law, required to report to them.

The View From Europe

A reduction in air services to the region creates the potential for a new economic crisis By David Jessop Around the world the biggest airlines are reducing services, increasing fares, levying surcharges and abandoning destinations as the cost of fuel continues to rise.

Ian On Sunday

Poem of the year By Ian McDonald Good poems are instantly recognizable. They startle, shock new life into old ideas, impress on the mind patterns of beauty and truth previously unnoticed.

A Gardener’s Diary

Small is beautiful – in small spaces By John Warrington Small is beautiful.

Pet Corner

By Steve Surujbally When we began (May 11, 2008) discussing hookworms, the first fact which was projected had to do with the seriousness of a hookworm infection and the lethality of this worm.


Neville Bissember, CCH, March 12, 1928 – May 3, 2008 (Neville James Bissember, attorney-at-law and former cabinet minister in the People’s National Congress administration, died on May 3 aged 80 years.) When the ‘PR’ series of motor vehicle licences was issued in the mid-1960s, first Deputy Prime Minister Dr Ptolemy Reid’s car was PR 1.

Al Creighton’s – Arts On Sunday

Kanuku Transfer By Alim A. Hosein In doing the review of Terence Roberts’ exhibition Kaieap, (published in Sunday Stabroek,  May 11) I had thought of including Derrick Callendar’s exhibition ‘Kanuku Transfer.’ The two exhibitions opened at the same time (Roberts’ on April 25 and Callendar’s on April 29) and were located in venues only a few hundred yards  apart (Roberts’ at the Centre of Brazilian Studies and Callendar’s at Castellani House).

Chess- With Errol Tiwari

New moves (They say time changes things. But you actually have to change them yourself.  


The evolution of Guyana’s defence policy (David A. Granger National Defence: A Brief History of the Guyana Defence Force 1965-2005.

Consumer Concern

The story of the senior citizen and GPL By Eileen Cox The experiences of a senior citizen with Guyana Power & Light Inc shows the inefficiency of the corporation and calls for immediate remedial action.


A weekly column prepared by Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital Inc. Endoscopy By Dr Ajay Gupta, MS (General & Laparoscopic Surgeon) Endoscopy is a diagnostic medical procedure that is used to assess the interior surfaces of an organ by inserting a tube into the body.

Some notes on Rastafari

… From Jamaica to Buxton by A. A. Fenty I share these notes for two main reasons.

Frankly Speaking

Corbin’s Carifesta Challenge What? Corruption in investment? By A.A. FentyLest the intent of this be misunderstood because of the lead caption, let me state that, in essence, this is meant to be an appeal to the good sense still buried within the bosom and mind of a politician.

History This Week

The establishment of the PNC/UF Pre-Independence Alliance By  Dr. Mellissa Ifill This article is the second of a two-part series that examines the pre-independence alliance between the PNC and the UF.

Wednesday Ramblings

Humans are under siege Editorial When will the Bureau of Statistics release the Consumer Price Index figures for the first three months of 2008?

Wars against women

by Heleen Mees and Femke van Zeijl   AMSTERDAM – Truth is often said to be the first casualty in wartime. 

The Last Extinction

By Achim Steiner , Ahmed Djoghlaf and Sigmar Gabriel BONN – Farmers across Africa are currently engaged in an unequal struggle against a pestilent fruit fly whose natural home is in Asia.

In the Diaspora

Guyana’s heart beats in Toronto By Camille Ross (Camille Ross is a first generation Canadian of Guyanese heritage.

Guyana and the wider world

Rising prices and the relief package By Dr Clive Thomas To ease the growing burden of price increases on the population, especially the poor, the government has introduced, with much fanfare, a number of measures as part of a relief package.

Consumer Concerns

There needs to be protection for landlords where payment of rents is concerned By Eileen Cox Recently I came across a brochure ‘What you need to know about Landlord & Tenant.’ It was prepared by the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers and is meant for tenants and not for landlords.

Through a woman’s eyes

Rape and power By Cheryl Springer In July 1984, a young American journalist who had gone to a university campus to interview members of a theatre group, was raped at knifepoint in the empty theatre around 5 pm.

Ian On Sunday

The progress gap By Ian McDonald In a recent column I quoted that greatest of all West Indian intellectuals (and, by the way, the best writer on cricket who ever lived), CLR James, in a public speech he made in Trinidad about 50 years ago in which he pointed out that the good life is not to be judged by the quantity of goods accumulated.