Lloyd Searwar Selected Editorials edited by Barton Scotland (Guyana: Guyana Publications Inc., 2007.


Introduction Small incision surgery has revolutionized the field of gynaecological surgery and changed the way lower abdominal surgery has been practised over the past decade.

Eye Issues

My eyelid was itchy yesterday and now it’s swollen and feels like a boil is in the lid.


The local chess fraternity remains stunned beyond comprehension by the brutal murder of 23 of our citizens in Lusignan and Bartica.

The View From Europe

Just under a week ago, to virtually no one’s surprise, Raul Castro succeeded his brother Fidel as President of Cuba.

Ian On Sunday

Let me stress that I appreciate the importance of metricating Guyana, if that is the right phrase.

A Gardener’s Diary

Many years ago – almost longer ago than I care to remember (and indeed almost longer ago than I can probably remember) I developed an intimate acquaintance with the University Botanic Garden at Cambridge, and a long friendship with its then Director, John Gilmore, a Fellow of Clare College a taxonomist and a humanist of monumental repute.

Business Page

Introduction The announcement by the Minister of Finance in his 2008 Budget speech that the government was embarking on consultations on making the country into an off-shore financial centre must have taken those with whom he did not consult with considerable surprise.

Guyana and the wider world

Central to many of the contentious planks that remain (especially 4-9) is the observation of Timothy Kondo (Alternatives to Neo-liberalism in Southern Africa) that the draft EPA, which formed the basis of negotiations for his region was prepared by the EU, (Third World Economics, October 1-15, 2007).

The View from Europe

For much of the last week I have been speaking to smaller Caribbean companies about the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe.

Ian on Sunday

In any given situation we assume that people, including ourselves, will act sensibly.

Arts on Sunday

Of the several publications in literature and culture coming out of the Oxford University Press (OUP) for 2007 and 2008, there are many that are of particular interest.


Norway’s teenage sensation, 17-year-old Magnus Carlsen, is excelling on the world chess stage.

Pet Corner

Skin ailments Very young puppies (before the eyes are opened) seem not to be affected by scabies or demodectic mange.

Nostalgia 361

The recent launch of my docutext Nostalgias took me last October to Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) for a fascinating experience.

Consumer Concerns

Packaging is important to consumers. We bring home eggs from the market in a plastic bag and invariably one or two are cracked when we open the bag.

Guyana and the wider world

Substantially-all-trade With the Doha Round of negotiations incomplete and benchmarks for WTO compatibility not yet determined, the EU interpretation of the hotly contested phrase: “substantially-all-trade,” at the WTO (shared by CARIFORUM negotiators) is that according to Article xxiv of the GATT, trade in goods must cover 80-90 per cent of all goods trade to qualify in a North-South EPA.

Through a woman’s eyes

If only walls could talk, I thought, as I watched the Ethnic Relations Commission’s (ERC) recent valiant attempts to get past the stoicism that has now taken root among lower East Coast residents.

The View from Europe

A little over ten days ago a privately owned British company, Edrington, acquired a majority shareholding in Brugal the leading rum producer in the Dominican Republic and one of the largest international rum brands after Havana Club and Bacardi.

Ian on Sunday

We have not progressed at all. The ideology of world empires based upon the supposed superiority of each nation or race of empire-builders was succeeded by the ideologies of Communism and Fascism which have been succeeded by a new, all-powerful ideology – the god of the market-place and technology, its acolyte.

Pet Corner

(Continued) Septicaemia in puppies Colloquially, we refer to ‘blood poisoning’ when we wish to project a septicaemic condition.


Deryck Bernard entered Queen’s College in September 1960 with classmates such as Tyrone Ferguson, Roger Luncheon and James Matheson, who were all to become prominent public servants.

Consumer Corner

Consumers International (CI) the only independent global campaigning voice for consumers, with over 220 member organizations, has furnished the following article for the edification of consumers.

Business Page

Introduction It took the January 26 massacre in Lusignan to bring home to the government that it had to confront the situation on the lower East Coast.