Rawle Lucas

Rawle Lucas

Banks and their customers

Dominant Recall from last week’s article, the overall situation of the commercial banks can be regarded as satisfactory despite the distortions in the foreign exchange market earlier in the year. 

A perspective on local content

Noise around local content Guyanese have been clamouring for local content provisions in their relationship with ExxonMobil since it became obvious that oil production will be undertaken by the multinational oil giant. 

Is it an illusion?

(Conclusion) Rule out Perhaps among the main reasons for agriculture remaining a priority is the contribution that it makes to the economy beyond making food available for consumption. 

Is it an illusion? Part 1


Viewpoint The Guyana economy like most other economies follows the classification of the United Nations System of Accounts. 

In need of constant due diligence

Equitable According to remarks made by a high official of the health services, in examining the attributes of an effective health care system, Guyana appears to be far from having a good health care system. 

Recognizing and understanding the tax benefits (Final)

Recall from last week’s article, that the benefits received by taxpayers are not all the same and are usually determined by the policy goals of the government which are determined by the level of development of the country, the economic and social condition of the people and the quality of its institutions.