Dr Clive Thomas

The management of the public investment programmes

Conclusion The last topic left to be considered in this rather extended appraisal of the management of Guyana’s public investment programme is its third and fourth phases, namely, project management and implementation and the conduct of ex-post evaluation audits of projects. 

GPL and the Amaila Falls Hydropower Purchase Agreement

Judging by the numerous requests which I have received from readers to comment on the Hydropower Purchase Agreement (PPA) between GPL and Amaila Falls Hydropower Inc (AFH Inc) this seems to be, by far, the public’s most troubling concern about the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (AFHP).

The Path to Guyana’s Troubled Public Projects

Guyana and the Wider World

Introduction: At the end of last week’s column I had indicated that, beginning this week, I would merge my on-going consideration of the decision-making process in regard to Guyana’s public investment projects into a wider discussion of the National Budget 2013.