Citrus enjoy a light spraying in hot weather

Well over a century ago the British Admiralty required all naval vessels to carry stocks of limes as part of the food intake for sailors to prevent them suffering from scurvy, a nasty disease related to Vitamin C deficiency which could immobilise an entire ship’s company.

Business Page

Introduction Mergers and acquisition activity is often said to be the life blood of the stock market.

Arts On Sunday

The age of modern drama in the Western world was ushered in some 130 years ago and we are still in that ‘age’ today.

Pet Corner

Over the years, during every whelping season, I am confronted with requests from anxious pet owners, whose mother dogs have deposited litters which they have abandoned soon after birth.

Consumer Concerns

Recently a question was asked as to why it was that residents in West Indian Islands usually praised their countries while Guyanese were in the habit of ‘bad talking’ Guyana?

Chess with Errol Tiwari

During the expiring moments of the National Chess Championships, Kriskal Persaud needed to win both of his games on the final day to establish beyond doubt that he would capture Guyana’s most prestigious board-game title.

A Gardener’s Diary

M any of you will now have poinsettias in the home or the office .

Ian on Sunday

How is a great poem created? It is mystery. It is like asking for an explanation of a square cut by Gary Sobers or a cover drive by Rohan Kanhai.

Guyana and the wider world

Last week I listed the 12 different pillars on which the Global Competitiveness Index is based.

The View from Europe

One of the more striking developments over the last eighteen months or so has been the rise and rise of investment interest in the Caribbean region.

A tribute to Anthony Downes

When I first met J A (Tony) Downes, he was the youngest recruit, as a Booker cadet, into the early ranks of personnel officers of the then Bookers Sugar Estates.


By any measure, William de Weever Wishart (1873-1955) was one of this country’s most outstanding citizens.

Ian On Sunday

T he Last of the Redmen by Michael Gilkes will take its place, with The Legend of Kaieteur and Miriamy, at the summit of Guyanese cultural achievement on the stage.

Consumer Concerns

In the concluding paragraph in his article entitled ‘Competition in the CSME needs a National Quality Infrastructure’ Dr Chatterpaul Ramcharan referred to the need for Guyanese manufacturers to overcome their reluctance and resistance and implement a quality management system which complies with the ISO 9001 international standard for the smaller enterprises which cannot reach the quality management system demanded of larger enterprises.

Arts On Sunday

One of America’s most interesting and most modernist playwrights, Edward Albee, wrote a drama called The American Dream in which he directs one of his characteristic satirical gazes at the great ideal that he names in his title.

The View From Europe

Being able to see though the fog of war and to think forward to a future beyond, is what sets apart great statesmen and women.

Business Page

Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited September 30,2007 Annual Report It comes as somewhat of a shock that Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited’s (RBL) full year earnings increased just $59M over the $1,036M earned in the first three quarters of the financial year.


Life-style changes are an important part of any treatment regimen for the prevention of heart disease.

Eye Issues

My baby looks as if he has crossed eyes. Will he grow out of it?

A Gardener’s Diary

It is hard to believe that the rain forests of the Amazon can be very dry places.


The National Chess Champion-ships come to a close today with the final two rounds being played at the Ocean Spray Hotel on Vlissengen Road.