Pet Corner

Worms By Dr Steve Surujbally Sorry folks! From one gruesome topic to another.

Consumer Concerns

GPL guide for estimating consumption under question By Eileen Cox We are not convinced.

Frankly Speaking

Carifesta, songs and bananas and a challenged Capital  By A.A. Fenty Just as I decided to repeat a few facts and statistics about the economics of Carifesta (s), I came across a piece written a few months ago by an old friend, international correspondent Bert Wilkinson.

History This Week

West Indies – Sri Lanka Test Cricket: A historical perspective (Part IV – Final Instalment) By Winston McGowan This fourth and final instalment of this article will focus on the two Test series between the West Indies and Sri Lanka which immediately preceded the recently concluded tour by Mahela Jayawardena’s team.

Wednesday Ramblings 2

No one die for four months Re-entry was hard…a switched plane in Piarco caused the customary cussing and the tired retort to the tannoy: “They would not do this to anyone else but Guyanese, dem eyes pass us…” Then turbulence over the gradually muddying  waters, combined with the surliest flying waitresses, slapping packaged cornbread onto the trays, more eye pass …they would not do that to ….

Resilient Brazil

By Glauco Arbix (This article was received from Project Syndicate, an international not-for-profit association of newspapers dedicated to hosting a global debate on the key issues shaping our world) SÃO PAULO – Less than a decade ago, Brazil’s economy faltered at the first sign of instability in international financial markets.

What the people say about…

Being registered (Interviews and photos by Shabna Ullah) This week we asked persons if they have been registered as yet by the house-to-house exercise and got the following responses: Roopchand, pandit, “Yes, I got registered about two weeks ago.

In the Diaspora

The Political Economy Tradition in the Caribbean (This is one of a series of fortnightly columns from Guy-anese in the diaspora and others with an interest in issues related to Guyana and the Caribbean) In March, an international two-day conference was held at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies.

Pet Corner

Canine cancers – conclusion As promised in our last week’s column, we will have a look today at some other assorted cancers that affect our companion animals.

The race for the White House

‘The Walls of Babylon’ Wayne Brown is a well-known Trinidadian writer and columnist who now resides in Jamaica.

Al Creighton’s Arts on Sunday

Marcus Garvey’s latest biography appeals to general audiences [Suzanne Francis-Brown and Jean-Jacques Vayssières, Marcus Garvey, Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers, 2007. 

Chess with Errol Tiwari

Swiss system blitz on at Port Mourant today “One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only an interest.”-   John Stuart Mill (1806—-1873)  Philosopher, political economist.

Through a woman’s eyes

Making memories By Cheryl Springer I recently became reacquainted with a dear friend I had lost contact with several years ago after she migrated.


Tuberculosis: The tough bug to debug Dr Soumyaroop Dash – MD, DNB (Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician) Dr.

Consumer Concerns

We would do well to pay attention to edible leaves By Eileen Cox If you are driving going East on Lamaha Street you will see a small Saijan tree laden with flowers.

A Gardener’s Diary

Citrus give a most gorgeous scent to a house By John Warrington Here in Guyana we enjoy occasional periods where the weather is chronically dry with only the occasional drop of rain.

Ian on Sunday

The truth about life By Ian McDonald At the ripe old age of seventy-five, when one is increasingly aware that it is time to make sense of what has happened in one’s life, I have become convinced about two major things.

Understanding the EPA: the exclusions list

This is part four of a ten-part series by David Jessop, explaining the provisions of the Economic Partnership Agreement, which the Cariforum countries will sign with the European Union in June.

Business Page

China and India – Reshaping the world economy – conclusion By Christopher Ram Introduction Not a day goes by without something being written about the miracle of China and India and the inevitability of these great countries graduating to superpower status.

Guyana and the Wider World

Explaining the Global Europe concept By Dr Clive Thomas Last week’s article showed that in the instances of Government Pro-curement and the Most Favoured Nation stipulations of the EPA one should not accept the claim that when negotiating these the EU was dispassionately concerned about promoting the development goals of Cariforum, even at the expense of its self interest.

The View from Europe

Food woes should spark Caribbean agri revolution By David Jessop On April 7 in Port-au-Prince five people died when thousands of Haitians tried to storm the presidential palace to protest against the high price of staples such as rice, corn, beans and cooking oil that in some cases had virtually doubled over the last six months.